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Jay: Not too long after Lars and Leech had their uncomfortable not-discussion, Leech had gone back to having Duster ink him and the frustrated Lars went up to the living quarters. Kellen had repaired outside to smoke a joint, but this didn't entirely help his mood, so he heads upstairs as well in search of alcohol. He only remembers that Maggie and the baby are off staying with her sister when he reaches the kitchen and finds it empty of her usual baking presence, only inhabited by Lars. Kellen nods at the older boy affably enough as he crosses to the fridge. "Is there any beer anywhere?"

Jackie: When Leech heads back to the safety zone of Duster's studio, Lars rolls his eyes and snorts to himself, watching that retreating back with narrowed eyes. He didn't gather much information from the parasite, which may frustrate him more than the knowledge of his and Timothy's break up, but he knows Leech well enough - or at least knows that type of personality - than to think the guy will open up if Lars gets persisting. So instead he makes his way upstairs, where he hunts down a beer and pops it open, taking a healthy drink from it. He's still in the kitchen when Kellen enters, and he's got one arm crooked up so he can rub at his neck (maybe this is where Tim got it from), but he nods his head back towards the fridge and decides against being a jerk. "There's some on the bottom shelf."

Jay: Kellen nods for that information, finding the beer and opening one, taking a restorative drink. "Ahhhh...thanks. That's better." Reaching the table, he pulls a chair out with a foot and drops into it. After another drink or two, he sets the bottle down and rubs both hands over his face and through his hair, leaving smudges of eyeliner from the corners of his eyes towards his hairline. "Jaysus, what a long fucking day."

Jackie: Lars only bothers to nod in response to that, trailing his hand up from his neck to scratch along his scalp - not exactly in frustration, but the action doesn't look like it's trying to be soothing, either. He takes a drink to match with Kellen and then grunts for the boy's continued words, snagging his bottle and winding out of the kitchen into the main room, which is still connected to the kitchen area somewhat. "Could say that again." Being that he didn't get much of a response for Leech about the entire sitation, Lars doubts it's a good idea to keep talking about it to Kellen, so he falls back onto the couch and lets out an audible sigh.

Jay: Kellen groans his agreement, sipping more casually at his beer now. He remains seated at the table, having gotten the impression that Lars isn't too enthusiastic for anyone's company right now. Maybe to rectify that, he speaks a little awkwardly, but sincerely enough: "I'm sorry, fer snapping at you earlier. I don't blame you fer being pissed off about this situation."

Jackie: If Lars were alone, he'd maybe flick on the television and roll a joint, both in hopes of drowning out the thought he has swimming around in his head. But having Kellen here keeps him from doing that, at least for right now, and he sighs as he drops his head back to the top of the couch and closes his eyes. He's starting to formulate a plan, of maybe going to the school and kidnapping Tim, but gets interrupted by that voice. He lulls his head to the side and peers over at Kellen for a moment, then lazily shrugs. "Don't worry about it." Then he rolls his head back forward and looks up at the ceiling, speaking in a contemplative tone. "Not like I should be so wound up about it, anyways. Sorry for snapping back."

Jay: Relaxing minutely for that mild response, the kid picks up his beer again and turns in his chair to face Lars more directly. "Hard not to, though. Knowing someone ya care about that much is hurting an' not being able to do shit about it." He spins the bottle between his hands for a moment before taking another drink. "I know I said they'd prolly be better off if they split, but it still sucks. For Leech and Tim. And fer you and me."

Jackie: For that, Lars grunts his agreement, but doesn't add onto those words just yet - not quite feeling up to addressing his feelings about this, because it's only going to wind up with him getting emotional again. Keeping his eyes locked to the ceiling, he takes another drink from his beer and then rests it on his belly. He purses his lips in thought and squints in his, figuring things out in his head. ", you're probably right. Just...ya know, I thought they were good for each other. Maybe not, though."

Jay: Kellen continues twisting in the kitchen chair until he's straddling it, arms crossed over the back and his chin resting on them. "Well, I think...Tim liked Leech a lot. They had really enthusiastic sex, anyway. But they jus' sorta happened, while he's been mooning after Ness fer a real long time. An' Ness is a drunk and a whore and a liar, but he does seem to genuinely like Tim, so...mebbe it'll be better in the long run, for both of 'em." He shrugs slightly, sipping at his beer again.

Jackie: Lars decides against discussing the sexual nature of Tim and Leech's relationship, because surely Lars' only sexual experiences with Timothy were enthusiastic - and he doesn't need to think about them right now. He gives a loose shrug, not bothering to look back at Kellen, and takes another drink, but keeps the bottle near his lips so he can mouth at it distractedly as he thinks. "Well...yeah. I mean, if shit wasn't going to work out with Leech, I'd absolutely assume it had to be something Tim felt to be genuine. Still...doesn't seem like him, though. He really likes your brother." Surely, Lars knows more than anyone else about these feelings - the boy has told him things in more detail on his random pop-ins to the school.

Jay: "Yeh..." Kellen peers down at his beer thoughtfully, cocking his head to the side some. "Seems like he really likes Ness, too, though. An' I's been hard lately fer Leech to get away with spending much time with Lint, y'know? Busy with work an' all. Ness is more accessible." Draining the beer, Kellen goes to drop it in the bin and acquire another one, pausing before closing the fridge door and lifting the new bottle in question. "Ya want another?"

Jackie: Lars lifts a hand to wave it around in the air a bit, a sign that he agrees. "Yeah, I know he does. As much as I don't trust the kid, he at least seems to reciprocate those feelings. Doesn't seem like they have eyes for anyone other than each other." Which is kind of endearing, if Lars allowed himself to think kindly about it. He peers down at his bottle, which still has enough beer to line up with the bottom of the label, and nods his head. "Yeah, sure - thanks." He finishes off that beer and sets it down near his feet, then sits up more so he can stretch his back. "Just seems dumb, you know? Both parties shouldn't be so fucking miserable."

Jay: Kellen makes a quiet, noncommittal noise in response to that comment about Ness' reciprocation of feelings, shrugging one shoulder. "Ness told Jesse that he hasn' fucked anyone else since around Thanksgiving, when he got in that fight with Lovato 'cuz the fucker wouldn't shut up telling Tim how many guys he's been with since he got here. The little douche even insinuated that Ness was fuckin' me - which wasn' true - and it got pretty obvious that Tim didn' like hearing about it." Reaching the living room, he hands the new beer off to Lars and drops onto the couch nearby, leaning back against the arm rest. He opens his own and takes a drink before continuing. "On the other hand, Ness did not claim that he hadn' hooked up with anyone else, jus' that he hadn't fucked anyone. I'm not sayin' he did, but...who knows."

Jackie: Leaning back into the couch, Lars takes that beer and nods his thanks, popping the top off and taking another drink, this one much shorter than his last. As he pulls the bottle away, it makes one of those smacking noises from the sucking, and Lars rolls his lips in mild thought, shifting to make sure there's plenty of room for Kellen to join him on the couch. "That isn't at all surprising. Tim's always been weird about that kind of stuff." No doubt, it's escalated quite a bit since being abandoned by his parents; Lars can only assume how much the boy's jealousy and insecurity have increased. "It's whatever. I'll pop on by sometime this week, check in on him. Can't imagine he's taking it all too well."

Jay: "I have noticed he's sorta inclined towards jealousy, yeh." It's impossible to stop the wry smirk from forming with his words, but he at least doesn't dwell on that. He shakes his head dismissively, taking another long drink afterwards. Taking advantage of the extra space on the couch, he folds his leg up against the back of it. "No, I don' imagine he is. He an' Ness are both in isolation fer a long time, but I'm not sure exactly how long. They're in a lot of trouble after stealing an employee's car an' escaping for the whole night."

Jackie: Although Lars isn't look at Kellen, he can hear the smirk, and he can't help when his own mouth quirks up; as annoying as that jealousy can be, there's still a part of it that Lars loves, if only because it shows how much the boy cares. Eventually, he lifts his head to look back over at Kellen, now resting his temple against the back of the couch and watching the boy lazily. "Sounds like a stupid fucking thing to do, but...pretty bad ass, if you ask me. Gotta assume it was all Mike's doing, though."

Jay: Kellen waves a hand in lazy agreement. "Can't picture Tim hotwiring a bigass suburban and sweet-talking Ness into running away, so yeh, I think yer right." Lifting his hips, Kellen digs a pack of cigarettes out of one pocket on his tight pants, but pauses after opening the box. "The baby's not here, right? I can smoke in here?"

Jackie: Lars actually lets out one of his trademark chuckles for that, only getting half way through that mental picture before giving into the laughter - Tim is anything by suave. "At least, if you're gonna get in trouble, do it right, ya know?" Reaching down to his feet, he hands his empty bottle back over to Kellen to use as an ashtray - since there aren't any lingering around, since the baby was born. "Nah, Maggie took her to go visit her...sister or something. They're gone for the night."

Jay: Kellen narrows his eyes some, generally disapproving of Tim getting into trouble 'right' because it had such a bad effect on Leech, but he doesn't address that again. He doesn't want to get into bickering again. After lighting his smoke, he offers the pack to Lars and sets the beer bottle-turned-ashtray between his legs to ash into. "Guess Tim told Leech that they didn' mean to be gone all night. Car broke down, an' fer some reason Ness couldn't magically make it work again til the morning." He rolls his eyes, showing that he sees right through Ness' wiles, then drops his head back on the arm of the couch, craning his neck and exhaling towards the ceiling.

Jackie: Taking that offered pack, Lars slips a cigarette out and then tosses the box onto the cushions between the two of them, using his own lighter to ignite the tip. He inhales to ensure the thing has been lit and then shifts on the couch, taking up a similar position as Kellen, but keeping one leg off the couch comfortably. He rolls his eyes for Mike's obvious trickery. "Can't hold it against Tim - kid doesn't even have his permit." Try as he might, Lars was only able to get Tim behind the wheel a handful of times, and even then, it was only in parking lots. "I believe him, though - I mean, Tim isn't afraid to break the rules, but to leave for an overnight trip like that? He wouldn't." He pauses briefly to think, then looks back over at Kellen. "You think Leech is all right? All things considered, I mean."

Jay: There's a quiet laugh, sort of rough sounding (no doubt because of all the drinking and smoking he did last night), when he thinks of Tim having no clue what Ness was up to. His amusement fades with the following comments, however; still staring at the ceiling, he hesitates, nipping at his lower lip. "No...I don' think he is. I hope he will be soon, but he sure as fuck isn' now. Jus' a few days ago, he had a hardcore panic attack - I didn' see it, but when I went downstairs some shit had been tossed around an' he was curled up in that cage of his, said he'd hyperventilated until he passed out. He was feelin' like shit anyway, then...all this..." He waves a hand in the air descriptively, then drops that hand to rub at his throat where there's a nearly-healed hickie from his last encounter with Mal. "I really don' know. I've never seen him like this before."

Jackie: Lars' smile momentarily flicks upward again for that laugh, Kellen having one of those laughs - even when it's weak - that's undeniably infectious. But likewise, it dwindles away when Kellen starts to speak again, and looks at the boy with curious eyes, since he doesn't know Leech all that well. The boy is obviously upset, but he could be the type to roll things off in a day or so. However, it seems like Tim isn't the type of thing that rolls off so quickly. He purses his lips before taking another drink. "What's he get panic attacks from?" Since Lars doesn't ever get them, he assume that they are caused by direct things, even though Tim sometimes gets them with no warning or instigation. Lowering the bottle, he then raises his cigarette, and takes a drag before adding onto his question. "'least he isn't alone in all of it."

Jay: Kellen shrugs, waiting to exhale smoke before he answers, picking his head back up partially to look at the older boy on the other side of the couch. "Not totally sure, it seems to be a variety'a things. I've seen him freak out pretty bad after nightmares, usually about his mom. Emotions mostly, but needles spook him, too." Oh, he's completely aware of what caused that last panic attack, but he certainly does not want to bring up Ruckus right now. Reaching down, he flicks ashes into the beer bottle and takes another hit, cocking his head in confusion. "What? Ya mean cuz Tim feels like shit, too, it's easier fer Leech?"

Jackie: Lars grunts for that answer, accepting it without needing much more detail - he's aware of Leech's aversion to needles, but not his mother - and he doesn't feel all that great prying his brother for details about her. After Kellen ashes into the bottle, he does the same, rolling the cigarette around the brim of glass distractedly, contemplative. "What-- no, no. I meant, ya know, he's got you, and Duster. At least he isn't holing up alone. That'd probably be a terrible thing to do."

Jay: "Ahh, ahhh...I get it now." He nods, appeased, dropping his head back to the arm of the couch, sighing heavily. "If I tell ya a secret, you promise not to tell anyone? Specially not Leech." He doesn't lift his head, but rolls it to the side so he can peer at Lars in question.

Jackie: Still rolling his cigarette around the lip of that beer bottle, Lars nods briefly, confirming what he said, before blinking over at Kellen under his dark lashes. He studies the boy for a moment and then half grins, one of his dimples showing in the process. "Cross my heart."

Jay: Kellen watches the man a moment longer with narrowed eyes, as if judging his honesty, before sighing again and rolling his head back into its prone position. "I stole one'a Leech's skeleton keys fer the isolation rooms an' gave it to Jesse, so he could sneak in and see Lint while he's down there." One last drag and he drops the cigarette in the empty beer bottle, sitting up to hand it off to Lars, not quite meeting his eyes. "Leech'd be pissed if he knew, an' I sorta hesitated to do it anyway cuz I was so pissed at him, but I figure, the way Tim's been acting since his parents dumped him, he mebbe shouldn' be all alone right now."

Jackie: For a moment, Lars braces himself, maybe half way expecting Kellen's admission to be something really bad - or at least really incriminating. So the actual response is very refreshing, and Lars allows his mouth to form into a smile, his eyes warming up in the process, as well. He leans back a little bit, pleased, and maybe even a little impressed with the younger boy. "You're a good kid, Kellen." The way he says it, it doesn't sound condescending - and really, it's true; there's no doubt that Jesse appreciates it just as much as Tim does, and maybe even Lars. And the fact that Kellen went behind his own brother's back to do it maybe shows that he doesn't have it out for Tim, entirely, too. Taking the ashtray bottle, Lars ashes his smoke in there again, eyes focused on his cigarette when he talks again. "...thanks."

Jay: "Yeh, sure." Though he gives a doubtful little smirk for that praise, he doesn't actively disagree with it, merely picking up his beer and downing a good portion of it. Then he sits up and turns to set the bottle on the coffee table, stretching his arms over his head and arching his back. "Fuck. Nice to not feel quite so hungover, finally. Think we oughta order some food, mebbe? Leech could prolly use something as ballast in his stomach, soak up some of the drugs and liquor."

Jackie: Normally, Lars would probably eye the boy as he stretches, but he isn't all up for it at the moment - and is probably drawing his attraction further away from the boy, in favor of focusing on Tim. He drops his cigarette in the makeshift ash tray and then swirls the bottle around, making sure both cigarettes are doused with the excess liquid, before reaching forward to place it on the coffee table, as well. "Yeah, food would be good. Maybe just get something to deliver? I'm feeling pretty lazy." No doubt, they all are - or at least fucked up enough to not want to leave. "Yeah, he was looking a little like a zombie. What all did he take?"

Jay: "Yeh, delivery is the way to go. Pizza or Chinese, I guess? I'm good with either." He glances about, vaguely looking for a phonebook, though he doesn't actually get up. Normally, Kellen would be trying to gain Lars' closer attention, but right now he doesn't much seem up for it either. Just too much going on for such light-hearted fun. "I really don' know the entire list. Didn' sleep much and I spotted him with a glass of wine about ten this morning. Definitely some pills involved, too." He turns to look at the head of the staircase as the door opens, but it's not Leech or Duster, only Jimmy, more lively than when last seen but as laconic as ever. He nods a greeting to Lars, ambling over to sit on the floor near the couch and leaning against the piece of furniture with a shoulder. Kellen brightens noticeably for this appearance, stretching a hand out to rub the man's shaved head. "Ya hungry, Saint?"

Jackie: "Chinese. Duster and I did pizza yesterday, and I had the leftovers for breakfast this morning." It certainly isn't a complaint; Lars loves cold pizza for breakfast. Rolling not so gracefully off of the couch, he gets to his feet and, by some grace of god, doesn't spill his beer, and ambles back to the kitchen, where his cell phone is charging on the half wall. He talks loud enough that Kellen can hear him over his shoulder. "Kind of weird to see him like that, ya know? Normally, he's getting everyone else in check. Not that...I blame him, or anything." How could he? Lars himself spent the better half of a month a mess after Tim left for reform school. He snags his phone and starts scrolling through the contacts, trying to locate the chinese carryout number - something he has programmed, of course - and nods in greeting at Jimmy as the boy enters. "Hey, man."

Jay: Kellen nods agreeably, never minding Chinese at any time. "Rad. Get lotsa egg rolls; Leech likes those." He continues scratching at Jimmy's head as the man lazily tips towards him, resting his temple against Kellen's knee. He shrugs carelessly at the question, and Kellen narrows an eye to look at him suspiciously. "When's the last time you ate?" "Oh...this morning? Pancakes?" Kellen snorts, shaking his head. "That was yesterday, dude." He sounds tolerantly amused, used to Jimmy's total lack of self-preservation instincts. "I'll go see what Duster and Leech want." Standing up on the couch, he hops over the back of it, hangover plainly cured.

Watching him leave, Jimmy turns to look at Lars, eyebrow cocked. "Looks like ya managed to make him calm down. Well done."

Jackie: Lars grunts for that, half paying attention, but more focused on finding that phone number. He only glances up when Kellen darts away, but doesn't have the time to stop him before the boy is out of the room. He was just planning on ordering a shit ton of food and letting everyone pick at what they want, but taking orders is probably a better idea. Glancing over at Jimmy, this time Lars snorts, rounding the corner as he reenters the main room and takes up his spot on the couch, cell phone still in hand. "I think he calmed himself down. Everyone seems a bit on edge today." Himself included, of course. "Ya got any special food requests?:

Jay: "Yeah...on edge is a good way to put it. 'cept Leech, I think Leech is gunna dissolve any time now. Jus' hope Kell doesn't start hovering and worrying again, it doesn't do anyone any good." The skeletal man waves dismissively for that question, not interested in food as usual. "Nah, just whatever. I'll trust your taste."

Jackie: Lars half expected that answer about the food, and can't even recall ever seeing Jimmy actually eat. So he stashes his phone away, resting it on top of the arm rest until Kellen returns with the other boy's requests. Tilting his head curious, he squints a bit at Jimmy. "Dissolve? Whatcha mean?"

Jay: "Oh...y'know..." The hand waving is attempting to be descriptive, this time. "Everytime I went by, he was sinkin' more and more into that chair. Gettin' quieter and quieter. Kinda just melting away." Spotting the pack of cigarettes Kellen left on the couch, Jimmy snags one and lights it, speaking around the filter. "Kid can't do anything but try to help, even though he knows it isn' doing any good; at least now we're here he can leave it to Duster."

Jackie: For that, Lars again grunts, eventually understanding, and even feeling a stabbing feeling - not guilt, but something similar - because surely his earlier attack on Leech didn't help, at all. "Well, I'm sure that melting had a lot to do with the pills dissolving." Because there's no question that Leech is fucked out of his mind, at the moment. But Lars doesn't sound accusatory, and even smirks a little bit at that description of Kellen. "It's true. I'm sure Dust will take care of it all." Like he usually does, Lars is sure.

Jay: "Def'nitely a lot to do with that. Keep hopin' he'll just pass out, so Kellen can finally relax without feelin' bad about it." He nods in agreement for the comment about Duster, because the artist is obviously a very supportive force in Leech's life. Before he can go on, Kellen returns, sticking his left arm out towards Lars - it's got scribbled orders on it, done in sharpie, like a shopping list. "Here ya go. Call 'em up. Dust said he'll treat."

Jackie: "Did ya see them, before you came up here? Dust still working on Leech's back?" Maybe, with the over indulgence and the tattooing, Leech's body will give in and he'll get to bed before dinner even arrives - not that the dude should go without food, but Lars isn't accustomed to seeing Kellen so tense, and it's a little unnerving. Craning his head back to look over at the younger boy once he reappears, he glances at that arm, amused, and then rolls his eyes. "Duster got dinner last time. And the time before that. You two want anything in particular?"

Jay: Jimmy nods at the questions but doesn't have much chance to elaborate with Kellen's quick return. Kellen hops over the back of the couch, but keeps his arm stretched back so Lars can read it if necessary. "Ahh, yeh, some moo shu pork for me. With pork fried rice, I think." Not surprisingly, Jimmy shrugs carelessly with a muttered 'whatever' which makes Kellen snort derisively.

Jackie: Snatching his phone, Lars presses the pad of his thumb onto the screen a few times in order to get to the recent calls box, and dials to the restaurant, all while studying that arm and committing it all to memory. He rolls his eyes for Jimmy's lack of response, and probably makes some sexual innuendo about Kellen's moo shu, before politely placing an order that has double the necessary amount of egg rolls, and an extra noodle dish just in case. When he hangs up, he slides the phone back onto the coffee table lazily, and then stretches out again. "Should take about thirty. We good on beer, or should I go pop down to the corner store real quick?"

Jay: "Sweeeet." Kellen reclaims his previous place tucked into the corner of the couch, as well as his beer. "Nah, looked pretty well stocked up, I think. Unless yer hoping to get me drunk an' lower my inhibitions?" The kid narrows an eye, not sounding like he'd entirely mind that plan of action, but he's not as forceful about it as he usually would be. Still, no point in losing ground. Jimmy glances at Lars from the corners of his eyes, out of Kellen's line of vision, sharing a tiny smirk of amusement for his persistence.

Jackie: "When did I become so transparent?" Lars voice is total dead pan, and he glances over at Kellen with an arched eyebrow, like he's actually curious for an answer. He holds it for a few solid seconds and then cracks, laughing a little bit and leaning back, pressing the middle of his back into the arm rest. He snags a beer and very decisively goes away from that subject matter. "I like the scales Duster's doing - they're really fucking good. His lines are so sharp."

Jay: For that joking question, Kellen's eyes widen momentarily before he theatrically lowers his lashes with a tiny, coy grin. "Mebbe I'm jus' that perceptive." But he joins in that laughter a second later and also lets the topic drop as well. "Yeh, they look badass. He's really taking a lotta time with the coloring, too - think he said it'll take another session after he finishes this one; he's gunna do another layer over it to brighten it up."

Jackie: Lars does one of his sly, blink-and-it's-gone winks at Kellen, which used to drive Tim crazy, when they were back in California and things weren't so epically fucked up. Snagging his still half-full beer, Lars takes a swig and grunts a little bit, tipping his head side to side to pop the vertebrate in his neck. "He's so good. Wish I had known him a few years ago. Then maybe some of my tattoos wouldn't be so fucked up."

Jay: Kellen can't help cackling again for that wink, looking away as preventative action before he gives himself away too much. "Yeh, he's definitely a badass. I'm sure he can touch yers up, at least. They're not too bad. Who did 'em?" Finishing his beer, he hops up again to retrieve another, bringing one back for Lars also as a matter of course.

Jackie: Now on the subject of his tattoos, Lars peers down at his arms, where most of his ink resides. He doesn't have full sleeves quite yet, but there are enough to make it look like he's well on his way, and one hand moves to rub at a forearm. "Ahh...who didn't?" When he first started getting tattooed, Lars didn't care for the particulars; anyone with a clean needle was good enough for him, which is why some of his tattoos have blurred edges and faded coloring. But he doesn't seem upset by it, and shrugs casually. "I've had a handful of artists, no one I really stuck with a whole lot, though."

Jay: Nodding for that information, Kellen lets his attention wander over the displayed arms for a moment or two before redirecting his attention to his beer. "'ve only had Duster work on me, obviously." Given that he only has one actual tattoo, currently. "You've had a variety though, yeh?" He nudges Jimmy with a foot; Jimmy had been staring vacantly at the opposite wall and takes a second to catch up. "...ah? Oh. Yeah. I don' remember most of them, though."

Jackie: Rubbing his fingers along some five point star, almost like he's buffing it away, Lars flicks his eyes back over to Kellen and quickly scans his form before remembering that his tattoo is on his chest, and unable to be seen at the moment. "Well, at least you're starting off on the right foot." He also glances down at Jimmy and snorts for the response, since it's sort of typical, before taking another gulp of his beer. "It's weird seeing Tim with them, though. He never really talked about getting them, before."

Jay: Kellen also snorts, nudging Jimmy's shoulder once more. "What? Ya forgot all your prison buddies? How heartless." Jimmy over-vexaggerates the force of that nudge to just topple over on the floor, rolling onto his back. "I wasn' in prison, Kell. Yer confusing real life with those pornos ya watch again." Kellen gives a quiet laugh for that, still not totally himself but plainly relaxing a bit. "Ahh...right, my mistake. Nah, it seems like Tim's first one was sorta spontaneous."

Jackie: Watching those two interact, Lars snorts his amusement, and is reminded of Jesse - if only because these boys have the type of goofy friendship that he and Jess have, just with less sexual flirtation. "Now I know what to dress up as for Halloween..." Laughing at his own joke, maybe mostly to dismiss it, Lars swipes a hand over his scalp and shrugs a shoulder. "Yeah, I guess it must've been. Still just...weird."

Jay: "What, as a convict, er a guard?" Kellen tilts his head and eyes Lars up speculatively, like he's debating which role he'd fit better. Jimmy folds an arm under his head and tugs at the edge of his shirt, creeping up over his emaciated tummy with all the movement. "I know what ya mean, man. Strange as fuck seein' little boys grow up and get all covered in ink and steel." It takes Kellen a moment to realize he's being discussed, but then he kicks at Jimmy reflexively again. "I don't got any piercings. An' you didn't know me when I was a little boy, either."

Jackie: "Got a preference? I can do both." Again, this is said in that way too flirtatious tone, and both eyebrows are raised innocently, which contrasts deeply with what's being said. Still, he caves quickly, and glances over at Jimmy, nodding his head and grunting again, because he's starting to feel old. "Not just that, but I mean...what's next, is Jesse gonna get someting pierced? Ya know? Tim's a nerd. And not like, tattooed type nerd. Nerd nerd."

Jay: Kellen laughs again at that, but doesn't let himself respond lest he get distracted thinking about it; he isn't actually that interested in prison porn, but he is pretty interested in Lars. "He was a nerd - doesn' mean he's gonna stay that way forever. Jesse'd prolly look adorable with some piercings." Jimmy gives a generally agreeing grunt, letting his eyes drop half-closed now that he isn't being kicked any more. "'s true, not everyone starts getting tatted up when they're fourteen. I didn' get any 'til I was seventeen. Tim's not that young either, is he?"

Jackie: "Well, no, I'm not saying that but...I don't know. It's weird. Jesse with an eyebrow ring or something wouldn't like...surprise me, ya know. Little hippie fucker. But Tim was always so clean cut. I like the tattoos, don't get me wrong. It's just weird." Surely, if Jesse was here, he'd back Lars up on this; Tim's a sweater vest wearing, matching socks type of person. Lars finishes this beer (finally) and replace it on the coffee table, alongside the full one Kellen brought for him. "And no, he isn't."

Jay: Though he's aware that Tim is something of a nerd, Kellen still doesn't seem to catch on completely to what Lars is saying. So he just shrugs, drinking more beer. "Shit changes. Even people." The door to the staircase pops open, and Duster emerges, carrying a pair of bags full of Chinese food cartons which he takes to set on the table in the kitchen. "Hey, kids. Food's here."

Leech follows, surprisingly steady on his feet despite his intake of chemicals, setting a third bag on the table also. He doesn't seem much interested in the food, though he does find a half-full bottle of wine on the counter and appropriates it, making his way down the hall towards Duster's room without a word.

Jackie: Lars grunts again for that, dismissing it all - probably, it's a better thing to converse with Jesse about, or just lay in bed and think about, since it really isn't that big of a deal. Tipping his head back, he looks at Duster upsidedown, and kind of glares. "...hope you didn't pay the dude, 'cause it's already on my card." Knowing Duster, he probably gave the delivery guy a hefty tip, but at least Lars paid for most of the meal. At least, he hopes so. Rolling off the couch, he makes his way to the baggies of food, but eyes Leech carefully, keeping quiet as he watches the older man grab that bottle of wine and sulk off. He snorts quietly and shakes his head, going to reach for one of the cartons of lo mein. "Surprised he's still drinking."

Jay: Duster turns his head to hide a shifty little smile for that threatening statement, since he's entirely used to being the Nice Guy and only actual adult around, so having Lars here is something of an education. "No, I wasn't even allowed to tip him. Seems that was on your card, too." His amusement fades some as he glances towards Leech's path, but he only shrugs uncomfortably, not wanting to go anywhere near a discussion about Leech's current mindset or the reasons for it. "He's got more capacity than you'd expect."

Kellen draws himself to his feet and snags Jimmy's arm to pull him along to the table. Picking through the bags, he finds a small one with a few egg rolls in it, which he presses on Jimmy then pointedly looks down the hall, where Duster's door is slamming. Apparently getting the message, Jimmy takes the food and goes after Leech, because if he doesn't then Kellen definitely will. Nodding in satisfaction, Kellen snags a carton of food for himself. "Done with ink for the night?" Duster nods and takes a beer for himself, dropping into a chair. "Can't do any more without fucking it up, right now."

Jackie: Grinning toothily over at Duster, Lars is satisfied that the delivery guy didn't try to take double tip, although it wouldn't have been an unwarranted amount - there have been a handful of times that Lars has gotten his food in record speed from this place, but only had enough for a moderate tip. "Surprising, based on his size." Deciding that he'll leave it at that, Lars sidesteps away from the counter top littered with take out bags. Plucking a set of chopsticks, he then goes to retreat back to the couch, but doesn't sprawl out; instead, he curls up into the corner and immediately digs into his food, hunkering his head down low to the carton to make the shoveling that much easier. He raises a hand to cover his mouth, since he still mid chew as he talks. "It looks really good, man. That line work."

Jay: Duster nods (again) and directs his attention to his food, to keep from prolonging the conversation about Leech's surprising qualities. For a few moments, there's relative silence while they all eat, until Lars speaks up again. "Thanks. Those tiny scales near the edges are kinda tough to get right, but I like it so far." Kellen gives a noise of agreement before swallowing his mouthful. "It does look badass. Makes me wanna get somethin' else, but I can't decide on anything."

Jackie: "You could always get lyrics from what's his face's original songs..." Lars clucks his tongue a few times, trying to recall the annoying fucker's name, before the lightbulb flicks on and he snaps his fingers in acknowledgment. "Tony! Yeah - him. Get some of his love poetry all up and down your arm. And get a big ol' heart with his name in it, right on your bicep. It'd look great, I bet."

Jay: Kellen chokes on his food, taking a large drink of beer to dislodge it then coughing some before he can finally get around to laughing, finally that maniacal, infectious laughter. "That would be fuckin' marvelous. But only if ya promise to get real drunk before you do it, an' use yer left hand, so it looks like a retarded toddler drew it on." Still snorting with mirth, he goes back to his food. Duster also grins for the banter, glad that not everyone in the place is so completely dour, even if he can't join in right now. So as not to bring them down, he takes his carton of food and heads downstairs with a quick explanation of 'Gonna go clean up.'

Jackie: Pleased that his joke was taken with such alacrity, Lars grins fully at Kellen and nods his head, still poking and prodding at more noodles so he can shove them into his mouth. "We'll do three shots of tequila, each, before we get started, too. Make it look real nice." Of course, this is a horrible, horrible idea, and Lars would never destroy such a pretty boy's exterior in such a way. He nods at Duster as he departs, then glances back down the hallway, then back to Kellen. "You sticking around here tonight? Or do you have to head back to the school?"

Jay: "Stellar idea! Mebbe a few lines'a coke too, to steady yer hand." Taking another drink of beer, Kellen demolishes an egg roll in a couple of bites, then nods at the question. "Yeh, Leech isn' in any condition to drive, an' I don't really wanna go back there anyway. Sure someone can cover his classes tomorrow." And Kellen, naturally, isn't the least bit concerned about the classes he'll miss himself.

Jackie: Despite not being one of the boys heartbroken over a break up, Lars wakes up feeling off; he isn't hungover, but his body feels like it was hit by a car, or maybe rolled out of a moving truck. He had spent the remainder of the night with Kellen, smoking way too much pot and lounging in bed, which naturally led to some fairly innocent snuggling. Having always been a morning person, he wakes up without an alarm at a decent hour - the rest of the apartment is silent - and he carefully detaches from Kellen so he can slip out of the room and make some coffee. Still in his sweatpants, he snags a wife beater and heads out of the bedroom, blindly entering the kitchen as he's tugging his shirt on. He's a bit surprised to see Leech awake, and not curled up next to a toilet, but he does proceed with caution, immediately heading towards the coffee maker. "Hey, man."

Jay: Leech is indisputably more alert than he was yesterday, but he doesn't appear to be enjoying it at all. He's sitting at the table, only wearing pants to keep from irritating his new ink, the heel of one hand pressing against the bridge of his nose as it supports his head over the table, staring down at a steaming cup of coffee. Though he hears the approaching footsteps, he doesn't look up, nor does he when Lars speaks, groaning wordlessly in reply.

Jackie: Pleased that there's coffee keeping warm in the glass pot, Lars snags one of the mugs from the cupboard up above and fills it most of the way, saving room for cream. Then he side steps towards the fridge and grabs the creamer, pouring a dollop before replacing it. Glancing over at Leech for that response, and noticing his positioning, he kind of nods to himself, and tests his coffee, leaning up against the counter top for balance. "Ya take any tylenol?"

Jay: "No." Leech continues to stare downwards, taking a brief drink of coffee before elaborating. "Think the vicoden has some advil in it though. Still, if yer gunna bitch at me, I'd appreciate ya doin it at low decibels." Again not moving much from his spot, he digs the pack of smokes out of his pocket and lights one, dragging hard off of it.

Jackie: Not at all surprised by the quick, short response, Lars flicks his eyes back to the parasite before taking another sip of coffee; it's stronger than what he'd normally make, but it's a nice change. He's about to offer to grab some medicine for Leech, since he can't imagine the dude doesn't have a headache, but he's halted by those continued words. He shoots a mild glare, unnoticed, to Leech, and then steps over to the sink to ruffle around the side cabinet there. "I didn't bitch before. Why start now?" Because in his mind, it wasn't bitching - and surely Leech knows that Lars is going to have some bias in this entire situation. Grabbing the bottle of tylenol, kept there for those hangover mornings, he then moves to the small table and chairs and wordlessly puts the bottle down near Leech's coffee mug.

Jay: Leech definitely would disagree on that point, but he doesn't say so, only offers a noncommittal grunt. His gaze slides to the side when that bottle of pills is set down, and after a moment of consideration, he sits up to undo the lid. He downs a few of the pills with a swallow of coffee, then sets the bottle aside. The silence is not comfortable, but he makes no attempt to interrupt it, because he won't be comfortable either way.

Jackie: Standing still after he puts the bottle down, Lars watches Leech pointedly, waiting for him to take the bottle before he bothers with moving at all. Satisfied, he plops down on the chair opposite of Leech and slides his own coffee mug across the table top, lifting it once it's in front of himself and taking a slurp out of it. Since he didn't get much of a response from Leech last time, he doesn't bother trying again. He sticks to the safe zone. "Duster up?"

Jay: Leaning against the chair back, the parasite exhales smoke towards the ceiling. That question makes him glance from side to side without moving his head, searching for Duster. "Must be. Think he slept on the couch." At least, when Leech woke, the only person in the room was Jimmy; Leech hardly takes up any space on a bed, but Jimmy took up quite a bit, and Duster would have taken up even more, so it's doubtful they all fit on Dust and Maggie's bed.

Jackie: Very obviously still in the process of waking up, Lars doesn't reach for one of those cigarettes and instead clings to his coffee, slurping loudly from it since it's still quite hot. He makes a little grunting noise of consideration, also glancing around, before zeroing in on Leech. "Jimmy still in bed? Pretty sure an elephant could storm through and your brother wouldn't wake up."

Jay: The grunt this time is affirmative, if still unenthusiastic. "Went back to bed, after he woke up at fuckin' seven-thirty to get high, woke me up. I don' got Kellen's talent fer sleeping through things." Which surely explains a small part of Leech's bad mood; he'd much rather still be asleep. Lars' words suggest that Kellen stayed with him overnight, but for once, Leech doesn't feel much need to protect his brother.

Jackie: Snorting a little more loudly for that answer, Lars shakes his head and focuses his attention to the other side of the room, not feeling like he should be staring Leech down like he did the day before. He doesn't have to voice his distaste for Jimmy's habits, since most people don't approve of them anyways, and he finally places his coffee mug back down on the table to let it cool off. "You're welcome to go join Kellen, get some more rest."

Jay: It's tolerably obvious that Leech expects Lars to start interrogating him as he did last night, and his terse replies are maybe designed to prevent that, as far as he can. "I arready woulda gone back to sleep if I could." He ashes his cigarette and takes another long drink from his coffee.

Jackie: Again, Lars snorts for that, and flicks his eyes up to Leech's face to look at him, silently scolding him. But then he just leans back into his chair, making himself comfortable, and changes his expression from that of annoyance, to one of expectant patience. "If you don't want me to bitch at you, don't make it necessary."

Jay: Lifting his head, Leech looks over at Lars with that typically blank expression. "Duster's prolly the best friend I've ever had, definitely one'a the only true friends I got left. I came here 'cuz he's really good at being comforting, an' doesn' mind trying to help me not give a shit about shit I can't do anything about. I don' see how me visiting my friend makes it necessary fer you to do anything - but if yer not gunna leave me alone til ya ask all yer questions, then fuckin ask them."

Jackie: Unlike others that would wilt under that blank stare and those monotone words, Lars doesn't flinch; he keeps a steady gaze on the other boy, and doesn't try to interrupt him, even when he so desperately wants to. He could make a case for himself, delve into how he legitimately cares about their relationship since both boys seemed to be in a better place when together, but that train of thought leads him back to Tim. So then he sighs and raises a hand up, rubbing at his face because his transparency is starting to show - he's more concerned about Timothy than anything. "How'd he take it?"

Jay: A corner of Leech's mouth tucks back for that query, because naturally, Lars is making Tim out to be a victim from the first step, but the wry little semi-smirk doesn't last long. Nothing about this situation is amusing. "Badly."

Jackie: Lars' nose wrinkles for that, and he slides a few fingers down his face so he can pinch at the bridge, hoping to alleviate the impending headache. Of course, his heart rate starts to go up as he thinks about Tim, curled up in an isolation room and crying his eyes out. But he steels himself to remain seated - it's not like he could get to Tim, anyways. "How long is his isolation for?"

Jay: Leech narrows his eyes, visibly searching his memory. "A...week, I think?" He ponders for a moment longer, sipping at his coffee, then shrugging. "The headmaster had a meeting with some'a the higher-up staff to decide their punishment. I wasn' there at the time."

Jackie: Giving another little grunt of understanding, Lars files that information in the back of his mind for safe keeping, and tries to mark in his mental calendar a day that he can go visit Tim at the school. He stays quiet for a few moments before dropping his hand and looking at Leech blandly. "So, now what? You two are completely done with one another?"

Jay: He's done a pretty good job of staying detached, but that question makes his shoulders twitch in discomfort, both his eyes and his voice dropping. "I told him I'd still help him out, however I can, whatever he needs - but I don' think he'll take me up on it anytime soon."

Jackie: That answer doesn't do anything except piss Lars off, as irrational as that may be, and his eyes narrow as he watches Leech speak. "Doubt it." Shaking his head to look away, he once again slides a hand up to rub at his scalp, tangling in his bed head hair, and he purses his lips as if he's trying to find the words to say. But he doesn't give himself time to censor - instead just goes for whatever is stewing in his mouth. "You know what he needs."

Jay: Lighting another cigarette, to keep himself from fidgetting, Leech does look back up at that, still unflinching and flat. "'parrently I don' or else I can' give it to him, or he wouldn' have needed to run away or fuck his roommate."

Jackie: "That's such bullshit, Leech, ya know?" He tries really hard not to sound too harsh, and he keeps his body language relaxed, still lounging back into his seat. "You know he needs rules, and direction, and guidance. Yeah, he shouldn't have fucked Ness, but....god damn, ya really don't think it was bound to happen? Ya gave him permission to do everything else. 'course it was going to graduate to that."

Jay: Last night, Leech certainly would have lashed out in return at that, but the only way he betrays his irritated reaction is another twitch of the shoulders. "The only serious rules I ever gave him, he broke every one. I said if he had ta be with Ness, I didn' wanna see it - he never followed that, every fuckin' night I did dorm checks he was in that asshole's bed, and he fuckin' made out with him when he knew I was in the same area. Later on, the first time he came to me with marks from Ness' mouth, I said, no more; ya can't fuck him, and don' let him mark you. The week after Kellen's little party in the theater, he was marked - though he did try to hide it from me - an' just a few days later, he ran away an' fucked him. Why should I give him rules, if he don' follow them?"

Jackie: Again, Lars practices his patience as the parasite talks, which isn't really hard to do - he's no doubt interested in the explanation, especially since this is all stuff Tim never really spoke in detail with him about. Instead of arguing with him about the nuances - Tim was at least sharing affections with Ness behind closed doors, most of the time - he simply stays quiet and waits for Leech to finish. "I'm not...I'm not saying Tim's innocent here. Obviously he isn't; he disobeyed your rules. But the kid is fucking lonely, man. I know that isn't an excuse, but..." He doesn't really know what else to say, since he can't very well defend what Tim did, so he just shakes his head and looks off to the sidee, piecing things together.

Jay: Leech takes a drag off his cigarette, sighing a very little on the exhale. "Yer not sayin' he's innocent, but yer sayin' that I am guilty. Yeh, he's lonely, an' he does need all that shit you said he needs, but I can't keep him with me, can't really give him all that shit." Pausing to finish his coffee, he hauls himself laboriously to his feet to refill the mug. "You think he's such a great sub, mebbe you oughta collar him. Be a fuck of a lot better than leavin' him with Ness."

Jackie: "I'm not saying you're guilty, Leech. Just saying that it's no fucking surprise he broke the rules. He isn't excused from it." He's maybe about to say something else, but stops himself, and instead takes a moment to recollect his thoughts, before he gets too worked up. "Can't keep him with you? Leech, ya got your own place. His parents gave him up. You could have had him re-enroll as a day student and kept him with you. Isn't that what you said you wanted, anyways?" He recalls a conversation, on the way to the fetish fair, that had some insinuations of this. When Leech moves away, Lars drops his hand, and reaches across the table to snag a cigarette, and drag the ashtray a little closer to himself. He talks around the filter, thumb working to flick the cheap lighter and ignite his smoke. "Trust me. I've thought about it."

Jay: Taking a few sips from his coffee to make sure nothing needs to be added, Leech turns to lean against the counter, narrowing his eyes in thought. "All the slaves I know follow rules; it's sorta what makes 'em slaves. An' when I tried to tell him to stay away from Ness, did he mention that? The way he begged an' cried and said it didn't mean anything to him, he just couldn't handle the nights alone? If he coulda stayed with me, I wouldn' have given him that permission." But he shakes his head for the next question. "Nah, I can't keep him with me if he's still enrolled, even as a day student. I'd still be his teacher, an' it'd still be illegal for me to fuck him, an' it'd be pretty damn obvious I was if he stayed in my rooms. Only reason I get away with it where Kellen's concerned is 'cuz I'm legally his guardian, part-time, an' even then half my coworkers think I'm sleeping with him."

Jackie: Once lit, Lars takes a harsh drag off of his cigarette, obviously seeking out a nicotine fix because this conversation isn't exactly pleasant. Undoubtedly, it's hard for him to talk about these things, especially when all he wants to do is go collect Timothy in his arms and take him back, away from everything that seems to be hurting him. "And all the Doms I know--" He's maybe about to criticize, but he knows that isn't in his place, so he immediately shuts up and looks off to the side. "So have him stay at your place in Boston. Have him stay with me. Fuck, Leech, there are other fucking options."

Jay: Leech is faintly surprised when Lars doesn't go on with that thought, though somewhat glad, too - he's well aware he's not a very good dom, and doesn't need someone else telling him all about it. Walking back to the table, he reclaims his seat and snuffs his cigarette. "There are other options, an' this is the one I picked. If I gotta keep him on a literal leash to make sure he follows my orders, then it isn' gunna work out. Mebbe it wouldn' work out either way. I mean, I care about him a lot, and I'd do a lot to help him, but I already spent about ten years devoted to someone who didn't return the favor. I'm not really up fer it all over again."

Jackie: Blindly ashing his cigarette, Lars returns it to his mouth and takes another drag, this time blowing the smoke out of his nose and he shakes his head gently, eyes downcast. He knows, deep down, that there isn't any point to this conversation; it's clear that Leech has made up his mind, and has made his decision, so it seems as though Lars is, typically, two steps behind. "Fair enough." Instead of sounding relieved, or understanding, he just sounds resigned. But he doesn't try to fix it, and instead focuses in on his smoking.

Jay: Leech nods, not feeling particularly relieved himself, but somewhat glad to be done with that. He lets the silence stretch for a long moment, sipping at his coffee and listening to the faint sounds of the day's first customer arriving below. The coffee's done soon enough, so the parasite stands to put the mug in the sink. "ey, I know ya wanna go see him now, but after the isolation, him an' Ness are goin' to be real closely monitored. No leaving the building er even the dorm after classes except for extracurricular shit, an' even then they gotta let a staff member know they're going, definitely no visitors. But ya can come visit me, so I'll give ya a call when I can arrange something, arrite?"

Jackie: Even during the silence, Lars looks to be working things out in his head; it's becoming harder and harder to side with Tim on this one, but he also can't back up Leech's actions entirely, either. He forces himself to look back over at the other boy when he starts to talk, but his eyes are bland, protected, and he nods distantly for the information. He takes another drag from his cigarette, and then rolls the tip of it into the ashtray, toying with the other dead embers there. When he talks, it's as if he totally ignored everything the parasite just said. "Leech, him a favor." He pauses, to try to find the kindest words, but that doesn't really matter right now. So he just sighs, knowing he's about to sound like an asshole. "Don't try to be his friend."

Jay: Not seeming outright offended, because he's pretty sure he knows what Lars is getting at with that remark (and he's no stranger to blunt or even outright assholeish behavior), Leech shrugs slightly, seeming careless. "It was you I meant to do a favor this time, but...whatever ya like." Actually, never having to see the kid again sounds fantastic right now, if impossible - and most likely, his feeling on that will change often. "Mebbe oughta make different arrangements fer the dog, though."

Jackie: Accepting that, Lars nods to himself, and takes one last drag from his cigarette before stubbing it on. He keeps stubbing even well after the cigarette is killed, and he eventually shoves the ashtray away, gently, before crossing his arms over his chest. He looks to be trying to keep himself in check, and is doing a decent job, especially for Lars. "I'll take Cooper." Again, his tone is flat, but it just sounds like he's tired, more than angry. And then, as if everything else is cleared and he can think of someone other than Tim, he glances up at the parasite. "What about you? Ya need anything back from him?"

Jay: Leech nods once in acceptance of that; he'd prefer to keep the dog where the boy can see him regularly, knowing how attached he is, but that would definitely be classed as a favor. He gives a miniscule wry smirk for that question, shaking his head silently, because the things he gave to Timothy aren't anything that can be given back. "Think I'll see if I can get Kellen up an' head home."

Jackie: Maybe, if he wasn't so concerned for his friend, he'd try to get more out of Leech - ask him how he's doing, if he needs anything, but he kind of already knows the answer to that; it's pretty obvious Leech isn't taking this well, either, and he gets most of his support from Duster. Having expected an answer like that, Lars nods, not trying for more, and also gets to his feet, but makes his way to the sink so he can clean his coffee mug. "Sounds good. I'll swing around later, to pick up the dog."

Jay: "Actually, we won' be back at the school til Monday - come by then. Jesse's feeding the dog while we're gone, but ya won't be able to get in without scheduling a visit while I'm gone." Snagging his pack of cigarettes, the parasite shoves them into a pocket and heads back down the hall to the previously spare room, where he assumes Kellen is still passed out.
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