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Kyle: Kyle is finding his room to be a less than desirable fortress of solitude today, the noises bothering him too much to focus properly on the graph paper he's been scribbling at the last hour. When he needs the white noise, he'll return, but for now, he hauls plenty of mechanical pencils and 8-subject notebooks down to the common room for better ambiance than the sound of raging hormones can offer. Upon arriving, it becomes apparent that it's already occupied, and in the sudden stopping of his sneakers across the floor, he stumbles and drops a few items from his armload, awkwardly chasing after one rolling under a chair, "Hi! I mean, you don't have to like, bow to any social mores on my account, I can- I can just be here. All quiet. Stuff..." He loses steam toward the end, mumbling a bit and trying to balance too many things with too little arms.

Kellen: Kellen is severely in want of distraction, having also been fleeing the raging hormones infecting two of the people he most usually hangs out with; he's sitting curled up in a corner of a couch, knees to his chest, brooding in the direction of the fake flames in the fake fireplace. So Kyle's interruption startles him a little, but after the initial shoulder-twitch and rapid switching of his head, he relaxes into a more welcoming (if not as typically amiable) expression. "Ahh, hey." Going over what Kyle said, he squints one eye, bewildered. "Social moh-reys? What is that? Like, black people?" He glances around, apparently looking for these social Moors.

Kyle: Since Kellen is responding to his mindless chatter, he doesn't feel so bad about just sort of dumping his stuff onto one of the laquered oak surfaces, ignoring if anything falls to the floor as he invites himself to sit on the couch with Kellen occupying it, though he does choose the far end. "No, like, expected formalities, sorta. Saying 'hello' simply because... it's what people do." He pats at Arthur, as if tempting the fluffy head of hair to settle down at his urging, "The Moors aren't really a thing now. Well, not really. Kind of how Latin isn't a language anymore but it's still around in ways."

Kellen: Kellen still looks faintly confounded after that explanation, but that's his usual look around Kyle, so he shrugs it off without much thought. "Ahhh. Jus'...readin' too much Shakespeare, lately. Jesse talked me into joining that Shakespeare class and like, it's hella entertaining, but sometimes I feel like I'm drownin' in olde english. And not the kind with '800' after it." These words create a desire for awful malt liquor, but he stifles it (at least for the moment) to direct his attention to Kyle's pile of supplies, shifting in his spot to face the kid more. "What're you workin' on with all'a this?"

Kyle: Kellen seems warm enough to his social fumblings that he gets a little more comfortable, leaning forward to sort of bend himself in half, elbows on the couch, chin his hands, "I don't grasp Shakespeare like I should. Prefer Jules Verne feels more transcendent." He frowns after that, suddenly thinking that he may have just insulted Kellen's taste in something and quickly responding to the next topic to make up for it, "Oh! Um. The Large Hadron Collider!" He says matter of factly, like that means anything at all to this kid. When it obviously doesn't, he tries to clarify, "I mean, not the real one. I was just drawing out some of it's panels and then started making notes about the matter behavior possibilities and then I started mapping the molecular structure of margarine, cause people say it's like, plastic. And it is! But so is lots of other stuff, so it's really not so bad."

Kellen: While not particularly offended by Kyle's dislike of Shakespeare - he doesn't always grasp the writing, either - Kellen is certainly entirely lost by the discussion of this Collider thing. The following elucidation doesn't erase his blank expression in the least, though he does sort of get what Kyle is getting at, but not enough to have a discussion about it. So instead of asking 'what' again, he just shakes his head, blinking a few times like coming out of a trance. "Well. That sounds...thrilling. Is it an assignment?"

Kyle: Obviously, he's lost Kellen even quicker than usual, which is troubling, so in an effort to regain some kind of footing, he shrugs as if disinterested in his own chatter, "No, just, ya know, butter science." He chews on a nail, looking up from under boyish lashes for hesitant eye contact. "So, how're you, then?"

Kellen: Giving the kid another one of those cock-eyed looks, Kellen's mouth curls up slightly, then a little more, before he finally gives a quick, quiet laugh, toned down but still as infectious as the usual, louder variety. "Butter science. Excellent." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, slumping against the arm of the couch more and unbending his knees some, though the rubber toes of his mismatched converse barely invade Kyle's cushion. "Arrite. Kinda worn out. Sick of listening to Ness and Lint go at each other, so I thought I'd come out here fer a while."

Kyle: He frees up a hand to poke at the toe of Kellen's outstretched shoe, rapping at it in quiet little patterns and humming some in agreement for the importance of butter science. He stops tapping at the second comment, looking thoughtful before quietly musing, "So thats what I've been falling asleep to all these nights." He doesn't look particularly upset by that fact, casually sitting up enough to scoot forward and resting his chin on one of Kellen's slightly bent knees, just watching him with passive intrest, like one would an informercial, "They're loud."

Kellen: Not bothered by either the shoe-tapping, or Kyle's pointy little chin resting on his pointy little knee, Kellen just inches his foot to the side to keep it from digging into any part of the kid's anatomy when he leans forward. "Yep. That's them. They are fuckin' loud, 's obnoxious." Really, he wouldn't find it so obnoxious if his brother weren't so torn up about it, but that goes unsaid - Kyle's aware he has a brother, but not that his brother is Leech, and certainly not that the Leech in question was in a sorta-relationship with one of their fellow students. "Dunno how Jesse stands it, he's usually such a prude. Think I might sneak upstairs to my secret headquarters after lights out to try to get a good night sleep." Lifting his head from its slumped position, he belatedly notices Kyle's incessant regard, smirking a bit. "Ya wanna come with?"

Kyle: They are maybe both too pointy to be in any sort of close habitation without wearing fluffy winter coats all the time. Might be a good idea, he should remember that. "Kind of okay sometimes, when you get used to the sound. Start counting patterns, puts me to sleep." He shrugs, as if it wouldn't matter to him whether it was the buzz of a room fan or two kids banging next door, as long as there was a noise pattern. The invitation raises his eyebrows, wiggling his pixie-ish little nose as if it's an excited response, like a tail wag, "Yeah!"

Kellen: With the way the weather currently is, fluffy winter coats would likely be a good idea anyway. But Kellen only has thin hoodies and the leather jacket he stole from Leech. Even if the constant sexual activity of his suitemates irritates him, he can't help snorting for Kyle's description, shaking his head. "Like puttin' on one of those recordings of a thunderstorm? I find gettin' off to be a lot more relaxing than listenin' to other people get off, myself." The quick agreement pleases Kellen enough that his small smirk spreads to an actual smile, one with teeth, though not the absurdly charming, irresistibly feral grin he puts on some times. "Wicked. Not sure who's doin' the lights out dorm checks, but I know the teacher doin' the midnight ones won't bother tonight." He glances at the clock. "'s not too far away...lemme go grab some necessities an' we'll meet back here after they go through?"

Kyle: The assessment for better ways to fall asleep earns a head tilt, hazel eyes looking intently interested, as if Kellen should do a whole lecture on this and allow note-taking. He would attend the hell out of that. The with-teeth smile causes a shy little grin in return, pleased for the fact that it's one of those times where Kellen actually seems amused with him, not bothered, and the warmth in his gut from the feeling is elating, "How do you know?" He looks curious again, no deviance behind the question, but Kellen seems so institutionalized and connected, it must have some reason.

Kellen: Really, Kyle hardly ever 'bothers' Kellen - at least not in that sense - but when he's moody, sometimes Kyle feels the effects. "Cuz it's Leech." Catching himself, there's a barely-there hesitation before he elaborates: "Y'know, my guitar teacher? I guess we're kinda friends, an' he didn' look in any state to give a fuck the last couple'a class periods." Even if it's a lie of omission, it's still true as far as any of that goes. Reaching forward, Kellen locks his hands around Kyle's shoulders to drag himself into a sitting position. This maneuver brings them startlingly close, but since he isn't in much of a state to give a fuck right now either, Kellen only takes advantage of this by pressing a quick, playful kiss to the tip of Kyle's pert nose, then rolling off the couch. "See ya in a few."

Kyle: Kyle twitches a bit and those eyebrows twist into a concerned position, the mention of Leech's name enough to put a little fear of god into him, no matter how much it's really just vitamin B being used up quickly in one go. His face gradually softens as Kellen explains, seeing no reason to question that story and before he can respond, he's being pulled at and nose-kissed and just as quickly Kellen is gone, and Kyle is left perched on the couch with cheeks warm under his freckles, touching his fingertips to his nose and supressing a giddy little grin as he makes his way back to his room.

Kellen: Kellen doesn't miss the way Kyle seems to almost shiver at the mention of Leech; it's an attitude he's encountered before in students, and no wonder, what with Leech breaking fingers and flogging students, even aside from the ridiculous rumors that go around about him. But it's still somewhat saddening. He'd like to have someone to confide in about Leech's current troubles, and Jesse's out of the question, since he never knew about Tim and Leech being involved.

Shoving it from his mind to the best of his abilities, Kellen returns to his room and gathers the 'necessities', makes some excuse to his roommate, and waits for the lights out dorm checks to come and go before sneaking back into the common room, hovering close to the wall as he scans the area for his miniature scientist.

Kyle: The tiny professor creeps silently to the rendezvous point, save for one occasionally squeaky shoe, but with a rarely-used green sweater (being that Florida weather rarely calls for it) and his dorm comforter, rolled up much in the manner of a makeshift sleeping bag, like a proper boyscout, despite never having been one (their manual was quite an interesting read, though). Upon spotting Kellen, he rolls on the balls of his feet a few times, mouth pressing into a thin line, as if it's difficult not to talk, but really, it's just the excitment of sneaking that makes him feel such energy.

Kellen: Though Kellen doesn't break the silence either, his grin glints white in the dimness. Hauling his backpack more securely over his shoulders, he presses a finger to his lips for silence while the opposite hand curls around Kyle's wrist and directs him down the opposite dorm hall. They reach the stairs at the end and climb up until reaching the roof-level landing, then so carefully, Kellen reaches down the folding ladder from the trap door above - having to go up on his toes to do so - and waves Kyle to ascend before himself. Once he's reached the dusty octagonal tower room full of junk, he hauls the ladder back up and grins again for successful sneaking. "Well done. You been practicing yer delinquency when I'm not around?"

Kyle: Fine with being pulled around wordlessly, Kyle follows where he's directed and with careful footing, survives the climb, coughing a little for some of the dust that stirs up when he drops his backpack down on the floor, waiting for Kellen to join him. Once they're both up, he looks around the room, taking it in as if he hasn't already spent a decent spell of time in there with his current company. He smiles a little for what he assumes is praise, "Maybe." He totally hasn't. But that doesn't matter, he knows how to dig a foxhole. He gets that lab-face back quickly though, the one that says he's going to ask questions purely for knowlege and insight and not for gossipy nothingness, "What do you do all day? For delinquency skills?"

Kellen: Kellen laughs again, still muted, for that answer, not really believing it. But who knows, maybe Kyle's been studying books about serial killers or famous juvenile delinquents. He dumps his backpack on a beat-up armchair, spinning to face Kyle when that question is asked and tilting his head back enough that he can look down his nose at the other kid, eyes narrowing as if offended that his skills are being questioned and even crossing his arms. He doesn't come off all that intimdating, except maybe to someone like Kyle, but he drops the act quickly. "Drugs. What else?" Digging into a pants pocket - having exchanged his tight black jeans for a pair of looser black jammie pants, patterned with a guinness logo - he locates a pre-rolled joint, immediately lighting it up. He nudges a few unpacked cardboard boxes out of the way, so he can drop onto a wide couch, offering the drugs to Kyle after a long draw. "I dunno...really, it's more what I don' do. Da called to chew me out 'cuz of he got my progress report, an' I guess I'm almost failing a couple'a classes."

Kyle: Kyle nods for that answer, as it is perfectly acceptable, though if he were taking actual notes, he would want to know what drugs, how much, when, what does the color blue taste like and can Kellen count to potato. Since Kellen is occupying the couch much in the way as before, Kyle sees no reason against just picking up where he left off at the other boy's feet, getting comfy there and leaning his head back against the couch instead of chin-resting as before, drugs welcomed though he looks at it a little too long like he's trying to figure it out based on sight alone. "I could help! I'm already advanced placement most things anyway, they're running out places to put me for credit challenge. I could, I dunno, I could do stuff for you?" 'Stuff' sounds ominuous, but from that face, how could you take it as such?

Kellen: As Kyle drops onto the couch with him, Kellen's reminded of the last - the only other - time they spent up here, working on a science project (which the kid undoubtedly ended up finishing on his own); he fed Kyle pot that time, too, and kissed him, and then screwed everything up by getting too handsy. Have to remember not to do that this time. Once the joint is taken, Kellen spins around on his cushion to collapse in the other direction, his back and shoulders landing in Kyle's lap while his head is pillowed against the arm rest. His grin returns in response to that offer, veering more towards the devious. "You could definitely do stuff fer me. But...I dunno, with my grades, it's not that I don't understand the stuff. But I don't always get the stuff done, an' sometimes I'm not there to do it."

Kyle: Well of course Kyle finished the project, it was on karst and non-karst permiable surface study! You don't just let that kind of chance fall by the wayside. Kellen may have startled him with his forward actions, but he's hoping that won't deter advances altogether, since most of it was quite nice, despite his skittish behavior. Once Kellen is comfortable in his lap, he hands back the joint, not sure what to do with his hands now. He doesn't know what to say for that answer, as it is indeed out of their control, instead picking at a frayed edge of Kellen's sleeve, "Yeah, that is a setback. But, you know, if you ever wanted me to."

Kellen: Since Kellen's mouth is occupied in dragging smoke into his lungs, he smiles with his eyes instead, waiting until he's exhaled to answer. "Thanks...I'll keep that in mind. Right now, I jus...really don't wanna fuckin' think about it." To facilitate that, he takes another quick hit then reaches up to hold the joint to Kyle's mouth instead. Once the kid has hold of it, Kellen's able to look away, craning his head back more and staring up at the ceiling with lazily-lidded eyes. It's only now he realizes how stressed he's been, trying to console Leech or at least make sure he doesn't vomit in his sleep; even when he got back to the school, Tim's constant presence - and constant closeness with Ness - has been grinding on his nerves more than he realized. This is the first time since it all went down that he's been able to completely get away from the topic.

Kyle: Kyle doesn't have someone he has to console, or roll into the recovery position, or really do much of anything with. Kellen is probably the closest thing he has to a friend, and while he doesn't think of himself as particularly shy or hesitant, he's just too busy learning the secrets of the universe to go out of his way for social things. Kellen is so far a nice outlet for all the things he may have missed out on. Accepting the drugs and the fact that Kellen doesn't wish to continue the topic, he switches conversation, not sure what to do with his unoccupied hands and settling for resting one carefully on Kellen's chest, "What's this stuff usually do to you?"

Kellen: "To me, specifically, er just people in general?" Not wanting to get too entirely stoned for once, Kellen takes the joint back and reaches an arm over the edge of the couch and twists the end of the joint between his fingers, until the smoldering embers drop off, then sets the remaining part aside for later use. Then he shifts around a little, looking for a more comfortable position. "I guess it sorta depends on my mood. Sometimes it just makes me sleepy, but if I'm in a good mood, it sorta enhances that. An' when I'm pissed off, doesn't make me feel better, exactly, but it makes the things that're pissing me off more distant. Harder to focus on." Settled for now, he reaches one hand up to loosely clasp around the wrist of the one Kyle has on his chest.

Kyle: Kyle nods in comprehension for each of those things, eyebrows raising a little the more the longer the list trails on, impressed and taking it in for study later, but the drugs perhaps make it a little easier to get lost in information like a warm pool. "All of that? Interesting. Wonder..." He thinks better of getting all technical out loud when Kellen returns his touch, just sort of watching the contact a little dazed and feeling a small smile creep up for it.

Kellen: Kellen gives a little bit of a grin, when Kyle so obviously stops himself from rambling on. Noticing the way the kid focuses on the link between them, he tightens his fingers in a brief squeeze around that bony wrist, rolling his head to the side facing the other boy. "What's it do to you?" Maybe inviting Kyle to analyze things is generally a bad idea, but right now, conversation not pertaining to the bullshit he's been dealing with for the last four or five days is entirely welcome.

Kyle: The squeeze to his appendage sort of snaps him out of his trance, blinking a few times and giving some thought to the question before grinning and holding back something akin to a giggle and a headshake, "I... don't know." It is perhaps the least verbose of a conculsion he's ever come to outloud, and he's rather disappointed in himself for it, patting at Arthur for thought, "I guess, more aware than usual, but numb at the same time? I know some people get paranoid, but maybe because you're trustworthy, it doesn't happen?"

Kellen: Kellen's eyebrows raise a bit for that very laconic answer, but the following suggestion makes his grin grow. "You think I'm trustworthy? I'm flattered." He breaks off to yawn widely, free hand coming up to cover his mouth, then shakes his head. "I don' get paranoid very much. I think part of it is comfortable surroundings, an' mebbe the people you're with. Then again, mebbe it's jus' cuz it's good pot." He squirms around again, sort of turning on his side to face Kyle. "Been a while since I spent a night up here...forgot how cold it gets. I wonder if there's a heater or something up here somewhere?"

Kyle: Kellen's response makes his freckle-dusted face scrunch a little in confusion, as if this is just ridiculous information he's being given with no backing, "Well, yeah... I mean, why wouldn't you be?" Maybe he's a little too trusting of just about anyone, but Kellen's never done anything to seem entirely unsavory to him. As for the paranoia, he doesn't know how to tell good pot from bad really, but again, he has nothing to compare anything to in a lot of senses. "I'm not used to cold, still. Do you ever acclimate?"

Kellen: Squinting an eye in thought, Kellen waves his free hand in lazy description. "Cuz of stuff. Reasons. Guess mebbe I am trustworthy...good at keeping secrets, anyway." That bitter thought makes his mouth compress briefly, but he shakes it off mentally, happy to move on. "I dunno about acclimating. 've lived in this area all my life, so of course I'm used to it, but it still sorta bothers me sometimes. Jus' gotta learn to cope with it as well as you can." Speaking of which; Kellen releases Kyle's arm and pushes himself upright, then rolls off the couch with that unexpected grace of his. He motions with his head for Kyle to follow him, then winds through a couple piles of broken furniture.

Near the wall farthest from the trapdoor, he's built a sort of fort. Walls of boxes and chairs and whatever else about four and a half feet high, or a little higher in places; the 'doorway' is taller, with an old keyboard laid over the top for a lintel, but he still has to stoop beneath it. It's not warmer in the space, but it is cozy, a collection of blankets and throw pillows, a little table with a grouping of candles and an old cut-glass candy dish serving as an ashtray. Turning to face Kyle as the boy follows him in, Kellen waves a hand with proprietorial pride. "This helps some. Though a heater would still be a good idea."

Kyle: He doesn't for a second double-think Kellen's integrity, but it does make him wonder what would make the other boy think of himself in such a way. As for the cold, it's a little more pronounced when his lapwarmer suddenly gets up, scurrying off the couch with considerably less grace, sort of just falling off of it and stumbling for a moment before righting himself and following to Kellen's sekret blanket fort. Luckily Kyle is still awaiting the growth spurt that may or may not ever come and fits easily inside. "Could be, aside from a fire hazard..." He shakes his head at his own comment, feeling lame agian, and before he can fill up any more of the tiny space with his useless talking, he pitches forward the short space between them and presses his lips to the other boy's. Not sure what to do after, he pulls back, hazel eyes a little wide and bright, looking as if someone just proved fairies were real.

Kellen: A corner of Kellen's mouth curves up for that cautious statement, just the sort of thing he'd expect from Kyle. The entire room is a fire hazard, technically, which is maybe why it has no heating vents. Kellen's about to say so, but is interrupted by that quick kiss, and afterward it doesn't seem so important. Instead he watches the other boy, the curious, uncertain expression in those eyes making the smirk widen into a little grin; not as blinding or beguiling as his usual grins, this one makes Kellen look his age, with even a fraction of the uncertainty Kyle is displaying.

For reassurance, Kellen wraps his fingers around that wrist again, tugging on the appendage as he inches closer, himself, keeping his eyes locked on Kyle's, trying to gauge that uncertainty to decide whether he ought to move back or not. There doesn't seem to be much reluctance, so Kellen leans in, murmuring a low 'thanks' just before their lips meet. This time he remains there, mouth against the other but without much pressure or demand behind it.

Kyle: He holds the eye contact, looking less afraid and more fascinated by the unfolding events, as if watching a suspensful movie. For once, Kellen does look more raw than he's used to seeing, and for some reason that makes him more comfortable. As he's not sure what to do next, Kellen thankfully does, taking control of the situation enough that he feels brave enough to push Kellen back, the pull on his wrist encouraging as he keeps leaning and sort of crawls over him, lanky adolescent limbs everywhere awkward but finding safe places to rest.

Kellen: Kellen gives an approving hum into the kiss as Kyle shoves him back, settling comfortably into the nest of blankets. There's a mattress somewhere beneath them, but since it's quite old and worn in, it has more give than the normal ones in the dorms. Recalling the last time this happened, and how he panicked the kid when he started groping him, Kellen keeps his grip on that wrist to make sure his hands don't wander too much, but the opposite one raises to rest lightly around the back of his neck. Once Kyle stops crawling and flailing, Kellen tilts his chin up to add more pressure behind his jaw, his mouth opening just enough for his tongue to dart out and flick playfully against Kyle's lower lip.

Kyle: He doesn't give much thought to the mattress, probably askew but not caring. The entire activity was sort of impulse, but not frantic, doesn't feel the need to rub himself all over Kellen and rip clothes off or anything so purposeful. For now it's just comfortable, not so awkward as the drunk girl, and not so scary as the time before with Kellen, maybe because he's in control, but then he's reminded of the other boy's more experienced skills. Despite the pleasent actions of his tongue, Kyle is quiet, taking the attentions and pulling back a bit to watch Kellen curiously but fondly, face a little flushed and eyes a little hazy, both from the activity and the joint.

Kellen: Feeling Kyle drawing back, Kellen swipes his tongue once more over that lip before they part, then drops his head heavily onto the nest. He watches in return, not smiling specifically, but there's certainly some warmth in his gaze. The hand at the back of the other boy's neck slides up so he can stroke his fingers lightly through the thin hair, but the opposite - still attached to Kyle's wrist - lifts that appendage enough that Kellen can turn his head and nip each of his fingertips gently. Then he releases it, redirecting his attention to the boy's face and brushing his thumb over the scattering of freckles along either cheekbone carefully. "Kyle..." The word comes out with a sigh, low and content, but not particularly husky or seductive.

Kyle: There is an awful lot more petting than he is used to in every day life, but he finds he isn't all that opposed to it, tilting his head a little for the stroking at the back of his neck. There is a slight humming for the touch of Kellen's mouth over his fingers, eyes fluttering shut and mind listing. However, between the touch to his face and utterance of his name, he blinks, heavy lidded and voice a little low, though he still lacks the life experience for it to be rough, "You can make a girl come by pressing the right way on a certain nerve in her foot."

Kellen: As usual, that fact seems to come out of nowhere, and Kellen has to laugh for it. "Only a girl? 's not much use in the present situation." His hand drops from Kyle's face to rest on his own chest instead, and since the kid doesn't seem to be going anywhere, Kellen shifts into a more comfortable position under him, still watching him fondly. "Is this some'a that science-of-getting-off that you promised to tell me about?"

Kyle: Kyle props a hand on either side of Kellen, still feeling a little fuzzy but good overall, coming back to himself to a degree and almost wishing it was easier to just give in to the lack of control. But as a man of science he's compelled to stop and observe, and Kellen is a lot to take in. He smiles a little, like a kid that's just said an adult word for the first time, looking down at Kellen's chest as a focal point, "Maybe." He settles a little easier in Kellen's lap, looking back up, "Sometimes you can achieve more intense orgasm after oxygen deprivation."

Kellen: Kellen remains lying stretched out, prone and comfortable, but when Kyle sits up he replaces his hands on either of the kid's sides, just resting there fairly innocuously. This tidbit of information makes him grin wider, but he definitely forbears saying anything about Leech's fondness for being choked, just not the right person to discuss that with. "How interesting. What about after orgasm deprivation?" All the bullshit that was bothering him before they came up here is mostly forgotten, or at least far away, making him feel even more fond of Kyle and his quirkiness than usual. Watching him with curious but lazy eyes, Kellen hardly notices when his thumbs, which have been stroking back and forth along those sides, sneak beneath the material of Kyle's hoodie and the thinner t-shirt beneath to find bare skin.

Kyle: Kellen seems particularly bemused by that little fact, and Kyle wonders for a second if maybe this is something the other boy has had personal experience with. Between Kellen's sly assurance and those hands creeping up the back of his hoodie, he shivers, hips rolling a little of their own power, "I- I don't know, about that."

Kellen: At Kyle's subdued movement, Kellen drops his gaze to his hands, belatedly realizing that they're out of his control again. But since the kid doesn't seem to mind, his fingertips walk slowly up towards the boy's ribcage, appreciating the body heat against his chilly hands. A little grin remains on his face, as if he's forgotten it was there, and he glances back up at Kyle's face, barely visible in the dimness of the small fort. "No? Once I had the flu an' I wasn't able to jerk off fer like, six fuckin days, because the fever made my skin too sensitive. Then, once I finally could, it was...pretty intense."

Kyle: Those hands are freezing, though the sharp inhale at their further wandering doesn't have so much to do with that. He tenses up somewhat, spine going a tiny bit rigid and eyes a little intense, maybe some of that old nervousness creeping back. But Kellen's confidence and amusing story is somewhat useful in easing the mood. "Yeah? It- that makes sense. Your sex drive has a... 'standard of living', in a way. You stop it, it has a reaction."

Kellen: Naturally, Kellen notices that nervousness, and that just won't do. So he nods for Kyle's words but doesn't go on to ask about this standard of living, not right now, even if he doesn't understand; instead, his warming hands continue gliding upwards, and once they move over some ribs, they circle around to the boy's back. Kellen uses this hold to draw himself into something like a sitting position, but presses against Kyle's back simultaneously to draw him closer, until he's near enough to take his mouth again. Reminding himself to avoid sudden movements or anything too intense, he lets his lips part to fit the lower of Kyle's between them and nibbles at the flesh softly, letting his hands smooth up and down that back now that he's steady in his sitting up. After a moment, he sets his teeth so he can draw that lip into his mouth, sucking at it slowly, a little more purposeful than the previous, playful kisses.

Kyle: Kyle doesn't have the safety net of conversation now, but he doesn't mind so much when the space between them closes and he's flush against Kellen, and while it's certainly a step forward, he appreciates the boy's attempts to slow-walk him. He would give another fact of some sort, maybe even a sexy one, but his thoughts are otherwise occupied entirely with kissing, leaving another sharp inhale at his lip being captured but clearly on board with the idea. His own hands have been rather useless so far, but as they're sitting up he takes the opportunity to return the touch under Kellen's shirt. His hips lack the grace of practice to roll but respond to the hands roaming over his own back, spine arching and bending as they trail over vertebrae.

Kellen: Releasing Kyle's lip for a second, Kellen tilts his chin up to connect their mouths more directly, his own open a bit but not yet seeking for anything deeper. Instead he focuses on the soft skin under his hands, his thumbs tracing the hollows between each rib so carefully and intently that it's a moment before he realizes that Kyle's returning the attention; once he does realize it, he shifts slightly from one side to the other to facilitate those hands getting beneath the fabric, giving a quiet, encouraging moan. The sound drops an octave when Kyle's narrow back bends so enticingly, and both hands slip to the center, the heels of his palms pressing harder on each side of the furrow where the spine sinks into muscle, but still moving slowly as they trace to the small of that back, then start up again. While Kellen certainly doesn't lack the grace of practice, at least not as much as Kyle does, he forces his own hips to stay still, just pushing the toes of his shoes hard into the mattress for some release and a reminder to hold back.

Kyle: Kellen is obviously much more versed in this sort of thing, making it that much more intimidating to try to be one half of this experiment. But he's starting to get the hang of it: if it feels good, keep going. He gets a noise out of the other boy, which is encouraging as it can get, squirming a bit on the lap he's occupying and breaking the kiss to pull back and take a breath, looking over Kellen's face and maybe actually trying to see if there is any eye change to note, since those are such a fascinating topic, "This what you meant when you said you'd show me?"

Kellen: Kellen lifts his head from the blanket nest to follow Kyle's mouth as long as he can, before giving in to detatching. It's dim in the room, but not completely pitch black, so Kyle may be able to discern the way Kellen's eyes have shifted to a brighter green, hardly any blue left to be seen in them. Whether because he's stoned, or because it's been a while since the conversation Kyle refers to, Kellen doesn't catch on immediately and cocks his head to the side, eyes narrowing in confusion. "I can show ya lots of things. Was there something in particular I said I'd show you?" Though his mouth is occupied with talking, Kellen can still use his hands, running them lightly along the columns of lean muscle on either side of the other boy's spine.

Kyle: Noting the shift in eye color, it's packed away to re researched later for sure, along with anything else he deems fit for study. Maybe Kellen should just stay in his room with him and save time, because while he's not really far yet, being this close and having a strong physical effect on another human body was fucking facinating. He shakes his head for the question, still rather quiet when reacting to the hands on his back, one hand pressing barely over Kellen's chest to feel the heart pounding there, "I think it was the juxtaposition of 'gay' versus control group stimuli. So... technically all this."

Kellen: Kellen flinches minutely when that hand brushes against his chest; it's been a while since he had the last ink appointment for it, but not so long that he is over expecting it to hurt. It doesn't, thankfully, and he relaxes shortly, a little grin curling up the corners of his mouth. "Control group stimuli?" Repeating these words draws a quiet laugh from him, toned down but just as infectious as his usual. "You dealt with a lot of that?" Picturing Kyle with a girl is no less ridiculous than picturing him with a guy; Kellen even has difficulty imagining him actually indulging in masturbation (although the theoretical idea is fun to picture).

Kyle: He perks, sort of like a chick popping out of an egg, "Well, I mean, control group means it's a pure sample, nothing happened to it. So... not having sex would be the control group. Girls are... that is another experiment. But I don't know, they don't set my nerve pulses off. Not like you can." He notes the flinch for his actions, eyebrows twisting curiously and pulling on Kellen's shirt enough to bunch it up under his chin, staring intently at the ink there and catching his tongue in the corner of his mouth as he brushes fingertips around the still raised edges. "What does that feel like?"

Kellen: "Ahhh..." Kellen nods a little to show his understanding, and these things Kyle is saying should probably make him laugh more, sound ridiculous, but for some reason he finds the mention of setting off nerve pulses very flattering, if not strictly sexy. The way the kid shamelessly starts unclothing him is a different matter; Kellen can't help shivering, but it isn't because of the cold. On the contrary, he feels notably warmer than he did just a moment ago. "It' feels good." For a second or two he distracts himself by freeing up one hand, reaching behind himself and removing the pair of shirts completely, but afterwards he has no choice but to focus on those curious fingertips, dropping his gaze to watch their progress and giving a slow, measured inhale. This really should not be affecting him so much. "Really good."

Kyle: Kyle still isn't entirely sure how he feels about girls, really not having been around enough to form an opinion, but the way Kellen makes him feel is certainly different than what anyone else has done to him, and that's about the only thing he can compare it to. Once Kellen's shirt is gone, he has an unobstructed view of that pale chest, tattoo smack in the middle like a decal or a logo, and it's just one more thing that captivates his curiousity, "Yeah?" Careful fingertips ghost over the black, leaning down closer to get a better look, breath surely not helping the shivers as he speaks so close to the skin, "How long has it been on you?"

Kellen: Still watching that hand move over his chest, Kellen's eyes helplessly drop near-closed, and he sucks his lower lip into his mouth to keep from making any noises that might give him away too much. He can only nod for that first question, but his now-free hand creeps down to grasp Kyle's bent leg just above the knee, squeezing the muscle. Since the next question requires more of an answer, he exhales audibly, a shiver in the breath if nothing else. "Ahh...started it, a few months ago. Around Halloween, mebbe, but the last layer of color was done...a couple weeks ago? Week and a half?" It's difficult to remember exactly right now, though usually he's pretty exact on things concerning Duster.

Kyle: Kyle nods for that information, and while he doesn't know really anything about tattoos, it makes sense for it to feel raised after only being there a short time. All the more fun to feel. Cocking his head a little, he experimentally gives a little lick over the center, mostly for his own investigation, but not unaware of what the attentions to the image seem to do to Kellen, eyes looking up to see the reaction as he pulls away just a little, "You can touch me if you want, it's okay." He assures when Kellen grabs his leg, remembering that the first time hadn't gone so well, and that was entirely his fault.

Kellen: Even though he can see Kyle moving closer and has a pretty good idea of what's coming, Kellen can't at all prevent himself from reacting. As that slick muscle moves over his chest, even as quick and light as the touch is, he breathes out with something of a gasp, the fingers around Kyle's leg tightening in some mixture of encouragement and frustration release. This maybe isn't much on the scale of intimate touches, but Kellen's certainly not used to anything that isn't rushed, or at least purposefully moving towards an end. For that reassurance, Kellen reopens his eyes, having not realized they'd been closed, and blinks at the boy above him a couple times before breaking into laughter once more. Rather than trying to explain his amusement, he releases Kyle's leg to wrap that arm around the back of his neck, hauling himself upwards and pressing his mouth hard at the hinge of the other boy's jaw, quickly repeating the action lower and working his way down that neck in similar fashion.

Kyle: The heaving of Kellen's chest for the contact is something akin to that of a defibrillator, filling his ribcage with electricity and grinning with all those teeth for the accomplishment. He isn't sure what to make of the outburst of laughter though, thinking perhaps he's misjudged and done something wrong, if there was a way to backpeddle. But Kellen is right back on him, and Kyle does his best to help and wrap a freckled arm around Kellen's back to steady both of them. He still doesn't feel the need to carry on with loud sounds and moans, but as Kellen works down his body, his breathing takes on huskier tone and depth, eyes fluttering closed and encourages with, "Exemplary..."

Kellen: Kellen doesn't mind the lack of loud noises, doesn't need them to convince him to keep going and definitely doesn't want them forced. Currently he's carrying on just fine on his own, lingering at the base of Kyle's neck with his mouth open slightly while his hands both wriggle beneath the kid's shirts again, locking onto either side and rubbing thumbs over his stomach more firmly than before. That praise garners a strangled noise of mirth to get caught in Kellen's throat, maybe giving away his giddiness, and he finally breaks his mouth from that spot, but only so he can nose aside the collar of Kyle's shirt and scrape his teeth lightly along the edge of a collarbone, his hands inching higher all the time, until his thumbs finally encounter and sweep repeatedly over both nipples.

Kyle: Surprised he's even still wearing a shirt, Kyle helpfully tilts head to the side for Kellen to suck on the soft skin there, gasping a little for the feeling of Kellen giggling into the press of his lips, making it feel as though it vibrates all the way down the thin bones in his neck and down his chest and pooling warmly in his stomach. The attention of the hands there causes another spastic little jerk of his hips, chest pressing forward against Kellen's hands, no grace and all passion and eagerness.

Kellen: Probably due to their earlier encounters, Kellen is somewhat reluctant to take bold moves like removing clothes, but that's getting harder to remember with the way Kyle is reacting so positively and encouraging. Since all that material is already bunched up along his wrists, Kellen gives in and takes it further, detaching his mouth after an extended moment of nibbling and spreading his fingers out, pushing them up to Kyle's shoulders before leaning away just enough that the clothing can be removed. Now that his mouth isn't occupied, it becomes more obvious just how much heavier his breathing has become, loud in the enclosed space. To cover it, once Kyle's disentangled from his shirts, he throws the earlier question back at the kid: "So...what does that feel like?"

Kyle: Even though he knows the end game here is sex, he doesn't really feel the need to work directly towards that, just enjoying all the sights along the way and appreciating each one for what it is. Beautiful fucking snowflakes. Kyle finally catches the hint and lets go, leaning back a little and pulling off the layers, sort of getting stuck in them a bit but finally freeing himself and re-establishing eye contact with those shifting green eyes, and searching through them like he's reading typeface somewhere behind them, "Theres more? Like that? I like it."

Kellen: For many, the end game might be sex, but Kellen isn't yet so thoroughly debauched that he expects everything to lead to it; this cautious but intent exploration is pretty new to him, and he's finding that as arousing as it is, he has no need to rush towards any sort of finish line. By the time Kyle's free of his clothing, Kellen's already grinning at the struggle, and the expression broadens when the boy meets his eyes. Both hands reach up to the top of his head, fingers sliding through the fluffy soft hair to the nape of his neck, giving a low, delighted-sounding laugh for the questions. "Yeh, lots more." To seal the promise, he leans in and presses a firm, closed-mouth kiss to Kyle's lips, not leaning very far away to go on. "Only, if it's too much, jus' tell me. You don' gotta try to bite my tongue off this time, arrite?"


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