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Jay: Relying on stealth, Kellen, Jesse, and Hollywood waited until after lights out to make their trek to the chapel, backpacks bulging with supplies. Making it to the top of the belltower without detection, Kellen takes up the space he occupied previously in the corner, tossing a blanket out as if they're having a picnic before taking a seat. Hollywood follows, displaying no great interest for their surroundings, so maybe he's been here before.

Jackie: Much like their last escape, Jesse is beyond excited to be on another adventure. Luckily, he's able to keep himself relatively composed, up until they make it to the bell tower. His backpack isn't heavy with games or alcohol this time - instead, he has hoards of books and candles and some fancy herbs he begged Lars to pick up for him - which, of course, the older boy did, delivering them with his trademark smile. He drops his backpack onto the blanket and looks over at both boys with bright, beaming eyes. "This is it!"

Jay: Kellen's excitement isn't quite as obvious as Jesse's, but displays itself in a wide grin. Undoubtedly, he has the alcohol covered. "This is it. So where do we start?" He looks from Jesse to Hollywood expectantly, having been left out of the research stage by his own desire. Hollywood lowers himself to the floor also, crossing his legs and starting to unzip his backpack. "We start with organization. Did you manage to find those herbs?" This question is directed to Jesse, of course.

Jackie: After getting his backpack settled, Jesse drops to his knees and immediately starts to unzip the bag, pulling out tall white vanilla candles (the same ones they used to decorate Mike and Tim's dorm), a few heavy hardcover books from the library, and then, finally, a ziplock baggie of dried herbs. He holds it up to show Justin. "Yep! Lots of sage, and lavender. I think that's all we need..." And if not, they'll have to do. He grins over at Kellen again, because this is just all so exciting. "This is gonna be better than last time."

Jay: Justin watches as all those supplies are unearthed, picking up one of the candles to inspect it. "These have been lit before? That's good." The books he doesn't seem to care about much, because reading time is done with, but he does sniff at each of the herb bags critically.

A little lost at this point, Kellen instead makes his own preparations, which include pulling out a half-pint of whisky and taking a slug. "No rosemary?" Not that he's sure this is needed, at all. He grins for Jesse's enthusiasm, nodding agreement, thinking that this time is better no matter what happens - because he doesn't have to watch Ness and Tim flirting.

Jackie: "Yeah, we used them in Mike and Tim's dorm. To like, set the mood and stuff. I think they'll bring us good luck. I worked for them, ya know?" Because surely, by now everyone knows that there's at least something going on between Mike and Tim. Something that Jesse is totally enthralled with.

Taking one of the herb bags, Jesse opens it up, only a smidge, and takes a sniff; it's most certainly sage, and potent at that. Enough so, that he actually sneezes, and blindly hands the baggie over to Justin as he recovers. "Maybe...maybe there's some. I just gave Lars a list - I didn't really check to see what he got. Do we need holy water?"

Jay: Justin might be a little dubious about the idea of luck based on Ness' conquests, but he doesn't say so, giving Kellen a confused look. "Why would we need rosemary?"

Kellen shrugs, uncertain, but not showing it. "I thought it was for remembrance? I dunno." He swigs from his whisky, offering it to Jesse, because it will help with the sneezing of course.

"Oh. Well, maybe next time." Clearly, Justin sees no need for it, and Kellen might feel sort of self-conscious - a little left out - given this superior knowledge. "No, I don't think holy water's necessary for a summoning. Although he was a priest..."

Jackie: As he recovers from his sneeze, Jesse blinks over at that offered bottle wearily, not entirely sure of anything for a brief moment. Of course, he blindly accepts it, since it's Kellen that's giving it to him, and he immediately takes a swig. As per usual, he winces and makes an adorable disapproving face for the taste, and hands it over to Justin, his free hand raising to wipe at his mouth in hopes of getting rid of any lingering taste. "I didn't think it was necessary...maybe if we don't get a response, we can snag some from downstairs."

Jay: Justin nods his agreement, dragging his own bag over and starting to dig out his own supplies. "I doubt we will, but you can never tell. Maybe this ghost will even prefer whisky to white wine." This with a sly glance at the whisky Jesse's drinking, before he takes it and also has a swallow. Passing it to Kellen, he continues unpacking, mentally going over a checklist. "Oh -- but we need some virgin blood, I didn't have a chance to get any."

At this comment, Kellen's own drinking is interrupted by an amused snort, and he squints an eye at Hollywood's pointed look. "Don' look at me. That's yer virgin right there." He motions towards Jesse with the whisky bottle.

Jackie: If Lars were here, he would probably be grinning over at Jesse for just how long it takes him to recover from that drink of whiskey - it's something to characteristically Jesse, and entirely endearing. Eventually, he's able to lift his head up and looks over at Justin, curious about that virgin blood, and then shoots his eyes back to Kellen. Despite his words being so very, very true, Jesse feels inferior - and he shrinks down into himself momentarily before looking down at his hands. Not one to like pain, he purses his lips and looks back over at Justin for clarification. "Do...I have to like, cut myself or something? How much do we need?"

Jay: Kellen's response is more or less what he expected, and Justin gives a shifty little smile for it. Noticing Jesse's obvious discomfort, he shakes his head in reassurance. "It doesn't mean blood from a virgin. Just blood that hasn't ever been used in spell-casting before, which is why we can't use mine. But yours -" this to Kellen "- will work fine, no matter who you've been banging."

Kellen narrows his eyes suspiciously, because that just doesn't sound right. But as he doesn't know better, and as he doesn't really want Jesse to have to hurt himself, he shrugs, sitting up and reaching for the dagger among Hollywood's supplies. Only to be stopped by a movement of Justin's hand. "Not that one! That's a ceremonial athame. Here." He digs into his bag, offering Kellen a somewhat battered swiss army knife instead.

Jackie: Jesse looks over at Justin with big, wide eyes, incredibly and adorably innocent. He manages to smile a little bit for Justin's words, relieved that he won't have to slice open his own flesh, but he does glance over to the bags of herbs again for the mention of Kellen 'banging' other people; he isn't entirely sure why, but he doesn't like thinking about that.

Watching the exchange between his room mate and his friend, Jesse reaches over for that knife, not wanting Kellen to injure himself, either - despite the fact that he might want to. "No, it's okay. I can do it."

Jay: Taking the knife, Kellen cocks his head for Jesse's offer, shaking his head after a moment. "It's arrite - I cut my arm yesterday, remember?" Though how he did that, he couldn't tell you. "I'll jus' peel off the scab." Not voicing an opinion one way or the other on the matter, Justin just hands Kellen a small glass bowl for collecting the blood, then takes up his dagger and a candle, starting to carve some symbol into the wax. Kellen eyes this for a second, maybe mouthing 'ceremonial athame' with a bit of a smirk, then drags his sleeve back to reopen the cut on his arm with a grimace. He turns his forearm over to drip into that bowl once it's dripping.

Jackie: Jesse retracts his arm as Kellen counters, seeming to accept the offer; at least Kellen won't be scarring himself just for the sake of their ghost hunting activities. But he does squirm a little bit closer, nearly right next to his room mate, and peers down at the scab as Kellen works the blade against it. Although it isn't gruesome, Jesse still wrinkles his nose, but forces himself not to squirm away and instead reaches for the bowl, holding it up as Kellen drips his blood into it. "How much do we need? Like, a lot? Or just a little bit?"

Jay: Smiling a bit for Jesse's disgust, Kellen leans towards him until his shoulder is resting against Jesse's, leaning on him. Hollywood looks up from his artistic endeavors. "Not much. We're not painting with it or anything." Kellen nods, sort of relieved by that even if he wouldn't show it, and when the wound ceases dripping on its own he doesn't try to reopen it, just slides the bowl back to Justin and wipes the knife on his pants. Still leaning on his roommate, he eyes Justin's supplies curiously, poking at a stick of white chalk. "What's that for?"

Finishing with the first candle, Justin sets it aside, picking up the second. "Oh, that's for drawing summoning circles. Can you do that, Jess? Just the simple one I showed you, I got the print-out somewhere..." He looks around vaguely, spotting it among Jesse's books and snagging it. "Use the floor over there, where it's wood." He waves towards the other side of the bell, since the metal grid-work catwalk they're on wouldn't work for an unbroken circle.

Jackie: As Kellen finishes up with his blood delivery, Jesse reaches over to snag his wrist, tugging that arm near so he can inspect it closely. The newly opened scab isn't deep, and definitely won't scar, but Jesse still uses his fingers to press the skin together, in hopes of mending it all back together instantaneously. Distracted by this, he misses out on the brief exchange about the chalk, up until Hollywood orders him to make the summoning circle - then he sits up a little straighter and peers around for that diagram. "Oh! Yeah, yeah, got it." At this, he crawls over to grab the diagram and the chalk, and then gets to his feet so he can stalk back over to the wooden platform and etch out the shape. It doesn't take him long, and then he returns, this time hovering a bit closer to Justin for direction. "What about the herbs? Do we keep them bunched or like...separated?"

Jay: Still entertained by Jesse's concern, Kellen manages not to wince as he pokes at the wound, waiting until Jesse's gone to flop back against the half-wall and drink some more whisky. Because what else is he good for? He does watch Justin's preparations thoughtfully, maybe wondering how much of this shit he's making up. Both boys look up when Jesse returns, but it's - of course - Justin who answers. "We'll need to mix and burn them. You can use this bowl when we're done with Kellen's blood." This accompanied by an appropriately crooked smile, he pushes the blood and etched candles towards Kellen. "It's yours, so you can do the honors. Just rub some into the symbols I carved until they're visible." Pushing himself to his feet, he takes a small vial of oil and traipses over to anoint Jesse's circle.

Jackie: Dropping back down to his knees, Jesse peers down at the baggies of herbs and nods a little bit, not yet making a move to mix them up since that bowl isn't emptied, yet. "Dude, burnt sage? If the blood doesn't summon the ghosts, I bet the smell will." He looks way too excited about this, and he grins toothily over at Kellen as Justin flounces away. He starts to organize a few of the baggies, separating them by the type of herb they contain. "We are so much better prepared this time around."

Jay: Without question, Kellen accepts his task, dipping his thumb into the blood and starting to smear it over the candles so that Justin's designs stand out. Naturally, Jesse's enthusiasm makes him smile, but he throws a quick glance towards Justin before responding, lowering his voice secretively. "Are you sure he knows what he's doin? I mean...blood? Seems kinda nefarious. What if we end up calling somethin' besides the ghost?" Because as much as he tries to deny it, Kellen was raised Catholic, and the idea of witchcraft as arts of the devil is pretty deeply ingrained in him - not that he'd admit to it, if he was asked.

Jackie: Opposite of Kellen, Jesse hasn't ever been raised in a religious household, so anything he does know about Catholicism has come from his short time spent here - and even then, he finds it all to be a bit ridiculous. He, too, glances back to where Justin disappeared, and then smiles reassuringly over at Kellen, nodding his head without a second doubt. "I trust him. Besides, I mean...what else would we be getting? A ghost is a ghost, you know?" He shrugs a shoulder loosely and finishes organizing the herbs, and then reaches for a candle so he can inspect the carvings put into it. "Everything I've read has called for it. Or like, goat's blood. It's no big."

Jay: Kellen tries to look a little less concerned, but he's still nipping at his lower lip, focusing on his actions. "Well...maybe. But not all ghosts are harmless, you know? What if we get the wrong one?" Or a demon, he doesn't say, because that would sound laughable. Finishing with the first candle, he hands it off to Jesse, starting on a second. There's another quick glance at Hollywood, who is now putting down some sort of coins at each point of the circle. Probably some of his uncertainty comes from an innate disapproval of sharing Jesse's attention, but he doesn't recognize that, himself. "But if you trust him, I'll just have to trust you." This manages to sound light-hearted, and he leans over, kissing the side of Jesse's face with an exaggerated smacking noise.

Jackie: For a moment, Jesse thinks that this is a really inopportune time for Kellen to be questioning things; at least for Jesse, this was all part of the plan - perhaps now it includes more creepy rituals, but he never really thought about not doing it. So he looks at the boy blankly for a moment, considering, and then shrugs a shoulder carelessly. "Then...we apologize and send it on its way. I mean, we're not doing anything bad. We're trying to help." Taking the next candle, Jesse squints down at its carvings and nearly topples over when Kellen kisses him, which of course makes him smile and giggle. He raises a hand to wipe at his cheek exaggeratedly, a tiny little blush creeping up his cheeks. "Good."

Jay: While doubting it will be that simple, if they happen to disturb a poltergeist, Kellen doesn't say so, grinning for Jesse's reaction and finishing up with the candles. There isn't much blood left in the bowl then, just smears, so he cleans it out with a sleeve of his hoodie - sure to have some of his blood on it anyway, since he's always injuring himself one way or another - then hands the bowl to Jesse for the herbs. Standing, Kellen carries the candles over to Justin, who places them at the points of the pentagram with the coins, then both return to their picnic area.

Jackie: Jesse doesn't need to look up to know that Kellen is grinning at him, and of course that makes him smile, too - which maybe looks weird, since they're preparing to summon a ghost. So he takes that offered bowl without looking up, and begins to pick the small leaves off of the lavender plant first. He glances over to where Justin is, before refocusing on his work. "Hey...are we supposed to mix all of the herbs together? Or do we do it in segments?"

Jay: As they return, Justin doesn't sit, just swoops down from his absurd height (especially noticeable since neither Kellen nor Jesse is near full-grown yet) to collect his fancy ceremonial athame and a few other things. "No, mix them all in. Just enough to fill that bowl, that should be plenty." He straightens up, looking thoughtful, while Kellen drops into his previous place. The younger boy eyes the herbs thoughtfully. "...we're not gunna smoke that, right?" Because what else does one do with herbs? At the thought, he hunts down his cigarettes and lights one.

Jackie: Nodding for the direction, Jesse continues to pluck the lavender leaves and flowers into the bowl, and keeps the stems off to the side to throw away later. Then he starts to work on the sade, which aroma immediately starts to waft up to his senses - and he smiles a bit, excited. "No, we're not gonna smoke them. We're supposed to like, burn them and secret their scent and essence into the air. I think it's supposed to like, welcome in the spirit. Like, how fresh baked cookies make a home smell better, you know?"

Jay: Reassured that he doesn't have to smoke that mess, Kellen nods, taking a drag off his cigarette. "Sure. Ghost-cookies. I got it." Except really, he has no fucking idea what's going on right now. Justin gives that shifty little grin of his, and if Jesse had enough hair, he'd surely ruffle it. "Good job. I think we're about set, as soon as you get that done." While he waits, he takes another drink of whisky when Kellen offers it, just looming and looking unnerving. "Now, when we do this ritual, the ghost isn't just gonna pop up immediately. It takes some time. The spell says 'the witching hour' which is generally agreed to be midnight, though there is some dissent on that."

Jackie: "Ghost cookies and goblin cupcakes." The way Jesse says it sounds like he's talking about every day, normal things - and he nods to himself, totally unruffled. Plucking a few more sage leaves, Jesse finishes them up shortly after Justin takes a draw from that whiskey bottle and looks way too pleased with himself. He places the bowl on the ground and then wipes his hands on his thighs, peering around at their little set up before focusing back on Justin. "Yeah, one of the books said we might like...hear, or sense the ghost, before we see anything. Or before it communicates. I think, I mean, just based on what I've been reading and the history of this place, that we might not...see a ghost. But maybe we'll hear it, or it'll try to talk to us.: He nods his head over to a few notepads he brought along, as well as the Ouija board.

Jay: Kellen only nods, placid and agreeable, having more whisky when it's handed back. Justin also nods, but is plainly more engaged in this. "Yeah, that sounds right. A scent, or the candle flames flickering or going out." Leaning down, he takes up the bowl of herbs, then starts back to the circle. "Well, let's do this, then." He takes a seat outside the line of the circle, setting the bowl of herbs down in its middle and waiting for the other two to join him before carefully lighting the candles. Kellen pulls himself up to follow, his uncertainty returning as he hesitates, waiting to see where Jesse places himself before also sitting down.

Jackie: Jesse tries to repress his grin, because he is so fucking excited, but it's hopeless - eventually, it just breaks out across his face, and of course he directs it over to Kellen, beaming brightly. He isn't worried or scared in the slightest, and truth be told, even if something bad were to happen, he'd probably only be fascinated that something did happen. Following after Justin, Jesse takes a seat opposite of him, giving Kellen room to settle in next to him, and placing the bowl of herbs off to the side, in easy access for Hollywood. It's quiet - quieter than maybe he realized - and he glances over at Justin quizzically. "Is there anything we should avoid saying? Any words that are a big no-no?"

Jay: Kellen takes the spot between Justin and Jesse, sitting indian-style like the other two. He doesn't seem hesitant, precisely, just not sure what to do with himself, though he does put the cigarette out, since that seems particularly un-magical. For the question, Justin shakes his head. "No. This is an invitation, really, more than anything. We'll ask him to come, and then just...wait to see if he does. We need silence for the summoning, though, unless you want to chant with me."

This sort of reassures Kellen, since it sounds mostly harmless. Justin adds some sort of powder to the herbs, probably something flammable, because when he tosses a lit match among them a second later, they blaze up right away, and when the small flames die down, they continue to smolder and let off smoke. He extends his hands to either side, clasping one of Jesse's and one of Kellen's, waiting for the other two to complete the circle and letting the smoke perfume the surroundings before starting the actual invocation.
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