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Jay: It had been a long and uncomfortable weekend, although most of it is a little blurry, since Leech required company in his bingeing. But this morning the parasite had woken up with a sort of grim determination to get on with life, so Kellen had dubiously left him alone downstairs (although not entirely alone - aside from the kids in isolation, Maddox Reed had been released from the hospital after his suicide attempt, and rather than isolating him, Leech had set him up in the spare bedroom downstairs), then gone back up to his own dorm. Jesse isn't present when he arrives, and Kellen spares a moment to hope he isn't spending time in isolation with Tim right now. But if he is, there's nothing Kellen can do about it, so he toes off his boots and collapses onto his bed, flinging an arm over his eyes to block the light from the hallway and window, trying to decompress.

Jackie: With his suite mates locked away in isolation and Kellen and Leech in the city for the weekend, Jesse has been bored since the release of classes on Friday. Thankfully, Kellen gave him a key to the isolation rooms, which Jesse has utilized for most of the weekend - even if being holed up in a small room isn't very exciting, at least he and Tim could be bored together. It's been obvious to him that Tim is in another one of his funks, but this one seems heavier, and in turn has put Jesse's mood off, if only slightly. Heading back up to his room after spending a few hours with Tim, he isn't the typical ball of energy as he enters his dorm, but he does perk up a bit when he sees Kellen, and gives him a little smile as he goes to get settled. "Hey! You're back."

Jay: Kellen uncovers his eyes at the sound of Jesse's voice, managing to curl up a corner of his mouth with lots of effort, but hopefully it doesn't look too false. "I am. Leech is, too, so you prolly better not go down to visit Lint anymore." Shoving himself back to sit against the headboard, he bends his knees up to his chest, leaving ample room for Jesse on his bed, though he doesn't verbally invite him. "How was yer weekend?"

Jackie: Still with that goofy little smile on his face, Jesse pads over to his side of the room and toes off his shoes, nodding. "Yeah, no, that's kind of what I figured. Thought I'd go hang with him before you guys got back. Thanks for the key." And with that, he tosses the key ring set onto his desk carelessly. He's comfy in lazy flannel pajama bottoms and a large hoodie (something he stole from Tim's closet), and he immediately goes over to the bed and falls onto it sideways. He blinks his big brown eyes up to Kellen and sighs. "So. Boring. I thought I was gonna die. Like, Saturday afternoon, I was laying on my bed, and I legit thought like...this is it. This is the end." The poor boy looks entirely serious. "How about yours? You see Lars?"

Jay: Kellen laughs at Jesse's sincerity, his voice hoarse from drinking and smoking, and maybe he even vomited once. Reaching over, he rubs at Jesse's short hair affectionately. "I'm sorry. Glad it wasn't really the end." Though the reminder of the evening spent at Duster's place makes him uncomfortable, it doesn't much show, he just shrugs tightly. "Yeh, I did. He touched up some'a Jimmy's ink for him. An' shared his bed with me." A small, smug smile spreads with that last sentence, although sharing the bed was really all that happened, and neither he nor Lars was in the best mood for that night. "Dust finished the scales on Leech's back, that he was getting on New Years, remember? They look really good."

Jackie: "Me, too. That would've sucked. Death by boredom. You'd had found me in bed with all of our ghost books, dead." He smiles a little more lazily for that affection and leans into it, eyes half closing for a moment before Kellen continues to talk. Of course, the only real information that sticks, at least initially, is that he shared a bed with Lars. There's a small warmth taking over his gut, and his chest kind of flutters, but it isn't so much excitement as it is anxiousness. He shifts a little more, now on his side and facing Kellen, and blinks over at him. "Oh! You did? How'd that go? Is Leech pissed?" He squirms a little bit, but it looks more like he's trying to get comfortable, than actually looking uncomfortable.

Jay: Since Jesse leans into the attention, Kellen starts scritching at the other boy's head with his flaking black-painted fingernails, laughing again for those questions. "Not sure Leech even noticed, to tell ya the truth. He was way fucked up. Jimmy stayed with him to make sure he didn' die in his sleep." He says all this fairly lightly, like Leech just got fucked up for fun, not because he's miserable. "It went...arrite. We jus' stayed up for a long time talking, nothin' really happened." Normally that might be a downer, but Kellen doesn't seem to mind much - plenty of time for seduction later.

Jackie: There's definitely a noticeable relaxation as Kellen goes further into detail, and Jesse drops his gaze to the big fluffy comforter, and traces lazy patterns into it with his free hand. The other hand crooks at the elbow, and he rests his cheek on the palm to hold it up. "Oh...well, that's cool! Lars is a good snuggler. I'm sure he enjoyed the company." Since the older boy has definitely confided in Jesse about his sometimes loneliness. Flicking his eyes back up to Kellen's face, he looks a little bit more concerned. "I'm glad Leech didn't die, either. Although...I mean, if there's a heaven, we would've met at the pearly gates at the same time! That would've been funny."

Jay: Kellen makes an agreeing noise, not going into his night with Lars any more than that. But the following comments make him snort forcefully. "It would not have been funny for me. Both you and Leech gone? I'd be left to the company of Jimmy and Ness. I'd be doomed to total delinquency!" Unfolding his legs a bit, Kellen slumps into his pillows more comfortably. "Speaking of, why didn' you hang out with Justin? He could've kept ya from death by boredom."

Jackie: "It would've been like...a little funny. I'd totally haunt you, though. But I'd totally like, dress up in a bed sheet and look like a fake ghost. But I'd be a real ghost. A real fake ghost." Maybe it's becoming a little more apparent that Jesse smoked some weed while visiting Tim. He blinks his big eyes over at Kellen, still looking mostly serious, but he's smiling all the same. He squirms to fit his entire body on the bed, having stretched out across it horizontally. "Justin's sick. He was boarded up in his room with lots of medicine and I was like, no way, Jose. I hate being sick."

Jay: That typically-Jesse haunting plan makes Kellen grin, even if he didn't mean to, even as he rolls his eyes in exasperation. "I'd rather you stay the way you are, thanks." When Jesse's done moving, Kellen shifts around to lie down as well, using his roommate's stomach for a pillow and crossing his ankles on the headboard of the bed. "Ahh, shit, that's too bad. I hope he gets over it quick. Think we're supposed to be doin' dress rehearsals in guitar this week, since our next recital is right after we get back from that trip."

Jackie: "I dunno, Kellen. I think I'd be a pretty neat ghost." He nods, to try to be convincing, but then he's smiling brightly and shifts around as well to accommodate Kellen's new positioning. Once he's settled, Jesse flops down onto his back, to be a better pillow, and then drops a hand to run it through Kellen's wild hair. "I think he will. He was heavily medicated, at least. And he didn't look too bad - he just sounded like a toad."

Jay: "I'm sure you would, but yer a pretty neat not-ghost, too. Stick with that for now." Since he doesn't have to worry about eye contact, Kellen lets his lids drop, rolling his head towards the petting hand. He makes a noise of understanding in his throat, trying to focus on the conversation, rather than his still-simmering anger about Tim's betrayal and the whole fucked up situation. "A toad, hmm? Mebbe you guys oughta do Joy To the World, then. The one with the bullfrog." At mention of that song, he snorts in amusement, which inevitably turns into laughter again, barely getting his words out: "'m sure Jimmy would appreciate it."

Jackie: Jesse just smiles for Kellen's sort-of command, and hums quietly, as if to say he'll do just that. When Kellen rolls his head up into his hand, Jesse's fingers become a little more active, and he scratches at the boy's scalp with his fingernails gently. Naturally, his room mate's laughter makes Jesse smile wider, and he eventually starts to laugh as well, mostly because Kellen is laughing, but also because what he said is funny. "I'd totally dedicate it to Jimmy at the recital, too. It's a good song." Allowing his eyes to close, he waits a beat before talking again. "That's cool about Leech's tattoo, though. It looked awesome on New Years. I bet it's even better, now."

Jay: Kellen's laughter eventually tapers off, but leaves a small grin behind, and he buries the side of his face against Jesse's stomach. "God. He's so gunna regret ever havin' told me his real name. Poor dude." This is accompanied by another small snort of laughter, before he switches topics. "Yeh, it looks badass. Bled like a motherfucker though, prolly cuz he was so fucked up. Duster looked like he'd murdered someone when he got done."

Jackie: "No way. I bet he loves it. I bet he's like, so freaking happy to finally have the truth come out." This is, of course, highly unlikely - but Jesse likes to think about the outlandish, and it's nice to have someone to laugh with, again. Without thought, his eyebrows furrow inward for that description, but he doesn't lift his head to peer down at Kellen curiously. "Why was he so fucked up? Usually he's the one like, so in control. Like on New Years. That's weird."

Jay: "Oh, no doubt. Mebbe we should get him a set of engraved dog tags so he can wear it proudly." The thought indeed makes Kellen laugh again; he can picture the face Jimmy makes everytime Kellen calls him by his full name, and that only makes it better. His mirth fades with the following question, however. "Ahhh...he's been kinda depressed lately. It's, he's got this...lover, I guess you'd call him, though he isn' very loving. Guy's been MIA for like, four months or so, and Leech is worried that he's never coming back. And then, there was that kid who tried to kill himself last week. He didn' like dealing with that. Guess he jus' needed some release."

Jackie: Chirping in amusement, since no doubt Jimmy's face would fall to that of total desperation, were he to receive a gift like that, Jesse continues to scratch at Kellen's scalp distractedly. He listens intently to the details about Leech's personal life, having not really heard much about it otherwise, and the details make his eyebrows furrow again; it's odd to think of the parasite as anything more than his guitar teacher, and Kellen's kind of scary older brother. Still, he makes another noise similar to a hum, and talks up to the ceiling. "Oh...well, that sucks. At least he has you and Duster to hang out with and vent to and stuff. He seems like he's always kind of got things in control, though."

Jay: Sighing under his breath, Kellen rocks his head towards that petting more and lets his eyes close again. "Yeh...he does seem like that." The tone suggests that the appearance of composure is sometimes all he has, but Kellen doesn't elaborate; he can't share Leech's true difficulties with Jesse, so he'd rather not make stuff up, and he's really tired of thinking about it anyway. "Lars said he's gonna try to visit soon, I think. Unofficially, I mean; we'll have to go down to Leech's rooms to hang out with him."

Jackie: "I'm sure spending the weekend with you and Duster helped him a lot." He tries to sound reassuring, and it does come across as completely genuine - if there's anyone that can lift Leech's mood, surely it's those two. Still keeping up with his scratching, Jesse arches his back briefly to get more comfortable, before relaxing back into the bed. His free hand moves to rub across his own buzzed scalp, and he smiles for that information. "Yeah? Good! That'll be fun. I think Tim could really use some quality time with him. He was miserable all weekend. Like...more miserable than isolation usually makes him."

Jay: Kellen does smile for that, glad that his devotion to his brother is good for something, but doesn't address it directly. Of course, the switch of topic to Lars probably wasn't the best way to go; he keeps his eyes closed to prevent showing any particular knowledge of Tim's misery. "Yeh, prolly so. I don't blame him for being so miserable, though; it sounds like their overnight escape is the last one they'll be able to have for a while. Leech said the headmaster wants all the staff to keep an eye on them, once they get out. Can't go outside the building without an escort, have to stay in their dorm after dinner, someone checkin' on them every hour. He said Jefe even considered banning them from our next trip, but he talked him out of it."

Jackie: Yawning quietly, since he always gets pretty sleepy after smoking, Jesse shakes his head to wake himself up some more, but doesn't try too hard to stave off his sleepiness; this relaxation is too good to deny. He wrinkles his nose for that detail, not liking it since it for sure means that Tim's going to continue to be miserable, and also unable to even comprehend how much that will suck. "Really? Man...that's freaking brutal. I mean, like, I get it. Especially since they stole Snyder's car, but...that's intense." He thinks for a moment, before adding on: "At least they share a dorm, so they can still see each other."

Jay: Kellen nods silently in agreement, though he really doesn't give a single fuck about the punishment after having spent all weekend trying to keep Leech from falling apart. Oddly, he's still more angry at Ness than at Tim, even though Ness' part in the betrayal was entirely unknowing. "Yeh...their sex life might take a hit, though, with someone checking in all the time." He manages not to sound at all pleased by that, somehow. "Did Tim tell you where they went, at all?"

Jackie: Immediately, Jesse chirps out a small laugh, because of course Kellen would say something like that - and no doubt, it's a concern for Ness, since he's such a sexual person. He tugs on Kellen's hair briefly, but doesn't negate it - since it's most likely true. When he talks, it's in a relaxed tone - he's sounding more and more comfortable, and pleased to have company. "Yeah, he said that they were initially just going for a drive. Ness was gonna sneak out, and Tim didn't want him to, and Mike convinced him to go. But then the car broke down, so they stayed at this hunting cabin like, a half an hour away. Really, it sounded pretty innocent."

Jay: Kellen makes a noise, just something that says he heard Jesse, but he very much doubts that things were innocent if Ness was involved. Actually, he's quite certain they weren't innocent, but as he got that information from Leech he keeps it to himself. "What happened to the car? How'd they get it fixed to come back the next morning?"

Jackie: Since Jesse is so blind to the other things happening behind the scenes - Leech and Tim's relationship, mostly - he's still completely infatuated with the fact that Tim and Ness seem infatuated with each other. So this is an easy conversation for him, and he hums again and shrugs his shoulders, closing his eyes and scratching at Kellen's hair like a cat kneads blankets. "I'm not too sure. Tim doesn't know much about cars, so he couldn't really describe anything. They like, stalled on the road and Mike couldn't get it going. So they went to the cabin to find a phone, and couldn't, so they just...slept there. Mike fixed it in the morning, though."

Jay: Unable to contain a derisive snort, Kellen tries to put some amusement in his voice to cover for it. "Well, that was fuckin' convenient. Good thing Ness does know so much about cars." Possibly something did go wrong with the car, but Kellen can't imagine it wasn't something Ness could've fixed sooner than the morning. But he's never been a guy to not take advantage of situations. "I'm sure they enjoyed themselves, anyway."

Jackie: Despite the tone, Jesse doesn't take Kellen's words for anything more than face value; even if it was all a lie, the fact that the boys went off together pleases him - especially because Tim detailed a little more about what was discussed at the cabin. He continues to sound content, fingers now moving more languidly through Kellen's hair. "Yeah, I think they did. Tim said they talked a little bit more, about like...them and stuff. Which is good. Mike really does care about him."

Jay: Kellen goes still as Jesse continues, but at that last sentence, his eyes snap open and he sits up abruptly, shimmying off the bed without notice and crossing to the bathroom, closing the door behind himself. Once alone in the tiny room, Kellen lets his irritation out some with a mostly-silent snarl, but manages to keep from hitting anything and instead just rubs forcefully at his temples, though he's not sure if he's trying to get rid of the hangover-headache, or trying to get the whole fucked up situation from his head. He realizes that he can't stay here long; Jesse's sure to follow after him and question the bizarre behavior, so he turns on the tap and splashes cold water on his face, snags his towel to dry it off, then stares at himself in the mirror for a moment while he tries to convince himself to leave the bathroom again.

Jackie: Jesse is nearly lulling himself into a half-conscious state, this conversation fairly relaxed, at least from his perspective. But when Kellen shoots up and then darts to the bathroom, Jesse immediately sits up as well, looking at that retreating back with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, because he has no idea what sparked that. He waits a moment, until he hears the water running in the bathroom, before he shifts off of the bed and follows Kellen's trail. He hovers near the door and leans his head in closer, ear to the wood surface so he can listen - perhaps Kellen got a stomach bug, and needed to puke - but it just sounds like he's washing his face. So he knocks gently, uncertain. "Kell? You okay? What happened?"

Jay: Kellen scowls at his reflection when that knock comes, but of course, he can't blame Jesse for any of this; the kid's entirely ignorant of why this might be a painful conversation for Kellen, and Kellen's really sick of knowing things he can't share. Though he's still grimacing, his voice comes out fairly jocular when he responds through the door: "Nothing. Jus' the idea of Ness and Tim 'talking about them' an' Ness caring about someone, made me feel like I was gunna vomit." Forcing his face to relax, he stands up and hesitates just another moment before opening the door and giving Jesse a quick, shifty little smile. "I'm too sober to think about that shit."

Jackie: Not trying to enter the room, since he knows Kellen well enough to know that that wouldn't be a very good idea, Jesse stays hovering near the door, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and gnawing on it. At first, that explanation confuses him, because Kellen's been right alongside him as the Tim and Mike thing has grown, and up until a few weeks ago was pretty supportive of them getting together. He steps back when the door is opened and looks at his room mate with concern, even when the more playful addition comes along. "You want me to get you some warm ginger ale? Maybe you're getting sick, too. I could snag some broth from the kitchen or something."

Jay: Jesse's obvious sincerity makes a grin come easily, and Kellen shakes his head. "Nah, I'll be arrite. Prolly just need to get high." In favor of that, he goes over to open the window a sliver for ventilation, then hauls his backpack onto his bed as he collapses onto it and starts searching for the necessary items. After this weekend, his weed stash is running very low, but he does find enough to pack his pipe. Hooking his feet on the edge of the bed, knees bent up, he takes a long, deep draw from it, then offers the item to Jesse.

Jackie: Still standing there with wide, curious eyes, both hands holding one another near his chest, Jesse doesn't entirely buy that answer, but he doesn't negate it - not one to try to diagnose people when he has difficulty figuring out his own emotions. So he forces a smile and nods, going back to his side of the room to snag his blankie - one he has from home, that is super soft and well worn in. He wraps it around himself, and then goes back to Kellen's bed to collapse back on it, this time parallel to Kellen. He takes the offered pipe and draws from it, but not too much, since he's already a little stoned. "Lars gave me a good stash of weed, if you're running low. It's good stuff, too."

Jay: Kellen shakes his head before exhaling, leaning forward and letting his arms drop towards the floor, resting his chin on a knee. "Thanks, but I'll be okay. Think I should be able to get some more later this week." Given Leech's mood, Kellen might have doubted that the man would bother getting in contact with his supplier, but he's pretty sure constant inebriation is high on the list of priorities for now. He takes another hit from the pipe, holds the smoke in, then yawns as he exhales; the weed is at least letting him unwind enough to grow tired, even if he isn't completely relaxed. Not wanting to hear anything else about their suitemates, Kellen takes it upon himself to find a new topic. "We're gunna have to find a new spot fer our next ghost stakeout. Do you think there might be something going on in the theater? That...whatever that was that we saw, it was kinda near there."

Jackie: Jesse nods for that, but makes a mental note to fix up his bowl for smoking tomorrow night, before Kellen uses his own supply. Curling up in his blanket, the only actual part of Jesse that is visible is his face, which is slowly starting to flush from the pot. He grins as the conversation turns back to their ghost adventures, and he closes his eyes softly as he talks. "Oh, actually, yeah. I was kind of thinking about that, earlier. The theatre would be a good place to start, I think. We could maybe use the Oiuja for an initial test or something."

Jay: After a final hit, Kellen uses the butt of his lighter to put out the smoldering embers in the bowl and sets the pipe aside, then flops backwards onto the bed. Glad that his change of topic was taken up easily, he nods thoughtfully. "Sounds good...I bet Justin has some ideas. I haven' ever noticed anything in the theater itself, but that doesn't mean nothing is there. Some of the costumes are really old...can clothes be haunted, you think?"

Jackie: Shifting to make room for Kellen, Jesse rolls back into the boy's form in their typical comfortable snuggling - it isn't overly affectionate, but he does push himself to be right up next to Kellen. He still has his eyes closed, and looks like he could fall asleep just like this, but the strength in his voice shows that sleep isn't around the corner, just yet. "Dude, could you imagine? Like, wearing a costume and then getting possessed or something? That'd be insane. Can't see why it wouldn't work that way, though. Sometimes inanimate objects are haunted, ya know?"

Jay: "I think there's a movie about that, or something like that..." He narrows his eyes in thought, staring up at the ceiling, but he can't bring the movie in question to mind, so he gives up on it for now. "Yeh, it seems totally plausible to me. I mean, houses are haunted, an' clothes are like a house, only...smaller? Still something ya live in. Wouldn't it be awesome if we found like, a haunted wedding dress? Somethin' totally creepy like that?"

Jackie: "That'd be...really creepy. Nightmare inducing, actually." Thinking about that a little more, Jesse actually shivers, and moves to hide his face into Kellen's side, still bundled up in his blanket. From there, he talks again, but his voice is a little muffled. "We should talk to Mal, see if he's noticed anything weird with any of the costumes."

Jay: After he says it, Kellen thinks about it more, and joins Jesse in shivering, nodding emphatically in agreement. "Fuck yeh it would. I hope it happens." He glances down at Jesse, resting a hand on his head for reassurance. Probably, if anything of that nature happened, both of them would completely lose it and run screaming into the night, but he doesn't think of that right now. "Oh! That's a good idea. We should hella ask him." He turns his attention to the door, like he's just going to get up and go hunt Mal down right now - the pretty little singer could probably help his mood significantly - but it seems to take too much effort, so he stays where he is.
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