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Jay: The ride to their beachside resort (which turns out to be more like a cliff-side resort) is even longer than the trip to the mountains was, but since Kellen and Jesse had smoked before setting out, the length didn't bother them as much as other people. Thus, Kellen's still in a pretty decent mood when they arrive and are given their room numbers and sent off to get themselves settled. He does take a side trip to make sure Leech (who is only starting to get tired of this constant care) doesn't need anything, finding their room about ten minutes after Jesse and Tim get there.

"Well, this is nicer than I expected. Figured Jefe would be packing us into some little shanty made outta cardboard boxes and old cars." Actually, the hotel - only called a 'bed and breakfast' by virtue of its proximity to a semi-famous old lighthouse - is surprisingly comfortable, if a little old fashioned. Dropping his bags on one of the beds, Kellen tugs off his hoodie to join them. "Leech's room is a lot smaller, but I guess that's arrite, he can't get around too easy still." Dropping onto the bed, he immediately snatches up the remote from the nightstand between them to start flipping channels.
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Jackie: Jesse had spent the majority of the ride up to the hotel asleep on Tim’s shoulder - Kellen had sat next to Leech, and the boy really needed someone he could lean up against and sleep on. Tim, unable to sleep, simply kept his head up against the cold window of the bus, and watched the landscape pass.

Arriving at the hotel, the boys are ushered along to their rooms. Jesse, Kellen, Tim, and Hollywood were put in one room, but the latter boy quickly disposed of his items and went to find a lobby to hang out in and read his books. Tim and Jesse remained in the room, with the younger boy promptly claiming a bed by swan diving into it. Tim takes the bed closest to the window, and begins to unpack - putting things away in one of the dressers in the structured way he tends to do things. Jesse, on the other hand, is kicking around the blankets and trying to get comfortable. By the time Kellen returns, Tim is laying back in bed, arms tucked behind his head, and Jesse is jumping on the mattress next to him. They’re engaged in some random conversation, nothing too important, so Jesse doesn’t hold back at all when his room mate returns. “Dude this place is awesome! Did you see our view?” Because it really is pretty spectacular. But he sobers some at the mention of Leech, easing up on his jumping but not stopping all together. “Does he get the room to himself, at least?”

Jay: Kellen actually drags his eyes from the television to look out the window, then looks somewhat struck. "Holy shit, that is incredible." If it isn't a beach, and isn't precisely comfortable, at least it's aesthetically pleasing. He stares out the window for another moment then looks back at Jesse. "Oh - yeh, he does. He won't say it, but I think he's lookin' forward to a weekend with Maddox around glaring at everything." Kellen speaks like he'll obviously be glad not to have the kid around, too. "Are we supposed to be doing anything, er just waiting for lunch?"

Jackie: Jesse’s jumping has basically stopped by the time Kellen is done looking out the window, and he just smiles lopsidedly. It’s nice to be away from the school, even if they’re still within it’s jurisdiction. Hopping down onto his ass, he sprawls out onto the bed, perpendicular to Tim - who is still trying to look like he’s relaxing - and shrugs a shoulder for the question. “I don’t think so, no. Just hanging out. I don’t think we have any like, official things to do until after lunch. Getting a tour or something, maybe. It feels so good to be outta there."

Jay: Kellen nods, not displeased to not have anything to do, at all. "Yeh, it does. That place starts to feel really small, sometimes. Jus' sucks we had to bring all the assholes with us." Glancing at Tim, who doesn't seem relaxed so much as thinking too much, Kellen tosses the remote lightly at him. "Ya could look a little bit pleased about it, Lint."

Jackie: “At least we don’t have any assholes in our room!” Surely, they lucked out here - unlike Jade and Mal, who got Tony stuck in their room. Jesse’s pretty sure that Jade is going to end up punching the kid before the end of the weekend. Slithering around like a snake, Jesse eventually curls himself around Tim, starting to poke and prod at his body just to be obnoxious. “Yeah, Tim, c’mon. Cheer up. This place is cool! You have like, four pillows on your bed!”

Flinching when the remote is tossed at him, Tim looks over at Kellen, maybe startled and confused as to why it was thrown at him - not like he’s a big TV watcher. Still, he takes the opportunity to flip through some channels, not surprisingly landing on a news station. He snorts for both boy’s words, and doesn’t sound convincing. “What. I’m relaxing."

Jay: Kellen gives an enthusiastic noise of agreement, obviously knowing precisely what Jesse is referring to. "I'm pretty sure Jade can handle it, but poor Mal..." He shakes his head sadly. Probably, he only threw the remote at Tim because it was the closest thing he could throw. When the older boy lands on a news channel, Kellen rolls his eyes, then rolls off the bed as well, starting to dig through his backpack. "Yeh, you look totally blissed out." He doesn't sound convinced at all, of course, but knowing that Tim is likely moping because Ness is still in isolation, he doesn't carry the conversation out. Instead, he stuffs a few necessary items into his hoodie pockets after putting it back on. "Since yer so relaxed, I think I'll leave you to it and go check this place out. I don' plan on spending the whole trip cooped up in one room like I do at school. Jess, you wanna come?"

Jackie: “At least he has Jade to like, stare at the entire time.” No doubt, Mal’s tiny crush on Jade isn’t all that unknown to everyone; it’s noticeable enough for even Jesse to have caught wind of it. Snagging the remote, he also rolls his eyes at Tim, and flicks channels until it lands on some ridiculous cartoon. “Stop having so much fun, Tim. Stop it right now.”

Tim tries to keep his focus on the television, but having Jesse and Kellen team up on him draws him away. He squints his eyes at both boys and then snorts again, arching his back as he tries to get comfortable on the bed, although he knows it’ll never happen - he’s gotten way too used to sharing a bed. “I’m tired. I didn’t sleep the entire car ride, like some people.” Jesse scoffs at that, mock offended, and curls over to place a big, smacking kiss to Lint’s cheek before clambering off the mattress. “I’m in! Let’s find out how old this place is. I bet if it’s like, real old, there are some spirits we can drum up!”

Jay: Kellen just gives Tim a blank look for that, not impressed with this excuse, but his expression brightens when Jesse agrees to join him. "Fuck yeah! Isn't it supposed to be, like, really old? The lighthouse at least. Mebbe we can ask whoever's giving the tour about it, there might already be some ghosts identified." He pulls the door open, waiting for Jesse to leave and giving Tim a brief wave as he heads out after him.

Jackie: Grinning like an absolute idiot, Jesse nods enthusiastically, tumbling off of the bed with no grace whatsoever and immediately going up to Kellen, happy to have him (relatively) back to normal. He snags his jacket and toes on his shoes, sloppy but not caring, and waves over enthusiastically at Tim. “Byeeeee, Lintothy. I expect you to be more active tomorrow. No excuses!”

Tim waves both boys away without really looking at them, pleased to have the room to himself. He keeps the TV on, more as a distraction than anything else, and lays in bed much like a person in a vegetative state. He had maybe hoped he could get in a nap, but something keeps tugging him away from falling asleep, and an hour later he’s no longer comfortable on this bed. He starts pacing around the room, debating, maybe even looking like he’s on the brink of having a panic attack. He’s able to keep it at bay, but he can’t fight anything else - including the urge to see Leech ,even if it’s from far away, and only for a moment. So he slinks out of his room and paces the hallway, having caught on to which one was the parasite’s based on what he overhears from Jefe, who passes through with a small group of students that look terrified. Approaching Leech’s door, Tim hovers, unsure of if he should knock or not, but eventually just opening the door slowly, and peering around it to look inside.

Jay: The door is unlocked of necessity, because Leech just knows Kellen will come around again sooner than later to hover and 'try to be comforting', as if getting stabbed in the gut is like losing a pet and Leech is just grieving, and Leech does not want to have to haul himself to his feet every time the kid shows up. But as the door creeps open, he eyes it with disfavor, thinking this is a bit much: Kellen was here not five minutes ago. From where he's propped up on his bed, Leech prepares a truly awful glare of impatience to direct at the invader, but when Timothy's face comes into view instead, Leech's returns to its default blank state, with maybe a squint of confusion. After a moment, he queries uncertainly, thinking that Timothy must've been sent with a message from Jefe or someone else: "...yes?"

Jackie: Before peering around the door, Tim quickly glances both ways down the hallway - thankfully, it’s empty, so should he need to escape, he won’t be making a scene. Then he returns to peeking inside Leech’s temporary abode, hovering near the door and not entering the room. Of course, he catches the prepared glare the boy has on his face and immediately feels a stab int he gut for it, stepping back briefly because it’s so obvious that he shouldn’t even be here. But then the glare goes away, and the ever present blank stare is back, so Tim stops, remains standing next to the door, one hand still on the handle. There’s a part of him that feels relieved, glad to see Leech sitting up, alive, breathing, not in a vegetative state (despite seeing the back of his head, on the bus ride up here), and he maybe considers booking it now, allowing this to be enough to convince him the parasite is fine. But his feet have turned to lead, and he shakes his head, lowering his gaze. “…nothing, was just…coming by, to see—“ Not to see you, that’s too intimate. He course corrects: “Check to see if you’re all right.”

Jay: "I thought you were Kellen, again." Leech explains this without really thinking about it first, because Timothy looks so uncomfortable and uncertain, and Leech imagines at least part of that is from the expression he had when the boy opened the door. He goes a little cock-eyed again as that statement finishes, confused, and not quite buying it, answering slow and bewildered. "Yeh...think if I was gunna bleed out, woulda done it by now." He hasn't spoken much to Timothy except in class, has made a point of not looking at him anytime he can help it, but now that he does look, the boy is markedly more inanimate than before. And maybe thinner, too? Against his better judgement, Leech can't help asking: "Are you arrite?"

Jackie: Still keeping his head down, he shakes it briefly, because he’s certainly not Kellen, although maybe he wishes he could switch places with the boy for the weekend and tend to the parasite, give him anything he needs. Keeping near the door, Tim moves his free hand to the back of his neck, nails digging into the skin there, trying to ground himself, keep his insides away from the desire to panic. Eventually, he glances back up at Leech, this time looking at him more fully; he notes that the older boy still has both arms and legs, and isn’t drained of all of his blood, and is actually relieved, because his mind has wandered way too much over the past few days. He ignores that question, but opens the door a little more, just so he can stand in the entryway, and not just have one foot in the room. He can’t look at the boy as he talks, so he instead looks at the spot of the bed where Leech’s feet stick up, and drags his eyes back over to his face once he’s done speaking. “Do you need anything? You’re okay?"

Jay: Leech at least does not look like as much of an invalid as he could; he is dressed, beneath the superfluous blanket that Kellen covered him with for no good reason at all, and is sitting up more than lying down. Tilting his head when the question is ignored, he squints an eye, but doesn't make a thing of it because it's not really his jurisdiction anymore. He snorts for Timothy's questions, switching his gaze briefly to a couple of kids who walk past the open door, but then looks back at the boy - but much like him, Leech can't quite bring himself to meet his eyes. "What, did Kellen set up a guard rotation?" He shrugs, because there's not anything he needs, nothing that's readily available, but his eyes are again drawn away by another student - or is it one of the previous ones? - going the opposite direction with orchestrated casualness, plainly trying to get a look at the wounded parasite that's been sequestered from everyone since his altercation with Ness.

Jackie: Before he can stop himself from answering, Tim shakes his head once, quickly dismissing that before thinking better of it; in hind sight, masking his concern under the pretense that Kellen asked for assistance would’ve been a brilliant plan. “No, he and Jesse went to go…explore, wander around. I just—“ He shakes his head again, not really sure what it is he’s doing here. Clearly, Leech is alive. He isn’t enthusiastic, but he never really is; nor is he warm and welcoming, but that wasn’t really expected, either. Still, Tim’s insides are clenched, and feel like they won’t untie themselves for a few more days. Hearing the students pass behind him, and one is even hovering, standing on his tippy toes to get a peek past Timothy, he steps fully inside of the room and closes the door by leaning back against it. This makes it all seem harder, so again Tim shakes his head and looks down at the floor. “Just wanted to check and see how you were doing. I hadn’t, and thought…” He wrinkles his nose, not liking how that sounded, and goes back to his original question, lifting his head and looking in the direction of Leech. “You’re okay?"

Jay: Leech is relieved that Kellen has found a different occupation - the kid's been insufferable in his concern, but maybe being in a new environment will help to distract him. There's a sudden warmth in his chest when it becomes plain that Timothy came for no one's sake but his own, however, and Leech has to look away, staring down at his hands, to make sure it won't be obvious. "Oh...thanks." He sounds somewhat surprised, but not dismissive. Though he doesn't really have anything to say to Timothy, he doesn't particularly want him to leave, either, so he actually answers that question truthfully rather than blowing it off again. "I'm...gettin' there. When I'm jus' hangin' out like this, it's easy to forget about, but anytime I go to roll over, or stand up..." He waves a hand slightly to indicate the obvious conclusion.

Jackie: Leaning into the door, Tim presses his shoulders into it heavily, mostly just to keep himself upright, because all he feels like doing is crumpling to the floor and falling asleep at the foot of Leech’s best. He wants to push aside that thanks, tell the boy that he hasn’t done anything to be thankful for, but all that turns up is a slight shake of the head, looking defeated instead of dismissive. One hand is still crooked up, holding on tightly to his neck, and Tim allows for his eyes to scan over Leech’s form, as if inspecting him for more wounds despite the layers of blankets, and the fact that the boy was stabbed just once. “Good…plenty of rest will help.” Not that Leech will really get much; frankly, Tim’s surprised he’s even here. Chaperoning a field trip should not be something an injured parasite should be partaking in, even if he is currently resting in a plush bed.

Jay: One side of Leech's mouth crooks up slightly for Tim's words. "Yeh, I'm sure it would help. 'least here I don' have too much shit to keep an eye on." Which might provide one excuse for Leech's presence. Feeling level enough to look at Timothy again, he does so, cocking his head slightly to the side to indicate an armchair near the bed. "D'you wanna sit?" He's not sure if he should be inviting the boy for an extended stay or not, but he's too blatantly discomforted standing against the door like that.

Jackie: “Just yourself.” Tim says this softly, as if to remind Leech to take care of himself, instead of everyone else all of the time - Tim included. He doesn’t meet the parasite’s eyes (is currently looking down at the floor), but he does tilt his head curiously, not sure if he heard right. Lifting his head, he looks a bit confused. “Are you trying to rest?” Surely, that can’t be accomplished with Tim in the room - the weight of the room is far too much for there to be anything like comfort in here.

Jay: Leech cocks his head to the side with a certain irony, as if to acknowledge Tim's suggestion and say he has that covered.. Which is mostly true. He isn't sure if that question is an attempt to gracefully decline Leech's company or not, hesitates, but eventually shakes his head. "No...I've had more'n enough of that. Kellen hasn' let me get outta bed, practically, fer the last three days, seems to think any second I'm awake is substantially holding back the healing process."

Jackie: Once answered, Tim pushes himself away from the door, but instead of turning around and leaving, he slowly - awkwardly - takes a seat in the armchair, immediately curling into himself. He’s certainly a little more worse for wear than he was a few weeks back, but that seems to be a common thing; Leech, Ness, and himself all seem to be suffering, in one way or another. “Wouldn’t surprise me. With the rumors going around, I heard you needed a blood transfusion.” This is probably the most light hearted thing the boy has said in weeks, but he doesn’t react to that realization - he just brings his legs up to his chest.

Jay: A brief look of confusion passes Leech's face, and he rolls his eyes upward in a theatrical attempt to search his memory. "I...don' remember that happening. Unless mebbe they did it while I was unconscious." His words are also dismissive, making light of the incident - he's sure the last thing Timothy wants to hear is more condemnation of his roommate, and any serious comment about Leech's injury might look like it. "I've actually been enjoying Maddox's company, if you can imagine that, jus' cuz he doesn't stifle me with worry."

Jackie: Tim can only snort his amusement for that reply, looking back down at his feet; the sound comes out a little forced, but at least he’s trying. Wrapping both arms around his shins, he hugs his legs in towards his chest and rests his chin on top of a knee, eyes back to Leech’s form, but not his face. That second comment makes his eyebrows furrow, maybe in an attempt to hide the jealous feeling that is threatening to come out. He swallows it down and tries to play things off lightly. “Guess I can’t blame you. Kellen was pretty shaken up, that night.”

Jay: With as obviously uncomfortable as Timothy is, Leech doesn't notice any addition discomfort from the mention of Maddox; the idea of jealousy probably wouldn't occur to him, anyway. Making a noise of agreement, Leech reaches over to grab his cigarettes - flinching some when he has to stretch a bit - and lights one before responding. His voice is a little muted, displaying perhaps some shame. "I didn' really make it very easy for him."

Jackie: Tim’s eyes sharpen a little bit when Leech flinches, and he quickly scans over that body, as if there is a big sign on it that glows red when Leech is hurt, and shows exactly where he needs attention. His back may have stiffened a bit, ready to lean forward and retrieve the cigarette for Leech, but the older boy seems to get it done by himself, so Tim leans to rest against the chair back. He shrugs a shoulder and tips his head to kind of hide part of his face as he yawns into it. “…don’t think anyone could expect you to. Not really the type of situation where you’re focused on making it better for anyone else.”

Jay: Leech takes to watching the smoldering end of his cigarette, rather than looking at Timothy, giving a tense little shrug. "No, but...he hasn' ever dealt with anything like that before." He says this like everyone should be used to seeing their friends stabbed; surely he'd dealt with some of it by the time he was Kellen's age, and worse. "An' I think I actually made it a lot worse for him." He falls silent a moment, then, as if realizing this talk is probably nothing Timothy wants to hear, clears his throat, lifts his head and switches topics. "Yer supposed to have another doctor's appointment, week after next. The follow-up to the last one, to make sure yer staying healthy." He looks Timothy's curled up form over doubtfully, because if anything, he looks more unhealthy than he did previously, when the doctor suggested he eat more and get more protein, but Leech doesn't bother pointing it out. "If ya want one'a the other teachers to take you, it can be arranged."

Jackie: Tim only manages a small noise for that, not entirely sure what to say, and biting back any reflex he has to say he wishes he was there, that he could’ve helped taken care of things. But that second comment stops him, and Tim tilts his head, still looking down, but clearly confused. This time, he actually lifts his eyes to look at Leech directly, not understanding. “How so?”

The changing of topics is actually much less preferred, because now the focus is more so on him - or rather, something pertaining to him - and Tim shifts in his seat, uncomfortable. The doctor appointments were bad enough as is, but he had pushed them to the back of his mind until now. He’s only had to deal with the school counselor a handful of times each week. He looks to wilt a little bit for the suggestion, taking it more that Leech is recommending that be done instead of something that Tim can do to make it easier, and he nods his head briefly. “I’ll try to work something out.”

Jay: Leech looks away for that question, not really wanting to get into the pathetic mess that he became while Dr. Hunter was sewing him back together. Instead, he just answers tersely: "I didn' handle the treatment well." Which is putting it very mildly, but enough of an answer. It doesn't surprise him that the idea of the doctor makes Timothy squirm around; those appointments were irritating enough last time, even if not as mentally damaging as the psychiatrist. "Arrite. If ya don't...I'm sure I'll be capable of driving by then."

Jackie: Tim glances over at Leech quickly, to try to maybe read the boy when he doesn’t give much of an answer - or at least an answer that doesn’t supply much detail. He knows better than to prod, and now more than ever feels like he doesn’t have the right, or permission, to do so. So he lowers one hand to the other and rings his fingers around a wrist, then twisting the opposite hand so that it’s rubbing at the skin. He looks back down at the ground, suddenly feeling like this is much, much harder than he could’ve imagined. His voice is lowered. “You don’t have to worry about that, Leech.”

Jay: Rolling his head to the side to actually look at the boy, Leech watches him through narrowed eyes for a moment, perhaps just a little too long, before answering without much inflection, but more quietly than previous conversation: "I'm not worryin' about it." Fuck knows he has enough to worry about, as is. Before he can go on, the door abruptly bangs open, revealing Kellen, followed shortly by Jesse. "Leeeech, we brought you a snack!" Leech glances at Kellen without marked enthusiasm, but Kellen doesn't notice this - he's just spotted Tim, and his eyebrows arch up dramatically in confusion; luckily, he's too caught off-guard to say anything right away.

Jackie: Hearing that, Tim’s eyes closed without conscious thought - defeated, or maybe just thoroughly exhausted. Instead of acknowledging it, Tim lowers his head and rests his forehead on a knee, rethinking why he even bothered to come in here; surely, it’d be better for all involved if he had stayed in his own room and slept the weekend away. He flinches when the door smacks open, but slowly lifts his head, looking at the two boys with tired, confused eyes. He decides to stay quiet.

In contrast, Jesse comes tumbling in behind Kellen, all bright eyes and glowing skin and endless energy. “Leech! I’m so :happy: you’re alive!” He sounds genuine - like he was fearful that the boy would die, and never be his guitar teacher ever again. He gradually comes to a stop in the middle of the room, and is relieved to see Timothy there. “Lint! You’re out of our room! Good!”

Jay: Leech snorts quietly at Jesse's words, but he can't forbear from letting one side of his mouth tuck back slightly. "Thanks, Jesse." Kellen, apparently deciding to act if nothing was unusual (for Jesse's sake), focuses back on his brother, scampering over to the bed. He's more careful when crawling onto the bed, offering out a bag of beef jerky, which seems to appease Leech's irritation with his brother's constant presence. He doesn't thank him, but he does give an appreciative look before eating some. Kellen relaxes against the pillows next to Leech, pleased with himself, and looks back over at Tim curiously. "Couldn't manage a nap?"

Jackie: Jesse just beams brighter for that kind-of half smile, taking what he can get. He scampers with Kellen to the bed, but sits delicately at the edge of it, leaning towards the parasite without actually invading his territory. “Can I give you a hug?” Sure, Jesse is hesitant to do so, since the boy is all cut up on the side, but Leech also doesn’t really :do: hugs, so that holds him back, as well.

Still occupying the chair, Tim lifts his head until he rest his chin on his knee once more, curling in tighter around himself. He gives a brief shrug. “Not really, no. Might go try again.”

Jay: Normally, Leech might be more irritated by all these kids invading his bed and space, since he hasn't been very friendly since being shanked (or even before that, truthfully), but right now he's relieved enough to be saved from the awkwardness of spending time with Timothy alone that he nods at Jesse's question, though rolling his eyes too.

Kellen keeps his gaze on Tim, obviously uncertain about the older boy being here with his brother, and suspicious, but he doesn't look to condemnatory. "Might wanna wait on that. We're supposed to go on an instructive and historical tour in about an hour. Jefe's really amped up about it."

Jackie: Not really expecting that answer, Jesse only catches that nod from Leech out of the corner of his eye, and he immediately squirms up the bed. “Oh man, are you ready for the greatest hug of your life?” Without waiting, Jesse latches onto Leech, but is careful to avoid where the stab wound is - Kellen having told him the details, therefore he knows where to not touch him. He pushes the side of his face into the man’s chest and squeezes gently.

This time, Tim doesn’t back down from being stared at, and he looks at Kellen with a steady gaze. He shrugs a shoulder for that, because he certainly can go take a quick cat nap - but he really doesn’t want to be here anymore. “Can’t wait."

Jay: Leech snorts again at the totally unfounded assertion from Jesse - but at least the kid can't completely engulf him like people such as Hawk or even, to a lesser extent, Duster can do. He still isn't very effusive in returning the hug, but he does at least lift a hand to pat the back of Jesse's head a couple times. "'s very sweet of ya. I'm sure I'll be cured in no time."

Kellen's eyes widen as if with enthusiasm. "Me, neither! I'm really, really looking forward to it." Reaching over, he steals a bit of Leech's jerky before going on in a more natural voice. "But Jess and I found out that this place has been here fer almost two hundred years. Isn't that fuckin' crazy?"

Jackie: What Jesse lacks ins brut force and brawn, he makes up in with adorableness and eagerness. He continues to squirm in and give his teacher a nice hug, the kind Tim used to look forward to and lately has just sort of accepted from the boy, and he even nuzzles in closer when Leech pats his head and talks lowly. “I hope so! Can’t have my favorite teacher in the entire school bed ridden forever. That’d, like, suck.”

Tim snorts - albeit forcefully - for that answer, and looks back down at his feet, which are angled up on the edge of the seat cushion, legs still curled up to his chest. He stops rubbing at his wrist so harshly, since surely Jesse will catch on to that bad habit and paw at him to stop, so he instead tries to engage in conversation like normal. “Real crazy. You guys canvass the place for ghosts yet?”

Jay: Leech was originally accepting of this hug, and even now he's not being totally off-putting, but it's plain he wouldn't mind Jesse moving away now. "I'd take that fer a compliment, 'cept the rest of the teachers are complete fucktards, so I'm guessin' I'm only yer favorite by default." He goes for more jerky, and Cat - who has been, until, napping on the dresser, recognizes the bag-crinkling sound and hops off, walking right up Jesse's back to nose at Leech's mouth intently, mewling hopefully. This attention actually draws a coughing laugh from Leech, and he gives in, offering the kitten a piece of jerky.

"Eh, kinda. There's too many people around, though; they prolly wouldn't want to come out now, if there are any. Besides, I bet they'd be in the lighthouse if anything, not here." Kellen shifts around, getting comfortable on the bed, looking like he wouldn't mind a nap either.

Jackie: Finally withdrawing some from Leech, Jesse doesn’t completely disengage; instead, he uses the close proximity to look at the other boy with wide eyes, appearing offended. “Not true! Even if you were my teacher back in California, I’d still like you. Even if you are scary.” With that, Jesse scoots back off of him, and returns to the edge of the mattress, closest to Tim.

Before Tim can get a word in edge wise, Jesse is interjecting the conversation, literally bouncing in place. “Yeah, Lint! The lighthouse is where it’s at. I’m gonna keep my eye on it, tonight. We can see it from our window, and I’m gonna make sure no funny business is going on there.” And for that, Tim looks over at his friend, unable to hide the tiny amount of amusement that pulls at his features.

Jay: Leech tilts his head, looking plainly doubtful, but doesn't express that doubt wordlessly, just pats Jesse on the head one last time before he moves away. Naturally, as soon as Jesse is out of the way, Kellen takes over, eeling up to Leech's side and resting his head against the man's shoulder affectionately. He nods enthusiastic agreement at Jesse's words, gesturing with a piece of jerky. "We get to check it out when we go on the tour, too. We oughta ask the guide whether there's been any report of hauntings." When Cat snatches the meat from his hand, Kellen stares at her, affronted - until she starts 'killing' it, flipping around energetically, shredding it by using her back paws in a rabbit kick.
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