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Jackie: Having spent the entire day wondering where the hell Tim is, because he was due back yesterday but the apparent snow storm kept him away, Jesse isn't all that optimistic that he'll see the boy when he trots over to the chapel for their daily cleaning. He isn't all that concerned about his friend, because he knows Tim would never duck out without saying something to him, and when he slips into the chapel, he isn't all that surprised to see that he's the first one to report for duty. He works off his coat and his gloves, tossing them into a nearby pew, and eyes one of the stained glass mosaics. It's silent up until the same door he entered through is drawn open, and the blustering wind (due mostly from the gusty drafts that swoop around the courtyard) pushes some snow inside. He grins when he sees Kellen emerging. "Hey!" His excitement isn't all that necessary, considering they just saw each other in their last class, but Jesse can't help it.

Jay: Kellen's still no happier about this punishment than he was when it was first announced, but the fact that they only have one more day (after today) of the torment is encouraging. The bizarre and unaccountable stomach ache he suffered through the previous night, and the recurrence of it that interrupted some of his classes, seems to have abated again which also contributes to his improved mood - and an escape from Tony really helps. Therefore, it's easy to meet Jesse's grin with his own. "Hey!"

He lets the door close behind him and tugs his hood down, ridiculous spiked hair unimpaired by the confinement. Catholicism being so deeply imbedded in the kid since early childhood, he dips a hand in the font of holy water thoughtlessly but stops his newly anointed fingers as they lift to his sternum to make a cross. Instead, he heads towards the front of the room, where the priest leaves the list of cleaning duties for them daily. "Wonder what excitement awaits us today."

Jackie: Jesse remains where he is, smiling brightly and shivering for the burst of cold air. He only crowds near Kellen when that door is shut, and he starts over towards the small table where the cleaning duties and supplies are laid out. He immediately reaches for one of the polishing rags, but still eyes the scribbled notes. "More polishing. My dreams smelled like this stuff." And by stuff, he means the wood polisher that is heavily pine scented. He looks over a few of the other cleaning options, and tries to pinpoint one that he and Kellen can do together, so they aren't separated and put in different parts of the relatively small chapel. "Did you see Mike? I didn't catch him when I swung by the dorm."

Jay: "You smell like this stuff." Not that Kellen smells much different, himself. With an exaggerated sigh of exasperation, he picks up one of the canisters of wood polish and a rag, then glances about. The pews, altar, and communion rail have all been done already, so Kellen starts towards one of the side chapels, this one holding huge tables covered with candles - mostly unlit, for the time being - which people can light in memory or prayer. "Nah, not since last period, but I bolted pretty quick. Mebbe he's having a heartfelt, touching reunion with Tim." The innuendo of 'touching' hardly needs any emphasis, but Kellen adds some anyway, grinning slightly. He starts to shift the candles around in order to move the cloth beneath them and polish the table, which doesn't really need it, but at least he looks busy.

Jackie: Jesse can't help the goofy half grin that comes for that response, because it's such a Kellen response, and he reaches over to playfully nudge at his room mate, knocking him off balance. "Your face smells like it." He, too, grabs a rag and heads in the same direction, but he takes a seat on the floor next to the tables of candles and starts polishing their clawed feet. He makes a little considering noise and shrugs a shoulder, not entirely buying it only because he's confident Tim would come and check in with him before canoodling with Mike. "I wonder where the heck they are, then. I mean, maybe Tim won't show since he missed classes today, but Mike..." Mike he doesn't have much of an explanation for; the dude is perpetually late.

Jay: Kellen snorts at that come-back, not mature enough to resist responding in like: "Yeh, well you're a dirty face-sniffer." Once a good section of the tabletop is emptied, Kellen starts in with polishing it. "I dunno. Leech got back a little after lunch, so Tim musta come back then, too. Mike -- who knows. Getting drunk, mebbe." As likely an explanation as any other.

However, Michael does arrive - through the side door, leaving his presence unannounced to his suitemates - in time to hear this conjecture. "I'd fucking prefer it." Though he surely overheard Kellen's comment about Tim being back, Mike doesn't question it, probably not wanting to seem too hung up on the guy. Tim's absence for the last few days made Mike grumpier than normal, quicker to snap at the younger boys and more acerbic in his teasing, but Mike is unaware of this and likes to imagine he isn't so transparent. Rather than joining Kellen and Jesse in the side chapel, he moves to start polishing the ornate confession booths nearby, still close enough for conversation.

Jackie: "The only face I sniff is yours, so what's that say about you?" Jesse's voice is comically bratty, and if he weren't perched down indian style on the ground, he'd maybe try to whip his towel at Kellen's ass. He works around one of the very ornate clawed feet of the wooden table, and is about to respond but Mike interrupts, and Jesse crooks his head back to beam at his dorm mate. "Aren't you just so cheery. Seriously. Stop being so dang happy. I can't stand it." This time, Jesse's tone is deadpan, which is pretty unusual for the youngest boy, but it fits well with his pestering of Michael.

Jay: "That my face is...really aromatic? Or just that yer a creepy pervert and you're secretly in love with me, which I really can't blame you for, 'cuz who wouldn't be." Kellen's starting to stretch over the table to get at the back, but hearing Mike, he straightens up again. He grins a little for Jesse's flat reply, but his own is more consoling: "Don't worry, Ness; I bet if you ask real nice, Father Axl will give you some of the consecrated wine and let you...polish something else, privately."

Michael only narrows his eyes for this input, unconsciously using more force than necessary to rub the finials on the booth to a high shine.

Jackie: "I don't think it's a secret any more, Kellen. I just can't hide it. It's a part of my being. Woven into my very core!" The more he talks, the more dramatic Jesse becomes, and he lifts his head to look at up Kellen, only to smack the back of it hard against the top of the table. So hard, in fact, that he drops his rag and immediately winces, one hand raising to rub at the back of his scalp.

Tim, having taken a similar path to the chapel that Ness did, walks in just in time to see that head bump, and his eyes narrow from across the chapel in worry. Having taken his first dose of anti depressants this morning, he isn't quite himself - a little lethargic, but he's at least internally fighting against it. As he unzips his jacket and works it onto an empty pew, he questions. "You all right, Jess?" Immediately recognizing that voice, Jesse swivels around, eyes darting across and face relaxing a bit when he sees Tim, although he doesn't let up on his hand rubbing over his sore head. "Lint! Yeah, I'm fine - when'd you get back?"

Jay: As Jesse starts his dramatics, Kellen turns towards him, all too ready to play along - but of course that's ended when Jesse hits his head. "Oh, shit!' Though he sounds concerned, there's a little hint of laughter in his voice that he can't try to stop. Dropping to one knee to be more on level with Jesse, Kellen reaches for the back of his head to carefully feel for blood or bumps. "Did you concuss yourself?"

Michael hears that collision without seeing it, but it's enough to make him lean away and peer into the darker room that the other boys are in, frowning slightly. However, Kellen's already coming to the rescue, and the sound of Tim's voice gets a similar reaction from Ness: he turns partially around to look at his roommate, an arched eyebrow seconding Jesse's question.

Jackie: Jesse is quick to rub at his head and bring his hand back down, inspecting it for blood much like Kellen does a few moments later. He smiles a bit for Kellen's words and shakes his head carefully so as to not rattle his brain any more. "No, I'm fine, I think. Stupid." He rolls his eyes for his own clumsiness, and then looks back at Tim.

With Kellen so close and immediately swooping in to inspect that precious head, Tim doesn't feel the need to scurry over and make sure Jesse is okay - which is quite a remarkable contrast to how protective he was over the younger boy at the beginning of the school year. Instead, he just slowly rids himself of his gloves and beanie, tossing them on top of his jacket and then stepping towards the cleaning supplies. "A little bit ago. Had to give some paper work to the secretaries and then I was just zonked out. One of the priests woke me up for this." He shrugs a little, since he's been exhausted ever sine he got that letter from his brother, but he does look over at Michael with warm eyes, and pointedly moves towards him to take up his own spot for polishing.

Jay: Kellen watches Jesse analytically for a moment or two longer, just to make sure he isn't going to pass out, but seems appeased by that response. "Long as you don't get a brain fever an' forget how much you love me." Patting his roommate on the head, he stands up to begin cleaning again. He doesn't show much interest in Tim's return, for the reasons already shared with Jesse, but he does give him a friendly nod of greeting. "How was your trip? As exciting as you hoped? You got multiple personality disorder or something else fun?"

His bad mood evaporating rapidly thanks to Tim's arrival, Michael offers a crooked smile in response to Tim's warm look and steps aside to let him find a place to stand - but then moves immediately back once he's settled. Kellen's last question confuses him, since Mike wasn't aware of the reason for Tim's absence, and he looks towards the other boy in confusion. "What's he mean?"

Jackie: Tim only really draws his attention fully away from Jesse when the younger boy drops the hand from his head and goes back to scrubbing, although this time he isn't as detailed in actually cleaning - distracted now that the gang is all back. He tilts his head to speak directly at Kellen, but is still focused on his cleaning. "I'd never." Which is probably, adorably, true.

Tim starts to work on some intricately engraved wooden pillar, off to the side but still near Michael, and if he thought he had a headache earlier, this is bringing it to a different level; having escaped from the pine scented polish for a few days, Tim's almost been able to wipe it free from his senses, and when it hits him this time, it actually makes him wince. He keeps that expression as Kellen questions him, and he shakes his head, subtly rolling his eyes. "No, nothing fun. I miss anything here?" He's quick to pass over the conversation of diagnosis, since it really doesn't need to be out in the open, and he glances over at Michael and shakes his head, lowering his voice although Jesse and Kellen could probably still hear him. "Just had a doctor's appointment, is all. School requires it before the start of the season." Baseball season, he means.

Jay: Kellen grins, his ego placated by Jesse's quick response. "No, well, like I said: who could." He reaches over with his free hand to skritch at Jesse's scalp, then sets his rag aside to start replacing the cloth and candles on the polished area. He sighs loudly at Tim's response, rolling his own eyes much less subtly. "Could you be any more boringly perfect, Timothy?" At least he doesn't sound at all serious - well aware of how imperfect Tim is, in various ways - but his picking up of Leech's way of calling Tim by his full name is probably not entirely welcome. "'course you did. You missed me and Jesse! What a dumb question."

Noticing that he's left out of Kellen's list, Mike is feeling well enough now to only give him a pointed glance of a second, then focuses ofcourse on Tim. "Oh, do they?" He cocks his head to the side some, thinking that it's probably just as well that he didn't join baseball in that case; they probably include a tox screen. "Hunh. Does that mean we'll be able to get Jesse fitted for his cheerleader outfit soon, then? Seems like shitty weather for baseball season to start."

Jackie: Back to his polishing, Jesse smiles to himself for Kellen's constant back and forth, and this time actually snaps his rag over to gently whip it against his room mate's leg playfully.

Jackie: He knows that Tim doesn't really like to be called by his first name - at least, not by friends - so he's careful not to exasperate it any more by egging him on. And, knowing that Tim's had a bit of a rough patch these past few months, he maybe doesn't have it in him as much to nag him, unless it has to do with Michael and him hooking up.

Tim glances over at Kellen for the use of his name and glares, but remains silent; he knows any sort of retort will only cause more to be exposed, and he doesn't have it in him to be on the defense, right now. "Half true." Meaning, of course, that Kellen himself wasn't all that missed, and perhaps that Tim had spent portions of the night thinking about his room mate. He reaches for the canister of polish and sprays more onto his rag, and then moves to buff out the next railing. He snorts amusement for the idea of Jesse being a cheerleader, but it doesn't graduate to a full fledged smile. "We're getting into pre-season. Just training and conditioning." And then, from the peanut gallery, Jesse chirps: "I'm sure I can just borrow your Tim-embellished cheerleader skirt, Mike. And that eyeliner."

Jay: For his part, Kellen doesn't entirely realize he did use Tim's full name - just used to hearing it lately - and sadly, he completely misses the glare Tim throws at him. He only snorts dismissively for the verbal response and steps aside to start moving the candles from the other half of the table. Jesse's towel-slap distracts him momentarily, and he makes an unnecessary high-pitched squeel for it. "Well, you missed the deadline for guitar class: everyone's picked their songs now, but Mike picked yours for you. And a couple'a freshman gangstas got into a pretty wicked fight yesterday. One of 'em got de-pants and he was so pissed that the other one ended up needing hospitalization. Other than that, no, not much."

"When does the season start, then?" This is something he should know, but he somehow doesn't, possibly another part of his past that was unintentionally blacked out. Glancing towards the sound of Jesse's voice, Ness grins crookedly for his innocent teasing. "All right, but you gotta get your own pom-poms." As Tim shuffles towards the side, Michael follows him, ignoring how this ends in him re-polishing the area Tim just gave attention to.

Jackie: "Yeah, Lint - you missed the mini brawl. It was kind of funny. Everyone at lunch like, crowded around, except for Jade. He walked past me and was like 'this is the most stupid fucking place'." Said in monotone, clearly mimicking their classmate. Finishing up with that table, Jesse crawls (literally) to the next, not bothering with resurfacing to a standing position, and starts working at the base of the table. Tim, half listening, makes a little considering noise, having seen a few fights in his years here but, surprisingly, not one including someone being de-pantsed. If he were more lively, he'd maybe voice his displeasure for having missed all of the excitement, but there's nothing stirring beneath the surface that makes him feel like anything other than curling up in bed is worth while.

As Tim shuffles along, he glances down at Michael, absolutely noticing how the boy is retracing the work he just did. He says nothing about it, for now. "Early spring. Late March is our first game, I think. It goes into the summer." Which is kind of typical, especially for a reform school that has summer students. He works a little harder a specific part of the wood rail, getting it clean, and then glances at Mike's work before refocusing on his own. "You missed a spot."

Jay: Kellen laughs at Jesse's recounting, shaking his head slightly. "Jade's just too fucking cool for everything. When Tony found out that we'd picked our songs without him, and freaked the fuck out, I was so fucking gleeful I wanted to dance, but Jade only smirked a little." Clearly, spending more time around the new kid, Kellen has gotten to know him better, but doesn't yet know him well. "He still won't get stoned with me, though."

Letting the younger boys chatter on heedlessly, Mike nods. "'s cool. How do they manage the summer games, though? Doesn't everyone fucking bail as soon as school's out?" He's only halfway paying attention to his words, more focused on Tim next to him and only now realizing the full extent of missing him that was going on. He glances at the spot he supposedly missed, smirking faintly. "No, you missed a spot; I'm just pretending."

Jackie: Jesse joins in on that laughter, shaking his head because Jade's ability to play cool one hundred percent of the time is completely foreign to him; Jesse doubts he's even seen the boy laugh. "Oh! I meant to ask - which songs did you guys go with? I heard Tony complaining to Leech that you guys weren't doing one of his 'originals'. Like, he actually thought that was going to happen." If anything, Kellen would make a complete mockery out of Tony's song - which may be worth the hassle of having to work on it for weeks on end.

"Some of the players still play, if they aren't in summer session but returning next year. Or we'll get players from other nearby all boys schools. It's kind of a joke." The way Tim says it shows what he thinks of it; if he weren't here, and off playing at another school, he'd have a better chance of using the sport as an escape into college. Knowing all too well that that topic will only make him spiral into a murky sort of frustration, Tim again glances over towards the railing and lets out a little grin (finally), reaching over to buff out the supposed spot and then looking at Michael pointedly before getting back to work.

Jay: The laughter increases for the thought of Tony complaining to Leech for such a cause, and Leech's likely reaction to such complaints. "He wouldn't give it up! It was terrible. Jade picked out some song I've never heard, something about cloves in the title? But not in the song. It's fun to play, even if it is sorta whiney. I told him we should rope Mal into singing it." He maybe intentionally leaves out what other song they picked, which may go unnoticed in his descriptions. In any case, it'll only be a secret until next week when Leech has scheduled their first class rehearsal. "What are you guys doing?"

Mike can't help noticing the sort of flattened tone that comes into Tim's words, and glances surreptitiously towards the other boy to try to gauge his mood. When Tim first returned from break, everything was excellent for about a week, but since then it seems like his emotions have been all over the place. Distracted from his contemplation when Tim fixes his work, Mike laughs quietly, leaning closer to nudge him with a shoulder. "Nice to know I can count on you to clean up after me."

Jackie: As Kellen's laughter grows, so does Jesse's, and he ducks out from under that table to get fresh air, and to also peer up at his room mate with a very amused look on his face. "I think you should've done at least one of his songs. Could you imagine the actual, physical pain Jade would be forced to endure? He looks like he wants to explode any time Tony so much as looks in his direction." Glancing down, Jesse picks a little at his fingernails, ridding them of some of the polish that is slowly caking on, and shrugs loosely. "We're doing that Justin really wanted to do, and then a Common Rider one. I think just those two."

Tim is probably choosing to ignore Mike's silent analysis, although he's certain that it's going on - the air is thick with unsaid things. But luckily the quiet laughter helps to stir things up, and Tim even grins some more, but he pushes his mouth into the top of his shoulder to hide it away. He tries to be playful, to joke right back, but nothing comes to mind - so he just shakes his head and busies himself with more cleaning, although his body language clearly shows that he's still thinking of something to say.

Jay: "Yeh, but think about how much actual, physical pain I would have to endure. Not to mention the entire audience or anyone who had to listen to any tiny part of it. No, it's a public service, silencing Tony." He nods, assured of himself in this. "No Slayer, though? That's a total bummer. I think we might do three, but we only told Leech about two of 'em for now." Kellen is, by this point, only sort of polishing the table - probably, some priest is watching surveillance cameras and will come to bitch them out soon, but until then he sees no reason to work too hard.

It would be impossible for Michael to not notice Tim's downcast demeanor, even if the boy is trying to hide it. Of course, it could be attributed to the doctor's appointment, and spending a few days in company with a not very personable person (although Leech and Tim seem to get along fairly well, to Mike's disgust), but it can't but concern him, regardless. So lowering both the rag he's using to scrub at the wood, and his own voice, he reaches a hand out to grasp Tim's wrist and stop him from his own work. "Hey." He waits until the other boy looks at him to continue speaking. "Are you okay, really? Is there something going on?"

Jackie: Continuing his laughter, Jesse actually holds his sides as he chuckles for Kellen's detail, and he loses his balance briefly and nearly falls to his side. "You could endure it. I'm like, positive of it. You could do it." Which...maybe Kellen couldn't, because every day this week, it's looked like Kellen has been about three seconds away from knocking Tony's front teeth in. Taking cue from Kellen, he goes back to his mild scrubbing, not quite as committed as he was earlier, but he does stick his tongue out a little as he works out a grimey part of the wood. "No Slayer, so far. We talked about doing a third song, if we have time. Or maybe Justin will just bust into it anyways. He's like, really good at guitar. It's rad."

Tim's only a little startled when Mike's fingers wrap around his wrist, and his eyes move from where he was scrubbing, at his wrist, and then to Mike's eyes. Almost instantly, there's a pang of guilt - and Tim knows that not saying anything is just as bad as lying, but he still can't bring himself to say anything. But his eyes do soften, and he nods, voice lowered as hs halts all cleaning activity. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired. They took blood and stuff, so it's all just..." And then he waves his hand in the air descriptively.

Jay: "Yeh, I could, but is it worth it?" This is plainly a rhetorical question, because Kellen's shaking his head even as he says it. "He is really good, sometimes he'll hang out in the music room with Leech after class or whatever and just jam. I usually can't keep up with 'em, but I like to listen. Leech said if he's still here next year, he's gonna make him take over teaching instead." Although, it's doubtful Leech truly meant that. "Jade's pretty damn good, too. Tuesday him and Tony got into a bragging contest about who could play better, except after a minute, it was just Tony shooting his mouth off and Jade showing off by playing." He grins a little for the memory, the way that Jade watched Tony's face blank and almost unblinking while he passively shredded.

Jay: oh. oops.

Jay: Mike continues to watch Tim, eyebrows tugging inward in concern, but he does seem to accept that answer because he nods eventually. "All right. You do seem pretty drained. Guess I won't keep you up all night, then." The last comment is clearly an attempt to lighten the tone, but it doesn't entirely work, so Michael glances covertly towards the niche where Kellen and Jesse are for half a second, then leans over to give Tim a ludicrously sweet kiss on the cheek before releasing that wrist.

Jackie: "He should! He was like, showing me how to shred. And I kind of got it. I mean, not really, but in essence and everything. I've never played music like that, so it was kind of weird. Justin's been trying to infuse metal with ska, but so far it just...isn't working. He just keeps telling me to sing "get up, get up, get up" while he thrashes." This is all said with a tinge of laughter, because Justin has been a much better partner than Jesse would have thought, and he does enjoy watching the boy play the guitar. Getting to his feet, Jesse stretches in place, arms reaching towards the ceiling, and rounds that table to start working on another intricately carved wood pillar. "Who is singing in your group?"

Jackie: ...

Jay: Kellen snorts for Jesse's words, though the snort eventually turns into a snicker, and then into a full-on laugh as the other boy continues. "Fuck! Mebbe he should translate it...into German. Might sound more metal." He continues laughing intermittently for the thought, using his hands on the table to brace himself up rather than actually working. "The fucked up thing is, he could prolly make it work." A few more bouts of snickering pass before Kellen can straighten up totally again. "Ahhh...I am, mostly. At least, Jade said he would if he had to - can't you picture him singing in that monotone way he's got? - and Tony said since we picked the songs, we have to let him sing, but no way in hell is that happening. I really think Malachi would do good fer that song Jade picked out, but I'll have to get him to sing it for Jade, and he's bein' all shy about it."

Jackie: Having stopped his cleaning efforts once Mike grabbed at his wrist, Tim doesn't immediately return to the task at hand, and instead lowers his eyes to look down at their hands. That very distinct burning in his chest, which he attributes to his unwavering wanting of Michael, is slowly rolling into a flame, but is swallowed down when Tim lets out a little laugh for those words. He curls his fingers to gently curve them along Mike's knuckles, over the hand that his grasping Tim's wrist, and slowly draws his digits back and forth. That quick kiss to his cheek helps to awaken him a bit, and he blinks over at Michael, voice low: "You could still keep me company." Meaning, of course, that he wants them to share a bed.

Jackie: Watching Kellen dissolve into a fit of laughter, Jesse beams proudly, although it doesn't have much to do with him - his odd guitar partner is the one supplying the entertainment. This secretly pleases Jesse; perhaps now, Kellen will warm up to having Justin join in on their ghost hunting treks, since before it was a strict dorm-mates only adventure. "You should totally get Malachi to sing. I hear him singing in the library, just like under his breath and stuff when he's filing books, and it's pretty good. Plus, like, he's so cool. He should be in that class just because. I'm sure Leech wouldn't mind." It's probably a good thing Tim isn't listening to them, or else that last comment might irk him.

Jay: Michael manages to keep any hint of smugness from the resulting smile, which warms his eyes more than curves his mouth, and nods lightly. "I'd hoped you might say that. It's been lonely without you around-- " He might be about to go on, but the sound of Kellen's and Jesse's combined laughter erupts and forces him to change his words wryly. "...but not quiet." He steps a little closer to Tim, but makes a show of focusing his attention on his work again, carefully cleaning the latticework on the door of the confessional booth which allows some dim light to enter the small space: a confessing penitent usually sits in darkness, while the priest sometimes has a light to reveal his silhouette.

Jay: Undoubtedly, Jesse's manner of describing Hollywood has something to do with Kellen's amusement, but the older boy's bizarre behavior is definitely hilarious in its own right. "Yeh, he's got an excellent voice. He did that song with me last semester, remember? and Leech was okay with that, so I'm sure he wouldn' mind this. Normally, Mal isn't this shy, but I think he might be kinda intimidated by Jade." Understandably, with Jade's radder-than-thou attitude and aloofness.

Jackie: Tim's eyes stay trained to their hands, studies the contrast of their skin tones - it's not much, both being Californian, but they definitely look like they could use some sun. Briefly, Tim thinks about a sun kissed Michael, and his insides turn. He keeps his voice carefully quiet.

"I know, I'm--" he's maybe about to apologize, or explain himself, finally feeling compelled to do so, but that boisterous laughter interrupts that, and Tim silences himself. He draws away only enough so he can get back to work, and follows Mike's lead in working on the woodwork of the confessional booth. He keeps their bodies near, not shying away from Mike's advances, but busies himself in work as a distraction.

Jackie: "Of course I remember. You two melted faces off! Even Lars was impressed." Which maybe isn't saying much, because Lars isn't one to boast around the holier than thou attitude of Jade, but should still be taken as a compliment. "Oh! He is? Does he have a crush? I can so see Jade being Mal's type. He wears eyeliner like you do."

Jay: Turning his head slightly when Tim speaks, Mike doesn't look directly at him, but he's obviously listening attentively. However, he doesn't appear to be disappointed when the other boy silences himself precipitately; giving another glance in the direction of that laughter to assure himself of their being otherwise occupied, Mike steps back to open the door of the confessional, grabs Tim's wrist again, and pulls him in as well. The whole thing is the work of only a moment, and then they're shut up together in the small, dark space, with the edge of the wooden seat pressing against the back of Mike's calves.

Not offering an explanation, but giving Tim plenty of time to see his intention, he leans in to press his mouth against the other boy's. His mouth doesn't open, but it isn't an innocent affection, the way Mike lingers there and only moves away minutely to respond to Tim's aborted statement. "You're fine. Don't worry. I hope you know I respect you enough that I'm not gonna insist on you telling me everything." Plainly, Mike is aware that there are some secrets Tim is keeping, has been keeping for a while, that are affecting his mood - too many unexplained and suspicious circumstances, starting as far back as Thanksgiving, for Mike to be completely ignorant.

Jay: Snorting at that peculiar expression, Kellen aims a light, affectionate kick at Jesse. The further idea makes him sober some, tilting his head, but he doesn't seem disturbed or jealous at the idea of Malachi being attracted to Jade. "I hadn't actually thought'a that...mebbe he does. Hmmm...they'd be pretty cute together." An eye narrows as he considers it for another moment or two, but then he shakes his head to cast it aside. "Whatever. I wear it way better." And way more of it, of course; where Kellen's at raccoon status, Jade's eyeliner is seldom very noticeable.

Jackie: Tim's maybe trying to work things out in his mind, or even his throat, but Jesse and Kellen's giddiness squashes every attempt Tim briefly has to try to minutely explain himself. So when he's tugged inside of that confessional booth, he offers no resistance - at first, he's pretty surprised, and only really catches on to what Mike's doing once that booth door is closed, and they're completely hidden from sight.

His only response to that kiss, aside from a quick straightening of his back, is that his lips pucker and his dips his head very slightly to the side. He follows after that retreating mouth, but only for a few millimeters, because then that voice is bouncing off the walls of their close encounters, and it turns his bones into gelatin. He flicks his eyes up to look at Michael's and nods for his words, accepting and appreciating them, however he once again falls short in supplying any back. So instead, he raises a hand to the back of Mike's neck and tugs him back in, immediately connecting their mouths together in a kiss that isn't as innocent as the one prior.

Jackie: Jesse kicks right back at Kellen, his face still with a goofy grin slapped to it, and he tosses his rag to the side to instead grab one of the worn toothbrushes needed to scrub at the brass fixtures at the end of each pew. "They could bond over their love for hair product." Because definitely, each boy doesn't wake up with their hair like that - Jesse's sure of it. "I like your eyeliner. Sometimes, you look like a punked out panda bear." Which, in Jesse's mind, is a large compliment that should be adored.

Jay: Mike only belatedly realizes how cheesy his words sound, how cliche, but before he can think of explaining himself further or somehow salvaging his dignity, Tim's drawing him back in, and he shortly decides that it isn't very important after all. Dropping his cleaning rag, both hands close on Tim's waist to keep himself steady as Mike leans in. He responds to that kiss in similar manner, though still being mostly gentle, and it's a moment before his mouth opens far enough for his tongue to seek out entrance into Tim's.

Again snorting for Jesse's words, Kellen starts to fold the cloth of the table back into place so he can return the prayer candles to their proper spots. "Each of them might even love the other almost as much as they love themselves." Malachi is a sweet boy, but there's no denying that he has a very high opinion of himself, especially for someone who is sometimes so selfless. The compliment seems to please Kellen, too; his smirk widens into that typical feral grin as he looks towards Jesse. "Dude! I am so set for next Halloween." Finished now with the table, he returns his rag and polish to the same place they were retrieved and instead gets the metal polish, following Jesse and dropping onto his ass near the next pew.

Jackie: However cheesy Mike's words were, they're what Tim needed to hear, and definitely help in taming whatever tension the younger boy had billowing in his gut. He keeps a hold of that gorgeous neck even after their mouths connect, and he presses the pads of each fingers into the muscles there, all while tilting his head and parting his lips. At first, he just closes his mouth over Michael's again, but then he feels that tongue and he invites it in. His free hand also drops his dirty rag to the floor, and then circles around Mike's back, sliding up his spine and drawing him in closer, despite how the tight space practically forces them together.

Jackie: Jesse actually giggles for that first assessment, since it's too true - despite him not knowing Jade too well, it's apparent that the kid has enough self confidence to walk around and genuinely not give a fuck about anything. Scrubbing at the small plaque, Jesse eyes it curiously for a moment and then reaches over to scritch it along Kellen's shoulder playfully. "A punked out panda? Maybe I can conjure up a bunny outfit. Lars always says I look like a baby rabbit."

Jay: A quiet, relieved-sounding groan emanates from Michael's throat as Tim continues to kiss him; though Tim hadn't been away for too very long, he hadn't been quite as friendly as previous for a longer while now, so this is a luxury Ness has undoubtedly been missing. When Tim's arms move further around him, his own mimic the action, hands flattening against the small of the back, and he moves to the side enough to be capable of pressing Tim against the wall of the tiny structure. Apparently pleased with the closeness for now without straining for more of it, he only steps up to make his body flush with Tim's, doesn't press against him as hard as he might usually do, and his tongue continues to move softly through Tim's mouth without being too demanding.

Jay: Kellen keeps his eyes on the bits of metal he's scrubbing, but isn't strictly paying much attention to it: the conversation interests him more, and a portion of his brain is also committed to impatience, since Leech has been away and inaccessible for most of the week and Kellen feels the need to hang out with his brother. The attack on his shoulder is entirely diverting, though. Looking sideways and down, his eyebrows knit in confusion and he laughs. "Dude, I might be pretty metal, but I don't think that's gonna make me any less dirty." The confusion turns to a look of fondness when he lifts his gaze to Jesse's face. "Awww, li'l Jesse-bunny! I don't know, you don't got the teeth for it...I say something more canine. A coyote, mebbe." Because those things are almost as ridiculous as Jesse is.

Jackie: Feeling that tongue sliding into his mouth, Tim mimics Michael's noise, perhaps (surprisingly) a little quieter, and lets it dissolve into a moan when the familiar taste of his room mate takes over his mouth. Working his jaw, Tim tilts his head to the side a little more, inviting him more in, and starts to massage his own tongue along Michael's. As the other boy presses to him, and continues enough to indicate that he's looking to press Tim against a wall, Tim shuffles backwards thoughtlessly, dragging Mike's body with him. It's a very distinct warmth that he feels whenever his body connects with Michael's, and he lets out another muffled moan for it all. Eventually, he has to break their mouths so he can suck in some air, and he tilts his head back enough to press it against the confessional's wall, neck arching a bit as he works to catch his breath for a moment, mouth gaped open.

Jackie: Jesse actually groans for that joke, because it's basically the punk rock version of a dad joke, and the younger boy is instantly reminded of Lars. He wrinkles his nose and laughs, pushing against that shoulder in fake punishment before rolling back to face forward and scrub away at those pews. He composes himself after a minute, and looks a little pleased for the new suggested animal. "A coyote? Dude. That's like, hardcore!" Clearly, the boy hasn't had much exposure to the animal. "We have to mention this to Lars. He'd freaking love it."

Jay: As yet, Michael hasn't even gained enough room for thought to be amused about what they're doing, or rather where they're doing it, too intent on the feel of Tim's body against his. Once he's in place against the wall, the hands move from his back to stroke heavily up either side, then back down to his hips, then further in over his stomach and chest as they lift again. Not at all thrown off when Tim breaks the kiss, Michael relocates his own mouth to the edge of his jaw, open against the skin but without the addition of his tongue. The succeeding moan is somewhat louder, but mostly muffled against that jaw, and Mike disconnects just long enough to murmur low a 'God, Tim' before finding his neck with those lips instead.

Jay: Kellen grins for that groan, since he's all about the shameless puns. He does consider using his own brush to actually try to brush Jesse's teeth when they're exposed by laughter, but he's not entirely sure what's on the brush and doesn't want to poison his roommate, so instead he retaliates with another shove against Jesse's shoulder, harder than the one directed against Kellen himself. "It is! They're fucking awesome animals, but they always look so harmless. Those huge fucking ears and the way they're always smiling." Once more, he returns to scrubbing, but his attention is markedly lower than when he started and after a moment, wanders in a more relevant direction. "Hey...where the hell did Tim and Mike go?"

Jackie: As Mike's mouth trails over to Tim's jawline, the younger boy drops his mouth more and takes a little gasp, for that voice and their closeness and the way those heavy hands run across his body. There was no doubt in his mind that he had missed his room mate, and not just over the past few nights - his self imposed distance has been keeping him away from his room mate for the better half of two weeks - and this is serving as a deep reminder of the intimacy he's been restricting himself from. Dipping his head to the side, to give Michael more room to explore that neck, Tim lets out another muffled whimper, because it's obvious that that part of his body is a weak spot, and his fingers tighten encouragingly around the muscles of Mike's neck as his mouth moves across his skin.

Jackie: That second shove pushes Jesse off balance, and he tumbles onto his side, which only makes the boy laugh some more. From that position, he kicks over at Kellen, trying to knock him flat on the ground although his attempts aren't all that successful. His laughter is escalating as his room mate describes a coyote, and it's funny at first - until it processes more. Then he sits up partially and raises both hands up to his ears, looking horrified. "What are you saying about my ears? Oh my god, do I have big ears? Honest question." It's be horrible to find out, 14 years into his life, that he has oversized ears. As he thinks this all over, and tugs on his ear lobes self consciously, he peers around the small chapel, but doesn't have the best vantage point because of still being seated on the ground. "They didn't leave...I mean, I don't think they did. We would've felt a draft..."

Jay: Exceedingly pleased with Tim's reactions, since his recent behavior indicated that he wanted to avoid getting close to Mike, the older boy isn't about to let up now. One arm circles Tim's waist as Michael steps even closer, and the other moves to the nape of that neck, appreciating the way it curves and taking advantage of it to trail his mouth slowly up and down the opposite side, breathing warmly against the skin. He gives a noise somewhere between a groan and a whimper, the arm around Tim's back abruptly tightening, an unintended expression of Mike's desire to just not release him, ever.

Jay: When Jesse panics, Kellen's own eyes widen solicitiously, his voice comically soothing. "No! No, pumpkin, never in life; you have the most precious ears ever. They're a model - models - of aural perfection, I promise. It was the silly grin I was thinking of." Also throwing a glance around the chapel, he shakes his head to agree with Jesse. "I don' think so either, I mean, it's..." Looking in vain for a clock, he eventually pulls out his (entirely illegal contraband) cell phone to check the time. "Ahh, it's actually almost time to go. But they would've mentioned it, if they did go. Mebbe they jus'..." Standing up, Kellen looks around more closely for any sign of their suitemates.

The sacristy door is closed and apparently still dark, so they aren't there, and there's no reason to actually worry - it's not as if they could have been kidnapped or something - but Kellen nonetheless feels an almost-frantic presentiment of danger in the pit of his tummy. Ness is far too beguiling for his own good, much less the good of anyone who's attached to Kellen's brother, and Tim obviously isn't insensible to his charms, but Kellen tries to keep his concern from showing - tries to keep it from even forming - as he looks again towards the area Tim and Mike were last working.

Jackie: The more of Michael that Tim gets, the more he wants to take; the hand he has wrapped around the older boy's back tightens, strong forearm pressing to his lower back. And as Mike shuffles in closer, Tim presses himself more fully against that small wall, shifting his hips to part his legs and give his room mate space to press up against him. The hand on Michael's neck presses him in a fraction, encouraging that mouth's movements, and then slides up the nape and through the boy's dark, thick hair, eventually stopping at the crown of his head where Tim then curls his fingers into those thick locks. He doesn't tug, but he does secure his hold there, and Tim muffles another whimper by sucking his own lower lip into his mouth and biting at it.

Jackie: Continuing to tug on his ear lobes, although maybe not as frantically as before, Jesse watches Kellen as he tries to reassure him, and eventually nods, slowly accepting that answer. "I suppose a silly grin is better than huge ears. You scared me." As Kellen becomes more and more obviously concerned, Jesse perks up as well, quipping his ears for any sound of them - even though his hearing isn't anything special that would detect any unheard sounds. He slowly gets to his feet, using a pew as a aide, and looks around the chapel slowly - there are quite a few dark, shadowy areas that could be housing the boys. A sharp chill crawls up his spine, momentary fear starting to seep into his system, and he moves his eyes slowly to try to catch any glimpse of movement. "Maybe they went back up towards the bells? They were checking them out the last time we snuck in here."

Jay: When those fingers move through and tug at his hair, Michael momentarily loses focus, murmuring an emphatic 'fuck' without lifting his head and thoughtlessly rolling his body against Tim's, arms tightening where they are. But concentration rapidly returns, and sharpens even, causing him to attack that neck more actively. His mouth opens wider and his teeth scrape gently over it before Mike flattens his tongue and starts to suck lightly on the taut skin. His fingers stretch out, flexing, catching at more of Tim's body as they clench again, and though he's intent on his own actions, a part of his mind is debating whether it would be best to go somewhere else - and where else they might go - or if staying here would be the only way to be certain of Tim not pulling back again.

Jay: Kellen's glad of the unease in Jesse's voice, since it makes his own wariness less suspicious (if it shows at all), but he shakes his head a little at that suggestion, still focusing on the short line of confession booths against the wall. "Don' think so. Listen." His voice is even and a little hushed, sensibly enough, and he nods towards the booth at the end of the line. Unable to make himself approach closer, he narrows his eyes, trying to pin down the hint of movement he thought he saw to any actual shifting of the door or the booth itself, but it shortly becomes unnecessary: the noises coming occasionally from that space are muted, cautious, but unmistakeable, and Kellen sucks in a sharp breath at having his suspicions (most likely) proven true. There's only one real reason Ness would be in a confession booth, and it definitely isn't to shrive his soul.

Jackie: Tim's jaw drops open further as Ness continues to attack his neck, and after feeling the sharp edges of the boy's teeth graze into his skin, he lets out all of the air in his lungs with a very muffled whimper and his knees momentarily buckle. He's able to catch himself quickly enough so as to not disrupt their give and take, and he tightens his hand in that thick hair to and uses it as leverage to push his own body into the wall a little harder. Feeling Michael's mouth starting to suck consistently at his neck, Timothy's fingers dig into his skin - both at his neck, and at the small of his back, and he can't stop the hushed 'oh, god' that escapes for that attention. Careless or not, Tim hasn't even thought about stopping, hasn't stopped to think that they shouldn't be doing this, in here, with their dorm mates somewhere near and a priest skulking around close by; instead, he just shifts his weight and loops one of his legs around Michael's, low at the ankle, to anchor him in.

Jackie: Jesse may notice Kellen's unease, but he attributes it to the boy being just as anxious to figure things out as he is. Perking up when he's instructed to listen, Jesse looks eerily like a prairie dog, and is staying completely still as he listens carefully. At first, it's hard to distinguish anything, but then there's a muffled voice. It's difficult to figure out who it came from - it being low and husky and obviously choked back - but the fact that it's very much a person makes it clear. His eyes widen and he looks over at Kellen, obviously excited, and snaps a finger and points over towards them - having given up on speaking, because he doesn't want the other boys to catch on to them. After making a motion that questions whether they should approach, Jesse starts slowly creeping in the direction of the booths, but snags Kellen's wrist to keep him close.

Jay: Very far from being inexperienced, Mike is nonetheless surprised by the force of his own reaction, every time he's close to Tim, and it definitely accounts for his deciding that not going anywhere else is the thing to do, right now. Those quiet words are enough to make him release Tim's neck in favor of connecting to his mouth, entirely unhesitating this time but still coherent enough to make his tongue move slowly and purposefully against the other. The arm around that back clenches enough to relieve Tim of the responsibility of holding himself up, and Mike presses in closer, hips first. His own noises are mostly unchecked, though he has learned enough caution to keep them muted, he can't stop from responding to Tim's moans with some of his own.

Jay: Jesse's snapping draws Kellen away from his narrow-eyed contemplation of those booths, but he only glances briefly at his roommate before looking away, nodding shortly. He doesn't in the least want to approach those noises closer, doesn't want to see why they're being made, and doesn't trust himself not to sock Ness if he does see it - unaccountably, he's more angry with Mike than with Tim, who (supposedly) is the only one who can be guilty of any transgression, maybe because Kellen knows how Mike works - but under Jesse's guidance, he finds himself creeping along behind. He can sense how giddy Jesse is, and is glad for the other boy's distraction, because he can't fake the same sort of enthusiasm just yet. The noises grow in volume as they close in, and Kellen gives a harsh swallow that's loud in his own ears, steeling himself (or trying) as they reach the door.

Jackie: Typically, Tim would be a little more cautious here - not only because the boy he's kissing isn't Leech, but because it's for certain that Kellen and Jesse are near. But he can't seem to stop himself, and can't seem to release his grip on Michael, so he just presses his back into the wall of the confessional booth and welcomes that body in, blindly reattaching their mouths when he feels Mike's moving back in. He opens his own mouth and nips at Michael's lower lip, the fingers he has curled into the other boy's hair gripping a little tighter, nails scraping along his scalp when those hips press into his own. The leg he has wrapped lowly around Mike's ankle curls in more, trapping that body in closer since Tim doesn't have much leverage to do so otherwise - the booth isn't spacious enough to allow for much more. As he laps into Michael's mouth, massaging the boy's tongue in a slow, fluid motion, Tim allows a quiet purr to rumble in his throat; among other things, he hadn't realize how much he missed this boy's taste.

When Jesse sees Kellen's curt nodding, he continues forward, taking small, quiet, careful steps as if he and his room mate are being watched. In actuality, they aren't - and based on the muffled noises coming from the booth, they could storm up to it with eagerness and the two boys inside wouldn't even notice. He pauses before he gets all the way to the booth and turns around, waiting for Kellen to get in closer before lowering his voice and ducking his head into the space between Kellen's ear and neck, talking low. "Should we open the door? Or knock?"

Jay: Undoubtedly, it has occurred to Mike that there isn't much free space at all, in here, so if this encounter is to continue it'll be in a limited way. But for now he seems not to want much more than keeping Tim pinned against the wall and kissing him. His grip on the other boy's back loosens finally in order to let his hand trace downward and edge under the hem of Tim's shirt, calloused fingertips skimming back and forth over the small of his back and inching up slowly. Between the noises he's making, those of Tim's, and the sound of his own increasing heartbeat, he's definitely entirely unaware of the other two boys creeping closer to their hiding space.

Jay: Kellen manages to push his apprehension down until it isn't visible, so by the time he comes even with Jesse, he even manages to smirk some - encouraged more by Jesse's enthusiasm than any interest in what's going on in the confession booth. He tilts his head to listen to his roommate and snorts faintly for those suggestions, replying in a likewise quiet voice. "Jus' open it. If we knock, they'll just pretend they're not home." Somehow in the course of their trek, Kellen's hand became entangled with Jesse's without either of their knowledge, but Kellen now releases it to nudge Jesse's shoulder, trying to propel him forward.

Jackie: Once he has Mike's lower lip caught between his teeth, Tim leans his head back to rest it against the wall, dragging Mike's lip with him until their mouths crash back together. The hand on the older boy's back follows a similar path that Michael's does; it loosens and slips down lower, finding the hem of the boy's t-shirt and slipping beneath it. Tim's fingers spread out as he presses his palm to the base of that spine, and then that hand traces up, pausing to grip at the back of Mike's ribcage when their kiss deepens a little more.

Jesse smiles to himself for Kellen's response, because it was definitely the route he was going down, and when he retracts his head to continue towards the booth, he has a little devious look on his face. Making it to the confessional area, Jesse peers at the door his dorm mates were earlier polishing and he rolls his lips together, trying not to break out into a huge grin. With one quick glance to Kellen, Jesse reaches forward to snatch open the booth's door, the warm light of the chapel falling into the previously dark space. And inside, matching his suspicions, are Mike and Tim - in a very compromising position, with the older boy pressing Lint into the wall and Tim's hands gripping at him tightly.

Jay: Mike might lose his balance a bit when Tim pulls him back into that kiss, but as it only ends in being pressed closer to his roommate, he has no complaints to make - in fact, he gives an approving moan that carries something of the tone of a laugh in it. His second hand drops to join the first beneath the back of Tim's shirt, moving slowly upwards with fingers spread to cover as much territory as possible. For the first instant, he's completely oblivious to the fact that they're observed.

Feeling that the part may as well be played fully (and maybe with some idea of blackmail, or at least proof), Kellen retrieves his phone. When Jesse glances back, Kellen gives him a half-grin and lifts the phone higher, clearly intending to take a photo with it - which he does, as soon as Jesse has that door open, before the older boys have much of a chance to realize it. And despite the profound insult to his brother, he can't help giving a deviant little laugh, snapping a couple more quick pictures for good measure, and getting an excellent vantage of Michael's scowl as he finally lifts his head from Tim's.

Jackie: Hearing that half formed laugh, Tim smiles a little bit into the kiss - not enough to break it entirely, but enough to where, for a moment, Mike's open mouth is playing across Tim's teeth. But the smile dissolves away the more Mike keeps on kissing him, and Tim molds right back to where he left off, both hands dropping to the front of Mike's shirt and grasping the hem of tightly. He doesn't make a move to remove it, or even a move that appears he wants to remove it, but the grip does anchor Mike , and the action is a mix of wanting to keep the boy right there, and wanting to drag him back to the bedroom.

The gleeful smile that displays across Jesse's mouth when he notices Kellen's cell phone is akin to what a kid looks like when they see their favorite animal at the zoo. He gnaws on his lower lip to try to contain it, and then refocuses his attention to yanking the door open. He doesn't wait very long - just until a few photos are snapped - before jumping up and down in place, one hand raising to point at the boys and mouth dropping. He isn't in shock for what's going on, because they very well heard it, but maybe he's shocked with how intense it looks - both bodies grasping and pressing and pulling. Quite loudly, he exclaims, with one hand pointing at Mike and Tim: "Holy shit!"

Jay: Having lifted his head (very grudgingly) to deliver that scowl, Mike holds the position for a moment, looking from Jesse, leaping about like an idiot, to Kellen, who appears to be gloatingly reviewing the pictures he just took. Eventually, the tension caused by the opening door drains from him and he collapses against Tim, his forehead dropping heavily to Tim's shoulder. His voice is pitched low enough to be heard only by Tim. "I know he's your friend, but if you can't get him to shut up right now, I might have to knock him out." Probably, he doesn't entirely mean it - who could ever hit Jesse? - but he does sound grim and exasperated.

Kellen only offers a louder snort for Michael's prolonged glowering, genuinely amused by the way the guy tries so hard to be menacing, but he's still disgruntled enough about this revelation that he looks away quickly, very careful not to meet Tim's eyes, or even look in his direction. The pictures make a good excuse, but he doesn't actually look at them, tilting the screen to hide the fact that he's actually just staring at the text messaging screen. Jesse's interjection draws him away from this pretense, and he can't help grinning some for the boy's excitement. "Ready to set up that dating site now, Jess?"

Jackie: Feeling Mike pull away, Tim doesn't immediately catch on to why - perhaps momentarily figures that the boy needed air, or is going to go after his neck again. But then there's light casting down on him, Tim can see it through his closed eye lids, and instantly Tim snaps his head to the side, looking out of the booth and to whomever opened the door. Panting, he squints his eyes to focus on the two boys, but he doesn't loosen his grip on Mike's shirt - doesn't make any move to put space between their bodies. He's about to warn Jesse to not continue, but it's too late - the younger boy is already freaking out.

Still with that hand raised, Jesse hops in place, almost like a very quick marching motion, like his body literally can't contain himself. "Oh my...GOD! Oh my god, oh my god, holy shit! You two are totally going at it! In a confessional booth!" He starts to flail a bit, only really containing himself after he jogs a mini circle around the booth and then flails his body onto Kellen's, loosely hugging him while adorning the brightest smile that any of these boys could hope to muster. "You two are so going to Hell!" And in his flailing, Jesse works to get himself curled over Kellen's back, similar to a piggy back ride, and he hooks one forearm loosely around Kellen's collarbones while the other flails up in the air as if holding a sword. "Triumph!"

Jay: It takes Michael a few moments to gather the fortitude to face this debacle, during which he remains just leaning against Tim, giving a heavy sigh or two. Straightening up, he releases Tim to rub both hands hard over his face, waiting for Jesse to shut up for a second since his own words won't at all be heard otherwise. "For the fuck of God, Jesse! You can kill a cockstand like no one I've ever met. I hope you plan to become a monk or something." Acting highly displeased - moreso than he actually is - he steps out of the booth, halfway turning back to Tim and extending a hand to help him out, also.

Jay: Kellen watches Jesse prance about, still grinning in a strangely fixed way, and gracefully catches the other boy when he's flailed at. Overcome with a burst of fondness for his roommate, he gives a brief laugh and rubs at Jesse's scalp as the kid climbs around to hook onto his back, and even after the laugh expires his grin remains more sincere. "You oughta be more grateful, Ness; one'a the priests is bound to come in soon to let us go, an' this punishment wouldn't be shit compared to what they'd do if they found you...." Not quite capable of articulating the event, he just waves a hand expressively, instead.

Jackie: Leaning his head back against the wall, Tim looks out at the other two boys but very distinctly avoids looking at Kellen - can't look at someone that looks so much like Leech, at the moment. So Tim closes his eyes as Jesse does his victory lap, and lets out a quiet sigh. One hand moves inward, connecting with the soft skin just above Mike's pants line, and he rubs a few of his knuckles against the skin - the only sign of affection that he can shield right now.

Now more appropriately positioned on Kellen's back, Jesse sloppily loops his legs around the taller boy's torso, one arm still hugging that form back into his own. He rolls his eyes for Michael's words, and speaks in a tone that one would use to say "duh". "No, Mike - we're gonna be online dating specialists. I mean, hello." And for that, he waves a hand around to motion towards Tim and Michael, since clearly this is all he and Kellen's doing.

Tim takes a very carefully breath when Mike moves away, and then wipes one hand over his face as well; he isn't exactly wishing ill will in Jesse, but he does want to put the boy in a headlock. He takes Mike's offered hand and slinks out of the booth, and then goes straight to where he dropped off his coat - not letting go of that hand in the process. From behind him, he hears Jesse add on to Kellen's words: "Yeah! You guys owe me!"

Jay: Mike rolls his eyes for Jesse's words, following Tim, not quite willing to release his hand, either. "Online dating - more like you'll run a fuckin' porn site. Fucking voyeurs." He's doing well with suppressing any hint of his own amusement, but he is oddly giddy, catching some of Jesse's enthusiasm. At the least, there's no reason to hide anything between himself and Tim after this. But Kellen's words obviously go home, too: the front door of the church opens and Michael immediately releases Tim's hand and steps to the side before looking for the intruder. Though thoroughly swathed in black, the figure isn't a priest, but Malachi - not much visible of him with the scarf wrapped over his nose and mouth, a beanie on his head, and a slightly too-large greatcoat wrapped around him from neck to knees. "Hi, guys! Aren't you finished, yet?"

Instinctively catching at Jesse's legs when they hook around him, Kellen distracts himself by starting to spin in circles - maybe too rapidly, given how top-heavy the two of them are in this position. "We're gonna make tons of money! We don't have to be monks or voyeurs, we'll be able to buy our own harem!" In a different mood, he might point out that Ness never seemed to mind people watching before, but that's not to be thought of now.

Malachi's greeting - once the boy has unwrapped sufficient of his face to speak - is quiet as most things he says, but Kellen still catches it, and slows to a stop with a hand on a pew to steady himself. He grins at Mal, unutterably glad for his appearance. "No, they didn't finish; Jesse interrupted them. But I do think it's about time to head inside." In vain, he looks about for a priest - previously they'd been told to go when the hour's punishment was done, and he's not sure if they'll get in trouble for leaving before then.

Jackie: Getting back to the pews where his outdoor attire is spread out, Tim doesn't fight to keep a hold of Mike's hand, and once he has both hands free, he runs them over his face in exasperation. He isn't really upset, more so just confused as to how to handle this, and he can still feel the warmth of Mike's lips on his neck - so he takes a moment to calm himself down, remaining quiet and to himself.

As Kellen starts to spin them, Jesse lets out a little squeal while simultaneously sprawling his arms out in the air, almost like he's on a carnival ride. Since he isn't all that close with Mal, he doesn't recognize the voice, so he isn't sure who it is at the door way until Kellen's done spinning, and his eyes are able to focus. Initially, he sees three versions of Mal, but they eventually meld into one, and he beams brightly at him. "Hi Mal! We just saw Mike and Tim going at it in the confessional booth. How are you?" His poor dorm mates - Jesse is going to treat tonight's instance like it's a very normal thing to talk about.

Jackie: Now that he's regained his breath, or enough of it at least, Tim reaches for his coat and slips it on his shoulders. He doesn't bother with his hat or gloves, since his fingertips and his ears are still burning, but he does finally turn around to look at the other boys, face blank like he's trying really hard to pretend that he wasn't just caught red handed. "Should we try to find the priest? Or just head out?"

Jay: Letting the scarf fall over his shoulders, Malachi looks appropriately baffled by Kellen's response, but Jesse's addition makes his eyebrows go up. "Oh?" He glances over at Tim - not unusually ignoring his presence - and Mike - who rolls his eyes again, but waves. "Well, that's...good. Not much room for maneuvering though, is there?" This entirely serious statement makes Kellen laugh as he releases Jesse's legs and lets him drop back to the ground. "How much is really needed? I mean, they might not be as flexible as you, but still..."

Mike trusts that their suitemates are now distracted enough to not watch like hawks, so as he reaches around Tim to grab his jacket (still not having supplied himself with a proper coat), he strokes a hand lingeringly over the back of Tim's neck and gives him a meaningful look as he straightens. "I'll see if I can find him." He heads towards the room to the right of the altar, but is saved the trouble of going farther when Father Adam emerges. "Well, boys! Did we get much work done today?"

Kellen turns partially to survey the bustling little figure - Father Adam is, to his mind, exactly what a priest should be, which is harmless and good-natured to the point of imbecility, which makes the small round man a true novelty among the more degenerate priests this place houses. "Lots! I think we'll have it all done by tomorrow." The padre beams for this information, looking around at the others. "Well done, boys! Just make sure you clean up your supplies then, and we'll see you tomorrow."

Jackie: Untangling himself from Kellen's form, Jesse gets to his feet with very little grace - in fact, he gets the toe of a boot caught in Kellen's shirt, and stumbles his way back down to even footing. Similar to his room mate, Mal's words make Jesse snort amusement, and he glances at Tim to gauge the boy's reaction to them. But Tim looks like he's trying very hard to ignore most things, so Jesse gets bored of him easily, and he instead takes his rightful position right next to Kellen. "I don't know - they seemed to be doing just fine as is." He looks over at his room mate with bright eyes when he begins to talk, expecting Kellen to further detail what they saw, but instead he makes that suggestive comment about Mal, and something inside of Jesse's guts churn - so he stays silent.

Jackie: Feeling that soft touch to his neck before he hears Michael's voice, Tim lifts his head to return that look, his eye owns showing the deep appreciation not only for the offer, but also for the affection. He nods briefly and works to zip up his jacket while Michael departs to find the priest. Hearing the older man round his way back into the chapel proper, Tim doesn't bother with looking up at him; instead, he side steps around the boys to grab the rags that he and Mike abandoned in the booth. This, of course, brings crimson to his cheeks, and Tim wordlessly bunches the rags up and places them off on the side table. Not caring that the others aren't finished, he steps over in the direction of the door, hands stuffed into his pockets and then peering at Mike with raised eyebrows - a clear invitation.

Jay: Mike nods agreeably to the priest, backtracking to join Tim. He smiles a little for the faint blush on the other boy's face, crouching to collect the cans of cleanser left by himself and Tim, and for good measure those that Kellen and Jesse abandoned, returning them to the collection on the table, turning in time to catch that look from Tim. This makes the smile broaden some, and he jogs a couple of steps to catch up with Tim, shamelessly looping an arm around his waist as they head for the door past the other three gathered together.

Kellen shrugs for Jesse's words, waiting for the priest to depart before responding verbally. "Well, where there's a will, and all that." He sideglances at Tim and Mike as they pass, his eyes narrowing somewhat, but the expression flits away so quickly that it could scarcely be noticed. "I jus' wonder how long they've been hiding it from us..." Because certainly, that embrace looked like it's been practiced a few times before now. Stepping back, Kellen collects his own winter gear (this comprising a pair of motocross gloves with the fingers cut out, his hoodie, and a long striped scarf that he winds around his neck several times), then offers a cocked elbow each to Jesse and Malachi.

Mal slips his hand through to grip Kellen's elbow agreeably. "They kissed before break, didn't they? Maybe they just like their privacy." Although he does sound a bit doubtful, knowing Michael. "Anyway, I think it's sweet."

Jackie: It's a good thing Tim has patience, not only for Jesse and his ridiculousness, but also for Michael - because the way he's watching the boy, like no one else is around, clearly shows just how quickly he wants out of here. As his room mate approaches, Tim's eyes elevator down and then back up his form - the blush that was creeping up his jawline simmering now to a flushed look. Before he turns to head out of the chapel, he turns to look at Kellen and Jesse, specifically, eyes narrowed with warning. "Don't." He doesn't need to detail anything more - and Jesse isn't sure if the boy means don't follow, or don't interrupt, or don't come knocking in a half an hour, but he is sure that whatever it is he was initially thinking of doing, he won't be doing any more.

Jackie: Standing next to Kellen, Jesse peers up at the taller boy, considering that thought because it never really occurred to him. "You think they've been doing it for a while?" He makes a face like this displeases him, because damnit he was so on top of this, and he shuffles around to grab his winter coat before redirecting to Malachi. Again, his words are a little foreign to him (privacy? Tim and Mike? since when?), but he does eventually agree. "It is sweet. Little love birds. Love gulls, maybe."

Jay: Michael snorts quietly in amusement for Tim's single word of warning, pushing the door open and leading him out into the seemingly interminable snowstorm. "It'd be nice to be able to believe they'll shut up about it now." Because they won't, of course they won't. Once they're some distance from the chapel, Mike pauses to light a cigarette, and - since the snow is fairly gentle, and he has no desire to rush back to their dorm, knowing that the other boys will be there before long - he moves along more leisurely afterward, replacing his arm around Tim's hips and heading for the more sheltered courtyard. The abrupt end to their liaison has left him somewhat off-balance, and with no desire to attempt small talk, he's not sure of what to say to Tim - but bearing him down into the snow to continue probably isn't an option either.

Jay: When Tim glances back to give that warning, Kellen meets his eyes and coldly flicks an eyebrow upwards, as much as to respond 'I could say the same to you', but it's the work of an instant - the next, Tim's gone, and Kellen's focused back on the other two boys. He tilts his head from one side to the other in lieu of a shrug, trapping Jesse's arm as well as Mal's and leading them outside. "Looked like it. I mean, they prolly didn't want to admit we were right, y'know?" Taking a more direct route back to the main building, to get out of the cold and because a joint sounds really good right now, he gives Jesse an amused look. "Why gulls?" And Malachi stays silent, not unusually, content to be towed along.

Jackie: As they make their way out of the chapel and into the dark courtyard, Tim ruffles a bit for the burst of wind that comes barreling down on them. Luckily, it's just a down draft, and as they step further away from the building, less gusts of frigid air swoop in around them. "Yeah, real nice. Maybe we can get them wrapped up in their seances again." He leans into Michael's embrace, but doesn't fall into it too much, and he hunkers down into himself as they redirect to a sheltered gazebo inside of the courtyard. The silence isn't awkward, but Tim's mind is running a mile a minute - thinking back on that look at Kellen shot at him moments before. He draws himself away from those thoughts once they step beneath the wooden structure, and he turns towards Michael and tilts up his chin, motioning towards the cigarette. Rather than reach for it, he shuffles in a little closer, and parts his lips so Michael can put the smoke there.

Jackie: Jesse purses his lips more as he thinks that over, eventually concluding that Kellen is probably right; Tim looked way more relaxed in that booth than he would have were he spontaneously attacked. For some reason that Jesse can't pin point, but probably has something to do with the guilt of feeling like a bad best friend, the boy feels a small pang in his tummy and quietly vows to talk to Tim about it after he's had the time to cool down. Looping into Kellen's offered arm after fixing his own coat collar, the younger boy finally smiles for that question, shrugging his free shoulder and bumping his other into Kellen's. "Oh, I don't know. Doves are too....romantic. Tim's too nice to be a pigeon. Seagulls are a good middle ground. And they're cocky, like Mike."

Jay: Not entirely paying attention to where they're going, Michael steps into the gazebo automatically, only belatedly noticing the shelter when the wind and flurried snow cuts down. Glancing around the space to orient himself, he finds a convenient post to lean against - drawing Tim with him, of course - and obligingly places the filter of the cigarette to his mouth. "Not a bad idea, long as we can avoid getting stuck cleaning the church for another week. Think there's anywhere we could rent a ghost?" Once Tim's taken a couple drags from the cigarette, Mike replaces it in his own mouth to free up his opposite hand, which then joins the other around Tim's hips to draw him in closer.

Jay: That reasoning makes Kellen grin some, though it goes unnoticed, since his face is ducked down towards his scarf. "Never knew you were a bird-watcher. I guess it goes along with the loose-leaf tea and constant library visits." He uses his own arm to squeeze the one Jesse has laced through it affectionately, surfacing a moment later when they reach the door to the main building. Once inside, he gives a sigh of relief at the warmth, shoulders untensing. "God, I need to get stoned. If I never smell furniture polish again, it'll be too soon." With single-minded intent, he heads for the nearest staircase.

Jackie: Tim's movements are a little more lazy than usual, mostly brought on by the cold weather, so he very easily follows Mike's tugging and presses into his side. So far, he's kept his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket, but now that he's facing Michael's body, he retracts one arm and stretches it over the other boy's torso, securing on a hip as he ducks his head down to rest against the top of a collarbone. He lets out a little laugh, amused, and shakes his head, not bothering to lift it as he talks. "Might have more luck getting Justin on our side. They'd believe anything he told them."

Jay: As Tim moves in closer, Mike tightens the arms around him, making a humming noise around his cigarette. A second later, he has to free up one hand to remove it. He compensates by rubbing the opposite hand up and down Tim's back. "Maybe if you talk to him. Don't think he likes me much." Mike sounds pretty complacent about this; he doesn't know what he might have done to make Hollywood dislike him, but he isn't much concerned by the loss. "I just hope Kellen doesn't do anything stupid with those photos. Can you imagine the shit we'd get, if he pasted big copies of them all over the school or something?"

Jackie: Letting out a little chirp of laughter, Jesse stands up a bit straight and glares at Kellen, playfully shoving at him again. "I hear your badly hidden insulsts, Mr. White, and I am choosing to ignore them." He isn't at all serious, but he makes a face like he is, and keeps it there until they enter the school building. There, he parts from Kellen's arm and immediately unzips his jacket, the blasting heat making upper half feel like a furnace. "We should make them use eco friendly cleaning products. I've had a headache all week, and my hands have been so dry. I feel like I'm an amphibian."

Jay: Kellen gives Jesse an unrepentant grin, allowing himself to be shoved into poor Malachi, who...actually doesn't seem to mind all that much, staying huddled closer when Kellen regains his equilibrium, despite the warmth. "You sound like you're a hippie." But Kellen does, at least, realize that he shouldn't keep up with his 'badly hidden insults', because Jesse might not be as inured to the teasing as is Leech, or even Ness (or perhaps Kellen just has more concern for Jesse's feelings than he does the other two). "C'mon, smoking will help your headache, and I'll rub eco-friendly shea butter lotion into your suffering hands myself." Having by this time reached the top of the staircase to their dorm level, he shoves it open and continues on to their dorm. Reaching it, he releases Malachi - who immediately sits on Kellen's bed and starts unwrapping himself - to hunt through his drawer for some weed.

Jay: After an excellent hour of laziness with Jesse and Malachi, and a prayer group that no one paid attention to (except maybe that Barker kid), Kellen heads out of the repurposed classroom where the group is held during inclement weather and towards the cafeteria, feeling more or less like he just woke from a nap. He glances around at the students on either side, most of them following the same route, then turns to Jesse. "I didn't see Tim or Mike, did you?" It isn't surprising that they would skip prayer group in favor of each others company, especially after the scene in the church, but hopefully the junior priest who leads the group didn't notice their absence.

Jackie: Jesse makes a mental note to smoke before prayer group more often, because it definitely helps to make the session go by a little more easily; every time an unintentional innuendo was made, he'd snort and giggle to himself a little more than he typically would. By the time they're exiting the classroom, Jesse is rubbing at his scalp, a goofy grin on his face for something Justin said under his breath, and he waves at the boy when he ducks away in the other direction. Refocusing his attention to Kellen, Jesse walks right up against him and leans into his shoulder. "Nooooope. They're probably like, making out in their dorm or something." After he says it, Jesse smiles brightly, because for once his claim is totally plausible. Heading down the hallway, he rounds the corner for the next hall, which eventually leads to the cafeteria.

Jay: Kellen snorts for that conjecture, making it sound amused enough to pass unnoticed. "Prolly the 'something.' I don' think Mike understands stopping the race before the finish line." Reaching the cafeteria, he pauses a couple yards past the door, blinking, trying to focus some more on the various foods offered. Finally zeroing in on one, which certainly offers the least-healthy of all the options, he starts off in that direction.

Jackie: Jesse wrinkles his nose for that idea, because it's sexual and it's Tim being sexual, and anything like that is just so foreign to the boy. "Gross." Although, the way Jesse says the word, it doesn't sound like he's completely grossed out - maybe just perplexed. He shoves at Kellen when the boy departs, and he too goes to find good - settling for a giant plate of cheese fries and a bowl of pineapple, because this kid has the strangest munchies. Reconvening at their normal table, Jesse gets there before Kellen does, and he's eating his fries one by one when his room mate returns. "I'm like. Really stoned."

Jay: Joining Jesse at their table with a pretty incomprehensible array of foods, Kellen drops into his seat, giving a short laugh. "Yeh, you are. Maybe next time we won't go after that third joint." Which is more than likely not going to happen. Spotting Jade meandering by, with the usual expression suggesting he isn't sure where he is and doesn't really care, Kellen waves an arm to catch the other's attention since his mouth is full. He's appeased when the other boy redirects towards their table (again looking like he couldn't care less where he eats). Swallowing his mouthful of masticated food, Kellen addresses Jesse again: "I just had a great fuckin' idea, during prayer group, of what to do with those pictures."

Jackie: Immediately smiling for that response, Jesse beams brightly at Kellen - his eyes are definitely blood shot, so perhaps his brightness isn't as illuminated as it could be, but his dimples are still showing. He picks up an extra cheesy fry, and holds it up in the air, eating it like one would if testing a spaghetti noodle. "It's so much better after the third joint, though. Hey, Jade!" The third boy, having only grabbed a salad with very little fixings and a bowl of fruit salad, watches Jesse like the kid is a creature in a zoo, and reluctantly takes a seat - not next to the boys, but across from them. Once Jesse has swallowed down his food, he licks his thumb and talks around it. "Oh? Like what?"

Jay: Seeming undisturbed by Jade's lack of greeting, since people collected around him are surely entertained no matter why they're there, Kellen nods a greeting of his own. Then, swallowing heavily again, he continues. "Don't ask me how I know this, but in fucking Lovato's closet, he's got this creepy fucking shrine to Tim. Pictures and like, pages of notes Tim musta thrown away, I think he's even got one of his shirts? It's beyond creepy. So."

He pauses, both to pop a chip into his mouth and to reach over the table and ruffle the hair of Malachi, who has just silently joined them. "So. We'll print out the pictures, maybe after we get a few more, and then sneak in there and replace the ones in the shrine with these." He's obviously just waiting to break into a diabolical laugh, and if he disapproves of Tim's and Mike's attachment for Leech's sake, he's still not above using it to injure the irritating kid he has to deal with daily in guitar class.

Jackie: Jade probably eyes Malachi momentarily, but it's a subtle sort of analyzation; he's poking at his salad and has his head tilted down, but his eyes still dart over towards him every once in a while. Belatedly, he nods at Kellen, but that's about it.

Reaching for his french fries again, Jesse grabs some more of the cheesy glob, not bothering with a fork even though the entire process is a mess. His eyes widen as Kellen speaks, and he squeaks a bit, squirming in his seat like he can't contain himself. He talks around his thumb again. "Oh my god. Wait, okay. First off, that's brilliant." Because it is, and Jesse is all about tormenting Tony because the kid is such a nuisance to Operation Get Mike and Tim Together. "Secondly, I don't care if you said don't ask - why the heck do you know that?! And where'd he get that shirt? I met Tim misses it."

Jay: Once Jesse approves of the plan, Kellen allows a brief cackle to escape, but not yet a full-on villainous laugh, since Jesse's talking more. "Well, you can ask, but I don't have to answer. Really I don't like to remember it. No idea where he got the shirt, I'm just glad it wasn't a pair of unwashed underwear or something." Because he really wouldn't put it past Tony, at all. Malachi looks up from his own meal, nose wrinkling in adorable distaste, but he missed the start of the conversation so he has to question: "What are you guys talking about?"

Jackie: Jesse's face is comically horrified, and he only stops making that face when he goes for more cheese fries. He talks before stuffing a sizeable mound of food in his mouth: "That is so creepy. I bet Tim doesn't even know. And I bet Mike would beat his ass - again - if he knew." Because Michael's total disdain for Tony's affections of Tim is equal parts comical and intense. Squirming more in his seat, Jesse smiles over at Malachi, waving his free hand in the air. "Kellen got some photos of Tim and Mike making out in the confessional booth. And fucking with Tony is a plus."

Jay: Jesse's explanation clears things up for Malachi, but not in any way he likes, as is evidenced by the way his eyebrows furrow inwards. "Tony has a shrine - Tony has a shrine?" He sounds appropriately revolted, looking from Jesse to Kellen to Jade, although he looks away from the last more quickly, focusing back on Kellen. "And you interrupted them to take pictures, Kellen? That's completely tactless!"

Kellen nods for the former questions, and shrugs for the later. "Can't help it. My parents were too busy fighting to send me to finishing school. Anyway, it was Jesse that interrupted them, I jus' did what anyone would do in my situation." Finishing his food in the usual quick way, he pushes his plate away and sits back, but seems content with waiting for the others to finish as well. "I wonder if we could even get one of 'em printed on a t-shirt, and put it in place of the shirt he's got?"

Jackie: Jesse lifts his head upright once he's done scarfing down that portion of food, and he looks over at Kellen with much the same revolted looking face. He isn't all that surprised, but he's definitely still grossed out. Finished with his plate of fries, he moves over to his pineapple, rolling his eyes as Mal continues talking. "It wasn't tactless, and! I only interrupted them because Kellen told me to. We were only looking out for them. If a priest had caught them, they'd be getting punished by Leech as we speak." Popping another piece of pineapple into his mouth, Jesse nods - assured that that's what would happen - and scratches at his jawline as he thinks. "I bet Lars could do it. He used to screen print shirts all the time back home."

Jay: Mal rolls his eyes at Kellen's rejoinder and gives Jesse a look that states without words his total disbelief in their altruistic excuse - he's experienced enough of their discussions about pushing Tim and Mike into each others' arms to know better. But, tactful himself, he falls silent on the matter and only sighs, speaking in a wistful way under his breath. "Oh, to be punished by Leech..."

Snorting, Kellen steals a piece of Jesse's pineapple to throw at Malachi, to interrupt his exaggerated pining. "Yeh? We should totally ask him. Except we prolly won't see him until, what, spring break? By that time, I bet Tony and everyone else in the place will have walked in on them somewhere."

Jackie: Hearing Malachi's soft words, Jesse rolls his eyes and wrinkles his nose; he's never had to be punished by Leech, at least not physically, and he doesn't have the best pain threshold - so he really doesn't get the pining. So in order to shake the thought process away, he turns more fully towards Kellen, not minding the waste of his pineapple because it was well utilized. "I could call him, or you could like, text it to him. Worth a shot, at least."

Across the table, Jade continues to silently eat his salad, but the way Mal sounds so wishful makes him lift his head and arch an eyebrow. "This place keeps getting more and more fucked up the longer I stay."

Jay: Kellen hums thoughtfully, running one hand back and forth over the top of his head (or rather, the top of his hair) as he considers. "Well, we could send-- no, that wouldn't work. He'd have to come here." He zones out for a moment or two longer but eventually snaps back to reality, looking over at Jesse, then at his plate. "Are you done yet?"

Dodging out of the way of the pineapple, Malachi gives one of his sweet little laughs - possibly it's impossible for the boy to sound less than sweet - having certainly expected that reaction of Kellen, or something like it. But as Kellen and Jesse fall into logistics, he glances sideways at Jade and gives a somewhat uncertain little smile. "It never stops, either. Just imagine if you'd been here a couple of years."

Jackie: "Why couldn't ya just send it? He has a cell phone, too--" Jesse thinks over the logistics, not really understanding why this can't all be done electronically. It doesn't help that he's still so stoned - and that his thinking skills are sub par at best. He snags one more piece of pineapple and then shoves his bowl away, raising both hands up in the air like he just finished a competition at the very last minute.

Jade pokes a few more pieces of cucumber and bites them off of his fork, watching Mal as he eats with a face that is still as blank as ever. He barely lifts an eyebrow, mildly curious, and then shakes his head. "That won't be happening."

Jay: "Oh...oh. I didn't think of that." Obviously. Perhaps he's just too used to being denied contact with the outside world; on the other hand, maybe he just wants to see Lars. For Jesse's triumphant expression, he grins, shoving his chair back to stand up. "Let's go, then. You guys gonna come hang out?" He looks to Jade and Malachi as he collects the debris of his meal to throw away.

A little dampened, but not entirely put off by that bland response, Mal sighs more genuinely. "Lucky for you. At least I've only got one more." Watching Kellen and Jesse prepare to leave, Malachi nods agreeably for the invitation, also collecting his trash and standing.

Jackie: Jesse keeps quiet as he thinks that over some more, probably coming to the conclusion that Kellen would prefer to see Lars. He doesn't feel any sort of silly jealousy, though - mainly because Lars is his friend, and Kellen has had a crush on him since day one. He gets to his feet and stacks his trash on top of Kellen's, smiling at the boy brightly as a show of gratitude for taking the items to the waste bin. He ushers both Jade and Mal to follow then as they head towards the exit. "C'mon. Maybe we'll get another chance to take more photos of Mike and Tim." Because, looking around the cafeteria, his dorm mates are nowhere to be seen, and are most likely still tucked away in their own room.

Jade has submerged himself back into his salad, stabbing a cherry tomato with his fork. He makes a little noise that may represent sympathy, but that's as much as Mal gets. He lifts his eyes to look at Kellen for that offer and, since he at least has someone other than the terror twins to converse with, he reluctantly gives in. Wordlessly, he gets to his feet, and follows them out.

Jay: Dumping the collected trash into the bin as they pass, Kellen smirks some for Jesse's suggestion, surely thinking it not a bad idea to interrupt the two as often as possible. "Yeh, we've got a way better camera upstairs, too. If we could just convince 'em to pose, it'd make a really good shirt to use..."

Still more or less untroubled by Jade's unresponsive behavior, Malachi gives him a brief, encouraging sort of smile when he agrees to join them. It takes a second or two to catch up to the conversation between Jesse and Kellen, but when he does, his eyes widen in remonstrance. "What! Oh my god, no, you guys, leave them alone! Isn't one interruption enough for the day?" To which Kellen replies with only a scoffing noise, starting up the main staircase.

Jackie: Jesse lets out a sharp laugh for that suggestion, and he shakes his head, amused and a little disturbed, because that just seems wrong. "Yeah, right. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim is trying to install a lock on the bathroom door as we speak." Because normally, on the weekends, Jesse dive bombs Tim to wake him up - and the younger boy is starting to think that that won't be as welcomed (or rather, less hated) now that things have happened with Michael.

Deposing of his trash, Jade hooks his fingers on the back pockets of his pants, and strolls behind the boys lazily. He's probably silently agreeing with Mal's logic, because he can only imagine the torment Mike and Tim have had to endure; he's only been here a few weeks, and has already seen enough.

Jay: Kellen waves a hand dismissively. "Won't do him any good." Implying that he could easily bypass the lock, which might be a little shading of the truth, but he certainly could find a way around it if he wanted to. But the scene in the confessional was bad enough, and Kellen truly doesn't have much desire to find their suitemates out in any more compromising position. However, as they come upon the connected dorms, the door to Tim's and Mike's is partially open and the room beyond seems unoccupied. Kellen narrows his eyes thoughtfully at it, but bypasses into his own room.

Definitely noticing that his protest has been ignored, Malachi rolls his eyes to himself and flicks his hair behind a shoulder with a practiced little head-toss, then follows the pair into their dorm. Rather than finding a seat on Kellen's bed, as normal, he heads for the windows to watch the snow silently falling outside.

Jackie: "Don't tell him that. It'll squash his optimism." Jesse isn't all too serious with his words, and in such he laughs after saying them, rounding his way back into their dorm. He immediately bee lines for his closet, so he can switch into jammy pants and a hoodie, since all he wants is comfy clothes, and then goes to perch on his bed. Belately, he looks at the door connected to the bathroom, and tilts his head curiously. "Where are they, ya think?"

Jade enters the dorm with a little hesitantcy; he peers around the room after he passes through the door way, and kind of hovers near it. He watches Mal head towards the window, but doesn't follow - is still silently contemplating just heading back to his own dorm.

Jay: Kellen also moves to the window, but only to open it - afterwards, he lights a cigarette and drops onto the end of his bed lazily. He shrugs for Jesse's words, and keeps his shoulders hunched as a cold breeze comes through. "No idea. Mebbe they froze to death in the snow." When the breeze extinguishes itself, he leans back to prop himself up on one hand, only then taking notice of the way Jade is hovering. "Dude, come in. Sit down. Be social or something. Can you think of anyone we might bribe to jump Lovato and beat him right outta playing guitar?" If only his hand would be obligingly broken this semester instead.

Jackie: Jesse makes a face that is so sad, it looks as though he just watched someone kick a kitten. He pouts, and grabs his comforter, wrapped it around himself burrito style. "I hope not. I'd miss them." Which is stating the obvious, but the poor kid is still pretty stoned, and contrary to his personality, he doesn't become more talkative or energized unless prodded to be.

Keeping up his silent studying, Jade eventually meets Kellen's eyes, but says nothing. He just steps into the room a little more, but isn't making himself comfortable. He snorts, amused, for the request, and slowly steps over towards Jesse's desk, which has a lot of ghost hunting books on it. "Pretty sure you could ask the teacher to do it, and he would."

Jay: Possibly also displeased by Kellen's off-hand callous comment, or more accurately the way it seems to crush Jesse, Mal turns around to give him a sympathetic simper. "I'm sure they didn't. Even Mike has more sense than that." He leans a hip against the desk by the window, still halfway entranced by the snow, and leaving Kellen and Jade to their somewhat vicious conversation to address Jesse instead. "Did you hear, we're going on some sort of field trip next month? I hope the weather is better then."

Kellen is secretly amused by Jade's discomfort, watching him pace into the room like he's expecting booby traps. "Well, no, I did ask. He said it'd be too obvious since he already broke his fingers last semester. Oh! But...mebbe if we do redecorate Lovato's shrine, he'll be pissed enough to pick a fight with Ness..." He tilts his head back to watch the smoke floating towards the ceiling, obviously contemplating that lovely idea.

Jackie: From somewhere inside of his blanket burrito, Jesse pipes in with a very enthusiastic "Yeah!" because there's no way they would freeze to death - both boys despise the cold so much to want to stay out in it for any longer than necessary. Rolling around, Jesse makes it so the opening of the blanket bundle faces Mal, and his face is adorably smooshed up. "Dude, me too. This is way too cold. Like, I'm pretty sure we live in the arctic tundra. I bet there are moose living in the court yard."

Jade makes a little humming noise, having not known about Leech breaking Tony's fingers - and definitely wishing he was there to watch it happen. Eventually, his pacing gets him closer to Kellen, and he holds one hand out, fingers spread and wiggling to signal he wants the cigarette. "He'd probably do it if you asked, too. It's kind of funny, how much Ness hates him."

Jay: Malachi gives a quiet laugh, glancing back at the window as if to check for moose. "I think we'd have noticed them by now. They're pretty big. I wonder what the pretense of this one is going to be? Nobody much seemed to enjoy the one on Thanksgiving."

"Pretty much everyone hates him. He brings it on himself." A little surprised at the wordless request, since it's probably one of the friendliest things he's ever witnessed Jade to do, Kellen straightens up to hand the cigarette over. "After the last couple weeks, I might end up doing it myself."

Jackie: "Mmmmaybe they're sneaky moose. Sneaooses, if you will." Someone should definitely never allow Jesse to smoke so much. He feels just as high as he did after finishing the last joint, and if he were thinking clearly, he'd wonder where the hell Kellen got this stash. "I missed the Thanksgiving one, but I heard it sucked balls. I hope this one is all about whale watching."

Taking that cigarette, Jade makes a little noise that sounds like a grunt of thanks, and raises it to his mouth. He drags off of it harshly, inhaling a decent amount into his lungs, and hands it back; he's not a regular smoker, so he don't require a lot of nicotine to feel its affects. "Well, the kid is a fucking idiot. I'm surprised you've repressed for so long." So long being a few weeks of classes, he means.

Jay: The noise Malachi makes this time is definitely a giggle, prolonged enough that he has to shake his head and duck it, making his hair swish back and forth, also. "Maybe they're pygmy moose, and only the size of a dog." He sobers some, though not entirely able to hide a smile. "I think there might be whales. I think there will be boats, anyway, so if there are whales we'll probably see them. I just hope they don't expect us to go fishing." His nose wrinkles a bit, plainly opposed to the idea of killing off innocent fishes for sport.

Kellen takes his cigarette back and resumes his previous lazy position, dragging off it again. "I'm surprised you have. The look on your face when he tried to explain the progression, in that song where you're playing lead..." He trails off, shaking his head in wonder - both at Tony's idiocy and Jade's restraint - while taking another long drag.

Jackie: For that suggestion, Jesse lifts his head out from its cocoon and looks at Mal with wide eyes - momentarily fearful that such creatures could exist. Thankfully, the boy continues talking, drawing Jesse away from his fear, and so the young boy relaxes back into bed, looking like he could easily go to sleep. "Doubtful. Can you imagine any of the staff here actually going fishing? I can't even picture Leech on a boat."

Stepping closer to Jesse's desk, Jade snorts, the most expression of amusement he's probably ever shown. He rolls his eyes, but it's because Tony is so fucking dumb. "I doubt the restraint will last all that much longer. He tried to tune my guitar the other day." He gives Kellen a look that very much explains that anyone who touches his instrument should be plotting out their funeral.

Jay: Malachi tilts his head, humming, as he thinks that over. "Well...not most of them. I can see Dr. Snider being enthusiastic about it, though, wearing one of those stupid vests and a hat and those giant rubber boots that go all the way up. But Leech, no. Not unless he was a pirate captain maybe." This might draw forth another, more subdued giggle, as he pictures it. But he pushes off the desk, suppressing a yawn of his own. "I had better get some work done on my English essay before lights out. I'll see you all tomorrow."

"Well, we could always team up on him. I bet the whole class would be down for it." Kellen is helpless to stop the feral grin that the thought brings, mentally excepting Jesse from his reckoning, since he's pretty sure Jesse would find it hard to hit anyone ever. Noticing Mal's departure, he stirs himself into standing up to give the shorter boy a ridiculously tight hug, which makes Mal squeak, and a kiss on the cheek. "'course you will. Sleep tight, pumpkin-spice."


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