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Jay: After dinner, most of the students head upstairs to acquire warmer clothing for the mandatory gathering in the lawns of the school to watch a meteor shower - one of the headmaster's hare-brained spontaneous schemes, it had only been announced in everyone's home room classes that morning. But Kellen is still a little sore and a little weak, so he remains on the ground floor to wait for Jesse.

He's met there by a mildly disgruntled Leech, who hands off his leather jacket without a word, apparently still feeling Kellen's enough of an invalid to rate special treatment such as this. Kellen grins, offers thanks and pulls the leather on; the parasite nods dourly in return, heading out to organize students and start one of the three small bonfires for people to collect around. Jade is the first of their odd conglomeration of friends to join Kellen, and as usual, the older boy gives only a scant nod of greeting, stuffs his hands in his pockets, and looks haughtily around the hallway, as if the world only exists to entertain him and it isn't doing its job well.

Jackie: Having finished dinner early, and not being in the best of moods since his sort-of argument with Kellen, Tim scooted up to his dorm room without much notice from Jesse, and holed up there until a few teachers went around the different hallways to collect students for the meteor shower activity. He grabs his hand me down leather jacket and boots, both gifts from Lars, and heads downstairs - adjusting the beanie on his head to cover the tips of his ears. Eyes scanning around, they quickly dart away from Kellen, and instead find Michael - who is leaning up against a wall lazily. He sidles up to him quietly, eyes peering around at the disgruntled students who, even in their adolescence, think this is a dumb fucking idea. "One day, I want to smoke the pot Jefe smokes."

Jesse, a deep contrast to Jade, literally bounces over to where Kellen is - having darted up to his room to grab a large parka (a present from his father), gloves, and an adorable winter hat with a pom pom on the top. He absolutely beams at Kellen, and smiles at Jade, and hops in place in excitement. "This is gonna be so much fun! Finally!"

Jay: Michael grins crookedly as Tim joins him, pleased to be sought out, and pushes off the wall to head outside. "Pretty sure that ain't pot, darlin', not even laced. He's runnin' on some grade-A old-fashioned insanity." Still, Mike isn't loath to spend the evening outside. For a wonder, the day was clear and almost warm, in that dim, far-off wintery sort of way. He pushes the door open to let his roommate precede him outside, then heads for one of the farther fires, being set up near the sports field.

Kellen can't catch Jesse's excitement enough to bounce, because that would hurt, but he does grin more naturally, reaching up to flick the puffball on the boy's hat. "It'll be badass. But I'd still rather sneak upstairs and watch from there." Probably if they cleaned the windows, the secret room at the top of the staircase would be a superb - and warm - viewing place. Glancing back to the stairs Jesse just descended, Kellen smiles affably at Malachi, approaching bundled in his overlarge, stylish greatcoat, black hat and scarf, and also carries a blanket to spread on the ground. As he reaches them, Kellen looks back to Jesse, cocking his head to the side. "Is Hollywood meeting us here, too?"

Jackie: Tim snorts for Michael's words, the muscles in his back relaxing - something that is becoming more and more common around his room mate. He even goes so far as to grin, but he hides it by ducking his head as they head towards the door. "You're probably right. But I'm sure he still smokes some killer weed." Although Tim isn't much of a pot smoker, he certainly wouldn't mind any sort of drug, at this point - both to better cocoon him from the coldness, and also to deal with the tension he's felt around Kellen since yesterday. Stepping outside, he sticks close to Michael and huddles around one of those fires, careful not to draw attention to them so that the whole gaggle of boys joins them.

Jesse's eyes flick up, in an attempt to see the puff ball Kellen flicks, which is impossible, naturally - but he still grins lopsidedly. "Oh, that'd be nice. But we can roast marshmallows outside. Better than doing it over a candle, and getting all those toxins into the sugary goodness." Always the optimist. Waving wildly at Malachi, which isn't exactly returned but the boy is as polite as ever, Jesse looks back at Kellen and perks up even more. "Oh! He said he was gonna wait around one of the fire pits. He had some...sketches or something that he wanted to burn. I don't know. But he's probably outside."

Jay: Michael shrugs loosely, tucking his hands in the pockets of his thin jacket once they get outside. "Or opium, or maybe mescal. But that probably only helps to keep him sane." He doesn't hesitate to follow Tim to a fairly anonymous spot, and not only because he enjoys being alone with his roommate; he doesn't need to get caught with the half-pint flask of liquor in his pocket, either.

Indeed, Mal offers Jesse a warm little smile and a wiggle of his begloved fingers, extending the greeting to Jade when he realizes he's there, as well, waiting until he's near enough to not have to raise his voice before joining the conversation. "Marshmallows are toxic enough of themselves. They're made from horse hooves." Kellen looks quickly at Mal, as if to see whether he's joking (not something Mal's known for), then wrinkles his nose. "Why do ya gotta tell me these things? Now I prolly won't eat a marshmallow fer like, at least half an hour." He shakes his head, looking back to Jesse and nodding for his input. "'long as it's only sketches he's burning. Let's go, then." And, in his usual manner, Kellen crooks an elbow to both Jesse and Malachi to lead them outside, letting Jade trail along and look as if he's only there by accident.

Jackie: Rounding his way around a few other students, Tim finds a safe place to stand around the fire - luckily, there aren't too many students around this one, since it was the furthest one from the door. Again, he laughs, and darts his eyes up to glance over at his room mate - and is maybe momentarily distracted by his pretty face - before looking back towards the fire. "Keep him insane, you mean." Because like hell has he ever seen Jefe sane. He's pretty sure no one has.

"Don't ruin marshmallows for me! You're killin' me, Smalls." Dramatic as ever, Jesse feigns horror for the systematic tear-down of his beloved marshmallows, and keeps up the act even as he begins walking arm and arm with Kellen. From behind them, Jade snorts - but it isn't really amused, so much as dismissive. As they walk, Jesse eventually gives up the act, and grins broadly as they step outside and are met with a few bonfires and the general excitement of being out at night - even if its under supervision. "Yeah, just sketches. But he also said something about like...taking the embers to form a Satanic diagram on the courtyard's brick patio. So, that might happen."

Jay: "Well...more sane. Like when those scientists gave the people with multiple personality disorder acid, and they acted totally normal." He glances around the fire and people gathered there as he steps back a bit, finding a patch of dry grass to sit on. Deciding that none of the nominally in-charge people are paying attention, he sneaks the flask from his pocket to take a drink, then covertly offers it to Tim.

"At least now you know the torture you're perpetuating. Just imagine how the horses feel about it." Malachi seems blithely unconcerned with Kellen's and Jesse's protests. Kellen rolls his eyes, because this is the part about Mal he gets irritated with, but it doesn't show for now - he bypasses it to laugh at Jesse's words. "Sounds exciting! Is he, like, summoning a demon or something?" Pausing only briefly, Kellen spots Hollywood skulking around the farthest fire, and heads in that direction.

Jackie: Tim makes a little agreeing noise for that, but doesn't elaborate further; he spots their dorm mates making their way into the courtyard, and eyes them carefully as they move about. Luckily, they divert to the fire opposite of their own, and Tim is silently pleased; the only person in that group he could stand right now is Jesse, and even then, he doesn't need to be badgered about Michael. Also taking a seat on the cold ground, Tim maybe sits a little closer to his room mate than he normally would, but the coldness is a good excuse for it. He takes the flask and then takes a sip, covertly handing it back. "Do you know how long we're supposed to be out here for?"

Jesse rolls his eyes for Malachi's response, bur doesn't voice his own - from behind them, Jade lets out a very snarky ,but quiet, retort: "Imagine how the marshmallow manufacturers feel." Which, of course, draws a quick little snort from the bleach blonde, and he presses in closer to Kellen for warmth, and just because. He grins for the returned excitement, and watches Justin as he paces around a fire, looking as if he's studying it carefully. "No...I think he just said he wanted to fuck with the headmaster or something. But maybe that was just a cover up."

Jay: Slipping the flask back into his pocket casually, as he well knows that attempted secrecy would draw the eyes of the staff faster than anything, Michael shrugs for the question. "I don't got any idea. I doubt the headmaster thought that far ahead. Maybe 'til he passes out?" Shifting, Mike unfolds his legs towards the fire, incidentally moving slightly closer to Tim in the process. He also spots their roommates, smirking for the way Kellen's got a boy on either arm, but the smirk fades rapidly when he notices a straggler behind them: Tony, plainly searching for Tim. As the ungainly boy starts in their direction, Mike groans. "Oh, Jesus Christ..."

Jay: "Mebbe so." Kellen sounds intrigued by the thought of demon-summoning, but uncertain whether it's strictly a good idea. He heads for the strange, lanky kid from guitar class, not noticing Malachi's mild scowl for the dismissive words of Jade. Though still somewhat in awe of him, Mal can't resist answering back - even raising his voice enough to make sure he's heard. "I hope the manufacturers feel terrible. If they lose sleep over their jobs, all the better."

Jackie: Again, Tim snorts for that response and hunches into himself; while the fire provides some heat, he's still not at all used to these east coast winters, and he's practically chilled to the bone. He looks away from the flames when Mike groans, and it takes a moment for the boy's eyes to adjust from the bright fire to the dark figures approaching. Once he sees Tony, he drops his head, not at all about to deal with the kid - but the blonde still progresses towards them, looking as stupid as ever with a dumb pink winter hat, his attempt at what he thinks is ironic. "Hey, Tim. You cold? I brought an extra blanket." Which he lofts up in one arm pointedly.

Jesse grins again when he spots Justin near the fire, and maybe stands up a little straighter as they approach the boy. He perks up again when he sees Justin balling up a few pieces of paper and tossing them into the burning logs. "How's the sacramental paper burning going?"

Still trailing behind all of the boys - even Tony, since he purposefully stood back when the dumb blonde joined them - Jade snorts for Malachi's response, maybe mildly impressed with the response. But he doesn't answer any more, because he can't seem too amused, and instead veers off to the side to watch the dancing flames.

Jay: Relieved to be out of isolation, and grateful for Tim's company, even the appearance of Tony can't completely ruin Michael's mood, but he does give the blond a hard stare in the hope that that - and Tim's obvious disinterest - might be enough to remove him from their presence. The words inspire an urge to reach over and casually throw an arm over Tim's shoulders, but with his roommate's moodswings, he isn't entirely certain that would be welcome.

Justin glances up when the little mob of kids reaches the fire, nodding affably to Jesse. "It's going. But I think you might have meant 'sacrificial' - these papers are definitely not holy." He rips out another page of the notebook, twists it up, and holds it towards the fire. He only lets go when the flames near his fingertips.

Kellen smirks for Justin's words, waving at the lanky kid as he detaches himself from Malachi and Jesse, but he belatedly notices Tim and Ness on the other side of the campfire and is thereby distracted. Since his discussion with Tim the previous day, they'd barely said a word to each other, and those few words were coolly over-polite. He does regret it, since he likes Tim for himself even aside from Jesse's and Leech's attachments to him, but he can't force himself to apologize just yet. Mal unfolds the quilt he's carrying, thin but very large, and fluffs it out to spread neatly on the ground.

Jackie: With his head lowered, Tim shakes his head for Tony's words, and is willing himself not to lash out on the kid; even though he's obnoxious, and only leads to trouble, Tim doesn't have the energy to be an asshole. So instead, he collects himself and lifts his head, looking at the boy squarely. "No, I'm good." And to make a point, he shifts his weight - not exactly moving closer to his room mate, but definitely leaning more towards him. For this, Tony rolls his eyes, and steps around the fire to take a spot between Timothy and Justin, muttering along the way.

Jesse, still beaming at Justin, rolls his eyes, but not out of annoyance - actually, he's smiling, and so totally amused. "Whatever. They could be." Which is...really funnier than it ought to be, so Jesse just laughs at himself, and parts from Kellen's arm to join his guitar partner, peering down at the papers. "You could have written like, the revised version of the Bible, or something." Once he's closer to the fire, Jesse scans the people around it, belatedly noticing Michael and then, pleasantly, Tim. He brightens immediately, obviously still thrilled any time he sees the two of them together. "Hi Mike! Hi Tim!"

Jay: When Tony moves away, Mike exhales through his nose, almost a sigh of relief. Leaning his head towards Tim, he lowers his voice. "Nice one. You've got the patience of a saint; I got no idea how you haven't killed him yet." When Jesse greets them, Michael does an iguana-like head-bob in greeting, inwardly hoping the boy won't say anything awkward about him and Tim.

Once Mal has that blanket spread out, Kellen settles into a spot on the corner farthest from Tim and Mike. Malachi joins him, then waves a hand in invitation to Jade, Jesse, and Justin, before calling out to the two Jesse is greeting: "Would you like to sit with us, Michael? And you, too, of course, Tim. There's plenty of room." Which there actually is, with the quilt being so huge. "It might be marginally warmer than freezing your testes off on this frozen ground." Mike smiles for the offer, but looks to Tim curiously, letting him decide whether or not they'll join the others.

For Jesse's suggestion, Hollywood shakes his head, sneering. "Nah, that'd be a waste of time. And tedious besides." He also takes a seat on the quilt, but closer to the fire, so he can continue his incinerations.

Jackie: Tim keeps his eyes on Tony for a longer moment, making sure that the boy doesn't get too close. Luckily, Tony takes his blanket and unfolds it, spreading it out neatly before claiming his spot. Once settled, he looks over at Tim just in time to catch the boy looking at him, and he gives the biggest smile he can and pats the ground near him in invitation. Tim immediately looks away, shaking his head - mostly out of disbelief - before talking lowly to his room mate. "Gotta work on an alibi, first."

Stepping away from the fire when Malachi offers up some blanket space, Jesse giggles at Justin because the dude is so fucking wacky, but keeps up in the conversation because he's maybe just as wacky. "So, just burning the blueprints for Noah's Arc?" Taking a seat on the blanket next to Kellen, but still with room on his other side, Jesse then pipes up to add to Malachi's offer: "Yeah, you guys come over here. I've missed my Lint." Which undoubtedly makes Tim's insides warm, and he looks over at his friend in time to see him patting the blanket space - much like Tony just did, but more adorable - and that settles it. The older boy quirks his head at Michael and then works to get to his feet, offering a hand to help Mike up.

Jay: Mike smirks for that retort, leaning back some and reaching one hand behind himself to prop him up. This action brings him still closer to Tim, his head a bit behind his roommate's shoulder as he murmurs: "Doubt it'd be necessary. What's that line -- 'it turned out he was a missin' person that nobody missed at all'?" He half-sings the words, interrupting himself with a faint laugh. "I can't imagine anyone looking real hard to find the body."

Hollywood shakes his head, responding like he's only halfway paying attention. "Some treatise on celestial mechanics and the inevitable fallacy of a supposedly infallible deity." Malachi beams when Jesse convinces Tim to come over, and even more when Michael gets up to follow after him (not hesitating to take Tim's hand, and not quick to release it).

Jackie: Tim leans his head back to listen to Michael, but isn't looking directly at him as he speaks; those words spark another amused grin to spread across the boy's mouth, which he wipes away by pressing it into his own shoulder. Getting up, he assists Michael to his feet and meanders over to the blanket - careful not to give much attention to Kellen, but also not being deliberately cold - and finds a spot next to Jesse that leaves room for both himself, and his room mate.

As Justin talks, Jesse's eyes widen, not at all understanding what he's saying and not even attempting to decipher it. "Sounds like good kindling to me." Distracted by the approaching boys, Jesse flails his arms out and drops his body back to the general vicinity of Tim; he ends up with his upper half draped over Lint's lap, and he paws at the boy for affections, which immediately get attended to. Tim rubs a hand along Jesse's buzzed hair, which makes the younger boy squirm delightfully. "I want hot chocolate and animal friendly marshmallows so bad right now."
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Jay: Following Tim, Michael waits for his roommate to get settled before dropping down beside him, halfway facing the fire and halfway facing Tim and the rest of the boys. "Well, this is cozy. All we need's a fifth of Jack and some decent music."

Instead of music, however, the headmaster stands and calls for silence, which goes ignored; he calls for silence again, more loudly, which still goes ignored. Finally he looks expectantly down at Leech, muffled in as many layers of clothes as he could find. The parasite sighs, lifting his chin out of his scarf, and bellows in a voice that belongs on the deck of a man-of-war enduring both a gale and heavy artillery (just because Leech is usually quiet doesn't mean he can't be loud): "EVERYONE SHUT UP! NOW!" This, unsurprisingly, has a much better effect; within seconds the only sounds are the crackling of the fires. Jefe nods appreciatively to Leech, then starts a discourse on the unique opportunity the evening offers to witness one of God's most breathtaking miracles, etc, etc, as he walks around and between the fires. And Leech wanders away to have a surreptitious smoke.

Jackie: Still sprawled out on Tim's lap, Jesse looks up at Michael, sort of upside-down, and raises his eyebrows expectantly. "If anyone could provide both of those, it'd be you. I can smell the alcohol on your breath. So." He just looks at Michael, waiting for him to either pony up the booze or start singing - which really isn't difficult to convince the boy to do, since he does it so often without being provoked.

Of course, this all gets interrupted by Leech's very loud, very assertive command, which makes all of the boys flinch, except for Jade. He just sits at the edge of the blanket and continues to look entirely unimpressed, and gives Tony a blank stare when the boy tries to start up conversation. Not unusually, that voice - in its dominant tone - sends a slight shiver through Tim's body, and he sits up a little straighter without even thinking about it, eyes snapping to that pink hair momentarily. But Leech isn't looking back, maybe pointedly so, and Tim sinks back into himself.

Jay: Kellen likewise snaps out of his quieter conversation with Malachi when Leech's voice rings out, but he doesn't look away, his eyes narrowing as they follow Leech's form away from the fires. As the headmaster continues to blether, Kellen murmurs a quiet 'gimme a minute' to Jesse and Malachi, then rises partially - but remains hunched over - to wind around the fires and collected students to seek out the parasite.

Jay: Michael grins at Jesse, plainly taking his words as complimentary, but he doesn't immediately have a chance to respond. Some moments later, Jefe finally falls silent and ambles over to join another small group; several of the students get up to take advantage of the hot cocoa being handed out from a table near the building, along with some snacks (but sadly not marshmallows), but Mike stays where he is. Especially since the opportunity is so good to sneak that flask out of his pocket and take a sip, then offer it to Jesse, since the boy was looking so expectant earlier.

Jackie: Not moving much from his sloth-like position, Jesse lifts his head to watch Kellen leave, about to question where he's going but silencing himself when he sees the path the boy is headed - or rather, sees the pink head of hair Kellen is trailing after. Wise enough to not say anything, he drops back down and nudges his head back into Tim's hands, so they can resume their lazy petting.

As Kellen departs from the group, Tim eyes the boy silently, not moving much at all to instead watch Kellen trail after Leech. He has the initial instinct to follow along, but the boy in his lap and the boy next to him keep him still. He flicks his eyes back down to Jesse's face when the boy makes a pleased 'ohh!' sounds for the offered liqour, and maybe smirks affectionately when Jesse takes the flask carefully and drinks from it like a bottle, immediately making a face for the taste. Tim sneaks another drink in before handing it back to Mike.

Jay: Malachi also watches Kellen's departure, and also is aware of the object of his search, but he merely sighs quietly and lays back with his knees folded up to stare skyward; the darkness isn't yet absolute, as the days are getting longer, but it's dark enough to see some stars and, hopefully, meteors.

Grinning crookedly at the face Jesse makes, Michael takes the flask back and sneaks another little drink himself before stowing it away. "I guess you'll want some hot chocolate to cover that taste, yeah, Jess?" He's already pulling himself to his feet again, switching his gaze to Tim. "How 'bout you, kitten?"

Jackie: As expected, Jesse's face screws up (adorably, still) for the strong liqour taste, and he actually has to shake his head to rid the biting sensation from his taste buds. But he still manages to look up at Michael, smiling brightly for the offer, and he exaggeratedly nods his head. "With marshmallows, if they have them!"

Smiling for Jesse's quick changes of composure, Tim eyes the boy in his lap for a moment before looking back up at his room mate. The nickname makes his eyes warm, and he nods his head appreciatively. "Yeah, that'd be great." And then, from the sidelines, Tony hops to his feet, ready to go grab the drink for Timothy before Mike can. "I got it!" And then he's scampering, like a weasel.

Jay: Rolling his head to the side to peer at Jesse, Malachi gives a long, long sigh. "You disappoint me, Jesse. Think of the horses!" But he doesn't sound very expectant; Mal's very used to having his sensitive food dictates ignored.

Michael opens his mouth to respond to Tim, but is interrupted by Tony. He snaps his teeth together with an audible click and watches the blond scamper off with narrowed eyes. Exhaling audibly through his nose, he gives Tim a quick look of exasperation before striding off in Tony's wake - because, of course, it's too much to hope that the little creep would bring anything back for anyone besides Tim.

Jackie: Jesse tilts his head to look over at Malachi, and gives him a sympathetic look. "Sorry, Mal--" But then he's interrupted by a loud snort from Jade, who is now on his feet and striding over to where they are serving drinks. He definitely mutters "fuck the horses" under his breath, but it doesn't sound too mean - more apathetic, than anything. For that, Jesse rolls his eyes, but is definitely amused by the interaction. He sighs loudly. "Where'd Kellen go?"

Still petting at Jesse's scalp, Tim's eyes narrow slightly for the way Tony scampers off, and he exchanges another glance at Michael and looks equally exasperated. He watches his room mate go join the other students and teachers at the little hot chocolate station, and is silently pleased when Tony gets pulled into conversation by Snider, who is serving up the drinks.

Jay: Catching that mutter from Jade, Malachi looks after the boy with his eyes narrowed in a look of intense disfavor, though the severity is somewhat marred by the glittery purple eyeshadow he's wearing. His lips thin as well, but relax when Jesse voices that question, and Mal waves a graceful hand towards the shadowy copse of trees some way to their left. "Off that way, after Leech."

Seeing Tony dragged into that conversation, Michael collects four of the drinks - which is as many as he can hold easily - and heads back before the blond is done talking to Snider, taking a quick detour through the small pavilion to one side to covertly add a generous measure of rum to each of the drinks, before returning to the campfire and offering one each to Tim, Jesse, and Malachi. He also offers the fourth to Hollywood, feeling it would be rude not to although the dude still creeps him out, but Hollywood gives the drink a suspicious look before shaking his head at Ness, so Mike keeps it for himself.

Jackie: Jesse definitely catches the glare that Mal is directing at Jade, but he only sort of giggles for it, because neither boy is as intimidating as they are maybe trying to be. He kicks over at Malachi gently and then rolls his eyes, amusement evident in his grin because the bickering is silly, and halfhearted at best. But then he glances over to where Kellen and Leech disappeared to, and squints to try to see them, without much luck. "Weird.

Jackie: ...

Jackie: "He's been quiet tonight." Mostly, probably, due to his little tiff with Tim, but Jesse doesn't know about that. Tim only makes a quiet hum for that observation, maybe appreciating Kellen being quiet because he's heard enough from him. He watches Michael return and shifts around a bit to take the offered drinks, handing one down to Jesse before placing his own on the ground next to him. "Thanks. Nice to have something warm." Because even with the fire pits, and their layers of clothing, Timothy's still cold. Jesse shifts his weight to better hold onto his cup and then takes a careful sip, immediately tasting that liqour and looking at Michael with wide eyes. "You're a trouble maker, Mister."

Jay: Malachi briefly flicks a well-shaped eyebrow at Jesse's first comment, because he doubts the younger boy truly finds it weird; they may be subtle about it in general, but surely Kellen's roommate has become aware of his attachment to Leech. But he doesn't outwardly question it, only shrugging. "Yes, I noticed that. Perhaps Leech will cheer him up." This coupled with a vaguely mischievous smile, not entirely suggestive: it's just flatly ridiculous, the idea of someone as dour as Leech cheering others up. Sitting up, Mal takes that offered cup from Michael with a warm smile.

Reclaiming his place next to Tim, Mike gives the boy a warm look in return for that thanks. Leaning back and propping himself up with one palm, he sips at his own. Jesse's words raise an eyebrow, but Mike's voice is flat: "You didn't just figure that out now, did you?" When Malachi gives a dainty cough after tasting his own laced drink, Hollywood glances at him briefly, glad that he refused the one he was offered.

Jackie: "I hope so. I wonder what's up." Because it's pretty uncommon for Jesse to be out of the loop of Kellen's mood, and it typically doesn't require specific prodding t get the boy to open up. Still, he eyes that area of shadowy trees for a moment longer before looking back at Michael, eyes sparkling. "No. I was just reminding you. Ya know. Just in case you forgot." Which probably isn't true at all, but Jesse does tend to forget that Michael causes more trouble than anything else - probably looks at him with rose tinted glasses, thanks to his 'relationship' with Lint.

Tim watches Jesse take a sip, and the reaction for it, before he dares to take a drink for himself. But the mixture is nice - warm in temperature as well as comfort, and it swirls nicely in his stomach after he takes a larger drink. Noticing Tony approaching, two cups in his hands, Tim's insides clench - not about to deal with the kid and his drama right now - so he squirms a little closer to Michael. And deliberately, he cranes his head to press his mouth to Mike's neck, kissing just beneath his jaw in appreciation for the drink. And Tony, seeing that, stops in his tracks, glaring at the two of them silently.

Jay: Malachi gives an agreeing hum for Jesse's words, tilting his head a little as he stares at the flames. "Perhaps he's just tired and sore. Surgery takes a while to recover from, even a simple one." The second drink of chocolate and rum goes down much more easily, and since he doesn't often drink, Mal can already feel his contentment growing, spreading like the warmth of the rum.

Mike gives Jesse a small, unrepentant grin. "Not likely to forget that." Not having seen Tony, he's a little surprised when Tim moves closer and plants that little kiss on his neck, since the other boy isn't typically one for public affection even aside from the fact that he's been inconsistent in that affection lately - but Michael isn't about to complain, of course. Sitting forward again to free his hand, he winds that arm around the small of Tim's back and leans towards him to return the kiss with another, though his lands just below Tim's cheekbone.

Jackie: Jesse hums for that explanation and, feeling Tim shift closer to Michael, the boy rolls his way off of his friend's lap to instead sprawl out on the blanket, a little closer to Malachi. Unfortunately, he misses the two boys' affections - which is probably a good thing, because he'd undoubtedly be obnoxious about it - and he instead focuses his attention on Mal, probably because the conversation is about Kellen. "Yeah, that's true. Maybe he's just sleepy." Because his room mate certainly likes his sleep, and probably hasn't had a good night's rest since well before his surgery - although many of his sleeps have been drug induced, they mostly left him groggy.

Still standing there, watching Tim and Michael press into one another, Tony clenches his jaw before forcing himself back into movement, and he steps up to the edge of that blanket looking like a pissed off cat. He eyes the spot that Tim pressed his mouth to, and there's nothing there - but on the other side of that gorgeous neck is a very suspicious looking dark mark. When he talks, it's very accusatory. "I'd be careful where you put your mouth, Tim. Looks like you're not the only one with that sort of access."

Jay: "Mhmm..." Malachi draws himself from the entrancing effects of the fire with a little effort, glancing over at Jesse. "I'm sure he'll sleep better now he's back in the dorm with you. The nurse's rooms aren't very restful." Of course, Kellen wasn't staying in the nurse's rooms, but Mal is maybe unaware of that. Spotting the two canoodling over Jesse's shoulder, Mal's mouth curves in a faint smile, only partially because it amuses him to see Ness engaged in relatively innocent cuddling; the two undeniably make an attractive pair. Leaning over, he nudges Jesse slightly with a shoulder and nods discreetly towards Tim and Mike - just before Tony stalks up.

Now, Michael spots Tony, eyes narrowing. He lifts his chin to eye the kid, jaw visibly set, and tightens his arm pointedly around Tim's waist. Not even thinking of the mark on his neck, he speaks with heavy sarcasm. "Oh, please tell, Tony. Who am I supposed to have been giving access to, this time? I can hardly wait to hear how promiscuous I've been."

Jackie: Jesse maybe bashfully grins for those words, and is oddly warmed by them - much more than the rum or fire. Without question, Jesse will sleep better with Kellen back in their dorm, but he doesn't say that out loud - maybe isn't entirely sure why he thinks that in the first place. He takes another healthy drink from his cup, and then is nudged; he shifts his weight to look over his shoulder in time to see Tim press in closer into Michael's arm, and then nose along Michael's neck innocently. Of course, this is all ruined by Tony's snarky words, and Jesse joins Tim and Michael in glaring at the dumb blonde - because he really needs to stop ruining otherwise nice moments.

Picking his head up, Tim doesn't look pleased at all, but Michael gets to talking before he gets the chance to. Of course, Tony only rolls his eyes for that response and eyes that dark mark again before redirecting his attention to Tim's face. "Who knows who he's been with lately. I mean, he has so many options to choose from. But that hickey ain't lying. I'd be careful if I were you." And Tim just snorts, not yet biting back because it's ridiculous; he knows exactly where that dark spot came from.

Jay: Malachi sighs exaggeratedly again, watching the confrontation. Not sharing their guitar class, he isn't as well-versed in the ongoing drama of Tony's worship of Tim, but he has heard enough second hand to know that Tony will likely never give up. It's painful to watch the kid embarrass himself again, so Malachi looks back to the fire and sips at his chocolate.

Rolling his eyes when Tony doesn't respond to him directly, Michael nonetheless addresses him again, voice raising unintentionally. "I know who I've been with lately, and no matter how many options I've got, there's only one worth choosing. Sit the fuck down and shut up, Lovato." At the mention of the hickey, Mike lifts a hand to feel at his neck, because he's fairly certain he has none. Wincing minutely when his fingers encounter the bruise left by the avalanche of Tim's closet, he realizes that must be what Tony's referring to, and scoffs quietly.

Jackie: Just as Malachi sighs, Jesse snorts, because Tony's attempts at winning Tim's favors are getting so far fetched that it isn't even amusing any more. He shakes his head and looks back to the fire, not about to join in on the conversation because he doesn't have Kellen here for back up. Instead he just takes another drink and nudges at Mal again, seeing the boy's obvious annoyance and attempting to distract him - and himself.

Tony doesn't even bother to look back to Michael's face, instead keeping his attention solely on Tim. The older boy is look at him flatly, eyes unusually dark and steady as Michael speaks. And while his words may cause some emotions to swirl in his chest, Tim doesn't let them out verbally - he only squirms in closer and leans more into the arm that is wrapped around him. This time, when Tony talks, he sounds more incredulous. "Seriously, Tim?--" But then Timothy interrupts him, voice stern and steady. "I know who it's from." And then Tim sits up a little straighter and shifts to get a better look at the bruise. He gives Tony another glare as he moves his mouth back to Michael's neck, and then closes his eyes when he starts to suck gently on that bruise pointedly.

Jay: When he's nudged, Mal's gaze flickers back to Jesse curiously, and it's a moment before he catches on to the purpose of the nudge. Giving a little smile, he nudges Jesse in return, then casts about for some sort of conversation. Unsurprisingly, it comes back to their main shared interest: Kellen. "So, how was your escape from the school? Did you stay at the hospital the whole time?"

Despite Tony's evasion, Michael keeps his gaze locked on the boy's face, definitely taking his unwillingness to return the look as a sign of fear and weakness. He kind of hopes he doesn't have to knock him out again, though; another night in isolation would not be good. Looking away finally when Tim speaks, Mike's mouth briefly quirks up in amusement, because he recalls also who it's from, or rather what: drunkenly stumbling and half-falling into Tim's closet, he'd been attacked by a few of the heavy wooden bats from the top of it. The only one that bruised him had caught him at an unlucky angle, but the one that had impacted his head had been more immediately painful.

The little half-smile changes slightly when Tim leans back in to lay his mouth over the bruise, and Michael raises a hand to cup the nape of Tim's neck possessively. He switches his gaze back to Tony, eyes still narrowed, but now in pleasure rather than threat, and holding an unmistakeable glint of triumph.

Jackie: Instead of getting caught up in a nudging war, Jesse only giggles softly for the returned nudge, and takes a distracted drink from his hot cocoa. Keeping his attention on the fire, entranced by the flames, he squirms a little bit to find a comfortable sitting position, but perks up for that question. "Oh, it was good! Minus the entire...Kellen being in surgery part. That was like, so nerve wracking. But yeah I just stayed at the hospital. Lars came to visit, and keep me company. So it was good. I'm really excited for our next trip, though. This place is so boring."

With his mouth attached to Michael's neck, Tim continues to gently suck on the boy's skin, his chest rumbling in pleasure which thankfully goes unheard. But he doesn't let up in his actions, even if the point has been made - instead, he just enjoys the feeling he gets in knowing that this mark will be a bit intensified, and keeps at it. Watching them, Tony grits his teeth harshly and, after a few seconds of watching Tim's jaw work against Mike's neck, the younger boy huffs and slams his drinks into the fire - a little bit of the liquid splattering out on Jesse and Mal - and then stalks off, frustrated.

Jay: Mal makes a noise of sympathy, because he can imagine that the surgery was nerve-wracking. "I'm glad it was so easy to fix...relatively speaking." He pauses to take another drink, humming. "Lars...oh! You mean Tim's friend, that came to visit? That was nice of him. Kellen did seem...impressed, with him." There's a faint smirk as he says that; obviously, Malachi isn't the jealous sort. "I'm looking forward to that, too. Did you hear that we're going to have lessons before, about sailing and stuff?"

Jay: Michael continues watching Tony for just a moment more, then turns his head towards Tim's, his thumb stroking softly along the side of the boy's neck as he gives a quiet moan. He only glances back at Tony when he huffs, unable to keep from smirking to himself. However, that expression fades shortly when he spots the familiar short figure emerging from the tree-line, not too near, but definitely close enough to see them. Michael stiffens, making a quiet noise of warning as his fingers tighten on Tim's neck and sort of pull him away, remembering all too well what happened the last time Leech saw them being affectionate in public.

But the parasite, though he spots them almost immediately, doesn't come raging in their direction. His face is exceptionally blank, even for Leech, but he continues watching for a long moment. Kellen comes out from the trees after him, looking at Leech's face then rapidly following the direction of his eyes. His own face contorts in anger, probably visible from the fire, eyes narrowing and mouth thinning in a remarkably dangerous expression, made the more startling given how easy-going Kellen usually is. But before Mike can make sense of that, Kellen is taking Leech's arm; he squeezes it gently until Leech turns to look at him. After a quick eye-conversation, without a word spoken, they both turn back towards the building to head inside.

Jackie: Making an agreeable noise, Jesse again shifts his weight, the memory of that surgery making him slightly uncomfortable mostly because it was so nerve wracking; any reminders only serve to put him on edge, especially since Kellen isn't right next to him, right now. Luckily, Mal directs the conversation down another path, and Jesse becomes a little more animated. "Yeah, he's my friend, too. I mean, he's like, obviously Tim's friend first, but yeah. He's awesome. Everybody likes him, pretty much. I totally want to sneak him on to our trip. He'd make an excellent pirate." Thinking this over for a moment, Jesse grins to himself, but goes back to Malchi's original question. "I didn't! But...good. I can't say I have much boating skills, and I grew up on the beach. Safety first, ya know."

With his mouth still on Michael's neck, Tim continues to lap and suck at his skin, encouraged by the hand at his own neck and the rumbling he feels from Mike's quiet moan. He has no intentions of stopping, even if he should - probably, in the back of his mind, he knows that Leech isn't around to see him, and neither is Kellen, so he has nothing to strictly keep him from doing this. And it feels good, which helps to eliminate the shitty feeling he's had in his gut since his argument with Kellen. So he keeps at it until he feels Michael moving him away, and he draws his head back in confusion, but doesn't fight against it, since this probably isn't the wisest place to be doing this. As he lifts his head, he looks to see what encouraged Michael to stop him, and cranes his head backwards to look in the same direction. He doesn't see Leech - the older boy having stalked off quickly - but he does catch Kellen's retreating form, and that in itself annoys him. He just snorts and shifts back a little more, one hand raising to wipe at his mouth.

Jay: Malachi nods agreeably. "Of course, I only meant that he came as Tim's visitor. He did seem very nice." Perhaps 'nice' is not the best word to describe Lars, but it works well enough for the time being. Also seeing Leech and Kellen emerge from the greenery, Mal speaks up before he notices the tension in their bodies. "Oh! There's Kellen and...oh..." He tilts his head to the side, watching in concern as Leech stalks off and Kellen follows, taking a few quicker strides to catch up with Leech and reaching up to wrap an arm around his neck, drawing him closer as they disappear into the building. Biting at his lower lip, Mal looks to Jesse in obvious confusion.

Smiling slightly for Tim's obvious annoyance, Mike squeezes the arm around his back. "Sorry. Leech." He says this as if Leech is just something that happens, regrettable and irritating but unavoidable, like chicken pox maybe. Glancing over, he notes that Leech is now gone, so leans back in to press a quick kiss to Tim's jawline before sitting back, reclaiming his cup of now-not-so-hot chocolate. "Spent enough time in isolation this week."

Jackie: "Heck yeah. Lars is awesome." 'Awesome' may be a more suitable word to describe the boy than 'nice', but Jesse doesn't come across like he's correcting the boy - instead, is just adding on to his observation. He's quickly drawn away from that topic when Mal mentions Kellen, and he immediately straightens up, more alert as he tries to locate his room mate. But seeing Kellen stalking about Leech, and obviously trying to comfort the boy, Jesse's eyes narrow in confusion, and he tilts his head like a puppy dog trying to understand something. He keeps this look even as Mal looks back at him, and sounds even more curious than he looks. "I wonder what that was all about..."

Just as soon as Michael mentions Leech, Timothy freezes, body tensing as if he was just spotted by a lion, and any movement would result in an attack. But luckily, that sort of response isn't too suspicious, because certainly Tim remembers how not-so-nice the results were when Leech saw Michael kiss him, before break. It only takes a few seconds for Tim to stir back into movement, and he cranes his head further to look over his shoulder just in time to see Kellen wrapping an arm around the parasite. He has this ridiculous urge to hop up onto his feet and trail after them, but knows that he can't do that; it'd be too suspicious, and he's certain it wouldn't be welcomed. So he simply tries to shrug it off and goes to press into Michael's arm again, humming agreement as he, too, takes a drink of his hot cocoa. "Nah, it's all right. Probably shouldn't, here, anyways."

Jay: Malachi purses his lips and shakes his head, obviously mystified by Kellen's and Leech's behavior. "He looked very upset about something - they both sort of did. I hope nothing has happened." He peers towards the door again, but both of them are out of sight now, and Mal merely shakes his head, not wanting to seem overly concerned even though he is; he can't help being so, given his empathic nature.

Apparently oblivious to Jesse's and Malachi's conversation, Mike makes a noise that's agreeing but sort of disappointed when Tim speaks. "I guess not. Couldn't expect Snider to put us in the same room again, if he caught us at that." Regardless, he stays close to Tim, the arm that was around the other boy still behind him, but resting on the ground to prop himself up. "Ah, speaking of - look." He motions with his chin in the direction of the tables, where Snider still is, but now Tony's there, too. He seems to be trying to leave, but Snider has him by the arm and is looking at him with concern, apparently speaking in a low voice.

Jackie: Jesse's eyes continue to narrow as Malachi provides more detail, and he watches the two boys depart - half curious, half worried. Especially since Kellen didn't retreat to let Malachi and himself know that he was departing, Jesse doesn't have a good feeling in his gut, and he squirms in place - probably resisting the urge to trail after the brothers and ask them what's wrong. "Me, too." Obviously, something has happened, but Jesse can't pinpoint it exactly - especially since he missed seeing Leech watching Mike and Tim.

"Just have to wait until later, then." Although his words sound promising, they do sound distracted - especially with Tim's head still craned back, looking at where Kellen and Leech departed to. But he's luckily drawn away by Mike's motioning, and he zeroes in on Snider and Tony, trying to decipher what it is they're talking about. He can't exactly hear them, but can read that body language, and he snorts when Todd looks back at them with disapproving eyes, clearly taking Tony's side in this. "I really don't get why he runs to him about this."

Jay: Mal gives another concerned, considering hum, but not having anything else to offer, gives an uncomfortable shrug and drains the rest of his hot chocolate. Since the cup is paper, he tosses it into the fire, which flares brightly for a moment from the remains of the rum. Hollywood has been mostly silent, scribbling in his notebook and listening to the conversations around him with quiet amusement - though this last conversation doesn't entertain him much. Oddly, he feels an urge to comfort Jesse, since his guitar class partner is usually so upbeat, so he looks up briefly and offers in a fairly careless voice: "Maybe he needed more painkillers or something."

That promise, even distracted, makes Mike grin widely enough that he ducks his head to hide it in his cup. A large drink restores his composure somewhat, and he resurfaces in time to see that look from Snider. "Because he runs to him about everything? I doubt he'll tell Snider what's wrong, though - dude wouldn't be so sympathetic if he knew Tony's problem was an unrequited homosexual passion."

Jackie: Distracted by the flaming cup, Jesse's eyes move back to the fire and watch as it burns the paper into ashes in a matter of seconds. And to keep himself busy, and maybe relax his nerves, he downs the rest of his drink as well, only making a little skewed face for the alcohol that lingers, before tossing his cup into the fire. He watches this one burn a little more dimly, contemplating the Kellen issue solemnly, until Justin pipes in - and his words make sense, at least enough for Jesse to visibly relax a bit. "Oh! Yeah...maybe. He was kind of slow moving, when we got out here. That'd make sense."

Drawn back to Michael when the boy tries to hide his own grin, Tim's eyes soften and then warm, and his glances down to that mouth distractedly, appreciating the way that smile makes him feel. He gets stirred back into reality once Mike starts talking some more, and he snorts in amusement, again looking back at the pair that are still engaged in a hushed conversation. "Well, no...although, I'm a bit curious what he does tell him."

Jay: Though doubtful of Hollywood's explanation - after all, he saw Kellen's face, and 'pained' isn't how he'd describe it - he immediately sees the wisdom of agreeing when Jesse perks up. "That could be. It would be upsetting, being cut into and sewn back together." Hollywood nods agreement, laconic once again, so Malachi lays back with his legs bent up. He's been aware, distantly, of people around them making excited, admiring noises as they stare at the sky, but hasn't had much attention for the meteors until now. But he spots one almost instantly and gives a tiny delighted 'oh!' and widens his eyes, starting to search the sky for more.

Michael makes a noise of disgust, sneering some. "If it's anything like the way he complains to you, I'd rather not hear it. Guy's the biggest victim I've ever seen." Covertly removing his flask, he pours more of the liquor into his cup - more rum than chocolate now - and offers it to Tim with a raised eyebrow.


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