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Jackie: Having slipped out of bed in the early morning hours, Tim spent most of his day hunkered out in Kellen's secret attic space, where he curled up next to the window and watched the snow storm take over. Surprisingly, he wasn't too hung over, but still had an incredibly shitty feeling take over him; guilt, no doubt, for having slept with his room mate, but there was also a sharp, stabbing pain of desire - because it's been hard not to go back downstairs and curl up with Michael again. He skipped breakfast and lunch, not having much of an appetite, and eventually unearthed himself to sneak down to the basement, and pay the parasite a visit. His stomach is in knots even as he descends the stairs, but he swallows the feeling down and approaches Leech's door. At first, he wants to knock - perhaps to wait and see if the door is going to be slammed in his face - but he remembers the keys, and forces himself to use them. Unlocking the door, he slips inside, head glancing around for any sign of his Master.

Jay: Leech is not hard to find - he's on one of the chaises, with a guitar across his lap, playing along with Kellen, who is occupying the couch. Jimmy is sprawled on the floor, apparently enjoying the music and taunting Leech's cat with a bracelet. Unsurprisingly, Leech is the first one to notice the door opening, and he picks his head up and forces his eyes open to look in that direction. He gives a lazy, barely noticeable smile for the sight of Tim, but doesn't bother speaking until he and Kellen have finished their current song. "Hey, pet. What's goin' on?" Setting the guitar aside, he rotates on the chair to put his feet on the floor and stand up.

Kellen was too intent on his playing to notice Tim's entrance at first, but now he nods at him in greeting - but he doesn't make eye contact for very long, instead also putting his guitar aside and moving onto the floor to join in the Cat-tormenting.

Jackie: Not having opened the door very wide, Tim slips inside and immediately closes the door quietly behind himself. He's in the same clothes he put on after crawling out of bed, which constitutes a pair of dark sweatpants and a gray hoodie, which thankfully hides the part of his neck that has a slight pink mark from Mike's mouth. He quickly locates the parasite, noticing him before he sees Kellen and Jimmy, and immediately a part of his back relaxes and his shoulders slump, especially after the parasite's warm greeting. He can't quite muster a smile, but he does nod a little bit, and starts for the parasite, wanting nothing more than to crawl up into his form and rest there for a long duration of time. He talks as he walks, not yet making it to Leech yet. "Hey-- nothing much. Just...wanted to come down. Didn't mean to interrupt."

Jay: Leech shakes his head, sideglancing at Kellen and Jimmy and giving a hint of a wry smirk. "Yer not. We haven' been real active today." At the sound of Tim's voice, Jimmy finally notices him, looking up to give a brief wave, though he looks a bit confused - perhaps trying to remember where he's seen this kid before. Giving Timothy a look that says without words how pleased he is to be saved from Jimmy's company, he motions with his head toward the kitchen, picking his way around the love-in on the floor to get there himself. Once there, he pours a fresh glass of wine from the bottle on the counter, looking curiously at Timothy. "Ya want some?"

Jackie: Tim hovers near the back of the couch when Leech starts moving along, trying to see where he's intending on going. When it isn't directly to him, Tim follows after Leech like a little lost puppy, only noticing Jimmy's wave when he spots movement in his peripherals. He raises his own hand up in slight greeting, but then makes his way to the kitchen. He hovers a few feet behind the parasite as he pours the wine, and then nods his head briefly. "Yeah, just a little bit, though." Enough to take his nerves down a notch, at least. Only then does he proceed forward, and he sidles right up next to Leech, nosing at his shoulder affectionately.

Jay: Leech gives a nod to indicate he heard that request, and suitably only pours the wineglass about half full. Setting the bottle back down, Leech winds that arm around Timothy's back, turning towards him to hand the glass off before picking up his own. He pets along the small of the boy's back lightly, appreciative, and steps away from the counter, heading towards his own room - moving slowly enough that Timothy can follow along easily. He doesn't stumble or stagger, but still, he's moving with enough caution to say that this is not his first glass of wine, nor probably his second.

Jackie: Continuing his slight affections, Tim doesn't lift his head when his wine glass is handed off, or when Leech starts to shift around; instead, he's completely content when staying right here, breathing him in. But eventually he has to move, and he blindly accepts the wine glass and curls it in towards his chest as they move along. Although he isn't inebriated at all, his body is sore enough that his own actions are more shuffled than normal, matching the slow pace of the parasite. Still pressing his nose into the boy's shoulder, he's silently thankful that they are bee lining for the bedroom, and his back continues to relax for it. When he talks, it's low. "How're you?"

Jay: Reaching the bedroom, which is more of a disaster area than usual, Leech shrugs for the question and simultaneously grabs his backpack from the bed, tossing it lightly across the room to the floor. He sets his glass down on the bedside table (having to nudge various items out of the way first), and sits on the edge of the bed, reaching out a hand towards Timothy expectantly. "Ahh, I'm..." He squints an eye, actually having to think about the question when he can't immediately find an answer. Eventually he shrugs again instead, picks up his wineglass and toasts Timothy, taking a large drink. "How're you? I figured you'd all be passed out all day - but no, Kellen an' Jimmy were back here at the crack of ten AM and lively as ever."

Jackie: Tim would probably be a bit more alarmed, or at least curious about the state of Leech's room, if he were watching they were going. But he's kept his head tucked down, seeking affection, until Leech gets them into the bedroom. Blindly, Tim reaches behind himself to shut the door, wanting to close off the entire world in favor of this. He watches that backpack tumble to the floor, near the wall, and eventually makes his way towards the bed, having parted from Leech when the boy went to clear it off. He hovers near it, not uncertainly, but not yet making himself comfortable. Noticing the lack of an answer, he flicks his gaze up to Leech's, searching, but compelled to answer the question regardless. "I'm...all right. Still recovering, I think. Can't believe Kellen is functioning."

Jay: Leech doesn't avoid that look from Timothy, but his own eyes don't show much expression - unless 'inebriated' is an expression, but even that isn't overwhelmingly obvious. He nods in emphatic agreement for that statement, but says nothing about Jimmy, because he's never really functioning. "'s astounding, really. If I thought I had any chance'a seein it through, I'd try to keep him sober fer the next month to make up for it." Since Timothy doesn't take his hand, Leech gives into impatience, and reaches to grasp his wrist and pull him closer. "Least you were all entertained, though. Think this weather's makin' everyone crazier."

Jackie: Finally, there's a break in Tim's attitude, and he snorts in amusement for it; it's hard to imagine not seeing Kellen drunk on a Friday night, doing some goofy ass activity with Jesse. Giving into that tugging, Tim stumbles forward, and completes the action by kneeing his way onto the bed, straddling Leech's lap, but not settling down on it. He leans back enough to be able to look at him, and he shrugs a shoulder loosely. "I could go without seeing Kellen attempt to give Lars a lap dance, I think. You're right about the weather, though. It was really coming down, earlier."

Jay: Seeming pleased, Leech releases Timothy's wrist to wrap that arm around his waist instead, leaning forward enough to nose at the boy's chest. He gives a quiet noise of amusement, not quite a laugh. "Shit...ya should'a got that on video. Was he totally hopeless?" It almost sounds like he thinks that lap-dancing is a skill his brother should master; but then, Leech could probably make a good job of it, himself. He shakes his head a bit for the continuation, though he doesn't move away from Timothy's chest. "Haven' had a winter this bad in years...all this snow. Think I was about fifteen last time we had these kinds'a blizzards."
boy's shoulders, holding on to them gently. His voice still has a hint of humor in it, but it's lower in volume, mostly because he doesn't need to be loud. "I wish I did. Lars tried really hard not to laugh, and luckily Jess was already passed out. He got stuck taking off his shirt, which...I think was his downfall." Still, Lars looked to be enjoying the spectacle - if only because it was absolutely ridiculous. Tilting his head down, he trails the tip of his nose along Leech's scalp, and then makes a quiet noise of consideration. "Wish we were back in California. I bet it's warm, right now."

Jay: Leech snorts, shaking his head slowly. "See, this is what I mean. Healthy, entertainin' diversions...'s necessary." He sounds entirely serious, but it's doubtful that he is; very little Kellen does could be classed healthy. Inhaling deeply, he drops back all at once, sprawled on the bed, though one hand stays attached to the boy above him, sliding from his back to his hip, where Leech sneaks his fingertips beneath the hem of Timothy's shirt. The opposite hand scrabbles towards the bedside table, to retrieve his cigarettes. "Gotta be warmer than here. Does snow even exist, there?"

Jackie: Tim matches Leech's snort with one of his own, because Kellen's sexualized dancing is far from anything even remotely healthy. He places a few soft kisses to Leech's scalp before he drops back down onto the mattress, but Tim remains upright, still straddling his lap. Both hands round the boy's shoulders and instead move softly along his chest, tracing over the t-shirt with no real pattern. His skin prickles when Leech's fingers crawl up under his shirt, but it's a pleasant feeling that makes his back arch the tiniest bit. "Sometimes, in northern California it does. But nothing like this. LA never gets it. They think anything in the sixties constitutes a parka."

Jay: Finally snatching up that pack of cigarettes, Leech extracts one and lights it, doing all of this one-handed so he can continue walking his fingertips around Timothy's stomach. "Mmm...that does sound nice. But, there are still people there, so it prolly sucks anyway." Planting the cigarette in his mouth, Leech returns both hands to either of the boy's hips, using his feet to push himself back on the mattress until his legs aren't hanging off the edge. In the process, a few things - clothes and files, mostly - topple off the bed, but he doesn't even give them a glance. Narrowing his eyes, either in thought or to avoid the smoke, he hops back to a previous part of the conversation. "Wonder what it'd take to get Kellen to re-enact his lap dance...we really need a video'a that."

Jackie: Making a noise that can only be described as agreeing, Tim continues to pet along Leech's chest, moving his hands abstractedly. He peers down at the parasite's form as he starts to squirm back, and only follows after him when those hands hold on to his hips and encourage the action. Kneeing his way up the bed, Tim resettles himself on Leech's lap more fully, eyes glued to his own hands as they move across the older boy's chest. He looks more and more tired, or at least drained, now that he's in a position to totally fall apart, but he refrains for now, and sighs quietly. "Probably would only need to have Lars ask him. They had this constant flirtation back and forth all night. I don't know who has who wrapped around their finger more."

Jay: At first, Leech seems pleased by this response, but as Timothy continues, his eyes narrow more (intentionally, this time, instead of just the drooping half-closed thing that keeps happening) and he tilts his head. "Jus' flirtation, right? Nothin' against Lars, er anything, but Kellen's still pretty damn underage." He rolls slightly to the side, peering towards the closed door that leads to the other room with displeasure, like he's just about to go get up and demand answers from Kellen, and also yell at Jimmy for not protecting his virtue. But on second thought, that's too much work, so he stays where he is.

Jackie: Snorting again, Tim nods his head slowly and then yawns, the latter in which he tries to hide into his own shoulder, only picking his head back up once it's passed. "Yeah, just flirting. Lars knows better. He may think your brother is cute, but he's not gonna touch him." Which is absolutely true, at least for right now - he's definitely had conversations with the older boy about it, and Lars has been very emphatic on not doing anything with Kellen, even if provoked. "Don't know if I can say the same about Jesse, though. I think he's got a crush."

Jay: Leech hums a bit doubtfully, but he does relax back into his previous position. One hand releases Timothy momentarily, to flick ashes from his cigarette into the somewhat overflowing ashtray. "Yeh? What, on Kellen or on Lars? Please gawd, not on Jimmy." That would obviously be a catastrophe. Both hands having returned to Timothy's hips now, they slide upward over his ribcage and Leech exerts a little pull in an attempt to get the boy to lie down with him.

Jackie: If he were more inclined, Tim would jump to Lars' defense and attempt to convince Leech that he meant what he said, but he doesn't have the energy for it. A little smile ghosts across his lips, because he can't at all think of Jesse having a crush on Jimmy, and he surely wouldn't touch Lars at all - mostly because he was Tim's first boyfriend, and Lars still probably has lingering feelings for him. "Kellen, of course." It's not hard to miss, with the two of them attached at the hip. Still, he doesn't think anything has actually transpired between the two, yet. Surely, Jess would come clambering over to him with details, if it had happened. Giving in to that gentle tugging, Tim lets his body fall down onto the bed, but still on top of Leech's. He tucks his head into the boy's neck, and inhales deeply.

Jay: Pleased when Timothy gives in and lays down, Leech lets his hands circle around to the boy's back, moving aimlessly. That revelation makes him give a quiet, coughing laugh, and he shakes his head a little bit. "Ya really think so? I mean...the way they are with each other, be kinda hard to tell. Did he say anything?" Now that there's no reason to keep them open, Leech lets his eyes drop fully shut, blindly reaching for his wine glass and killing the majority of the liquid.

Jackie: Tim can sense the sarcasm there, but he doesn't do anything to argue against it; if he were in a better mood, he'd maybe snort and give the parasite a faux stern look. But as it is, his head is tucked down, and he nods his head, taking the question as if it was asked genuinely. "Jesse's pretty affectionate, anyways. But he got pretty quiet, when Kellen and Lars would start flirting. It was kind of cute." He doubts Jesse has a jealous bone in his body, but it's still amusing to see him try to sort out his feelings rationally. Having placed his own wine glass aside before crawling on the bed, Tim doesn't bother reaching for it, and instead continues to nuzzle into that warmth.

Jay: Leech replaces both arms around Timothy, resting his head to the side on the crown of the boy's head. "Kinda cute...poor kid. I'd wish him good luck, but I don' think there's luck good enough fer that..." He considers it for a moment, sighing inwardly, but can't hold onto the train of thought for very long. Instead, he goes back to smoking and petting along Timothy's back, eventually working his fingers beneath his shirt again to find bare skin.

Jackie: Again, Tim makes a little noise, agreeing with Leech; Kellen seems a bit oblivious to Jesse's affections, and it's not as though the younger boy is doing anything to let his room mate know how he's starting to feel. Breathing Leech in, Tim tries to curl down into him more, wanting to bury himself right here and not come out until the spring. With as undesired to move as Leech appears to be, it's entirely possible. He sighs again, and places a soft kiss to the boy's neck, mumbling - although being so close, it's still decipherable to the parasite. "I've missed you."

Jay: Leech was probably more referring to the fact that Kellen seems to have no clue what a serious relationship is, but given that he just turned 15, this isn't a bad thing. Content to let the conversation pass - though he'll surely be watching Kellen and Jesse closely in classes from now on - Leech takes a last drag of his smoke before snuffing it. He gives a quiet purr for those words, lifting that hand to rest at the back of Timothy's neck and ducking his head to nose at his scalp. "Me, too...sorry I been so busy lately. I'd much rather be spendin' time with you."

Jackie: Encouraged by the hand at his neck, and definitely relieved by it, Tim noses a little more actively against that neck, and squirms his body in closer, seeking warmth and comfort. He hadn't realized he'd spoken until Leech addressed him back, the idea of missing Leech having been swirling around all day in his head that it came out of his mouth with no thought at all. Regardless, he's put more at ease in knowing that he's been missed, back - no doubt he had questioned it, since Leech was pretty out of sorts for the past week. "Me, too. You okay, though?"

Jay: Tilting his head to the opposite side to let Timothy nuzzle more freely, Leech presses his chilly fingertips against the nape of the boy's neck alternately, massaging the muscles lightly. The question gets a quiet sigh, because it just drags up all the bullshit of the past few days since he's seen Timothy, which he was endeavoring to cover over with his wine-and-narcotics binging. "I'll manage. Had an attempted suicide this morning - damn near a successful suicide. I hate dealin' with that sorta shit." In a place like this, it's not unheard of, but happily not so frequent that Leech has gotten used to it.

Jackie: Surely, Tim was not expecting that sort of response; typically, Leech is worn out by blind stupidity, most of it brought on through Tony. This new issue certainly has more weight to it, and is no doubt emotionally draining. Even without thinking, he squirms in closer, and immediately presses another, more firm kiss to Leech's neck. His hands trail up, beneath himself, to grab at the front of the older boy's shoulders, thumbs pressing into his collarbones and then rubbing gently, slow circles against the protruding bone. "Anything I can do to help? You want a back rub?"

Jay: As Timothy nuzzles in closer, Leech tightens the arm around him without thought, appreciatively nuzzling at his shoulder. He hums in thought for the first query, but since Timothy immediately offers an answer, he doesn't have to think much about it. "That...sounds fuckin' fantastic." Still, it takes him a moment to release Timothy, and before he completely disengages he leans up, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. "I'm glad ya came down."

Jackie: Finally, Tim's mouth cracks into a half smile, even if it's hidden against that neck. Pleased that his suggestion is taken so quickly, he leans up so disengage with the parasite, pausing momentarily to pucker his lips for that kiss. When Leech leans back, Tim immediately leans forward again, pressing a more lasting kiss directly to the boy's mouth, and then squirms back to give Leech more room to slide onto his tummy. He hums quietly. "Me, too. Glad to get some time with you." They've certainly been lacking some alone time, lately.

Jay: Having been somewhat expecting Timothy to move in for another kiss, Leech tilts his chin up into it, purring quietly in pleasure and nipping at his lower lip gently before releasing. He sits up partially to strip off his t-shirt (having been, for once, fully dressed, probably in deference to Jimmy's presence), then rolls over onto his tummy, taking a brief break to finish the glass of wine. "Yeh. We should do that more often." Actually, they have had more time together than Leech had been counting on, while at school, but of course it isn't enough.

Jackie: Tim makes a brief little quirk of a noise, something like a moan but much shorter, for the gentle bite to his lower lip. But he doesn't let himself get distracted, not with how easily and quickly Leech agreed to a back rub. So he forces himself completely off of the boy's form and instead watches him remove that shirt, eyes immediately scanning his form, tracing over tattoo lines he feels he hasn't seen in forever. His own skin warms, and he again crawls up the bed, still on his knees. He straddles the back of Leech's hips, resting gently on the boy's ass, and begins to rub his hands slowly up the boy's spine, some weight behind his actions, but not yet working on an actual massage yet. "We should use that room Kellen found, or something. During my study hour or something."

Jay: Leech shivers slightly as Timothy settles above him and starts moving his hands, not cold at all, but pleased by the touch. "Yeh...we could do that..." At first, it sounds like he's responding randomly, not entirely paying attention, but a moment later it becomes clear that he was only thinking. "Er I could just kidnap you an' run away. Sure Kellen could manage on his own..."

Jackie: Gliding his hands up Leech's spine, Tim presses down a little harder onto Leech's back, and starts to massage his hands along the boy's shoulders, up near his neck. The muscles are undoubtedly tense, but Tim is gentle in working with them, fingertips pressing with enough pressure to work out kinks, but not hurt. He keeps them still for a moment, focusing on untying these muscles before moving down. He can't help the smile that comes across his face for that suggestion, and he leans down to kiss at the center of Leech's back softly. "Where would we go?"

Jay: As the massaging gets heavier, Leech stretches his neck, resting his face to the side and trying to consciously relax - even all the pills he's taken and the wine he's drank haven't managed to force his muscles into relaxing. "Ahh...anywhere. Somewhere warm, mebbe. I actually haven' ever left this part'a the coast. Where would you wanna go?" Undoubtedly, this is all speculation - Leech couldn't leave his brother behind - but it's okay to think about.

Jackie: Feeling the tension in the boy's muscles dissolving, Tim starts to work them down lower, spreading to the outside part of the boy's back and rubbing his palms into Leech's ribs. Unconsciously, his own body seems to be relaxing, if only because he's able to help his Master unravel a bit. He hums quietly, thinking it over. "Spain. We should go to Spain." It's totally unreasonable, but that's what wishful thinking is for. He lets out a little sigh, and squirms a little bit. "You really haven't left New England much?"

Jay: Leech makes a somewhat uncertain noise, but he doesn't know enough about Spain to fully disapprove of the plan, so he doesn't object verbally. He gives a grunt as Timothy's fingers find a particularly tense, sore spot, grimacing until the pressure becomes enjoyable instead of painful. " Jus' Massachusetts, Jersey, New York, I think I ended up in Connecticut once, but I'm not sure..."

Jackie: Even if Tim's never been to Spain, he has a certain draw to it - perhaps the warmth, or the fact that it feels like a world away. He could safely say that, if they were there, he would know absolutely no one else there, which means that drama would practically be eliminated. Hearing that grunt, Tim flicks his eyes up to Leech's face, reading the side of it he can see, but he doesn't let up, mostly because he knows it won't help any, and instead works a steady rhythm of pressing and massaging the weak muscles. "You're not missing much."

Jay: Relaxing once more after that spot is moved from, Leech gives a faint shrug, hardly a movement at all. "Never much had the opportunity to go anywhere I didn' bother thinking about it. You ever do much travelling? Aside from gettin' shipped from one coast to the other, I mean..." He opens his eyes slightly to look back and up at Timothy in curiosity.

Jackie: At times, Lint forgets that Leech had a life before here - that he had a childhood, and an adolescence, and didn't just wind up here as an adult. Moving his hands back to the center of Leech's back, he starts to work on some muscles near his spine, and presses his thumbs into the space between a few bones, kneading at the tense flesh there. Of course, the memories that come from that question sting, but he does a good job of shielding it, or at least glazes it over enough to not let it hurt much. "Not a whole lot, no. Went all over California, which...I guess is kind of a big state. Lars took me to Portland for a weekend, once. And we did a trip to Texas, and my brother first got into the army for basic training." The 'we' obviously means his family, but he refuses to address it as such.

Jay: Leech hums, considering that for a moment. "Sounds like ya covered more ground than I have, but none of that sounds real exciting..." Shifting, he refolds his arms and turns his head the other way, giving a quiet groan as the hands continue moving over his back. "Mebbe we actually should go somewhere. Not Spain, but...somewhere we can drive to? I think there's an extended weekend coming up, before that trip we're going on next month."

Jackie: "Portland was pretty neat. Weird people, least they were really nice." Really, he thinks Leech would probably like it there; no blistering heat and a sea of unique people. If it were closer, he'd suggest a trip there. Having unscrewed some muscles at that particular juncture, Tim moves his hands over to the side, going over the left side of this wonderfully tattooed and muscled back. Both hands work side by side, pressing and massaging the skin, and he quickly lowers his head to kiss the boy's spine again, just over the spot he was just working on. He hums quietly for that suggestion, pleased. "That'd be nice. Somewhere that isn't here."

Jay: Leech's eyes flicker open again, for just a moment. "Yeh? I think mebbe that's where Kellen said his -- our, uncle lives. Somewhere near that, at least." As those hands continue their work and that kiss is sneaked in, the noise he makes this time is a pleased growl. "I wouldn' mind leaving fer a while, at all. This fuckin' really gets to me, sometimes." Undoubtedly, he's thinking about the scene this morning again; the muscles beneath Timothy's fingers probably tense up again at the thought.

Jackie: The mention of family makes Tim rethink his idea - usually, the parasite tries to stay as far away from his own family as possible, save for Kellen and Keiran. "The Pacific Northwest is weird, anyways." At least,the drive up there was, and the nightlife was something else - walking down the street, Lars definitely kept a secure arm around Tim, since all sorts of people were ambling about, in various states of intoxication and dress. Feeling those muscles tense up again, Tim's eyebrows furrow, and he slides his hands away briefly to place another kiss to the skin he was just touching, in an attempt to get them to relax again. He retracts after a moment and makes his hands busy again, talking lowly. "I can tell." He pauses to think, perhaps a little nervous to say it, but eventually pushing forward with it. "If there's anything I can do, Leech, I'll do it. I can make your coffee, or take care of Cat when she needs it-- anything."

Jay: "Everywhere's weird..." This is a pretty thoughtless, distracted comment, but even without having traveled much, Leech is pretty certain of it - then again, maybe the weirdness just follows him. After the next little kiss, and that offer, he wakes up a little more and draws one hand from under his chin, reaching back awkwardly to find and clasp Timothy's hand. Drawing that hand up over his shoulder, Leech lifts his head enough to kiss the center of the palm in appreciation. "Jus'...stay here, tonight?"

Jackie: He can't disagree with that, so he doesn't; instead, Tim just gives a vague nod and continues his massaging, now working his hands to Leech's right side. He doesn't feel awkward at all for that offer, mostly because he meant it sincerely; he'd wake up every morning at five'o'clock to make coffee, tend to the pets, and make it to morning baseball conditioning, if that's what the parasite wanted. But he's pulled away from that train of thought when his hand is grasped and yanked up. He watches Leech's face as he presses a soft kiss to his palm, and something beneath his sternum cracks. He nods, even if it isn't seen, and immediately squirms up to nuzzle into Leech's face and kiss at the corner of his mouth affectionately.

Jay: Leech does manage to catch that nod from his peripheral vision, just before Timothy leans down, and he releases the boy's hand to curl fingers around his neck again, instead, partially turning his shoulders so he can catch Timothy's mouth after that little kiss. He doesn't move away immediately this time, remaining as he is long enough to let his tongue trace into the boy's mouth, far from his usual demanding manner of kissing. He gives a quiet, rough purr as he leans away far enough to speak. "Thanks, pet."

Jackie: With the hand curled up around his neck, Tim doesn't try to pull his head up and get back to work, and certainly doesn't want to; perhaps more than anything, he's missed this easy intimacy, the way it happens so naturally between the two of them. He makes a little pleased noise, not quite a moan yet, for that extended kiss. He doesn't try to keep it going, and instead leans forward to press his forehead to Leech's temple; there, he closes his eyes and lets out a little sigh. "Thank you, Sir." And then he lowers his head to place a kiss to the top of the boy's shoulder, squirming away slowly so he can go back to massaging, but this time he trails his head down that pretty back, kissing as he goes.

Jay: A small, but nonetheless visible, smile shows on Leech's face for that repeated 'thank you', and he cranes his neck farther to nuzzle against the top of Timothy's head before the boy moves too far away. He shivers pleasantly for the soft kisses that trail down his back, dropping comfortably back to his previous position to enjoy the continued massage. He abruptly notices that the noise from the other room has ceased - though not loud, Kellen had had some sort of movie playing on the laptop, and was still picking at his guitar now and then and talking to Jimmy, though Jimmy's quieter, rougher voice was more or less unheard. "Hmm...sounds like the kids've gone to bed." He just blatantly ignores the fact that Jimmy's about five years older than he is, himself. "Mebbe last night finally caught up with 'em."

Jackie: Trailing his mouth down, Tim presses warm, open mouthed kisses to the boy's back, never lingering on one spot for long. Eventually, he goes down far enough that he can't hunch over himself any more, so he instead sits back up and puts more focus on his hands. Their massaging is less centralized, and is now more like a roaming, comforting touch, the heels of his palms pressing into the flesh solidly enough to dispel tension. His fingertips curl around any bone they can, and Tim's eyes go a little unfocused, looking down at Leech's tattooed back appreciatively. He doesn't think much in his response, but doesn't really need to, either. "Wouldn't surprise me. Pretty sure Jesse slept most of the day, in between his ghost studying."

Jay: "Smart kid. I don' know when Kellen got to sleep, but he was here way sooner than he should'a been...gave me a really confusing summary of the night. 'parently Malachi passed out with that new kid on a fur rug, which was hilarious to Kellen...that whole animal rights thing Mal's into...I really didn' understand mosta what he said, but they all looked like casualties'a war when I went in early this morning to wake 'em up." His mouth curves up at the corner again at the thought; plainly, he's relaxing somewhat. "I dunno what happened to his shirt, but someone - er someones - had drawn all over his arms with sharpie, a bunch'a fake tattoos. Mebbe that was Lars."

Jackie: "I don't think it was all that intentional. I swung down to grab a hoodie, and he had passed out on top of his book." It was an oddly endearing scene to walk into; part of Tim wanted to wake the boy up and tuck him into bed, but the other part of him - the part needing absolute solitude - kept him away. He keeps up his gentle massaging, moving back up to the boy's shoulders, where he can work up a steady, easy rhythm behind his hands' actions. He grins a bit for the extra details from last night, but he talks around the smile. "Yeah...Jade was on ecstasy, I guess, and...just passed out on the furry blankets. I think Mal was babysitting him, or something. And it was Lars doing the sharpie tattoos. Kellen kept on saying he wanted to see Lars' tattooing skills, so they...improvised."

Jay: Leech makes a vaguely disapproving noise for the mention of the ecstasy, but doesn't actually go into thinking about it, because that's too much work right now, and nods for the continuation. "Well, 'least we know he draws decent even when he's drunk. Think I might go see Duster next weekend, barring catastrophe; get him to work on those scales." He makes a motion with his shoulder as he says this, indicating somehow the scale-pattern tattooed down the lower part of his spine and tailbone. After falling silent for a moment longer, he adds to the previous cnversation: "Kellen an' Jimmy were wrapped up in this gigantic red velvet cloak, it was kinda cute...Jimmy was pissed at bein' woken up til he realized I brought his...stuff." Clearly, indicating his drugs, because Leech has known enough junkies to know that the absolute first thing they must do upon waking is to shoot up, or they become violently ill. "Figured they'd jus' come in and go back to sleep."

Jackie: Letting Leech talk without interrupting him, Tim keeps his hands busy, eventually trailing his fingers down to the tattooed scales. He scratches his fingernails lightly against the outline, not much force behind his actions. "That'll be good. You haven't really had the chance to see him much, lately." Part of him wants to ask to join, since it'll be nice to get away from this place, and he rather likes Duster, but he doesn't want to intrude. So he immerses himself into the other part of the conversation. "Your brother is like a rubber band, I swear. I thought he was done for before they started playing the Would You Rather game, and that was barely past one in the morning."

Jay: "Yeh...he called, night before last. Let me know an old friend of ours is goin' to prison, prolly for life." He doesn't sound terribly upset by this, since he did know the guy, and it was probably only a matter of time. Squirming slightly, he looks back over his shoulder at the boy, eyes still lazily half-lidded. "ey, lemme turn over?" He waits for the request to be granted, then shifts around onto his back again and pushes towards the head of the bed, until he finds pillows to flop against, immediately extending an arm towards Timothy to draw him close again. "Ahh, he's jus'' possibly superhuman. I'd say he'll slow down in a few years, but I'm not convinced he ever will." Regardless, there's undeniable fondness in his voice as he speaks of Kellen.

Jackie: Tim makes a little face of discontent, but doesn't voice it out loud, mostly because he knows Leech wouldn't want to hear any sympathy, and probably wouldn't want more questions about it, anyways. He's working on those shoulders some more when Leech turns to look back at him, and without even needing to process the question, Tim is squirming back, giving the boy the freedom to move around as he pleases. "He might. It's easy to go a hundred miles per hour when you're fifteen. And even if he still could in five years, maybe he won't want to." Before Leech can drag him back down, Tim shifts off of the bed, returning to the backpack Leech tossed to the side earlier in the evening. He rifles through the front pocket for a moment, and unearths his thick, leather collar. Simply holding it makes his body relax a little more, and he lifts it up to his neck as he walks back to the bed, aligning it. But he doesn't secure it in place; instead, he knees his way onto the mattress and hovers near Leech's chest, leaning down so that the boy can fasten the collar in place.

Jay: Leech opens his eyes a bit more when Timothy vacates the bed, clearly confused, but his expression eases when he sees what the boy was after, something like a smile passing briefly over his mouth. Sitting forward, he reaches up to take either side of the collar and secure the clasp, then - irrepressibly reminded of the first time he did so - he grabs at the collar of Timothy's shirt, tugging the material out of the way so he can drop his head and bite into the muscles at the junction of shoulder and neck. He grinds his teeth against the trapped skin, growling in approval, then wraps an arm around the boy before sitting back into the pillows, dragging Timothy along. Once there, he releases that flesh, resting his chin on the shoulder instead and finding his way back to the conversation. "Mebbe yer right. At least, while he's here, I can be pretty sure he won' be knockin' anyone up and having a passel of illegitimate children before he's eighteen..."

Jackie: It isn't until the parasite secures that collar in place that Lint feels the full weight of it, and it makes his body go slack - enough that he lowers his head until it's nearly resting on Leech's shoulder, back curling down in the process. While most people would probably tense up and have a knee-jerk reaction to that bite, Tim does nothing of the sort; rather, almost immediately, he lets out a quiet, stifled moan - almost a whimper, and then tilts his head to the side to encourage more contact. His entire body seems to relax more, and Tim curls up closer to Leech for the attention, eventually laying down and sprawling half-way onto the parasite. After his skin is released, he goes to press his face into Leech's neck, appreciatively, and then talks lowly from there. "It's a good thing. Don't know if the world could handle that, right now."

Jay: Leech reaches over to flick the table-lamp off, then lights another cigarette, keeping the free arm tight around Timothy's back. His head tilts to the side to rest against the boy's. "I sure as fuck couldn'. Babies might be easier to handle than hormonal delinquent teenagers, but I definitely don' understand 'em as well." Craning his head back a bit, he offers that cigarette to Timothy in the usual manner, then snorts as the sound of one of Kellen's maniacal laughing fits comes through the wall, as if to underline his previous statement.
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