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Jay: It's been a long, long day - or actually, night and day, but Leech doesn't count it that way because he didn't sleep. That wasn't entirely Timothy's fault, but it doesn't make Leech any happier with the boy; ever since he crawled into the belltower last night to evict the boys ghost-summoning, and found Timothy not with them, the parasite has had a leaden feeling inside. Later, when he realized that Tim left the campus completely with Ness, the lead started to boil, and it's been doing so to varying degrees since.

After returning to the school, getting Maddox more or less settled in the spare room downstairs, and spending time in a conference with the headmaster, Snider, and a few other interested parties, Leech forced himself to take a shower and down some pills in an attempt to relax. It doesn't work to any marked degree. Maddox is passed out, but Kellen has been hovering in the main room, worried as anything, and he gives his brother an uncertainly sympathetic look that Leech wants no part of as he finally leaves to go see the kids in isolation.

Dressed in simple and comfortable black Dickies, a long-sleeved black henley shirt, and his boots, with his hair still unstyled from the shower, Leech opens the door to Timothy's cell after some little pacing. His face is at its expressionless best, but the tension in the line of his back may be obvious to this boy, who knows him so well. Aiming to avoid as much awkward as he can, Leech starts speaking as soon as he's in the small room. "Didn' mean to make you wait so long; I had other things to deal with." His voice is, naturally, flat and bland, no barbs hidden even in a comment where it could be easy to hide them. Not coming close to the boy, Leech leans back against the closed door, crossing his arms, starting with the professional aspect. "I hope ya had a good vacation, 'cuz ya won't get any freedom for a while. Jefe's making sure both of you are watched close."

Jackie: After Snider had dropped them off in separate isolation rooms, Tim spent a good half an hour pacing around the small cell, the weight of his actions slowly bearing down on him. In addition to breaking the rules, he also disobeyed his Master, and even worse - gave in to a temptation that has been festering inside of him for far too long. Although he had slept with Michael nearly a week ago, and had yet to confess to Leech, this all seems so much worse, and he digs his nails into his neck as he shuffles around the given space, clearly a nervous, anxious wreck. But eventually his emotions catch up to him, and the fact that he didn't rest very well last night (just because they were in a make shift bed means they actually slept all that much) means that Tim eases down into the cot and falls asleep, nearly two hours after first being put into isolation.

It took him a while to fall asleep, but eventually his body gave in, and he only stirs awake when he hears the cell's door being rolled back into its hinges and someone passing through the threshold. At this, he lifts his head, perhaps expecting Snider, and looks a little more than surprised to see Leech. Immediately he sits up, eyebrows raised high up on his forehead, and his guts are clenched so tight that he feels like he might just pass out. He has very little coloring in his face, and his voice has hardly any strength behind it; he doesn't miss Leech's expressionless facade, and definitely feels even worse for that. "...hey. Are you okay?" No doubt, he can tell that the parasite isn't all that well - he's already distant, and that posture is too pronounced for the boy to be fully relaxed.

Jay: Both of Leech's eyes narrow in confusion for that question, since it totally does not relate to the professional aspect he was just discussing, but after a moment he answers simply. "No." And then, with a brief break for composure, he continues on his previous diatribe. "Yer gunna be in isolation until Monday morning, when you'll be released fer classes. Aside from classes, you won't be allowed to leave your dorm except for extracurricular shit - counseling meetings, Mass, conditioning er whatever - an' you have to find a staff member, to inform them anytime ya leave the main building."

He rattles this off pretty monotone, detached - he didn't come up with this punishment, doesn't give any sign of whether he thinks it's appropriate or not. "If ya manage not to get caught breaking anymore rules for the next couple'a weeks, you'll still be allowed to go on the next trip. If ya don't manage that..." He waves a hand sort of dismissively, but immediately recrosses the arm over his chest. "Jefe hasn't decided what will happen, then."

Jackie: Shifting around on that very thin cot, Tim works to straighten up, but doesn't get up off of the mattress; it's not like he has much space to move to, and from the way the parasite is acting, he's absolutely positive that any gesture of apology would be absolutely squashed. This is solidified by that quick, sharp reply, and Tim drops his gaze, looking down at his hand, which he has gripping tightly to his own thigh.

He listens quietly for those commands and rolls his lips together to keep himself quiet, not about to defend himself or his actions because he knows just how ugly this can get. So he just nods, taking the punishment as a sort of command, and tries to swallow down the nasty taste in his mouth. Leech's detachment is so abundantly clear that it makes Tim's insides tighten, and he suddenly has the urge to crawl over to the boy and kneel at his feet, begging for forgiveness. But for now, he just remains on the bed, hunkering down into his shoulders and bowing his head. "Leech...I didn't mean to stay out all night. The car died, and I don't have a phone-- I didn't mean to."

Jay: For that, Leech cracks a little bit, tilting his head slightly and narrowing just one eye this time. "But you did mean to leave. You didn' expect me to cover for you, did you? When you didn't even tell me you were doing it? An escape is an escape, whether it's fer an hour or forever, you were bound to get punished either way." He's still careful to keep any personal interest out of the conversation, as well as he can, because he doesn't know how well he can handle that without the fortification of a night's sleep and some very strong coffee. With maybe a little of Kellen's whisky in it.

Jackie: Of course, Tim looks absolutely confused for that initial question, because that had never crossed his mind - in fact, hardly anything crossed his mind when Michael coerced him to sneak out last night, all he knew was that he needed to go with him. He never actually addressed the why part of that need. "What? No, Leech, I wasn't like that. We were gonna be back before lights out, but then the car died, and we didn't have a cell phone to use, and it was in the middle of no where. It wasn't--" Actually, it probably is exactly like how it all sounds, or at least seems, and Tim scoots around fully to plant his feet on the ground, but still remains seated on the bed. He raises both hands to rub over his scalp, and he lowers his head, hanging it between his shoulders. "I came back."

Jay: Leech's shoulders twitch, like a minute shrug of discomfort, and the eyes narrow again, the only way to gauge his displeasure. "What do you mean, it wasn't like that? It was exactly like that. You left the campus. You left the campus intentionally. I'm glad ya had such good intentions, but it doesn't matter when ya came back - this morning or last night - ya still gotta be reprimanded. That's the way this shit works." He shifts slightly, the arms around his narrow chest tightening; it's less an angry stance than a gesture of self protection. "Or did Ness mebbe knock you out and drag ya along against your will? Might explain those bruises." Normally, there would be some sarcasm in the words, but now there's none, and Leech eyes Timothy's marked neck only briefly before jerking his gaze away to the blank wall opposite him.

Jackie: "I know! Okay, I know." Tim blurts this out before he has a chance to think - getting a little defensive before he allows himself the opportunity to sort out his words, and how they should come out. "I'm not...saying, or asking, that I shouldn't get punishment. I know how that all works, okay. I just--" He cuts himself off, looking back up at Leech when he notices the boy's movement out of his peripherals. Of course, this times in perfectly with Leech's next, snarky comment, and Tim visibly winces for it, hands dropping from his scalp to instead circle around his neck. Both hands spread to cover either side of that neck, hiding the bruises there, but it's too late - they've been noticed, and it's not as if there aren't more hiding beneath his clothes. He maybe means to add in an apology, or show any sign of regret, but all he can do is cower into himself, lowering his head and closing his eyes in defeat.

Jay: Looking back at Tim, or at least in Timothy's general direction, Leech gnaws on the inside of his lip for a moment. "Then why're ya trying to offer a defense at all? You been here long enough to know it doesn't matter." This is maybe a little quieter, but not softer; Leech hopes by now, the kid has caught onto the fact that he's talking about the school's rules, alone. "Snider's pushing for some harsher punishment; I dunno what Jefe might give into, but the fucker's taking it pretty personally. It was his car, after all." At another time, Leech would be pleased by Snider's rage, but it doesn't make any impression right now. "At the least, yer prolly gunna be smelling more of those cleaning chemicals soon."

Jackie: "I'm not...offering up a defense. I'm just trying to explain what happened. I know I'm gonna be punished. I'm in a fucking isolation room; of course I'm being punished." It's hard for Tim to determine what he's more upset about - the fact that he's being punished, or that the parasite is so overwhelmingly distant. He lifts his head up to look back at the parasite as his punishment is a little further detailed, but he doesn't seem to care much about that information - instead, he's zeroing in on the parasite, and without thinking drops his hands back to his lap, therefore exposing the very telling marks that litter his neck. He ignores everything else for the moment, and instead is centered on Leech. "Look, Leech...I'm sorry. I got caught up the moment. He was gonna leave, and I couldn't--" He trails off, knowing that isn't a very good explanation, and shakes his head, repeating himself. "I'm sorry."

Jay: When Timothy apologizes, Leech's arms tighten around himself more, and he has to close his eyes for a moment, ducking his head and gritting his teeth. "No. Timothy, 'sorry' is what ya say when you regret something. Mebbe yer sorry, for how this affects me, but I can't believe you regret it. I can't believe ya wouldn't do the same thing again." He doesn't sound mad, but sort of wishes he could, instead it's just still that same blank tone. His eyes are open again, but he's staring at the floor. "I am sorry. If I could keep ya with me more, mebbe you wouldn't keep getting caught up in his moments so much." Though he doesn't know precisely what's been going on between Tim and Ness, the marks on Tim's neck say enough, as did the one he had after Kellen's birthday party, though Leech didn't really notice it until earlier this week during class. "But I can't. So this jus isn't gunna work, is it?"

Jackie: At the use of his full name, which only ever really comes from Leech when he's addressing him more personally, even intimately, Tim's eyes flick up to desperately seek out the other boy's, their focus sharpening. It's not as though he can dispute what's being said - Tim is way too torn up to even think about his regret, if there's even any there - and he moves swiftly to get to his feet. "Sir, I made a mistake...okay, I know that, and I'm sorry--" This gets interrupted as Leech continues to talk, and Tim stops himself from throwing his body over towards Leech and curling up at his feet, to instead look over at him with wide, sad eyes. It's entirely too much, for his Master to take any sort of responsibility over this; for right now, all Tim can do is curse Mike's gorgeous eyes and hate himself for always giving in to him. Still sorting all of those thoughts out, Tim's eyes are shifting, reading the flooring as Leech talks before immediately snapping up for that last question. Any remaining color drains from his cheeks, and he looks panicked. Stepping closer, Tim drops his voice, but looks so, so small. "What are you saying?"

Jay: Leech manages to meet Timothy's eyes without flinching, as the boy stands up, looking a bit confused, like he cannot understand the continued use of that 'sorry' term. "A mistake? Is that what it was." This seems rhetorical, he isn't really asking Tim at all, more wistful (despite the lack of inflection). He almost wants to ask if it were just a mistake, does that mean Timothy won't do it again, won't be near Ness at all, but he knows that would only sound more bitter than he wants to sound. Still eyeing Timothy debatingly, he gives a tense shrug. "I like you, Timothy, a lot. I like being with you. I like...who I am, when I'm with you." His voice is a little quieter now, rougher for that, and he glances aside as he says that last bit, almost bashfully. "But I can't be yer Master if you aren't my slave, and ya can't be my slave if yer spending every night in someone else's bed. I know -" He holds up a hand to forestall the interruption he assumes is coming. "I know, I told ya it was okay, that I could do it if I had to. But, even aside from you breakin' the rules I did set down...I was wrong, I can't do it. I can't pretend yer mine when I gotta see that."

Jackie: Almost desperately, Tim nods his head, and all the thoughts he had last night, standing outside and debating going with Mike over the fence, they all come barreling back into his mind at rapid force; that he shouldn't go with him, that it's one thing to share a bed and kiss in the dark, and another thing to have sex with Michael, and spend a night with him away from the school. He looks terribly worried, eyebrows lifted high on his forehead, while one hand moves to the back of his neck compulsively. "Yes, Sir - yes, it was a mistake, I shouldn't have gone--" He cuts himself off to allow Leech to continue to talk, and his eyes immediately drop to the boy's boots, what's being said immediately sinking down into his gut and stabbing there repeatedly. As Leech goes on, Tim's eyebrows furrow, and then his eyes shoot back up again, looking every bit worried and scared, irises scanning over the other boy's face to try to find anything there that isn't damaged and in pain. His words definitely have a firm tone to them, unbending in their meaning, and Tim is shuffling in closer before he has time to think better of it. "Wait...Leech, hold on, stop. It was a mistake, okay? And--" He stops himself from apologizing again, but he does reach a hand out, grasping desperately at one of Leech's, his own eyes looking a little glassy as they try to plead with the older boy. "Don't. Please, Sir...don't."

Jay: "Timothy, stop it." Ironically, this comes out as a command. Leech leans more against the wall as Tim gets closer, shaking his head at the boy's words. "If it was a mistake, it's one you'll make again, an' you know I'm right. You can't keep away from him, practically as soon as we got back from break, ya were already cozying up to him, an' you prolly would've been doing that whether I'd given you permission or not." A little of his anger finally slips into his tone, and though he'd rather show that, than the pain, he does his best to swallow it back, softening his tone. He does allow Tim to take his hand, and holds it in return, lowering his gaze to that connection. "I'm not sayin' I'm gonna cut you outta my life, Timothy; I don't wanna do that. I'll still be here anytime you need even if you just want to get away from everyone else. But I can't...I don't, own you. Mebbe it was stupid of me to offer in the first place."

Jackie: Although it's a command, Tim can't obey it - not with what's unraveling, and especially not with the way Leech is behaving. Internally, Tim is dismantling himself, and it's enough to allow for him to hate himself; it seems that it's damn near impossible for him to choose between this boy and that boy, and it's something he's struggled with for months. Any time he's with one of them, he's so utterly convinced that he has his mind made up, only to be flipped upside down when he reunites with the other. He refocuses his glassy eyes back up to Leech's, but he doesn't have to words to negate what's said - it's obvious, in the past, that Tim can't keep away from Michael, and while he might be able to honestly say he wants to, he hasn't been successful in saying no. Opening his mouth to speak, he's again interrupted by Leech once more, but this time his words are much more final, decided, and that breaks him. Dropping to his knees, Tim keeps a firm hold on that hand, but then pushes forward to press his forehead to one of Leech's thighs. He keeps most of his weight on his kneecaps, but still tucks his legs under himself, and shakes his head gently while talking in a low muffled voice. "Leech, Sir...please don't. Don't. Don't."

Jay: When the boy drops to his knees, an unwelcome parallel comes to Leech's mind of the day Timothy finally offered himself to him after a week or two of uncertainty; in another isolation cell, almost exactly like this one, kneeling like he is now. Leech has to crane his head back and look away from him, pushing the memory from his mind before it weakens him. His own hand goes limp even though the boy is still grasping it, and he takes a deep, sharp inhale that shudders audibly, which he hates. "Timothy..." His voice is only whisper-loud, in an attempt to keep the emotion from it. He could repeat his earlier words, but they're obviously not having an affect at all. So he takes a different tack, sounding reluctant, but not reproachful, not much of anything else. "Did you fuck him?"

Jackie: Now on his knees, Tim tightens the grip he has on Leech's hand; he's desperate to keep a hold of this boy, both literally and emotionally, and he can't bring himself to let go even when Leech's hand slackens. Clamping his eyes shut, a few hidden tears escape, but quickly dissolve either into Tim's cheekbones, or into the material of Leech's pants. The sound of his voice, said in that particular tone, with that particular voice, makes Tim's insides shiver, like he already knows what question is soon coming. And for that, he presses his face in closer, hiding it into the boy's thigh, while his other hand raises to grip the fabric covering the opposite thigh desperately. His first response is a quiet little sob, but then he nods his head, unable to lie to his Master - and not wanting to, either. His nod is slow, and he takes a very shattered inhale, fingertips trying so hard to grip at Leech tigether. "Yes, Sir." And then another little sob comes out, and he presses his forehead in further, looking like he's trying so hard to dissolve. "I'm sorry, Leech. I'm sorry."

Jay: Leech was expecting that response, but even so, he expected hearing it to hurt more than it does. Maybe that will come later. He nods slowly, more to himself than to Timothy, and doesn't try to free himself from the boy's clutching hands, but he doesn't clutch in return, either. "So. Then...yer not mine." He realizes belatedly that he's still nodding, and forcibly stops himself, clenching his teeth together until his jaw aches and only then clearing his throat, speaking in that same quiet, deadened voice. "Yer not good with decisions, so I'll save ya the trouble. Ya want him, and you've got him. And...if you want me, you know where I am. I'll do whatever I can for you, Timothy, but I can't claim you as mine anymore." Really, he wonders is he ever could claim that, or if he was just fooling himself the whole time. Finally lifting his head from the door, he looks down at Tim, eyes narrowed more in concern than anger or pain.

Jackie: As soon as he confirms it, Tim is desperately trying to clutch at Leech, holding on tightly to his hand while his other one is gripping at the material of his pants. He lets out another little sob, silencing himself by pressing his face into the parasite's thigh again, and he makes a very pathetic sounding cry when Leech tells him he isn't his - perhaps, somewhere in Tim's warped mind, that thought had never occurred to him. And now that it's in his head, it's quickly infesting, and he shifts his nodding motion to shaking, not able to accept what's happening, right now. "Leech, please...please don't, Sir. I can't-- please..." This is all so very pathetic sounding, and the hand Tim has grasped to Leech's drags them both back, forcibly resting them at the nape of his neck, in an attempt to get the other boy to hold him close. And at this point, he's more actively crying, still hidden, but his shoulders are trembling enough that he can't hide it.

Jay: Somewhere, in some extra-detached (opposed to the typically-detached) part of his mind, Leech thinks this is quite ridiculous; he's the one getting fucked over, and the boy is the one sobbing like he's been betrayed. But he's not cruel enough to listen to that voice, knows Tim's reasons for fearing abandonment, and absurdly, feels guilty for Tim's distress. So with a nearly silent sigh he pushes his own emotions, the anxiety he can feel looming, aside, and sidles away from the door enough that he can crouch down near Timothy. He doesn't reach out for the boy, can't bear to touch him any more than he's been forced to, knowing that Ness' touch is still all over him, but his voice softens somewhat. "Yeh, you can. You'll be arrite, 's not the end of the world. Not even that much different than before. You won't be alone." By supreme effort of will, he manages not to put any emphasis on that - nothing in his voice to remind Timothy that he, Leech, will be alone. "

Jackie: Feeling Leech's movements, and knowing that the older boy isn't going to at all want Tim crawling all over him (despite how tempting it is, once Leech is crouched down, to curl up in his lap and beg for forgiveness), Tim releases his hand to curls both of his arms into himself, crossing them low on his tummy. And to help keep his face hidden, and to maybe help alleviate the stabbing, gut churning feeling of guilt that has taken over his insides, Tim curls over into himself, forehead practically at his knees, as he lets out a few more quiet whimpers. He shakes his head for those words, not at all agreeing with any of them, whilst shifting his hands so they can grip viciously at his own neck. His apology comes even more pleading than any prior. "I'm sorry, Leech, I'm sorry. Please don't--"

Jay: When his hands are released, Leech grips at his own legs tight enough to dimple the flesh beneath his pants. His voice doesn't get any louder, but it does sharpen some, and the words come out more quickly than thought. "Stop that, Timothy. You fucked him, you let him mark you, after I expressly ordered you not to. What did you expect, some cutesy punishment like you'd get fer talking back?" He sucks in a breath, stopping himself from continuing, shoulders twitching in discomfort as he eyes the pathetic mess in front of him. When he can modulate his voice, he finishes: "I don't blame you fer all of it, but this isn' easy fer me, either. So please, stop begging me. I gave ya as much leeway as I could, but this is somethin' I can't get past, and I don't believe ya won't do it again. I don't think you could believe that, either."

Jackie: Staying hunched over himself, Tim works to regulate his breathing a little better, because he most definitely doesn't need to hyperventilate, right now. Digging his fingernails into the back of his neck helps to center him, enough that he can listen to those words, but he can't get himself to sit up and face the other boy - he's too filled with guilt, and shame, to be able to handle those piercing blue eyes. His voice, still weak, definitely sounds a little more pathetic, but is at least decipherable. "No, Sir...I didn't think...I didn't think." Instead of detailing what he might have thought, when he was hooking up with Mike, Tim settles with admitting that he didn't think at all; it seems to be a common thing around his room mate. He shifts a little bit, eventually sitting up more, and his face is streaked with tear tracks, making him look even younger than what he really is. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do." It isn't explicitly clear what he means by that - whether he means what he's supposed to do this very moment, or with Leech, or with Michael later on - he just looks incredibly lost and damaged beyond repair.

Jay: Leech makes a quiet but violent noise in his throat, one of those things that really points up his relationship with Kellen, but doesn't interrupt when Timothy trails off for his lack of thoughts. He merely clenches and releases his hands around his thighs a couple times, feeling more like tearing something apart and less like falling apart himself, now. But when the boy straightens up some, Leech can't quite look at him, nipping at his lower lip viciously as he studies the walls. That more cogent statement causes him to sigh silently, because at least this is familiar territory. "Nothing." His voice is back to quiet and blank, no more anger or pain in it; mostly, he sounds exhausted. "Ya don't need to do anything right now, Timothy. Jus...keep up not thinking. Sleep, if ya can. Do ya need some of yer medicine?" Again, Leech can't ignore the irony - trying to take care of this kid he just disowned, giving him orders, or at least advice. He doesn't show it, though, merely pushing up to his feet and watching Tim's movements in the corners of his eyes, uncertainly.

Jackie: Not bothering with wiping at his face, Tim looks over at Leech, hoping that he'll retract the things that have been said so he can curl up into the boy's lap and will this all away. But that becomes more apparently impossible because Leech isn't looking back at him, and then lifts himself back onto his feet. Tim doesn't move, staying down on the floor, but sitting back against his ankles, one hand finally moving to glide across his face, taking away the traces of tears that keep reappearing on his cheekbones. The use of his full name, especially now, makes something in his chest crack, and immediately Tim speaks up for it: "Dont...Leech, please don't call me that. Please don't." Hey, at least his pleading isn't about forgiveness, this time.

Picking up his other hand, he uses it to reach at his own chest, clutching the shirt material there. At first, it looks as though he's just holding onto himself, maybe for stability, but he's actually grasping at the longer, thinner collar - and its padlock - that dangles lower on his clavicle. He shakes his head for those suggestions, as well as that question, although it'd probably be a good thing to get him back on his medicine, since he missed the morning's dosage.

Jay: Just barely, Leech flinches for those words, actually looking back at Timothy and appearing a bit confused, because what the hell else is he supposed to call him? He didn't say 'pet' or 'little one' though it had threatened to slip out a time or two. His eyes narrow some when he realizes what Tim's hands are gripping at, seeing the shape of the chain pulled against the shirt material; unfortunately, this only draws his eyes back to the marks on that neck, and that steels his resolve again.

Tim didn't answer his question, but Leech gives a brief nod anyway, stepping back. "I'll send some with lunch...Armstrong." He doesn't sound entirely certain in the use of that name, hasn't used it to him since his parents relinquishment occurred, but if the boy doesn't want him using his first name, it'll have to do. And in any case, it's probably a good idea to create a bit of distance, to try to assure himself of not giving in the next time Timothy breaks down. Though he's obviously not feeling much better, he isn't crying anymore, so Leech doesn't feel too guilty in pacing to the door and opening it; he can't stand any more of being here.

Jackie: Still clutching the padlock tightly, Tim is tugging on it without even noticing, drawing the chain to dig deeper into the back of his neck; in any other given situation, the feeling would be pleasurable - but right now, it's almost a punishment. He flinches for the use of his last name, because that isn't any better than using his full first name - most recently, Leech had been the only one to use it, and Tim seemed to have grown attached to that. But now he can't handle it, nor 'Armstrong', so he immediately corrects the parasite: "Tim. Just Tim."

Sensing (but not looking - he's got his head lowered again, but at least isn't curled over himself) that Leech is leaving, Tim clamps his eyes shut tight again, willing to keep himself composed enough to not fall apart. He does a fairly decent job, although he is back to trembling, and once the door is shut he lets out a quiet little sob - this one growing to a drawn out whine, and his crying comes back full force.
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