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Jackie: Despite it being the weekend, Tim's pretty exhausted - having spent one of the nights in "isolation", and the overall tiredness that comes with arguing with someone you genuinely care about. So dinner is pretty quick and quiet for him, and he scoots off to his bedroom before most of the students so he can lay down. Meanwhile, Jesse is still gabbing on to Kellen at their normal table, discussing their plans throughout the meal and into their trek back to the dorm. As the duo enter their room, Jesse is all smiles, but he's still talking lowly despite their room being unoccupied. "This is all so perfect. I wonder if this morning's mass like...spurred the spirits even more."

Jay: Michael has certainly noticed Tim's exhaustion, but having spent plenty of nights in isolation himself, he doesn't question it much - even though the fact that Tim is back to being extra-awkward around him is very annoying. He blames it in part on Jesse and Kellen, who have been in ridiculously high spirits for days, plotting one of their ghost chasing evenings. He doesn't immediately follow Tim upstairs, instead waiting for their dorm mates to finish and going with them.

Kellen gives a comprehensive snort for Jesse's words, his own grin of excitement coming and going but always lingering around the corners of his mouth. "If I was a spirit, it would'a pissed me off. Kinda pissed me off anyway. Fuck getting up that early on the weekend." Hopping onto his desk - notably clear of any homework - Kellen perches there, crossing his legs. "So what do you think? Should we head out early, an' just hope no one notices before lights out, or should we wait til after lights out after they've checked the dorms?" There are pros and cons to either situation, but he's obviously intent on getting to the top of the belltower sometime before midnight.

Jackie: Stepping into his room, Jesse immediately moves to his bed so he can crawl up it and open his bedside table, where his notebook filled with ghost!notes it stowed away. His excitement is entirely too contagious, and he shrugs his shoulders while considering it out loud. "Man...I just, I don't wanna wait! But it'd be kind of sucky to ruin our chances by getting caught, ya know?" He looks back at Kellen to see what he thinks, and then flops down onto his belly so he can spread out his note book in front of himself and flip through the pages. "Maybe this is Leech's night for checks, and he won't do them?"

Back in his own room, Tim hears the boys entering, but doesn't stir from his laid out position on his bed. He does lift his head when Michael enters their room, and he can tell by the way the boy looks a little deflated that Tim's sudden stand off-ish nature is having its toll. Somewhere in his chest, he feels a sharp stabbing. So he at least tries to mend it, somewhat. "...they still going on about the ghost thing?"

Jay: Kellen squints thoughtfully at Jesse's words, gnawing absently on his thumbnail. "'s true...and nothing we found said when the priest killed himself. Suppose he shows up at sundown and we're not there?" This, of course, would be unacceptable, and it's already starting to grow dark. He glances behind himself and out the window, but is distracted by Jesse's words, lowering his voice cautiously in reply. "No, I asked, it's Dr. Hunter's. But he did say Hunter typically gets drunk and either passes out or doesn' bother with there's a chance we'd be in the clear."

Michael detours into the bathroom immediately upon returning to his dorm, but emerges shortly afterwards to catch Tim's question. "God, yeah. Never thought I'd be sorry they found something new to obsess over. And they seem to assume we're going with them, whatever they're doing tonight."

Jackie: Jesse's eyes widen for that suggestion of potentially missing the ghost, and he immediately shakes his head, and then glances down at his notes. "I say we take the chance. Plus, I mean, even if they caught us not in here for dorm checks...they're not gonna know exactly where we are, anyways." When it's determined that they're leaving sooner rather than later, Jesse squeals out a loud "Liiiiiint! Miiiiichael!"

Back in the other room, Tim shifts to sit up more properly in his bed, and kind of half smirks for Michael's words, agreeing with them. He never fully committed to Jesse that he would join them on their excursion, but since he also never said he wasn't going makes him far too fair game for Jesse. And in perfect timing, he hears their names called out by the youngest boy, and Tim rolls his eyes but doesn't move to get to his feet, or answer his best friend. Instead, he lowers his voice to keep it only directed at Michael. "Maybe we can play dead."

Jay: Kellen doesn't have to engage in much deep thought to agree, nodding enthusiastically and hopping off the desk to start rummaging around the room for 'supplies' - these mostly including stolen candles, contraband liquor and weed, and a sketchy camera with a night-vision option. He lets Jesse make the first foray into recruiting Tim and Mike, since Tim can hardly ever say no to the kid - and where Tim goes, Mike will likely follow.

Michael sighs heavily when Jesse's voice infiltrates the room, and he drops onto the edge of his own bed. "They'd probably try to dissect us or something..." He reaches up to rub at his temples, as if this whole plot is already giving him a headache.

Jackie: His excitement unable to be contained, Jesse actually bounces on his bed as he watches Kellen gather supplies, but then mildly glares at the bathroom door when the two other boys don't emerge after his reckoning. So he tries again, not yet bothering to get off of his bed because he still needs to organize his notes. "Lintothy! Mike! C'mon! You can even borrow our candles for later, to really set the mood. Let's go!"

Tim actually snorts his amusement for that, eying Michael with warm eyes because it's that kind of thing that attracts him so much to his room mate. "That, or give us as human sacrifice---" Again, he's cut off from detailing too much by Jesse's shrieking voice, and he sighs, moves to get to his feet and then padding over to the bathroom. "...he won't stop until I at least pretend to be going..."

Jay: Continuing to shove items haphazardly into his backpack, Kellen snorts in amusement for Jesse's brand of convincing. He's not entirely idiotic in his preparations: aside from the other necessities, he's careful to include a couple of blankets, well aware how cold the nights can get here in the winter. After a few moments of frantic work, he straightens up. "Prolly you'll have to drag them in here. You know how Mike gets." Pacing back to the desk, Kellen starts sifting through the drawers in case he forgot anything.

Michael makes a noise of agreement for Tim's words, because it's all so easy to imagine. But when his roommate stands up, Mike's head snaps up likewise. "Tim, don't. The only thing they're gonna find by staying out all night is a trip to the basement - do you really want to do that again so soon?"

Jackie: After calling out for the other boy's again, Jesse is motivated enough to get to his own feet and start grabbing supplies - starting with his backpack, where he stuffs his notes in, and then rifles through his nightstand for his mini flashlight, and then covertly stashes his teddy bear in there - perhaps because it can bring him comfort if they get totally attacked by ghosts. "I don't get why they aren't stoked for this. I mean, come on! This is practically made for the movies. Lint!"

Pausing at the first door of the bathroom, Tim turns to look back at Michael, and is promptly struck motionless by their eye contact. He holds it carefully, and then hears Jesse's shriek once more, and he kind of sighs and shrugs a shoulder. "Someone's gotta look out for 'em. And we could always leave early, once they get set up. I just..." He peers across the bathroom, to the other door leading to the boy's dorm room, and gnaws on his lip. "Wanna keep an eye on them for a bit."

Jay: Mike meets Tim's gaze when he turns back, one of his own eyebrows arched in something like disbelief. He isn't truly so opposed to Kellen's and Jesse's plots, but he does think that an evening without their close presence would be enjoyable - at least, if Tim is around, too. But the fact that Tim uses 'we' is enough to cave him, and with another long sigh, he pulls himself to his feet again and follows across the bathroom.

After stashing another pack of cigarettes in his bag, Kellen decides his preparations are complete and fastens everything up. He glances towards the bathroom door expectantly, and his grin grows when Tim reluctantly appears, trailed by an even more reluctant Mike. "Excellent." Crossing to the door, he closes it so that their discussion won't be interrupted. "Arrite, so I think this is what we should do: I'll go outside now and infiltrate the building. Once I get up to the tower, and make sure the coast is clear, I'll light a couple candles - you'll be able to see 'em from this room" - he motions towards the window in explanation - "but no one on the ground will. Arrite so far?" He glances from Jesse to Tim and to Mike, taking no note of the latter's unenthusiastic expression.

Jackie: Eyes still on Mike, Tim sees the other boy giving and smiles a little bit - something he hides in his own shoulder and then quickly turns around to step through the bathroom. He enters the next room just in time; Jesse was about to call out for them again, but instead the younger boy smiles brilliantly and goes over to crowd next to his dorm mates. "About time! C'mon, Kellen's got a plan worked out."

Tim only enters the room enough to give him and Michael some space to stand, but Jesse is pawing at him so much that it's possible that he's half human, half jungle gym. Jesse extends his award winning smile to Michael, and then looks at Kellen for direction. Nodding enthusiastically as his room mate speaks, Jesse's eyes dart around to the boys to see their response, and then darts quickly to go snag his backpack and haul it over his shoulder. "We've packed the things that we need, but you guys should bring some blankets. Or you could split a sleeping bag. Whatever." The way it's said is so filled with innuendo that Tim has to close his eyes, and he wills whatever embarrassment he feels in favor of looking at Kellen and nodding.

Jay: Faced with that smile from Jesse, Michael can't resist giving in just a bit more, though he conceals it by rolling his eyes. "This is a bad idea all around." But still...he isn't going anywhere...and he doesn't even respond to Jesse's blatant suggestion.

Kellen waits until he's gotten some sort of response out of them before continuing on with his orders. "So, you see the light here, and you head out - you can decide whether to go in a group or singly. A group might be more noticeable, especially if you're all carrying stuff...but if you all go alone, it'll take longer for everyone to cross..." He seems to debate this internally for a moment - even though he just said it was their decision - and ends with waving a hand dismissively. "Whatever. Don't go in through the narthex, there's cameras on the doors. But if you go around back, the door just south of the apse will be open and there's a little side corridor that'll take you around to the tower steps. Arrite?"

Jackie: For Michael's input, Jesse immediately shushes him, but it isn't done with any sort of malice - the boy is still very clearly smiling and pleased with everyone's (reluctant) cooperation. As Kellen continues to talk, he steps off to the side to grab his own blanket - rolled into a convenient little sack that he's kept together with a belt - and then peers around the room for any left over supplies. "I've kind of scoped it out with Kellen, so I know where I'm going. Maybe I'll head out after Kellen, and then Tim and Mike can go together. Tim knows the grounds well enough."

This suggestion comes in nicely after Kellen's direction, and if this wasn't so ridiculous, Tim would maybe consider applauding their planning. But as it is, he can't seem too enthusiastic about this endeavor, but he likewise isn't looking like it's the worst thing to have ever happened. "Sounds all right, yeah. Just be careful in the court yard. They've got those motion censored lights that'll catch you if you get in their path." This sounds way too much like Tim's totally on board with the adventure, and this of course pleases Jesse; the boy hops over to their mini group and smiles brightly once more. "Go pack! It's gonna be cold. And all the snuggling in the world won't be able to keep you totally warm."

Jay: Kellen seems pleased that no one argues with his planning and understands - aside from Mike, who's just watching him with a raised eyebrow of suspicion - and nods for Jesse's additions. Hefting his backpack, he pulls it on and gives Tim a quick grin for the extra reminder. "I know how to get around 'em. See you guys soon." And he slips out into the hallway, giving Jesse's scalp a rub as he passes.

Watching the kid go, Michael turns back to Tim with both eyebrows raised now, as if asking if they're really going to go through with this madness. Not that Mike's averse to madness in general, but this doesn't seem like it'll add up to much of his kind of fun. But he's giving in anyway, shrugging expressively. "No, but enough whisky ought to keep us warm enough."

Jackie: Jesse ducks down for that affectionate rub, but he's smiling and laughing and jokingly shoving Kellen out the door in the process. Once he's gone and down the hallway, Jesse closes the door quietly and turns to look at the other two, the tiniest bit of deviousness evident in his eyes - which stands out considerably, since it's rare that the expression is ever there. "Hurry up. Time is of the essence!" And for emphasis, he weasels his way back over to his side of the room to make sure he has everything, and to keep watch out of the window.

It's easy to ignore the madness when Tim seems Jesse smiling so much, and it's kind of stupid just how easy it is for Jesse to get Tim to bend over backwards for him. So in turn, Tim smiles, and the elbows over to Ness gently for his words. "C'mon, let's grab the necessities. Sooner we leave, the sooner we can enjoy ourselves." Which clearly means that they will definitely be partaking in some drinking. Heading back to their room, Tim shuffles over to his closet and grabs a little knapsack - something given to the students a few years ago during a fall camping trip - and then hunts around for a warmer sweatshirt to slip on.

Jay: As Kellen heads off on his vanguard duties, Michael isn't loathe to leave Jesse behind to head back to their own room; not that he dislikes the kid, but his energy is sometimes overwhelming, and he is going to be dealing with it all night. He makes a noise of agreement and follows after Tim, but once he reaches the room, he's not entirely sure what he's supposed to bring - besides the obvious. His backpack is still really empty after he shoves in the various inebriating substances, though, and he looks around uncertainly.

Jackie: Once Tim's got his blanket situation covered, he grabs his old backpack and grabs another blanket, one of the standard ones they keep folded up in the closet for emergencies, and stuffs it in there. He cranes his head back to look at Michael and smirks for his lost expression, and paces over towards the other boy's closet to grab another blanket, and a hoodie, and shoves them in Mike's backpack. "Thanks, in advance, for keeping me company." Because surely, there's no way he can do this alone and still remain sane. He eyes the boy quickly, just to gauge his level of annoyance, and then steps back over towards his dresser so he can grab a few extra pair of socks, just in case.

Jay: Michael eyes Tim's additions to his bag speculatively, but doesn't comment on them other than giving a nod. However, when Tim thanks him, it makes him realize just how dampening his behavior is, so he manages to come up with a smile - it doesn't even take too much effort - and shrugs a shoulder dismissively. "Well, it might be more entertaining than hanging around here, anyway." He grabs his coat and pulls it on, then his backpack as well.

Meanwhile, Kellen makes quick and stealthy work of invading the chapel and scurrying up to the belltower. Once there, he lights a pair of the heavy wax tapers used in the chapel, sticking them in pools of their own wax to keep them standing upright on the half-wall surrounding the bell tower.

Jackie: That smile, however non-enthusiastic it is, makes Tim's chest flutter a little bit, and he immediately returns it with one of his own, but he's typically quick to hide his face and continue packing a few more items. "Yeah, exactly. Beats doing nothing, right?" Which is debatable - they could just do nothing and laze around in bed, and probably neither of them would complain. But before he gives too much thought to that, Jesse is 'eep!'ing from the other room, when he spots the candles flickering at the tower. He races through the bathroom and talks in a hushed voice to the boys. "Kellen's ready! Let's all head down together, and you two can just follow after me, 'kay?"

Tim nods for that, adjusting the collar of his coat as he finishes layering up. Once he's got his sweatshirt hood adjusted and his backpack lofted over one shoulder, nods at Mike in invitation to follow back to Jesse's room, where the younger boy is eagerly waiting for them at the door. "All right, let's go!" Again, this is all said in his humorously too serious hushed voice, and then Jesse is peeking his head out to check the hallway. Seeing that it's clear, he slinks out and starts carefully walking down it, towards the stairwell.

Jay: Michael makes a noise of dubious agreement for Tim's words, but he does seem a little better-disposed to the adventure now. So much so that when Jesse barrels in, he doesn't make any complaints - though he can't help noting, as they all head out: "God, we look suspicious as hell." Because really, they're all bundled up and carrying obviously full-packed bags; it's only a toss up whether they're most likely to be believed escaping, or carrying bombs. The way Jesse is insisting on creeping along does not help with that.

But eventually, they get to the ground floor and out into the courtyard. Michael pauses here, staying close to the building to avoid detection - though it's technically not after curfew - and lighting a cigarette as he waits for Jesse to head off.

Jackie: Jesse leads the pack with his very covert style of sneaking, which isn't at all necessary because it's not like he has anything to hide against; he just looks unnecessarily suspicious. Meanwhile, both Tim and Mike follow after him in their normal gate and posture, which makes it all the more comical.

Reaching the ground floor, Jesse slips through an unlocked door (it not being past curfew, of course) and he turns around to beam proudly at Tim, as if this is the first big accomplishment. They all ease out into the courtyard, sticking close to the building, and then they hover in a safely discreet spot. Turning around, Jesse makes a bunch of wild hand motions towards Tim, something that looks like a code for his plan which was never discussed before, and then he darts into the darkness like a bat out of hell. A little baffled, Tim watches Jesse's retreating form with confusion and crosses his arms. "...I've got not idea what he just tried to tell us."

Jay: Likewise, Michael looks entirely bemused by Jesse's sign language, watching the kid sneak off in unnecessary stealth. "...I'm sure it wasn't that important anyway." He shifts against the wall, taking the opportunity of momentary solitude to reach over coolly and twine his fingers with Tim's, and once Jesse disappears from sight he turns to look at Tim instead. "How long're we supposed to wait before following, did he say?"

Kellen has, by now, made a cozy little camp in the corner of the tower farthest from the steps: he's got a blanket spread over the somewhat warped and bird-shit-spattered wood floor, a couple more candles set up near the walls to give everything the appropriate eldritch ambiance, and is leaning somewhat preciously over the edge of the floor to watch for the rest of the crew.

Jackie: Instead of just snorting in amusement, Tim escalates it to an actual chuckle, because it's horribly true; chances are, he and Michael could probably stroll along the same path a few feet behind Jesse with no issue, but he'll play along for the time being. He's drawn away from that amusement when Michael laces their fingers together - at first, he freezes for the unexpected contact, but then he tightens his fingers and rubs a thumb along Mike's knuckles softly. He doesn't meet the boy's eyes in favor of keeping a watch out over the court yard, and maybe not trusting his own actions were he to be looking directly at Michael, right now. "Think he said five minutes. least, he kept on flashing five fingers before running off."

Keeping up with his Scooby sneaking, Jesse does a barrel roll when he has to cross a certain stretch of grass near the tower's entrance. He perks back up and eyes his surroundings, and then enters the chapel at the discussed location. He slinks inside of the door and then peers around, trying to find Kellen in the sparse light. When he doesn't spot him right away, he makes some absurd bird noise, something he figures is supposed to be their way of locating one another without detection.

Jay: Smiling some to himself, Michael continues to watch what he can see of the stretch of land between their current position and the chapel - though sadly, he can't see that barrel roll. "Oh? But how many times did he flash five fingers? He might've meant fifteen minutes, or thirty..." This is all more or less pointless banter, because they haven't seen even a hint of another person since they left the building. So, once he's finished his cigarette and tossed it to the ground, he moves away from the wall, tugging on Tim's hand. "Come on; I'm tired of waiting."

Kellen, way up in his perch, can only barely hear that bird noise - if a bird it's meant to be, he isn't sure - but he recognizes the tone of Jesse's voice well enough, avian or not, and snorts to himself. Not about to even attempt to make any animal sounds himself, Kellen instead sits up and snags the closest item - a Twinkie - and starts picking bits off of it and tossing them lightly over the edge to fall all the way down the tower to the ground, figuring that if Jesse's in sight of that, he'll figure it out soon enough.

Jackie: Thinking that over, Tim tries to recall those hand signals, because it all brings up a very good point - perhaps they're supposed to stay back longer, for the other two to get set up? He certainly has more patience than Ness, because he's fine with sticking behind, but he doesn't object when his room mate starts dragging him along. He tightens his grip slightly on that hand and jogs a few steps to get in closer to him, head swiveling back to make sure no one's watching. "There's a camera right on the edge, where the chapel meets the actual tower. So just be careful."

At the bottom of the tower, Jesse continues to scan around for Kellen, and is a little crestfallen when his bird call isn't responded to. But then he hears something drop, and then something else, and he goes into full alert-mode: he raises his arms up like he's in martial arts, and moves in a small circle to inspect where these things are coming from - not yet discovering that it's Kellen above him. When a piece lands in his hair, he immediately swats at his scalp and then looks up, about to call out a war cry before spotting Kellen's mop of hair. And then he calms down a bit and kind of smiles, and goes to locate the spiral staircase so he can join him.

Jay: Michael is at least cautious enough to keep between trees and out of sight of most of the windows, but Tim's information is obviously news to him. He glances around, trying to spot that camera, but with no luck. "Well, that's good to know." Because a Ness always needs to be improving his ways of evading detection when he's up to no good. He squeezes Tim's hand lightly as they reach the back of the chapel without difficulty, then releases it, to pull open the door and hunt down the corridor Kellen mentioned.

From his lofty spot, Kellen can still see the convulsions his actions are throwing Jesse into, but he manages to keep himself from laughing until Jesse is near enough to hear him. "That was awesome. Like you were gonna tai-kwan-do a ghost?" He's circled around to the landing where the staircase ends, and extends a hand, though it's not really needed, to help Jesse onto the catwalk - he's aware of his roommate's fear of heights by now. "Did Tim and Ness bail on you?"

Jackie: There's a brief moment when Tim rewinds to what he just said and considers it maybe not the best idea to give Michael tips on how to escape, but it's too late to retract and even with the tip, it's not as though it'll make it all that much easier to sneak out. As they reach the chapel, Tim again checks over his shoulder to make sure they aren't being followed, and then glances down to his now empty hand; immediately, he wishes their hands were together again, but he doesn't make a motion to do just that. He slips inside of the chapel and then squints around, eyes adjusting to the darkness before finding the bottom of the spiral staircase they're meant to climb up. "Here, this way." He nods his head in that general direction and then quietly moves to the stairs, glancing up them just in time to see Jesse's feet disappearing onto the lofted space.

Reaching the top of those stairs, Jesse picks his head up (eyes having been directed downward, towards his feet, to make sure each step he took was calculated) and nervously smiles at Kellen, and even lets out a small laugh. "That's right. I can karate chop into the next dimension." Lifting one kind of shaking hand out, Jesse grabs for that offered hand and pulls himself up onto the catwalk. He huddles into himself, not at all liking the see-through grated floor of the cat walk, and looks at Kellen with wide eyes. "No, don't think so. They should be a few minutes behind me."

Jay: For whatever reason, Michael hasn't ever yet tried to escape, but it's probably not because he's sensible enough to realize that finishing the school year here will be the least painful option in the long run. He blinks a few times as they enter the chapel, but before he can become accustomed to the dimmer light, Tim is leading the way. Following the other boy silently, he waits until Tim has started up the stairs to follow.

Kellen laughs for Jesse's response, obviously in high spirits. He notices Jesse's nervousness, however, and refrains from coaxing him over to the edge to appreciate the view from the top, instead heading back to his little niche once Jesse's all the way up. At least with the blanket spread out, they won't be able to see the drop beneath them. "Good. I only hope Ness doesn't complain the entire night." Settling onto the blanket, but leaving the more secure corner spot for Jesse, Kellen folds his legs indian-style and looks up at the rafters, and the complicated arrangement of beams that hold up the bells. "I wonder where he hung the noose..."

Jackie: Looking over his shoulder, this time to make sure Ness is following, Timothy nods to himself and then starts up those stairs, going at a steady pace since it's a bit of a ways to get to the top, and he's not all that excited to be doing this in the first place. Ascending those stairs, he stays silent, maybe feeling like he should be initiating more conversation, but not finding any words.

Kellen's laughter helps in calming Jesse down, and he joins in with his own quiet chuckling, one hand raising to swipe through his short hair. "He might. He's been kinda bitchy all day. But maybe it'll be better, 'cause Lint is here." He immediately follows the boy to the blanketed area and deposits his own bag and blanket, working the latter out across the already blanketed area for more comfort. For Kellen's pondering, Jesse looks up and purses his lips, making a noise of consideration. "Oh, man...I don't know. Maybe he hung himself from the actual bell."

Jay: Michael doesn't appear to mind the lack of conversation, looking around himself with something like curiosity as they ascend, but he does mutter as they near the top: "Doesn't look this tall from the outside." He can hear Kellen and Jesse plainly now, and smirks for their typically macabre topic, but has obviously given over being annoyed by the whole enterprise - possibly because of the excellent view he's getting of Tim's ass right now.

Kellen shrugs dismissively, looking down and opening his backpack to start pulling things out. "If not, mebbe he'll get drunk and pass out." Not that unlikely. Setting aside more candles for later, as well as a small flashlight and that camera, he throws a look at the largest of the bells, a behemoth hovering over their heads and surrounded by smaller bells placed higher. "Dude, that'd be wicked. 'Ask not for whom the bell tolls...'" The latter statement naturally is given in a deepened, morose tone.

Jackie: "Should've packed a bungee cord. Strap us into the grate to make sure we don't topple over." Tim doesn't sound too serious about that, but it brings a valid point. Reaching the top of the stairs, Tim glances over and smiles a little at Jesse, who is looking like a kid on Christmas, and then reaches a hand down to help Mike get up on the catwalk, as well.

Jesse makes a little considering noise for that, since it's really all too likely to happen, and shrugs a lazy shoulder for it - hoping perhaps that doesn't happen, if only because Mike will keep Tim company. He, too, continues to rifle through his bag, unearthing their notes and his own kit of a flashlight, some yarn (stolen from the art room, of course), and a few more of those candles they used to make Tim and Mike's dorm a love nest. Smiling for how well Kellen takes his own input, he stretches a leg out to kick at the boy, but also looks up at the bells in awe. "Right? Man, that's so creepy. I totally just creeped myself out."

Jay: "Well, if I get too drunk, just try to find some way to secure me from falling." Giving Tim a wry look, Michael takes the offered hand and pulls himself onto the floor of the tower, such as it is. In spite of his words, the height doesn't actually bother him, and he immediately heads to one of the huge open arches to look out.

Looking back to Tim, and Mike when he appears, Kellen snorts comprehensively. "You guys need to work on your sense of adventure. Aren't you even a little curious what it might be like to see a ghost?" He sets his camera aside and finally gets to the provisions, opening a can of soda and tossing his bag - mostly filled with snacks and drinks now, but also of course containing the requisite weed and alcohol - towards the center of the blanketed area. "Help yourselves."

Jackie: Tim cracks a little smile for that wry look more so than for those words, and he helps pull Michael up more fully before releasing him. "Deal." He hovers uncertainly - unsure if he should follow his room mate, or check in with Jesse, and he actually stands there indecisively, gnawing on his lip as he looks at both options.

Jesse also looks towards the staircase when the boys emerge, and he brightens considerably when the boys make it to the catwalk. Before Tim can debate any longer, Jesse speaks up, scooting to make more room on the blanket for him. "Lint! C'mere. We've got candy." And by candy, he means, of course, sustenance. Smirking, Tim moves towards his dorm mates and lowers to his knees, peering at the mixture of weed and alcohol, but not yet reaching for anything. "I've got plenty of adventure, Kellen. Just not when it comes to...ghost hunting. What, exactly, are you looking to accomplish with this?"

Jay: Mike turns to lean against the low wall, smirking at Kellen. "Kid, I'm curious about psychopaths, the Amish, and people who believe they're vampires; that doesn't mean I wanna waste my time looking for them." But he relents some, swaggering over to take up a side of their blanket - near Tim, of course - and setting his own bag down. Rather than searching through the offered stores, he unearths a sports bottle which certainly contains some form of liquor and takes a drink from that.

Giving another loose shrug, Kellen drops back to lean against the wall and bends his legs up in front of him. "I'm not sure, yet. But proof of some sort of life after death is a noble goal, and if anyone was likely to come back, sure it would be a depressed man of the cloth." For Ness' input, Kellen just gives him a withering look and flips him off (jokingly). "Sorry to interrupt yer nightly masturbation session, but no one forced you to come."

Jackie: Jesse busies himself with sorting through his notebook as Kellen and Michael playfully bicker back and forth, and maybe eyes over at Timothy to show his amusement. Tim meets that look and issues one of his own, and then goes about ruffling through the available goodies; he doesn't take anything, but is curious to see what is there. Similarly, Jesse doesn't take anything, too engrossed in their activity, but he does speak up with his nose in his notebook. "Well, we do wanna look for them. I mean, they're ghosts! Why wouldn't you wanna find them?"

For this, Tim looks between Jesse and Kellen, probably trying to discern which of the two is more weird. It's one thing to be interested, another to be curious, and something entirely different to be staging a ghost hunt on the anniversary of someone's death. He rolls his eyes, but is at least amused, and nudges over at Michael to assure the boy that his presence is very much welcomed. "So, what, do we just wait around for it to come? Or are you guys going to do some creepy seance type shit?"

Jay: The smirk on Mike's face grows even broader at Kellen's retort; he's very accustomed to the kid's sense of humor by now, and it's not so entirely different from his own - except the obsessions with dead people. "You're just jealous that you can't spend as much time with my dick as I do." Which comment breaks Kellen's disdainful front and causes him to dissolve momentarily in laughter.

But he focuses on Tim's questions fairly quickly, since he's not stoned yet. He squints one eye in a thoughtful (and very familiar) expression, half-glancing at Jesse. "I don't...on the shows and shit they always just ask the ghosts to talk to them, or reveal their presence. I don't think a seance is necessary. That's more if you wanna talk to someone who isn't a ghost, who's like in the other world or whatever." He doesn't sound entirely certain, but neither does he sound very concerned; making things up as he goes along usually works pretty well for Kellen.

Jackie: Jesse wrinkles his nose for the direction the other boy's conversation went in, since he's the closest one to being asexual and he doesn't need to think about Ness fondling himself, ever. "Tim's probably just as jealous, eh?" Since the younger boy is still under the impression that Operation True Love hasn't yet transpired past their heckling for the two boys to hook up.

Eying one of the mini bottles of rum, which Kellen probably stole from the hotel they stayed at over break, Tim reaches for it and then snags a can of Diet Coke, figuring he can make a not-quite-pussy drink for himself without getting out of hand. He shoots Jesse a warning glare, but it gets interrupted by Kellen's detail, and he nods approvingly and somewhat understands the process, or at least is trying to. " find the ghost, and...then what? I mean, sounds to me like this ghost is gonna be kind of angry."

Jay: Michael purses his lips for Jesse's comment, glancing at Tim from the corner of his eyes but answering quietly, only heard by Jesse beside him - especially as Tim is interrogating Kellen. "He doesn't have to be." But he leaves that alone besides, not wanting them to get back into teasing. Reclining some, Mike props himself on one arm, hand planted behind him, and takes another drink of his liquor.

Clearly, Kellen was not ready to be questioned. He reaches up to rub at the back of his head - though the hair naturally springs back into its sticking-straight-out position afterwards - and shrugs again. "Ahhh, I'm not's not like he was murdered. He's probably just really sad. Mebbe he molested an altar boy and couldn't live with the guilt, or something. Mebbe we can ask why he did it!" This idea visibly strikes him and he sits up straighter, looking at Jesse. "Do you think he'd be able to communicate in some way?"

Jackie: Tim sticks to drinking from his soda can for the time being, needing to make space in it so he can refill it with the cheap rum. He keeps his focus on Kellen despite the side conversation going on, and he might hear Mike's words, but doesn't react to them - he, too, not wanting to incite more pestering from the terror twins.

Jesse has the exact opposite reaction, and drops his jaw and snickers at Michael, and reaches out to shove at him jokingly. "Just make a move." This is said lowly, away from Tim's detection, and then he ties back in to Kellen and Tim's conversation when he hears the shift in conversation. He's immediately interested, whereas Tim is a little baffled, and shifts in his seat since the excitement is taking over again. "Oh! Oh, maybe! We could use the candles for like, yes or no questions. Like, we can ask him to make the flame flicker or something. I don't think ghosts can like...actually speak. We'd need one of those fancy...electro-recorder thingies."

Jay: Michael rolls his eyes at Jesse, and would point out that he did make a move - at least, a move everyone is aware of - just before break. But the kid is drawn away, and Mike happily lets the subject drop rather than responding. Instead he looks to Tim as Jesse and Kellen start their intense discussion again, flicking an eyebrow up and looking amused at their enthusiasm.

"No, I don't think they can speak either, but maybe he could write? might be only poltergeists that can touch material objects. But there must be some way to communicate..." Kellen narrows his eyes again, looking over their supplies and around the drafty space they're in, thinking. How they overlooked this aspect, he's not sure, but he is hopeful that they can overcome it.

Jackie: Tim sits back on his haunches more comfortably, and when Jesse engages more in the conversation, he feels it okay to pull away a bit. He can sense those eyes on him, so he side glances at Michael and kind of grins for that expression, equally as amused for their dorm mates' infatuation with ghost hunting. Having emptied enough of his can to fit in his mini bottle of rum, Tim does just that and then looks more properly at Mike; raising his can, he mock toasts towards the boy and takes a sip. This could be dangerous, given that he definitely gets more swimmy and loose when inebriated, and he's weak enough as is when around Michael.

"Maybe we can leave all options open...I mean, we'll have the candles anyways, and I've got a few pens..." Here, Jesse reaches for his backpack again, pulling out a few mismatched ink pens he's been collecting from classrooms throughout the past week. "But maybe we should just start off easy, like...we could just ask him if he can communicate by...knocking on one of the bells, or something. Something distinctive, so we know it's really him."

Jay: Once Tim catches his eye, Mike grins more fully, lifting his own sports bottle to return that toast. He doesn't want to give anything away with Jesse and Kellen right there, but it is difficult to contain anything more affectionate; Tim hasn't been this open all weekend. He shifts around, leaning back against one of the pillars along the wall, incidentally closer to Tim.

Focusing back on his roommate, Kellen nods for the initial ideas but doesn't seem so pleased with the last one. "Not on the bells, though - what if he starts one of them ringing? One of the priests or someone might come looking, and then we'd never get to finish talking to him. But knocking is good...the wall, maybe? That wouldn't be so loud." Dragging his backpack back towards himself, Kellen delves a spidery hand in and hunts around for a baggie with a couple joints in it, promptly lighting it. "If he doesn't show this time, we should definitely come back on the full moon. It'll give us more time to figure out how to talk to him." Taking another quick hit, he passes the joint off to Jesse.

Jackie: That grin definitely causes a few things to knot in Tim's chest, and he is rendered motionless for a few seconds, just looking at that mouth and how pretty it looks when it's curved up like that. Forcing himself back into focus, Tim briefly smiles, a quick little uptick of his lips, and then goes to take a drink, because this is certainly vexing him more than he thought it would. He knows, absently, that he isn't being fair to Ness, and hasn't given the boy any explanation for his sudden shut-off method, but he isn't too keen on explaining himself, either.

Jesse watches Kellen raptly, figuring him more to be the ring leader if only because he's more apt to rounding up the troops. He nods his head to agree with the boy, and raises his eyes back to those massive bells. "Yeah, no...that wasn't a good example. But something, definitely." He tapers off in thought, maybe trying to figure out the logistics of keeping up their ghost hunt past this evening, and then reaches for the lit joint once Kellen's done taking a hit. "Absolutely. Maybe we can befriend him, help him with his problems that are keeping him from passing on to the next world."

Jay: Mike certainly isn't about to ask Tim for an explanation, with things so uncertain and tenuous between them; if he presses him, Tim might withdraw completely, and that's the last thing Ness wants. So with the small encouragement of that smile, he forces himself to be satisfied for now and looks away to their dormmates. "Okay, so what the hell do we do while we're waiting for this spectral apparition?" Because that will constitute the majority of the night, he's sure.

Nodding enthusiastically for Jesse's words, Kellen shifts away from the wall to lay back more completely, though his legs are still folded up. "Mebbe Hollywood has some ideas? Didn't you say he's the one who told you about the full moon?" Line of thought somewhat broken by Ness' impatient interjection, Kellen throws both hands up. "Whatever the fuck you want! I'm not yer keeper. Did you think I brought board games along, maybe?"

Jackie: Stretching his arms out in front of himself, Jesse kind of lights up for the mention of Hollywood, no longer fearing the kid (as much) now that he's working with him in guitar class. He reaches across to his pack to grab another notebook, looking all sorts of excited. "Oh, yeah! He gave me a few notes, said they could maybe help out. I think he said something like...we could coax the ghost out by doing some sort of ritual...or something. Lemme find it." And at that, he ruffles through his endless sheets of paper and books, which are dogeared and sticky noted beyond belief.

Also looking back to Kellen and Jesse, Tim kind of looks a little confused when Justin is mentioned, since typically avoids him at all cost. That expression narrows when Kellen snaps sarcastically at Michael, but before he can defend the boy's honor, Jesse is speaking up. "Play nice, Kellen. Mike's presence is essential." For that, Tim shifts his focus back to his room mate, and then gazes around at the high arch ways all around them. He lowers his voice and leans in towards Mike, but still keeps a bit of space. "Want to go explore a bit?"

Jay: Taking another hit from the joint as it comes around to him again, Kellen looks dubiously at the papers Jesse is rifling. "A ritual? Does it involve virgin blood and black robes?" Though he isn't afraid of Hollywood at all, he cannot deny the kid is pretty bizarre, entertaining as it is at times. He offers the joint out to whoever wants to take it, exhaling, and his eyes turn back to Jesse for that reproach, widening. "I am playing nice; I'm just not offering any entertainment. I guess maybe we should'a brought along a few naive and susceptible freshman for Ness' personal pleasure."

Not seeming all that phased by Kellen's original outburst, Mike does narrow his eyes for this one, because it's been noticed that Tim never likes to hear about his past, present, or possible conquests, so he flips the younger boy off casually. Drawn away by Tim's leaning closer, he arches an eyebrow, looking towards the open central part of the tower (and therefore down at the rest of the chapel). "Where do you suggest?" Though not enthusiastic about the exploration - he's seen most of the chapel previously, except for this inelegant tower and perhaps the back rooms where the priests prepare for services - he's certainly not about to turn down an opportunity to be alone with his roommate.

Jackie: Having taken a pretty large hit off of that joint, when Jesse laughs for that questioning, wafts of smoke exit his lungs, and he ends up in a mild coughing fit. "No! Well...I mean, maybe. I haven't read his notes yet, but...he just said something like, putting candles in certain arrangements, and saying certain stuff to like...welcome to spirit to us. I don't know." At this, he begins sorting through more of his notes, finally finding the few pieces of loose leaf that Justin handed to him earlier in the day - filled with chicken scratch writings of 'how to summon a spirit' all over it.

Tim's eyes flick over to Kellen again, not at all liking those words and slowly starting to figure that maybe Leech had a conversation with him about Tim's time spent with Ness. Or is at least playing the role of a unnecessarily protective brother. Again, Jesse speaks up for him: "That's what he's got Tim for, Kel. C'mon." Because obviously, the youngest would not understand any reason why they still shouldn't be pushing Mike and Tim together. Rolling his eyes, Tim looks back over to Mike, and then rakes his eyes over to the bells again, and to where the catwalk extends to around the large bells and up near the intricate stained glass. "...not every day I'm up this high. Maybe check out the stained glass?"

Jay: Kellen lunges forward to sit up with Jesse finds those papers, looking down at them with interest, though he's not sure he's capable of deciphering them. But the reaction to his comments about Mike slowly penetrate his somewhat muddled mind when Jesse speaks again and he looks up at him, then at Tim, and then at Mike, switching from one face to the next slowly before finally commenting lightly: "I could'a swore you people used to have a sense of humor." It's inarguable that he doesn't think quite so highly of Ness as he used to, and that certainly has something to do with his brother - but is due mostly to the attack Ness launched at Leech the day break started; and while Kellen might not like to see Ness getting close to Tim, he hasn't even considered the idea that Tim might give in to those advances, since he is with Leech.

When that response comes from Kellen, Michael just rolls his eyes again. "Maybe you're not as funny as you used to be." Following Tim's gaze to the stained glass, he nods for his roommate's words and steps back so that Tim can get past him, motioning for him to go ahead before following him. There isn't room for true solitude up here, but walking around the massive bell, to the side of the tower connected to the building, presents some semblance of it.

Jackie: Still looking at his mess of papers, Jesse snorts amusement for Kellen's retort, and sticks his tongue out at the boy before bumping shoulders with him to show that he still thinks the boy is funny. Once he locates the proper sheet of paper, he lifts it up to eye level and scans over it, squinting a bit when he can't make out some of the hand writing. "Okay...I think this says that we can make a semi circle with the candles around us...? To provide an archway for the spirit to pass and join us in the present." Which doesn't make too much sense, but enough for Jesse to believe it. Lifting his eyes, he looks at Kellen and shrugs, not knowing if they should proceed.

Neck craned so he can continue to study the stained glass, Tim nods a little bit and then gets to his feet, only looking back down at the mess of teenage boys, alcohol, and ghost papers to voice out: "If you guys see something, speak up. Just going over there." He motions to 'there' with a quick nod off in the direction of the extended catwalk, and then heads in that direction.

Jay: Kellen pointedly keeps his eyes directed away from Mike, ignoring that comment, because of course he's funny. He's funnier than ever. Instead he focuses on Jesse while the other boy attempts to decode Hollywood's attempt at written language, making an understanding noise when he looks up. "To be sure: you always gotta make a circle of some kind when you're doing magic. What next?" His eyes drop back to the pages in Jesse's hands, but it doesn't take him long to interject: "...mebbe we oughta just wait until Hollywood comes with us, and he can tell us this shit. It'll take a week to decipher all this."

As they circle the bell, Michael doesn't pay much attention to the stained glass, more interested in watching Tim - though he does glance away now and then to make his interest a little less obvious, drinking from the sports bottle of whisky, or glancing over the grounds. But always returning to his roommate's face before long. Once they're far enough behind the bell and Kellen and Jesse seem absorbed in their topic, he reaches over nonchalantly to take Tim's hand again. "Didn't realize you were such a connoisseur of architectural art. "

Jackie: Jesse visibly brightens again for that idea, and he lowers Justin's notes to look at Kellen like he's the smartest boy in the world. "Can he? Oh, man, he'd probably love that. He's been so interested in what I've told him, already. And he knows so much. We should totally get him to come next time!" This excitement is very much Jesse, and he smiles broadly at Kellen, reaching for that joint again and taking a hit while trying to find a different book, once about the history of the school. "Should we do anything now, though? Or just scope things out?"

Rounding that large bell, Tim eyes the impressive piece by leaning in closer to it, mindful of the railing of the catwalk. He, too, drinks from his soda can, the container now half empty and leaving Tim's skin prickling with that early stage of a buzz. When his hand is taken, it's Tim that initiates the lacing of their fingers, and he tightens his grip without looking back at the boy, stepping up towards a nearby stained glass piece that is impressive in its deep hues. For those words, he snorts quietly. "I'm not. Just a connoisseur of...dodging crazy ghost talks."

Jay: Jesse's enthusiasm dispels any remaining disgruntlement Kellen might be feeling and brings a brief grin to his face. "For sure, he can come! Not like I make the rules or something. He'd prolly be good to have around, too." Again, he shifts around to lean against the short wall beneath an arch, giving a slight shiver for the cold wind that comes in through the space. "I don't know, mebbe we oughta just try to relax. If things are too tense, the ghost might feel it and not manifest, y'know? Wouldn't feel...inviting." There's a lazy shrug for these words, and Kellen digs a package of jerky out, opening it and starting to gnaw on a piece.

Mike smiles a little to himself, squeezing Tim's hand in return. He does look up at the stained glass also, though with the sun all but gone, the colors aren't as vibrant as they ought to be. "You are? Then what're you doing up here at all?" The words are light, an undertone of a laugh beneath them. Inspecting the window, Mike tilts his head and ofcourse arches an eyebrow. "...what the hell is that supposed to be, anyway? Darth Vader knighting a creature made from flan?"

Jackie: When he exhales the smoke from his lungs, Jesse tilts his head back and puckers his lips to try to make funny shapes with the smoke as it wafts up towards the ceiling. If it's just him and Kellen splitting the joint, he's going to be more stoned than he needs to be, but that doesn't stop him from taking another smaller hit and handing it off to the other boy. When he speaks, he's got a lazy smile on his lips, obviously already slightly stoned. "Yeah, makes sense. It's gotta be mellow for him. Justin kind of mentioned that, too. It's kinda weird, like. He's pretty cool. Or at least...isn't so scary. Ya know? We should definitely bring him around more."

Glancing back at Michael in time to see the boy looking up at the stained glass, he half grins and takes another drink. "Easier to do this than to deal with Jesse pouting and whining and dragging me along." Because really, there's no doubt that the younger boy would absolutely force Tim here, one way or another. It's definitely less annoying to go willingly. Finally stopping his lazy meandering, Tim moves to lean forward on the catwalk's railing, inspecting that same piece of window and smirking for Ness' inspection. "And you said I was the architectural art connossieur."

Jay: Taking the joint back from Jesse, Kellen takes another smaller hit himself, but then puts it out - not wanting to be so blazed he's tempted to fall asleep. He grins slightly for Jesse's description. "I never thought he was that scary to begin with, really, but he is weird as fuck. Leech always seemed to like him okay, but-- " Belatedly, he remembers that not everyone in the tower is aware of his relation to Leech; but Mike is far away, probably distracted by Tim, so he finishes his statement in an only slightly quieter tone. "But Leech is pretty fuckin' weird, too. There're worse people to hang out with, though."

Leaning against that railing as well, Mike smirks but doesn't contest Tim's assertion too much. "I guess. And maybe it is better than staying in for another night." He breaks from his contemplation of the stained glass, taking another more protracted drink of the whisky, then laughs a little. "None of this shit makes any sense...all these bizarre symbols and fables from the bible. Catholicism must be the biggest cult in history."

Jackie: "I don't think saying 'Leech always seemed to like him' is a good way to approach the situation..." Jesse giggles at this and maybe pouts a little bit when the joint is stubbed out, but it's probably for the best. He lifts a hand to rub at his eyes, already irritated from the weed, but he's still got that goofy sort of smile that shows he's clearly not displeased by anything. "But yeah, he's cool. We'll bring him next time - he knows so much. Like, I know a lot after I read about it at the library, but he just knows." At this, he sounds a little bewildered, and shakes his head. "Should we try to do anything tonight, or just hang out and listen?"

Tim takes a drink from his soda can simply because he can, and he catches Mike taking a drink from his own bottle. His nose still sort of wrinkles for the harsh-ish taste, but the taste doesn't bite too harshly on his tongue like it did earlier. "Pretty accurate assumption, I'd think. A whole lot of people follow it blindly." Leaning forward against the railing, Tim's upper body stretches out across the opening so he can better inspect the stained glass - something Jesse certainly wouldn't do, with his fear of heights and all.

Jay: Flopping down to lay on his back again, Kellen folds one arm under his head and stretches his legs out towards the edge of the platform. He gives Jesse something of an arch sideways look for that comment. "What, you doubt Leech's taste?" If so, it's probably no less than the man deserves, with his track record. So Kellen's serious expression fails after a moment, and he nods agreeably. "Yeh, let's hella bring him next time. Fer tonight...I think just hanging out will be good. Maybe if somethin' starts happening, we can work on communicating."

Michael leans a hip against the railing, facing Tim more than the ornate window. The whisky is certainly putting him into a mellower mood. His roommate's amiability surely has something to do with that, too. "Caused a damn lot of trouble, too..." But he isn't actually all that interested in the history of the Catholic church. With a sudden thought, he straightens up and digs his wallet out of his back pocket. "Hey, lemme show you something." It's easy to predict where this is going: a moment later, Mike has slid a crisp new photo from the pocket on his wallet. Adrianna Michelle is starting to be more identifiable as a little girl, now, and not simply because she's surrounded by the floof of an embroidered Christmasy-colored dress: she's also got chin-length hair that is pulled into two high pigtails for the photo, which stick nearly straight out from her head on either side.

Jackie: Jesse giggle snorts for that rhetorical question, and nods emphatically for it - there's hardly a thing he trusts about the man, which isn't to say he dislikes him - he just finds him to be so far away from what Jesse understands. He, too, gets more settled onto their blanketed area, but he finds a safe wall to lean against (far away from the edge, of course) and then stretches his legs out towards Kellen. "I think that sounds good...but I really hope we hear something. Or see something--" And just then, a thudding noise echoes from the far side of the chapel. In reality, it was just a bird that accidentally flew into the window, but to Jesse, he perks up like a prairie dog and widens his eyes.

That Ness-ism makes Tim half smile, amused, but he doesn't direct it towards Michael; in the back of his mind, he knows he needs to be staying away, knows that he doesn't trust himself with this boy, but he doesn't release that hand. Instead, he lightly squeezes it and is then drawn back to face Michael when he's offering out that photo for inspection. Tim resettles his feet more securely on the ground and takes the photo in his spare hand, bringing it up to eye view and inspecting it for a few quiet moments. Then he flicks his eyes to Mike's face, then back to the photo, and then repeats that process a couple of times. Eventually, he speaks, but it's quiet and adoring. "She looks a lot like you."

Jay: Kellen, too, overhears that noise and lifts himself halfway up, listening intently. However, after a few minutes go by with no further sign of supernatural activity, he droops back to his previous position. "Maybe when it gets a little later. I bet he hung himself around midnight. If I was gonna hang myself, I'd totally pick some symbolic time like that." He continues, now and then, to retrieve another piece of jerky to chew on. "We should do a drinking game...where'd the lovebirds go?"

Even though Mike knows he's behaving ridiculously - people are never so interested in others' kids, and showing them off is never really impressive - he can't seem to stop himself, smiling slightly when Tim finally speaks. "Only she's way cuter." He takes the photo back and replaces it in his wallet, having to release Tim's hand to do so. "They sent me a Christmas ornament, too - not sure where they thought I'd use it - just a little frame thing, with her handprint in clay in the middle. It got here the day after Christmas." And, despite the delay, had been a very welcome lift for his mood, after the conversation he'd had with his father on Christmas day.

Jackie: When Kellen calms down and relaxes back into his previous position, Jesse does the same - but he does keep his ears perked, now a little bit more alert despite the noise leading to nothing. His slides his reddened eyes towards Kellen, and purses his lips in thought. "Yeah, I think I would, too. Do it while the bells were still tolling. That'd be wild, ya know? Hanging there while the bells are still vibrating." That thought makes Jesse shiver, since he doesn't tend to think too much about his own mortality, and then cranes his neck around to look off in the direction that Tim and Mike disappeared in. "Probably staring into each other's eyes in the moonlight." Really not too far off. Turning back, he faces Kellen. "What kind of drinking game?"

Although it is a tad bit ridiculous, the fact that the behavior comes from Michael makes Tim's chest flutter, and when the photo is taken away, he raises his hand to rub at his own neck gently, distracted. "Debateable." Of course, he avoids meeting Mike's eyes after saying that, still nervous any time he shows any sort of vulnerable affection towards the boy. So he keeps his eyes at his feet for a few moments and then looks up, once that's passed, and looks genuinely pleased for Michael. "That's nice. You hang it up in the room? Don't recall seeing it."

Jay: Chewing a bit of jerky into something not so dry and more easy to swallow, Kellen just makes a noise that seems to indicate enthusiastic agreement with Jesse's words. He rolls his head to the side, trying to peer around the bell in search of their roommates, eventually giving up and just calling out: "Tim! Mike! Come back and drink with us, or I might take advantage of poor Jesse's virtue!" Though he doesn't raise his voice too loud, still cautious, it is loud enough to be heard anywhere in the top of the tower. Turning back to Jesse, he narrows his eyes in thought - having forgot to bring a pack of cards for the better-known games. "Ahh...there's that one, where you say something you've never done, and if anyone's done it they have to take a drink. That could be entertaining."

Michael scoffs somewhat, leaning towards Tim to nudge him lightly with a shoulder as he stuffs the wallet back into his pocket. "Don't argue it; you'd lose. Poor thing, though...between me and Jace, it'll be a miracle if she grows over five feet tall." Resettling against the railing, he cranes his neck from side to side in an attempt to pop it, then shakes his head for the following question. Before he can answer verbally, Kellen's demand reaches them and he sighs a bit, giving Tim an exasperated look. "...I guess we can't afford to let 'poor Jesse's virtue suffer."

Jackie: As Kellen calls out for the other boys, Jesse's shoulders twitch, surprised at the volume of that voice. At first, he's smiling, about to also call out for the boys to return, but then he catches Kellen's fake threat and he 'eeps!' and moves to shove a hand to the boy's shoulder. "Don't be gross!" Using that same momentum, Jesse reaches over to grab a can of Coke and pops the top, taking a drink and then wiping at his nose when the carbonated bubbles tickle against his skin. "Oh! Never Have I Ever? That could be fun. Although I'll probably lose terribly, compared to everyone else."

Tim loses his balance slightly for that shove, but it comes with a quiet snort of amusement, and he looks over at Michael with shining eyes. He maybe wants to reach over and drag that body in closer, or bury his face in that pretty neck, but Kellen's voice is shrieking out for them and Tim closes his eyes and takes a breath, silently wondering how that boy always seems to interrupt them at the most inopportune time. When he looks back at Michael, he sees that exasperated look and gives Mike one of his own, and sighs as he pushes away from that railing to head back towards their catwalk set up. His voice is mumbled when he talks, to be sure the boys don't over hear. "Doubt Jess would call it suffering, anyways."

Jay: Kellen cackles when Jesse squeaks and shoves at him, but he doesn't retaliate, merely lays where he is and absorbs the impact. "That wasn't gross! God, that was like the least gross way I could have said it. You're such a priss!" But the insult is too teasing to carry any real weight, of course. Popping another piece of jerky into his mouth, he nods when his roommate identifies the game. "Not necessarily. Like, I could say, never have I ever...spent an entire night reading about nineteenth century insane asylums hoping to find one close enough to explore, and you would have to drink, but I'm sure no one else would." And anyway, after New Years' Kellen is pretty certain that Jesse doesn't necessarily need to drink as much as anyone else, for the liquor to have the same effect.

Stepping away from the railing, Mike follows after Tim, moving back around the main bell and towards the spot where Kellen and Jesse are set up. A brief smirk crosses his face for that mutter, though he is a little surprised that Tim would allow it, since he's typically so protective over Jesse. "Still, Kellen might easily pass some limits without meaning to." He makes certain this is a casual comment and doesn't imply any knowledge of Kellen's intimate behavior. As they reach their suitemates, Michael steps aside, his right hand just lightly brushing against the small of Tim's back as he does, and sits down near his bag. "Well? I hope we're back in time to keep everyone unmolested?"

Jackie: "I am not!" Jesse's defiance isn't at all convincing, mainly because he's got those big doe eyes and is almost always smiling, but he shakes his head to show that he means it. But he tempers a bit as Kellen offers that reassurance, and he brightens a little bit, leaning back so his back is resting against the wall, keeping his posture perfectly aligned. "...that's true. And we don't need any cards or anything like that. Lint! Michael!" The way he immediately calls for the boys makes it clear that the decision is made - they are playing this new game - and he follows up with a "C'mon! Game time!"

Tim would be willing to sacrifice his protectiveness for a while if it meant he was able sneak away with some privacy with Michael. But he doesn't put up much of a fight to return to the boys - especially when Jesse calls for them again - and one of Timothy's hands raise to rub across his scalp, where a mohawk is still in place, but the sides are a little fuzzy. As they return, Jesse beams brightly at Michael and shakes his head adorably. "Nope! No molestation! What about you?" Tim looks deadpan at the boys as he moves to sit down on the laid out blanket, making sure there is ample room to Michael to settle down next to him. "What game?"

Jay: Kellen merely offers a comprehensive snort for Jesse's weak defense. Digging into his bag, he starts making a pile of the tiny shot-bottles of liquor that were appropriated from the Christmas suite. "Yeh, I forgot to bring any time." Once the drinks are piled up, Kellen adds a final bottle - only a pint, but still larger than the others - of Jameson, then flops onto his back again, grinning in greeting to Tim and Mike as they appear.

Michael smirks faintly for Jesse's question, having more or less been expecting it. "We weren't gone long enough for any molestation." Sitting and stretching his legs out to the side, he crosses them at the ankle, propping himself on one hand. "Yeah, tell us about this game."

Jackie: "And I forgot my monopoly set. Next time, for sure." It's probably not too far of a stretch for Jesse to not only own a monopoly board game, but also to want to bring one to a ghost adventure - and he continues to smile through his words and Michael's response. "So sorry to interrupt. But! Kellen had an idea for a's called Never Have I Ever. And like, you have to say something that you've never done, and if someone else in the group has done it, then they have to drink. Right?" He tips his head to the side to verify with Kellen, an eyebrow curiously raised.

Tim looks a little on edge, not quite trusting all of this, but doesn't immediately reject the game. Instead, he just looks at Kellen to silently watch him, seeing if there's anything more he should be aware of.

Jay: Kellen, mouth full of jerky at the moment, nods for that questioning look. Mike merely cocks an eyebrow slightly and sideglances at Tim; it's too much to hope for, that something shameful won't come out in such a situation, but hopefully it will be fairly minor comparatively. So the Ness gives a shrug and nod. "All right, but I'm gonna win." If by 'win' you mean 'drink the most' then yes, probably.

Gathering himself, Kellen lunges back into a sitting position and shifts around so he can lean against the wall, instead, because drinking while laying down is rarely a good idea. "Arrite. Jesse-face, you go first."

Jackie: Both Jesse and Tim snort amusement for Ness' proclamation, and it should be noted that no one objects to it - surely, Michael will be the one tilting his alcohol back more than the others. Tim shifts a little bit and places down his soda can, not needing to drink more now that they're playing an actual game.

Perking up for Kellen's sort-of command, Jesse looks a little ruffled and looks around at the boys, and then grins when something brilliant comes up. "Never have I ever gotten a tattoo!" And with that, Tim reaches for his soda can again.

Jay: "Ooh, cheap." Not that Kellen really sounds like he minds. He looks over the small collection of liquor and, after a moment, selects a teeny bottle of rum and cracks it open to drink, chasing it with his soda because rum isn't really his favorite. "I'm writing a song about tattoos, did I tell you? Well...sort of about tattoos. It mentions them."

Mike doesn't bother with the store liquor, just taking another long drink from his sports bottle instead. "Sounds fascinating, Kellen. Are you next?" Kellen gives the older boy a narrow look for the disinterest in his song writing genius, but after a second, nods. "Yeah sure. Never have I ever...spent more than a night in jail." For this, Mike gives a short laugh - knowing it's directed at him - and obligingly takes another drink.

Jackie: Jesse looks way too pleased with himself as all of the other boys drink, and he sits back with a goofy little smile, like he just won an award. He tilts his head to the side to look at Kellen directly, and is maybe about to ask him to detail it some more, since he is so interested, but Michael squashes that idea. He, too, gives the older boy a narrow look, but it isn't anywhere near as convincing as Kellen's is.

Watching Kellen and Michael banter back and forth, Tim laughs a little and watches as Mike takes a drink from his sports bottle, but he doesn't join in - he only spent one night locked up. So then he tilts his head towards the boy and nods for him to go. "Your turn."

Jay: Kellen certainly catches Jesse's interest, and that glower at Michael, and grins a little for it, reaching over to rub his roommate's scalp affectionately. "Did you and Justin decide what songs you're doing fer Leech, speaking of?" Despite the deadline, not one single group had decided on a single song on Friday, and after some disgruntled bitching Leech had given them until the next Tuesday to decide, warning that if they didn't come up with songs be then that he would choose them and that 'they wouldn't like them'.

As Michael lowers the sports bottle, he gives Tim a wry sort of smile. "You know, I didn't think how hard this part's going to be." And in fact, it does require some thought; Mike falls silent for quite a long time. Eventually, though, a mischievous sort of smile appears, mostly in his eyes. "Okay. Never have I ever turned down free liquor."

Jackie: As his head is scratched at, Jesse initially ducks for the attention, but then pushes into it, laughing in that way that shows off his adorable dimples. Once his room mate is done, Jesse lifts his head back up properly and follows up the rubbing with doing it himself, fingers brushing against his buzzed hair. "Ahh, no, not. Not yet. We kinda talked about it, and he's been pushing me to pick since I "probably won't like" his songs, but I kind of want to do something different. I mean, I could thrash on some metal, ya know?"

Tim watches Michael half amused, and maybe a quarter on edge - because if Michael can't think of something, that means he's done a lot - a lot for Tim to be jealous over. However, that eventual response isn't at all dangerous, and Tim snorts because it's kind of ridiculous. He takes a drink from his soda, and Jesse does as well.

Jay: Kellen looks interested at that, nodding, but when Jesse adds the last sentence he has a brief struggle with himself, biting at his lower lip and nodding somewhat more frantically. Unsurprisingly, he loses the struggle and ends up laughing - but it at least doesn't go into one of his ridiculous, unending giggle fits. Once he swallows it back, he only lifts his soda in a toast-like manner. "Hella, dude." Barely catching Michael's eventual statement, the younger boy looks unimpressed and does not drink.

Mike grins for the response from Tim, and nods at him when he's done drinking. "Your turn, kitten." He isn't as amused by Jesse's claim to metal, but he does deign to join the conversation. "If he makes you pick, Jesse, you should find some really long, spiritual song by some terrible Christian-country band."

Jackie: Deciding to ignore that laughter, in favor of accepting Kellen's agreement, Jesse nods so seriously it hurts, and then he air guitars to show his mad sick skillz, even scrunching up his nose and pursing his mouth like he's a metal head.

As Tim drinks from his soda can, he side glances at Michael, eyes showing his amusement for that nickname. He lowers his can and sets it aside, one hand raising to wipe at his mouth as he thinks over his own statement. During that time, Jesse looks over at Michael with squinted eyes and then defiantly shakes his head, not at all liking that idea. "Dude, that would suck! I don't want to play that stuff. But I bet I could get Justin to play some ska." Which is so much better, and maybe just as amusing. Looking around at the boys, Tim finally speaks up: "Never have I ever gone to class high." Because he's been pretty responsible since his first year at school.

Jay: Kellen, luckily, doesn't see most of Jesse's air guitar routine, though he does catch the end of it - and that face - and briefly dissolves into laughter again, missing the exchange between Mike and Jesse. Straightening up in time to hear Lint's proclamation, Kellen makes a violent noise of protest in his throat. "Dude, that is SO not fair." Not that he's truly complaining, already cracking open the pint of whisky - deciding the rum was not to his taste. "At least I don't gotta drink for every time I've gone high to class..."

Jesse's reaction is more or less what Mike expected, and he grins crookedly for it. "Well, you could do some Christian ska, then. Or even Christian death metal, there's a lot of that." Looking to Tim when he decides on his statement, his grin grows a bit and he drinks, then leans over to nudge his roommate. "Are you tryin' to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?"

Jackie: Jesse is only encouraged more by Kellen's laughter, and he pushes his own body towards his room mate's, in some sort of attempt at a nudge. He remains like that, body pressed to Kellen's shoulder, and grins wildly for Tim's challenge, and his roomie's response. Without fighting it, he reaches for his little bottle of vodka and takes a small drink, then immediately chases it with a sip of soda. "You'd probably pass out before you even got like...a quarter of the way through."

Moderately pleased by the boys' need to drink, Tim eyes Kellen and Jesse, but doesn't call out the latter boy's slight affection. Instead, he gets drawn back to Michael as the boy speaks, and he rolls his eyes for the idea of Jesse performing Christian death metal. The younger boy, too, rolls his eyes, but also flails an arm out in exaggeration. "Still miserable. Why don't you and Tim do an acoustic Christian song, all about abstinence?"

Giving into that nudge, Tim allows for his body to shift, and he pushes back playfully, but not all that hard. He whispers, but it's still totally audible to everyone. "How'd you get so smart?"

Jay: "Fuck yes, I would. I go to class high more often than I go to class sober." Like any self-respecting fourteen year old stoner, he sounds proud of this accomplishment. When Jesse leans against him, Kellen leans a bit in return. The suggestion of Tim and Ness doing acoustic Christian abstinence songs gets a cackle from him. "I was thinking about doing that song, the one I'm writing, but after I considered it - fuck no, I don't want Tony doing it. I have no fuckin' clue what we'll play."

Mike tilts his head, as if actually considering Jesse's suggestion, pursing his lips. "Don't think I know any Christian songs about abstinence..." Distracted, unsurprisingly, by Tim's response, he gives another shifty little grin. "I studied." It doesn't sound like he's referring to school. "Jesse! Your turn, pookie."

Jackie: "I'm tellin' ya, I'm pretty sure he's gonna try to get you and Jade to play some of his original 'music'. I've heard him talking to...someone who actually doesn't hate him, the other day. He sounded pretty dead set on it." As Jesse speaks, he rolls his eyes up to look at Kellen's face, his own head pushed into the top of the boy's bicep.

Tim keeps his eyes on the other two boys, because the one pressing against him is also pressing on his patience, and that pretty face is too distracting - especially when alcohol is involved. He only smiles for that answer, but it's clear that he's pondering over it for a while, even as Jesse fumbles for being called out. "Oh! Umm...Never have I ever...tried to escape this school!"

Jay: All mirth fades from Kellen's face for Jesse's words, and he turns his head to face his roommate. "'re not serious." He blinks a couple times, then adds: "There are really people who don't hate him?" He manages to keep up his horrified facade for a moment after he speaks, but then laughs again, leaning in more comfortably. "Yeh, he fuckin' tried to talk us into that bullshit again. Jade actually made him shut up, he just said 'Tony, can you fucking not?' and he stopped, it was like magic."

Mike straightens back up when there's no reply from Tim, and considers Jesse's words, swirling the liquid inside his bottle thoughtfully. "You know, I think I actually haven't tried to escape..." Kellen shrugs, complacent, also not taking a drink. "I've never had to try." There is unarguably a bit of smugness in his voice as he says this, and Michael, glowering teasingly amends: "Yeah, because you've got a free pass out anytime you want it, I'm sure."

Jackie: Jesse is overcome with laughter for the way Kellen reacts to that information, and he shifts away from the boy so he can roll onto his side and curl up into his amusement. Throughout it all, he's nodding his head, because it really did happen, and only speaks once he catches his breath. "Jade is like, kind of hard core. Like, he just doesn't care. It's kind of awesome."

For Jesse's silly little claim, Tim rolls his eyes and grabs his soda can, taking a healthy drink from it because he spent his first six months attempting to escape at any given opportunity. He's a little surprised when no one else joins him, but it gets interrupted by Kellen's addition and Mike's snarkiness. Before he can reply, Jesse flicks a wrist over towards Michael. "Oh, please, Mike. You're just jealous."

Jay: "It is kind of awesome, but I can't really figure him out. I mean, he seems cool enough, but anytime I ask if he wants to hang out or whatever, he just sorta shrugs and makes an excuse..." Kellen thinks this over, then shrugs, himself. "Least I don't have to be suffering alone with Tony, either way."

Plainly agreeing with Jesse's interpretation of Mike's response, Kellen makes no defense, but just gives one of his wide, untrustworthy and strangely charming grins. In turn, Mike laughs. "Damn right I am. I'd love to be able to get the fuck out of this place for a while. Or to get by without punishment, no matter what I get caught doing, for that matter."

Still grinning, Kellen rolls his head off where it's resting on Jesse's, leaning the crown of it against the wall instead and staring towards the rafters. "Arrite...never have I ever...ahhh...tried cocaine."

Jackie: "Maybe he just needs some warming up to do. At least he's not a total asshole." He thinks that over, and reflects back on the smart ass comments Jade makes to Tony in guitar class, and corrects himself: "To us, I mean."

Shifting his focus to Mike, because he's talking and his mouth is pretty when he talks, Tim watches Mike with a hint of amusement, also joining in on the laughter. Jesse joins in as well, but it's a little more subdued, and he moves his flailing hand to instead push himself back into a more upright position. "Maybe you shouldn't punch the punishments enforcer, then."

Tim shoots his friend a mild glare for that, but doesn't dispute it - since yeah, Mike shouldn't be punching Leech, not only because it's not wise, but because it bothers Tim beneath the skin, as well. Letting it pass, Timothy makes a little considering 'hmph' noise for Kellen's offering, but doesn't drink - and neither does Jesse.

Jay: Mike catches Tim's amused glance and returns it, smiling more naturally and giving him a brief wink from the eye that is not as visible to Jesse and Kellen. When Jesse speaks, though, he turns his head to survey him with confusion. " do you know about that?" Kellen, of course, gives a snort of agreement for Jesse's words, glowering a little at the reminder of the insult to Leech.

Almost absently, Mike takes a drink from his bottle, kind of surprised that he's the only one who does, still half-waiting for Jesse's answer - though almost as soon as he asked it, he realized the likely source of the information in the boy Jesse's leaning against. "Oh, me again? Hmm...I've never hit anyone without a damn good reason for it." This, surely, a little pointed; it gets another comprehensive snort from Kellen, but thinking it over, the younger boy shrugs and takes another swig of whiskey and chases it with his soda.

Jackie: Jesse goes a little wide eyed when Michael questions him, mostly because he isn't used to being put on the spot, and he quickly glances over at Kellen for a little assistance. That is enough of an answer for the boys to realize how Jesse got that information, but it isn't at all incriminating; mostly, it goes unnoticed when Mike starts up the next round. When Jesse rolls his eyes, it shows his amusement, but he doesn't take a drink - never having been in a physical altercation before. "That's totally subjective!"

For that sly wink, Tim glances back down at his lap and hides his smile, which thankfully doesn't linger long. He chooses not to respond to the rest of that conversation, because if he starts it'll probably lead to him defending the parasite far too obviously, but he snorts in a similar fashion to Kellen when Mike continues the game. He doesn't take a drink, since he isn't one to just randomly brawl people, and the last time he hit someone, it was Tony - and that certainly is justified no matter what.

Jay: Though Michael had already guessed the likely source of Jesse's information, the glance at Kellen confirms it, and he grumbles: "Oh, of course. D'you kiss it better for him, Kellen?"

Despite his and Mike's habitual trading of insults and mockery, Kellen doesn't respond to that suggestion by casually flipping Mike off, as he might usually do; instead he only gives the older boy a cold look from slightly narrowed eyes, not at all inclined to treat his brother's injuries lightly. On the other hand, he doesn't hold so much of a grudge that he wants to let it ruin the evening, so instead he looks to Tim. "Yer turn, isn't it?" He reaches over and hauls his backpack closer to dig a pack of cigarettes out of the front pocket.

Jackie: Shooting his eyes more pointedly at Michael for that retort, Tim looks just as equally annoyed with that response as Kellen does - luckily, the only person to see him look this way is Jesse, who chalks it up to Tim not wanting the night to turn sour. "Ooooh, stop. I'm pretty sure Leech can take care of his injuries all by himself, Punchy McPuncherface."

Tim's maybe about to open his mouth, but thankfully Jesse's joking comment saves him from speaking, and instead Tim just snorts once again and shakes his head. That eventually turns into a nod, for Kellen's question, and his puckers his lips in thought as he twirls around his soda bottle. "I've never punched a member of the staff."

Jay: Kellen snorts quietly for Jesse's words, amused, and once his cigarette is lit he leans over to shove his shoulder against his roommate's. He has to think about Tim's offering, squinting in thought for a long moment before sighing and - fully aware of how hypocritical it makes him seem - taking another slug from the whisky bottle.

"I'm sure he could, but why bother if you don't have to." This is a dismissive sort of comment, not meant to be answered or even to be thought about in detail; Michael is perhaps intoxicated enough that Kellen's glowering doesn't phase him, and he didn't even notice Tim's disapproval. When his roommate speaks, Mike gives him an amused look along with a quiet laugh, then takes a longer drink from his own bottle.

Jackie: Jesse breaks out into one of his brilliant smiles when Kellen bumps into him, and he over exaggerates the action and shoves his body back into the other boy's, then slumps over his lap like a dead jellyfish. "Why bother to punch somebody if you don't have to?" This, of course, being rhetorical, but still proving the pacifist's point.

Michael's ability to take the joke makes Tim's shoulders unhinge a little, and he lets out one of those small grins when he watches Michael take a drink. Jesse. still half laying in Kellen's lap, has an odd angle to watch the boy take a drink, and he goes totally dramatic and gasps loudly, then reaches up to flick the boy's nose. And then, to keep up the pace, Jesse blurts out competitively, and maybe a little drunkenly: "Well, I've never slept with a staff member!" Of course, this turns the conversation into an entirely different path, and Tim lifts his head up quickly to look at the boy in surprise, not yet reaching for his bottle.

Jay: Kellen hastily moves the pint of whisky away from his lap when Jesse suddenly comes to occupy it, but otherwise he certainly doesn't seem to mind the intrusion, skritching at Jesse's scalp with his free hand. He wrinkles his nose when it's flicked and answers that question, even though it was probably meant more for Michael. " depends on how you classify necessity." He manages to get that out admirably, despite the abundance of s-sounds and the liquor he's consumed. "Mebbe I didn't have to, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time."

Mike lifts his bottle for Kellen's words in toast-like fashion. "Couldn't have said it better myself." But he doesn't follow up the toast by drinking, because Jesse interrupts and Michael freezes, pursing his lips and eying the boy debatingly.

For his part, Kellen chokes on the smoke he's currently inhaling, which turns into a coughing fit that makes him curl forward over his roommate's supine form. The cough passes quickly though, and Kellen follows it up with a quiet laugh and murmurs quiet enough for only Jesse to hear: "Don' think that's gonna encourage any blossoming of true love, Jess." He doesn't sit up again but does lift his head enough to look from Tim to Ness and back, both of them sitting there uncomfortable and immobile.

Jackie: If Jesse wasn't engulfed by Kellen's body after the boy goes into a coughing fit, he would probably make an argument that very little can defend physical violence. But as it is, he's smooshed down into Kellen's lap as the other boy coughs, recovers, and then whispers out. Instead, he just squirms a little and makes a noise that shows he disagrees, because surely no one else has slept with a staff member.

Tim, oddly stoic and ears perked, watches his dorm mates carefully, and then slides his eyes over to Michael. The boy looks just as transfixed on watching for any drinking coming from Kellen, and because he's a little drunk and not a good liar, Tim snags his bottle and takes a quick sip. It goes unnoticed, thankfully, up until he puts the soda back down; the clinking noise makes Jesse immediately flail out, and he prairie dogs his head up in time to see Tim's hand leaving the bottle. And then, with zero filter, he says loudly: "Tim, what the fuck?!"

Jay: At first, Michael just assumes that Jesse meant to get him in trouble - though how the kid would know who he's slept with, he's not sure - but then the other insinuations penetrate, and he lifts his gaze to Kellen instead, watching the younger boy sit up straight again, obviously waiting for him to prove his own guilt by drinking. But Kellen doesn't, and continues not to, meeting Mike's raised-eyebrow look evenly.

This silent challenge is naturally interrupted by Jesse's outburst and Michael turns to look at Tim with both eyebrows raised now. Stunned probably doesn't cover how he feels about this revelation, but he at least doesn't look accusing - and rightly so, since after staring at Tim for a moment, Ness also takes a drink. Even if he shouldn't be amused, Kellen can't quite stop himself from laughing, but he strangles it quickly enough. "Isn't that interesting." Probably in hopes of drawing the attention away from Tim's illicit affairs, he addresses Mike. "Was it the priest, or that counselor?"

Jackie: Jesse's face is very akin to that of a fish: wide eyes, mouth gaped open, occasionally opening when he tries to find the words to speak. They never come, so he just blinks at Tim as if that is enough, and the older boy has to look away from Jesse because something beneath his chest is stinging with guilt. He just shakes his head lightly and turns to look at Michael, in time to catch his room mate also taking a drink. He should have expected it (maybe, somewhere deep down, he did), but he can't meet the boy's eyes - his own guilt and simmering jealousy too much to handle, right now.

As Mike takes a drink, Jesse flails even more, head snapping back and forth as he looks at both room mates in sheer horror. By now, he's sitting up, but still heavily draped next to Jesse, and he raises a hand to clutch at his t-shirt's collar, since he isn't wearing a pearl necklace that he could grab. "Heathens! Both of you!" And then, in a slightly quieter voice, he sounds more disbelieving, yet still definitively grossed out. "...And to think we share a shower."

Jay: Michael switches his gaze back to Kellen, vaguely threatening, and Kellen laughs more. "Ahh, both. Naturally." Carefully avoiding Tim's eyes, Kellen muffles further laughter by biting at his lower lip, leaning against Jesse and putting a consoling arm around him. "s'okay, prolly they didn't do it in the shower. And, y'know, it gets sanitized pretty regularly."

"Go to hell, Kellen." This is somewhat less amused than his usual 'go to hell, Kellen' is, and Michael leans back, propping himself on an arm. He takes another drink, because surely that will help the situation, before sideglancing at Tim and trying to sound unconcerned and casual. "That was kinda unexpected, though. I mean, you..." Mike doesn't dare go farther with that thought, because even if Tim is not inexperienced, Mike never got the impression that he was greatly experienced, and the idea of his roommate seducing a staff member would never have been seriously considered. He wonders, of course, but he's not about to ask.

Jackie: "Two? Oh my god, you've been here like...six months!" This is the only thing that breaks Jesse away from gaping over at Timothy, and the older boy has to close his eyes to calm himself down and swallow down whatever emotions he has swelling in his throat. Luckily, Jesse seems to be taking over the conversation, or at least is taking the attention of it, and the boy squirms a little more and side glances at Kellen because dude, this is so illegal. More illegal than their underage drinking and breaking and entering. "How does that even come up? Like, oh, hey Father Axl. Wanna bang? I mean, really!"

Tim keeps his head lowered, but continues to twirl his soda bottle around on the floor, the heat of a blush that's induced by embarrassment slowly curling up his cheekbones. He rolls his lips for Mike's question and shrugs a shoulder, only looking over at him once he's sure he isn't about to crack open or, conversely, shoot daggers at the boy with his eyes. "It was a while ago." Which maybe is said pointedly, like it all happened before he even met his room mate.

Jay: Kellen loses his tenuous grasp on his amusement when Jesse speaks again, turning to the side and burying his face against the other boy's shoulder as his own shake with laughter. At least it's relatively quiet laughter. Mike doesn't seem to find it anywhere near as hilarious - although, if it weren't for Tim's presence, he probably wouldn't care one way or the other. He arches an eyebrow at Jesse, tilting his head and answering without really thinking about it. "D'you want a play-by-play, or what? He was an easy target." Implying that his aim was to ensnare someone who might keep him from too much punishment, which the mentioned priest actually isn't all that good at, being a pretty junior staffmember. Tim's quiet words draw him away, and he manages a tense shrug as he mutters back. "You don't gotta explain yourself to me."

Jackie: Jesse does an admirable job in taking in Kellen's added weight as the boy crumples into laughter, and while Jesse is also piping in with his own snickers and giggles of amusement, he at least is keeping his head up so he can continue to look at the boys across from him with wide eyes. "No! I don't want a play by play. God. I have enough nightmares as is. I just don't...get how that even comes up in conversation. Just. Gross." Because definitely, sex with Father Rose is the most disgusting thing he can think of - at least for right now.

Tim's eyes stay fairly steady on Michael's face, and he lets them linger there for a while after Michael shrugs and mutters out that non-committal words. Again, he snorts - softer, this time - and shakes his head, grabbing his bottle and unscrewing it to take another drink, because this is just fucking awful. Jesse. of course piping in, works Kellen off of his body so he can start to crawl towards Tim. "You gotta explain to me, Lint! Who was it? Do you wanna talk somewhere else? We can go somewhere else."

Jay: Finally killing off his laughter (for the time being) with a snuffling noise, Kellen lifts his head enough to rest his chin on Jesse's shoulder instead. "Yer such a prude, Jesse." But he sounds undeniably fond when he says it. "It doesn't come up in conversation -- you don' talk about it."

Mike points at Kellen with his nearly empty bottle of liquor, obviously agreeing with his words, before tilting it back to drain the rest of the liquid. Kellen just rolls onto his back when Jesse crawls off, searching for another cigarette, but Michael has to intervene. "No! Let's not any of us talk about this. Not now, at least. It was Kellen's turn -- really, Kellen, not at all, ever?" Not seeming to notice that he's contradicting himself within the space of a sentence, he looks at the younger boy, blatantly bewildered. "I woulda swore...I mean, the way you act with him."

Kellen's only response is a long, heavy sigh - if there's anyone Leech would want left unknowing about their relationship, Ness would definitely be it - so he continues with the game, and offers some sort of confirmation at the same time. "Never, have I ever, had sex with a dude at all."

Jackie: "Well then how do you know?" Jesse turns to look over his shoulder at Kellen, clearly confused because he clearly does not understand the way sexual advances congress naturally. He shakes his head before an answer can be given, and only rolls his eyes for the way Mike tips his bottle, and focuses his attention on Timothy. He lowers his voice, but it's still very much audible to everyone, and he raises his eyes at his best friend curious. "Really. We can go downstairs. When'd it happen? And why didn't you ever tell me?"

For this, Tim just shakes his head, but gives Jesse a look that explains that he'll talk to him later about it. He doesn't miss the way Michael is so quick to turn the conversation away from Tim's own experience, and if he wasn't feeling so insanely (and equally) jealous and guilty, he'd maybe feel a tiny bit better from it. Jesse, sensing Tim's emotions, raises a hand to rub at the boy's scalp, and scoots so he can flail a bit into his lap, much like he was in Kellen's moments before. Both boys are thankful when the conversation shifts to Kellen, and once the boy offers up that solid answer, Jesse preens and flails a hand out to smack lazily at Michael, because damn right Kellen isn't sleeping with no staff member. "Yeah. See?"

Jay: Michael scoffs when Kellen gives that input, rolling his eyes as he lifts his bottle for a drink. But it's empty, so he scowls at the plastic for a moment, accusing, then tosses it aside. "I'm all out. Guess that means I win?" Leaning to the side and stretching in a sort of ridiculous contortion, he steals the cigarette from Kellen's hand, straightening up again only to collapse against the pillar behind him. He cocks an eyebrow at Jesse, exhaling smoke through his nose before answering. "See, nothing. All this proves is that he hasn't fucked him yet - that leaves plenty of ground to cover."

Not complaining about the swindled smoke, Kellen rolls onto his stomach, somehow managing to do so without turning away from them. Snatching up one of the hotel bottles of gin, he tosses it toward Ness' face (but his aim is a little off). "Give over, Ness. You sound like fucking Tony. It's entirely possible fer people to like me, without sexual favors to encourage them." He looks towards Tim, maybe having forgotten, for a minute, that he's got more invested in this whole subject than anyone else, and indeed the older boy looks pretty uncomfortable. He narrows his eyes, trying to give him a reassuring look, but it might not come across very well.
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