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The light - or rather, the darkness - never changes in Leech's underground rooms, but when the parasite is startled awake, he has the sense that it is very early morning. For a moment, he can't tell what woke him. Timothy, curled in front of him on his side, is still peacefully sleeping; there are no alarming noises in the vicinity. Then Leech realizes the bedroom door is open.

Rolling onto his back, he eyes the silhouette framed in the doorway by the very dim light in the main room. It is Kellen, of course. His brother is leaning on the doorframe, hair rumpled and one arm crossed over his tender stomach. Leech pushes back to sit up against the pillows, calling out in a voice low enough to not interfere with Timothy's rest: "Hey, imp. Ya arrite?"

"Weird dreams," Kellen responds groggily, shrugging with the shoulder not pressed to the door frame. "Can't get back to sleep. Can I...?"

"'course you can. C'mere." Leech inches towards Timothy, patting the mattress on the other side of his body. But then, before Kellen has even straightened up, the older brother fights his way out of the blankets and crawls to the end of the bed, hopping off, and wrapping an arm around Kellen's back for support.

Leaning into Leech, Kellen returns the half-embrace, then makes a puzzled humming noise. "Yer not wearing anything."

"I know," Leech says, with a laugh in his voice. Easing Kellen down onto the side of the bed, he releases the kid to get comfortable. "I'll fix that."

Ignoring Kellen's protests - he doesn't mind - Leech goes to his dresser and unearths a fairly modest pair of underwear, returning to the bed after pulling them on and taking his space between the two boys. Kellen immediately crowds in, seeking comfort, and though the intrusion would not normally be welcome, with Timothy here, Leech doesn't mind so much this time, circling Kellen's shoulders with his left arm and drawing the younger boy's head to his shoulder.

"Bad dreams?" he asks, still with a muted voice.

"Not bad," Kellen corrects. "Just weird. I was in my old bedroom - the first one, the one I had when we lived in Massachusetts - an' it was totally empty except my bunk beds and desk. But the floor was like, covered with these weird little cubes, really tiny ones. Fer some reason I had to pick 'em all up and put 'em in the closet, but I could only do one cube at a time; I hadda pick one up, walk across, open the closet door and set it down, then close the door an' go back to get another one."

Leech hums sympathetically. "I remember havin' dreams like that, some endless, pointless work, when I been sick with a fever. Ya do feel a little warm." He brings a hand up to curl around Kellen's neck and test his temperature. "Good thing they gave ya those anti-biotics."

"Yeh," Kellen murmurs, not attending very closely. "When I woke up, I was more tired than when I went to sleep."

"Mebbe you'll sleep better this time," Leech offers.

Kellen nods, then nuzzles into Leech's chest, plainly still sedated. "I will."

The certainty of the words, the trusting tone, warms Leech through, and he rolls his head to the side to kiss Kellen's forehead. He lowers his hand to the boy's back and rubs it lightly through his t-shirt, up and down. That body becomes heavier as it relaxes, eventually all the way into sleep, and the head on Leech's shoulder grows heavy enough to make his arm lose feeling, but he doesn't move it. Leech stays awake a bit longer, despite his own fatigue, feeling immeasurable gratitude for the contentment of each boy next to him, before finally dozing off himself with one arm still around his brother, and the other hand resting lightly on his pet's hip.

Jackie: It doesn't take long for Tim to fall asleep, once the light is out and he's curled up next to Leech beneath the thick comforter, and it doesn't stir much throughout the rest of the night, not even when Kellen joins them some time around one thirty. So when Tim does wake up, it isn't because of an alarm or movement, but rather that he actually feels rested. Although he didn't get much sleep, it was very sound, and he squirms a little bit to nuzzle into the warmth of Leech's neck. Without opening his eyes, he starts to mouth at the soft skin there and shifts a little bit more, squirming so he can hook one leg around one of Leech's, and press his crotch to the curve of the parasite's hip. His free hand curls up to pet along the boy's torso, dipping down below his hips when Tim's mouth becomes a little more active.

Jay: Leech likewise slept very heavily after Kellen joined them, not worrying about having to wake up early as it's a Sunday. When Timothy starts to stir, it naturally wakes Leech up immediately, but he doesn't become instantly alert as usual maybe because he's become somewhat used to waking up with Tim. He purrs some for the boy's actions, bending the leg between Timothy's slightly to press his thigh into that crotch, and the arm that was previously buried beneath the pillow they're sharing slides down, looping around Timothy's shoulders to stroke along his back.

It's only when Leech tries to move the other arm, and finds himself unable to, that he remembers the late-arriving visitor. Kellen grumbles quietly when Leech extracts the arm from beneath him, but doesn't fully wake, only rolling to the side and shoving his nose between Leech's shoulder and the mattress. Leech slits his eyes open to peer at Kellen, amused, then turns his gaze to Timothy instead and uses his newly-free hand to squeeze his hip, requesting attention. "Mebbe, ya shouldn' go too far with that, this morning."

Jackie: It's when Leech shifts that thigh up into Tim's crotch that the younger boy moans quietly - therefore silencing the grumbling coming from the boy on the other side of Leech. Which means that Timothy is still blissfully unaware of the lanky kid that is sharing the bed with them, and he continues to trail his mouth across that neck while attempting to shift more into Leech's form, intending on sprawling out on top of him. But he's arrested first by that voice, then by those words, and he pulls back to blink up at the older boy, because since when does he deny morning sex?

He's about to respond, but then sees that mop of dark hair down near Leech's shoulder, and he tenses up, freezing his actions before shifting away. There's no mistaking his displeasure, because it's Sunday and he's naked in Leech's bed, and he has to distance himself a little more so he doesn't just say fuck it. He flops down onto his back and crooks an arm over his eyes to shield them. "Didn't know he was here."

Jay: Leech smirks faintly for the very obvious disappointment in Timothy's actions, lifting his hand as the boy moves away, scratching lightly over his scalp. "Really? I figured ya jus' wanted to show off..." Though his voice is scratchy as it always is in the mornings, the amusement in it is plain, too. Carefully sitting up, as not to disturb Kellen, Leech reaches over him to obtain and light a cigarette - but once it's accomplished he sinks back down, relaxing into the pillows. Having brought his phone along, as well, he turns it on to check the time, gives a little grunt at what it displays, then tosses it carelessly towards the foot of the bed.

Jackie: From beneath that arm, Timothy snorts, because that for sure wasn't a part of his plan - even if Kellen is a little oddly okay with his own brother's nudity, and sexual endeavors. Wisely, Tim doesn't think that over too much. "I don't do well with audiences." Which is probably a little arguable - he performed just fine in front of the camera, although he wasn't aware that he was being recorded. Still, he keeps his space away from Leech, because he's still turned on and wanting, but does tilt his head enough to sign that he wants a drag from that cigarette, and makes sure his arm is crooked enough so as to not interfere with the exchange.

Jay: "Mmm. Mebbe we should work on that." Although, definitely not with Kellen as the audience - Leech is not unaware of just how okay the kid is with his nudity and sexual endeavors, and it doesn't need to be encouraged. Spotting the way Timothy moves his head, Leech squirms around to lay on his side facing the boy, and obligingly presses the filter of the cigarette against his mouth. "Y'know, ya missed Mass already."

Jackie: When Tim snorts this time, it's definitely more amused, and there's an unmistakeable quirk of his mouth, almost a smile - although he does fight it down. He shakes his head for the suggestion and then takes a drag from the cigarette, nipping at Leech's finger briefly before fully retracting his head. He keeps that arm in place still, only the lower part of his face exposed. "I was trying to pray..." He sounds incredibly serious, as if his sexual advances were his attempt at going to church.

Jay: That frustrated comment surprises Leech into a laugh, and he ducks his head, nosing against Timothy's shoulder briefly until the amusement passes to a tiny, almost-smile. "Dunno if I'm the best deity fer you to worship, Timothy." Kellen is roused by the sound of that laughter and he rolls towards Leech - and the smell of cigarette smoke - before thinking, having to stop his progress with an unexpected yelp of pain, quickly returning to his back.

This causes Leech to look back over his shoulder in concern, watching Kellen blink into awareness, looking completely bewildered, and not very happy. "Y'arrite?" To which Kellen's short answer is a definite, disgruntled "No".

Jackie: Any time that Leech lets out a real laugh is absolutely savored, since they come so few and far between, and Tim breaks his resolve to lower his arm and peer over at the boy, amused. He keeps his voice low, and squirms a little bit to get on his side, facing the other boy. "Debateable." He's probably not too serious about that, but he doesn't sound like he's dishonest at all. And because he can, and because Leech is right there, and because it's Sunday morning, Tim reaches a hand out to squeeze Leech's side, and scratch his fingernails along his ribs. Predictably, he's drawn away from talking again when Kellen interrupts, but he stays silent, so as not to show his frustration again.

Jay: Leech snorts for that reply. "Need drugs?" Kellen gives a nod that would be petulant, except that Leech can see he's in pain, so he nods and wriggles his way out of the blankets - lightly brushing a hand over Timothy's stomach as he moves over him to get out of bed. He comes back after just a moment, crawling up from the foot of the bed and dropping two pill bottles on Kellen's chest.

Kellen catches at the bottles gratefully, swallowing a pill from each with the assistance of Leech's water glass, while Leech resumes his place between the two of them, though he doesn't burrow under the blankets again. The parasite drags off the cigarette, bites back a yawn, and groans a little. "I gotta with some stuff. Couple kids in isolation; Jefe wanted to consult with me 'bout something." Kellen by now has lit a cigarette of his own, and he makes a highly disagreeable noise for Leech's words as he inhales from it, reaching his free hand out and clamping it around Leech's arm, as if this will keep him from going anywhere.

Jackie: It's probably dumb, and not at all in Tim's best interests, how quickly his frustrations wash away when Leech is just the slightest bit affectionate; the hand brushing against his tummy nearly eliminates Tim's quiet groan when the parasite departs from the bed. Tim then wiggles a little further away from Kellen, since he isn't the boy he wants to be naked and in bed with, and carefully tucks the blanket a little more securely around himself. Finding a pillow, Tim burrows his face into it, probably set on going back to bed when it's abundantly clear that there's no morning sex going on.

He only lifts his head when Leech starts talking again, and Tim's eyes look sleepy - like maybe he can convince Leech to crawl back under the blankets if he sees just how much he's needed in bed. "You going to be long?"

Jay: Leech glances at Kellen's restraining hand, amused by it - probably in a better mood than either of these boys, this morning - but looks back to Timothy when he's questioned and giving a minute shrug. "Hard to say. He tends to go on a bit. Shouldn' be too long, though, if ya wanna stick around here."

Jackie: Still tucked away beneath that comforter and nestled against that pillow, Tim watches Leech's face, still willing the boy to ignore the boys in isolation (even if one is Ness) and Jefe's wacky existence, to instead come back to bed. Since his bedroom is empty, and Jesse is probably still asleep - having not slept much since Kellen's first night in the hospital - staying here is the ideal option, and he nods his head. "Sure. Can make lunch or something, for when you get back." Good little pet.

Jay: Leech's mouth crooks up for that suggestion, and he reaches over to pet Timothy appreciatively on the head. "If ya like. Not sure how much food I've got stocked up, though." Then he turns his head to look at Kellen, narrowing an eye. "An' Iyou need to rest. The more ya do, the faster you'll heal."

"Fine, fine." Kellen waves his hand - releasing Leech - dismissively, though truly he doesn't feel up to much besides lying around anyway. "Didn' get enough sleep last night anyway; Snider showing up, and the two'a you goin' at it. Yer fucking loud, Lint. Was almost as loud as you, when--" Kellen abruptly cuts off, the effect of Leech's boney fingers digging into his shoulder, and Leech gives him a small smile that isn't all that friendly. "Don' think Timothy wants to hear about my previous liaisons, first thing in the morning."

Jackie: Tim leans his head into that soft touch, and his eyes warm a little more for it - it's nice, having consecutive days where they don't have jealousy lingering between them. It's something he could get used to - along with Sunday mornings in this bed. Once that hand is retracted, Tim burrows more into the pillow, but shifts again so he's on his back, the comforter pulled up enough to cover up to the tops of his ribs.

He's working to get back to the relaxation he had upon first waking up, but it's quickly squashed the more Kellen speaks. At first, he just looks over at the boy and glares, offering no apology because it's his brother that seems to enjoy those noises so much - and Leech told him, last night, to be as loud as he wanted to. Undoubtedly, the latter part of Kellen's comments makes Tim's glare intensify a little more, and even if Leech cuts it off quickly enough, Tim definitely doesn't want to be in this bed any more. He rolls his eyes, to ward off the impending jealousy, and moves to scoot towards the edge of the bed, where he can snag one of the bedsheets that got balled up there during last night's activities. "No, I don't. I'm gonna pop in the shower, unless you wanted it, first--"

Jay: Leech switches his focus to the bathroom door at Timothy's words, then down at his own body. "Ahh. Yeh, I prolly should clean up first. But while we're on the subject--" This, as he turns back to Kellen, eyes narrowing. "Why exactly are ya spreadin' rumors that I go around fucking students so frequently that I get in trouble for it?"

It takes Kellen a second to place what the hell Leech is talking about - his memories of the night spent in the belltower are sort of fuzzy - and then he blinks, trying to look relatively innocent. "I didn' say it like that." Leech's eyes only narrow further, and Kellen looks away, shifty. "Well, I didn't. Anyway, it's not like Tim thought ya were all pure and untouched - is it?" This last is an appeal to Tim, but when Kellen levers himself up on an elbow and looks over Leech, he judges from Tim's expression that he probably won't get any help there. So he subsists back to the bed, grumbling.

Jackie: As he works to get the bedsheet wrapped around himself, much like he did yesterday when he crept out of the bedroom after Snider's interruption, Tim pauses, not yet making it over to the bathroom when Leech makes it clear that he should, first. He's a little confused when the parasite keeps the momentum of the conversation going, and Tim's skin burns - feeling a bit like he was thrown under the bus. Or at least, feeling like he doesn't need to be here for this conversation.

So then he does get up, but doesn't head towards the bathroom - instead, he makes his way to the hallway, to veer off to the kitchen and make some coffee. But before he leaves the room, he talks calmly, so as not to piss off Leech, or enrage Kellen: "No, I didn't." He just leaves out that he hates the reminder.

Jay: "You can't bitch at me now, I'm hurt." This is Kellen's defense, which makes Leech laugh briefly, shaking his head, so the younger brother goes on: "Anyway, it was true, wasn't it?" Which, naturally, stops Leech's laughter, and he glances towards the door where Timothy has disappeared - but is almost certainly still within listening distance.

"No, it wasn' - I didn' get in trouble for fucking students; I almost got in trouble fer fucking a student I never touched, because someone was pissed at me an' wanted to get me fired." Leech explains all of this pretty calmly, as he crawls off the bed and heads for his closet. "An' even if it were true, I don' need you tellin' the whole student body. Most of 'em weren't even here when that happened; they don' need to know about it."

"Well...but, you still have-- " Another quick Look from the parasite shuts Kellen up, and the boy huffs, just going back to smoking in silence. So Leech goes to take a quick shower, afterwards joining Timothy in the kitchen in search of coffee, getting dressed along the way.

Jackie: Tim is definitely still within earshot as the boys continue talking, and he raises one hand up to his scalp to run over it harshly, maybe in an attempt to wipe away the thoughts going on just beneath the surface. He knows not to register his annoyance or jealousy at Leech, and it's probably a good thing that the older boy showers first - it gives Timothy time to register the details, accept them, and if nothing else, push them into a far corner of his mind that isn't scratching for attention,

As Leech joins him in the kitchen, the coffee pot is in the middle of brewing, so Tim goes to find a few coffee mugs from the cabinet, and lining them up near the machine. He knows better than to bring up Kellen and how annoying he's being, since that Leech's brother and all, so he instead goes back to the earlier conversation. "I should probably go check on Jess, in a little bit. Kind of weird, not seeing him for a few days."

Jay: Leech gives a bit of a resigned sigh when Timothy plainly doesn't refer to the conversation with Kellen, but as he doesn't particularly want to spend the morning in an argument, he only nods. "Arrite. Ya wanna go now, er wait til I get done?" He tries to sound fairly neutral, but it's obvious, anyway, that he hopes for the latter option, and he adds as incentive: "I'll give Kellen some extra drugs an' knock him out when I get back." Which probably isn't the best technique for childcare, but as the child will wholeheartedly approve of the arrangement, Leech doesn't mind.

Jackie: Having tucked the blanket securely around his waist - only the tip of the cuts on his torso showing - Tim hovers near the coffee pot and watches the slow drip of the hot liquid. He shrugs a shoulder loosely and snags the pot, filling up one of those mugs and quickly replaces it into its hot plate, so as not to make a mess. He offers out the cup to Leech, and then leans a hip against the counter once it's taken. Sensing what the parasite would prefer, and maybe warming up a bit for it, Tim gives a small, somewhat forced smile, but is at least actively trying to be cool about it all. "Probably be better if I did it later on. Won't need to make an excuse for ducking out again."

Jay: Leech takes the offered mug, just holding it for now, as it's too hot to sip. He nods in agreement for Timothy's decision, and if he doesn't actually smile, his eyes show that he is pleased. "Sounds good. I'll try to be quick about it." Stepping closer, he leans in to take Timothy's mouth, lingering there for a long moment and then slipping away, back to the bedroom to get his boots on - and to make certain that Kellen doesn't need anything before he leaves.

Jackie: Tim makes a little noise of approval, both for those words and that kiss, and when the older boy leans away, Tim pushes forward to sneak in another quick kiss. He doesn't follow after Leech when he makes his way back to the bedroom, and instead hovers in the kitchen, waiting for the rest of the coffee to brew. He meets the parasite in the main room just as he's getting ready to go, and Tim again sneaks in another kiss, this one quick and innocent against his neck, and then he makes his way back to Leech's room. He leans against the door frame and eyes the boy in bed, not looking annoyed, but not as bright and chipper as Jesse would be, in this situation. "You want some coffee?"

Jay: Of course, each of those kisses makes Leech more reluctant to leave, but he eventually gives in and does so, snagging his keyring on the way out so he can release the prisoners before heading upstairs.

Kellen had taken to staring at the ceiling after Leech left him, so when Tim speaks, he lowers his eyes (but not his head) to watch him. He shakes his head after a moment. "No, but--" He hesitates briefly, not really wanting to have to ask Tim to do anything for him, especially after having discomforted him unintentionally; however, pushing himself up into a sitting position causes a sharp enough pain that he relents, not wanting to stand up. "Would ya bring me a soda? Please?"

Jackie: Leaning his head up against the door frame, Tim watches the boy on the bed, not exactly annoyed, but maybe visibly trying to not get to that point. There is a tiny bit of sympathy in the pit of his gut, because this is his friend, and Jesse's good friend, and most of all Leech's brother, so he can't harbor too much frustration. He very nearly snorts for that 'please', because it's so foreign coming from the boy, and Tim nods without another word and goes to retrieve the drink from the fridge. While there, he grabs a cup of coffee for himself and slowly meanders back to the bedroom. Resting his mug on the nightstand, Tim then pops the top of Kellen's soda can and hands it over, and then shuffles towards the dresser where he's got a pair of sweatpants stored. He slips them on under his blanket toga, talking while not facing Kellen. "Still sore, then?"

Jay: Kellen takes the soda with a noise of appreciation, though he doesn't actually go so far as to say 'thanks'. He sips at it, then sets it aside, and returns to his previous activity of rolling a joint. "Well, yeh. They kinda cut me open a little. Y'know about that, right?" Though he didn't get a very good look at it, before Timothy swathed himself in that bedsheet, Kellen did notice some sort of intentional-looking incisions on his stomach.

Jackie: Still not facing Kellen, and working to get those sweatpants up his legs, Tim eventually lets the blanket drop to the floor and snorts quietly, because Kellen clearly must be feeling better if he's back to being a bit of a smart ass. Although not directly facing his dorm mate, the boy could probably better see the cuts to his side, which become a bit more visible when Tim paces over to the taller dresser against the other wall, and opens it up to find a t-shirt to borrow from Leech. "Know about your surgery? Yeah, think I heard something about it." Because Tim doesn't have a clue what else the boy could be hinting at.

Jay: Really, Kellen has to feel pretty completely horrible to cease being a smart-ass - evidenced by the comments he made at the hospital even before he was sedated and given painkillers. He snorts quietly for Tim's response, but obviously the other boy didn't catch on to what he meant. As Tim turns, Kellen tilts his head, narrowing his eyes in an attempt to get a better look at those cuts. "No, I meant yers. What is that, anyway, an E-- no, an L?" Abruptly, his eyes widen in understanding and his head straightens again as he flumps back into the pillows, looking more than a little shocked. "That...prolly doesn't stand for 'Lint', does it?"

Jackie: Sliding open a drawer, Tim sorts through a few of Leech's shirts - skips over the fish net ones, and anything with safety pins, in favor or finding a worn in band t-shirt. Pulling it out, he shakes it out a bit before working it onto his arms. But before he can pull it up over his head, Kellen is talking again, and Tim freezes - arms half way up to work the collar of that shirt up his neck - to glance down at his cuts. He's so used to wandering around here naked, that he hadn't thought much of them - especially not when they all woke up together in the same bed, and Leech was being openly affectionate around Kellen. It's obvious that he's caught off guard, and Tim flicks his eyes to Kellen's briefly, before jerking back into gear to get that shirt one, and tugging it down his torso. The marks are back to being concealed, and Tim wanders back over to the night stand to grab his coffee. "...No."

Jay: Kellen keeps staring at Tim's stomach, even once it's covered up, until the other boy speaks again. "Ahhh..." He meets Tim's eyes briefly, but looks quickly back at the tray he's holding to break up weed on. "So, was that like...consensual?" He can't really imagine Leech doing it if Tim didn't want him to - despite what he's come to learn about the punishments Leech metes out - but on the other hand, the idea of Tim wanting it also boggles his mind a bit, as well as the idea of Leech hurting him for enjoyment.

Jackie: Getting that mug in grasp, Tim immediately directs it to his mouth, the liquid having cooled down enough to be tolerable - although maybe still a bit too hot to drink. But Tim takes a sip anyways, because this is awkward as fuck and he needs the delay to get his head on straight. He had never really considered detailing the other side of he and Leech's relationship - the one that went past hooking up, which Kellen probably assumes is the only thing they're doing - and he pads over to the other side of the bed, sitting on the edge of it and working himself more comfortably onto the mattress. But he keeps his distance, and a safe amount of it, too. "...yeah. Yeah, of course it was." Much like it's consensual when Leech ties him up, or they have rendezvous in the back of Leech's classroom.

Jay: "Ahhh." Kellen sounds a little relieved, but keeps his gaze on his hands as they start piling weed onto the rolling paper. "I knew-- I mean, he told me, that you're..." He's obviously having difficulty choosing his words, mostly because he doesn't want to seem like he's perversely eager to know about things, but he is undeniably curious. "He said it was kinda like, when he was with Scrap." Then, hearing his words, he lifts his head to peer at Tim uncertainly. "You know who Scrap is?"

Jackie: Getting comfortable on the bed, Tim pushes a pillow up against the wall, to give him better leverage to lean against it, half upright. This way, he can still relax into the mattress, while drinking his coffee. If he were maybe more confident in himself, or his relationship, he's smirk for Kellen's fumbling - but he isn't, so he just looks down at the steam billowing from his mug, not sounding annoyed or embarrassed, but maybe a little bit awkward. "Yeah, he's told me about Scrap." Thinking it over, he then adds on: "It's a bit like that, sure." The major difference being Leech's dominance, of course.

Jay: Kellen nods for Tim's words, a little reassured. "Right, but the other way around." He falls silent again to focus on rolling that joint tightly, which still takes some attention, but it does only take one try. Making a satisfied noise, he places it in his mouth and lights it, taking a deep hit. Then, remembering his drug manners, he offers it to Tim. The cloud of smoke he exhales a moment later is impressively large. "He's told me a little bit, 'bout being with Scrap, but I don' remember anything about Scrap...carving him up."

Jackie: Taking another sip from his coffee, since this is awkward and he needs something to keep him busy, Tim makes a little agreeing noise for Kellen's first statement, but doesn't go further to explain anything. Instead, he gratefully takes that offered joint, taking a long hit as Kellen continues to speak. Really, he doesn't feel all that comfortable in talking about this, mostly because Leech isn't here, but there's a part of him that wants to take ownership of whatever fucked up relationship he's in. Holding that smoke in, Tim blows it up towards the ceiling , coughing only a little at the end. "It's not exactly like how it was with Scrap."

Jay: This response is more or less a repetition of what Tim just said, so Kellen cocks his head, watching the older boy curiously. Normally, he'd take some measure of amusement from the discomfort his questions create, but right now, he actually is curious, so the lack of answers is just annoying. He makes a little sound of understanding in his throat, taking the joint back but not hitting it right away. "So, what's different?"

Jackie: Tim can feel the weight of Kellen's eyes on him, but that doesn't mean he looks directly back at him. Instead, Tim's eyes raise to the ceiling and watch the smoke billow, turning into itself in slow circles before dissipating. Not unusually, that question makes his shoulders twitch up, and they remain tense even when he tries to shrug. He makes another little noise, considering, and drops his eyes to looks off to the side; he doesn't look too frazzled, but rather deeper in thought. "I don't know...that's probably a better question for your brother. But...this--" He motions towards the area where Leech's initial is carved into him. "I want him to do it as much as he wants to do it."

Jay: Kellen snorts quietly for that response, such as it is, and turns the joint over in his fingers a few times before taking a long drag. Naturally, this isn't something he wants to interrogate Leech about; the idea of Leech hurting people, students, for work, is still foreign to him, and the idea of Leech doing so for enjoyment is only a little less bizarre. But instead of insisting, he only offers the joint back to Tim, then nods towards the injury Tim indicated. "So what'd ya tell Mike, about that?"

Jackie: Tim's eyes narrow a bit for that snort, because he knew it was coming - it's not as though Kellen would exactly understand what's going on between himself and Leech. But he doesn't try to ellaborate, because he can't do it justice, and he doesn't really want to, either; things seem much less complicated when less people know what's going on. He takes the joint back after a moment, and takes two smaller hits, blindly handing it back as he goes to exhale again. Having expected Kellen to bring Michael up, he doesn't flinch too much for that question, but he does appear to freeze up momentarily. When he talks, he sounds a little bored - uninterested. "He hasn't seen it. Not really, at least."

Jay: "Ahhh." Kellen wonders if that should be reassuring; maybe the thing going on with Ness isn't as serious as he fears it could be. However, he decides that it's probably best to steer clear of that whole subject as far as he can - Leech's reaction, when Kellen tried to gently break it to him, was more hostile towards Kellen than anything else - so he just nods a little. "That's not what he was doing last night, though? Looks like it's pretty healed already."

Jackie: For once, Tim feels like he has a bit of an upper hand here - mostly because his response seems to have shut Kellen up about the Michael thing, or at least doesn't warrant a follow up question. What he said is true, though; any trysts he's had with Michael have been scattered and hectic, not giving the older boy to get a close inspection of him. The next question makes Tim's eyebrows furrow inward, unsure on how to take Kellen's interest in Leech's sex life, but he also feels a little more confident, because he knows he has more experience than Kellen when it comes to this stuff. This time, when he talks, it's with a humored tone. "...No, not what he was doing last night. The first time was before break."

Jay: Nodding again, still slowly, Kellen takes another hit and holds it in for an extended period, thoughtlessly handing it over to Tim. "Yeh. That was weird. At first, I mean, it...was weird." Obviously, the pot mixed with whatever painkillers he's taken are starting to fog up his mind more, but he isn't so incoherent as he was last night, yet. "I dunno, it kinda pissed me off at first. Not 'cuz I don't like you, jus..." Trailing off, he waves a hand expressively. "But now, I'm kinda glad. 'specially with everything that's goin' on."

Jackie: Taking the offered joint once again, Tim takes a small hit from it, but holds on to it, resting it between his pointer and middle finger. He glances over at Kellen's face curious, eyebrows lifted a bit for those words, because he hadn't really considered too much what Kellen felt about it all. He first wants to ask what was so weird about it, despite the obvious, but then he gets distracted by another question, which he quips with more intent eyes. "What's that mean?"

Jay: Slouching down into the fluffy pillows more, Kellen waves his hand once again. "Ah, just all this, with Ruckus bein' MIA and possibly dead, whatever. Leech'd be way more of a wreck if he didn' have someone to help him...y', distance himself, from it." He shrugs a little, and after realizing the joint is not in his hand, leans over - with a small wince - to unearth a cigarette from the pack Leech left on the nightstand and light it. "Been having nightmares sometimes, too, since Christmas. Seems to help when he isn' sleeping alone."

Jackie: Of course, the mention of Ruckus instantly makes Timothy's shoulders hunch up, and he can't really verbally respond to it; he just nods his head and tries for a noise that shows he understands, but it sounds more dismissive than anything else. If there's a part of him that feels good about what Kellen said, it's hidden far beneath the surface, and isn't recognizable right now. But the mention of nightmares makes his eyes narrow again, and Tim takes another hit of the joint before reaching over to stub it out in the ashtray on the bedside table - not totally destroying it, but at least killing the burning embers. He tries to sound like he isn't all that concerned. "Nightmares?"

Jay: Inhaling from his cigarette, Kellen makes an affirmative sound. "Yeh, nightmares. Y'know, like, when ya go to sleep, and yer mind sends you these bizarre fucked-up scary images instead of nice, sweet dreams? Like that." He beams in Tim's general direction, absently reaching over to ash his cigarette.

Jackie: "I know what a nightmare is." The way Tim says it sounds like he's borderline annoyed, but there's definitely some concern in it, and he very much ignores that beaming face in favor of looking directly at Kellen's eyes intently. "What kind of nightmares?"

Jay: Widening his eyes mock-innocently in the face of Tim's almost-glare, Kellen shrugs broadly. "Scary ones, I guess. He hasn' said much about them, jus' usually curls up in a ball and lets me pet him until he stops shaking." This isn't to say that Kellen hasn't asked, but Leech typically fends off his questions, so he really doesn't have much information to give.

Jackie: Tim doesn't lighten up at all for those wide eyes, but eventually he does dwindle a bit, once he's able to control his emotions. He hasn't seen those nightmares first hand, and isn't sure how to feel about that - it's nice that they don't happen when they're together, but he certainly doesn't like not being able to comfort his Master, should he ever need it. Blinking, Tim looks away and attempts for casual, grabbing the pillow behind himself and ruffling it. "I'm sure he'll come around again." Speaking of Ruckus, clearly - and insinuating that the man's return will eliminate those nightmares.

Jay: Kellen's a bit thrown off by that, because in his state, he doesn't immediately understand who Tim means. "Well, yeh, he jus'-- oh. You mean Ruckus." The kid gives a slow, doped-up nod of understanding while he drags off his smoke again. "Mebbe, I dunno. I don't - I don't want him to be dead, 'course, that would be totally fucked up. But I kinda think it'd be better if he doesn' come back, one way er another. I mean, it'll bother Leech, but he'll get over' move on." The latter part of that sentence sounds a little dubious, and Kellen's eyebrows furrow, like he's not entirely sure that Leech would get over it.

Jackie: Hearing that name again, Tim's shoulders tense right back up - not that they relaxed too much, but the tension is sharpened once more. He nods as Kellen explains further, half agreeing and half just wanting this conversation over with, and he has to forcefully swallow down his initial words, mostly to save face. Processing a little more, Tim relaxes down against that fluffed up pillow and makes a face like he doesn't agree, and then shakes his head, giving out a half laugh that sounds more bitter than amused. "No, he won't."

Jay: Looking back at Tim (because he'd been staring out at nothing, thoughtfully) Kellen quirks his head to the side, both for that little laugh and the certainty in Tim's tone. "You don't think so?" He sounds somewhat hesitant, somewhat sad; Leech doesn't go around bemoaning Ruckus' absence, but it's not hard to notice his worry at moments when he has nothing else to think on. Giving a quiet grunt of something like resignation, Kellen takes a last drag and snuffs his cigarette. "Well, then, guess I'll jus' have to hope the asshole shows up sometime."

Jackie: Tim's eyes flick over to meet Kellen's, and he holds a gaze there for a moment before shaking his head, lacing his voice with something that sounds like conviction, when really he's probably just hurt. "No. You can tell." He doesn't explain how one could tell, but it's kind of obvious; he's seen the look on Leech's face the past two times he's received a letter from Duster, and it's safe to say that the Look solidifies Tim's words. He rubs a hand over his face tiredly, maybe to wipe the look off of it, and he takes a sigh in hope of having this conversation pass.

Jay: "Well, now, yeah. But it's only been like, four or five months. I'm not sayin' it'd happen automatically." Belatedly, Kellen realizes that this conversation might not be very comfortable for Tim - the discomfort is becoming pretty obvious, in fact. He might want to say something about Tim's own lack of fidelity and how the jealousy seems unwarranted, but he's feeling too lazy to start what would inevitably be a fight, so he shrugs, looking away again. "Anyway, if he does come back, it'll prolly just be the same shit again - he'll come fer a few days, a week, then disappear again for a month or more. That's not makin' Leech happy, either; if he'd stay away altogether, 'least Leech wouldn't be expecting him all the time, and wondering."

Jackie: Still with that hand over his face, Tim hums quietly, the noise perhaps coming off as a grunt, because maybe that makes sense. Still, he's seen that Look on Leech's face before, and he knows it isn't something that goes away quickly - it'll take a while to ward off those emotions, the attachment, and the guaranteed longing. Again, Tim's voice sounds resigned. "Who knows. Leech will only give that up when he wants to give it up. It's his own decision."

Jay: There's a dubious snort for that assertion, and Kellen shakes his head slightly, seeming amused. "I dunno, man, he's..." Kellen tilts his head now, narrowing his eyes as if trying to decide just what Ruckus is. Understandably, this is an impossible task, and the boy ends up shrugging lazily. "Guess yer right. Take some time to get over that sorta connection, when it's arready lasted so long.

"I think he has tried to give it up - I mean, they were separated fer almost three years, before - but that time, he didn' have anything, er anyone, better, to help it along. Scrap was really caring an' all, but Leech said he never could manage to feel that much for him - good thing, too, the way the guy jus' tossed him out with no warning."

Jackie: Right now, Tim could easily burrow beneath the thick comforter, which has the lingering scent of his and Leech's night on it, and force himself back to sleep in favor of not continuing this conversation. He's a little thankful when Kellen doesn't go into too much detail about Ruckus, because Tim's heard enough and doesn't necessarily want to know more, but the continued conversation isn't much better. Undoubtedly, it brings up thoughts about his last argument with Leech - about his previous adventures with other students that were described as 'distractions' more than anything else, and Tim can't help but feel that that's what he's doing, right now, as fucked up as their sort-of relationship is. "Well, I'm sure having you around is a big help for him. He keeps you as priority, ya know?"

Jay: Even aware of Tim's discomfort, Kellen can't seem to stop rambling on the subject - it is nice to have someone to discuss it with, because Kellen is worried, and he certainly doesn't dare bring it up with Leech. Still, he sideglances at the other boy to check just how irritated he looks. That statement brings another snort, fully amused this time. "'course he does. I don' give him a choice. Besides, I'm around all the time; easier not to worry 'bout someone you see daily."

Jackie: "That's true." Despite Kellen's ease, Tim still isn't all that comfortable with this conversation, so he isn't doing much to keep it going. Instead, he settles himself more comfortably on the bed and keeps his hands busy by rubbing at his wrists - not harshly, but enough to irritate the skin, should he continue. "Guess that's how I feel about Jess. He can do dumb shit, but if I have an eye on him..." He lets the rest go unsaid, it pretty apparent that, so long as Tim watches out for him, Jesse can do that dumb shit without much worry.

Jay: Kellen can't stop himself from laughing at that, since the dumb shit Jesse usually does is relatively harmless compared to his own usual fuck-ups, but the laughter doesn't last long - it dies with a bit of a wince, and Kellen cautiously pats at his stomach. The twinge of pain subsides quickly, but it takes him a second longer to get back on track. "You've known each other a long time, huh? You and Jesse?"

Jackie: Although it doesn't last long, Kellen's laughter does help to ease Tim's shoulder muscles a bit, and he even half-smiles, because the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes the shit Jesse does is absolutely ridiculous. It isn't so much as the boy is doing anything for comedic value, so much as he actually thinks these ideas are good ones, which probably makes it all the more funny. He flicks his eyes back over to Kellen when he hears that wince, and eyes him carefully - but not for long - and shrugs a shoulder lazily. "Yeah, since he was nine, I think. But we got really close, really fast. of those kind of people, ya know? He knows everything about me." And then he pauses, rethinks the Leech stuff, and corrects: "Almost everything."

Jay: Kellen nods agreeably, since he's obviously very aware that Jesse's 'one of those kind of people' given how fast he became attached to his roommate. He smirks faintly for the correction, which is safer than laughing. "Almost everything, yeh. I don' think he'd be quite so eager fer you and Ness to get together if he knew everything." That comment is undeniably somewhat barbed.

Jackie: Tim makes a little face to himself, redirecting his attention to his hands - the right one rubbing around the left wrist - and gives another little shrug. He has to pause to think it over, although when he does talk, it isn't at all eloquent. "He'd freak out." Which is true, but he probably wouldn't freak out as much as Tim thinks he would; chances are, Jesse would have the same reaction as Kellen - momentary freak out, angry and hurt from being kept in the dark, but then eventual acceptance.

Jay: Remembering the way Jesse reacted to the knowledge that Tim (and Mike) had slept with a staff member, Kellen's eyes widen some and he speaks emphatically. "Yeh, he would. I mean, I freaked out, an' that's just..." He trails off, looking around helplessly in a stoned manner before locating the pack of cigarettes and removing one to light it, then finally finishing. "It was weird, that my brother'd been...'seeing someone' an' I didn't know anything about it. But with you, yer 'seeing' yer teacher, so it's even more freaky."

Jackie: Tim's eyes slide back over to Kellen's face as he talks, a little more interested in the conversation now that it's somewhat safer - or at least, not mentioning Ruckus, right now. Sometimes, he forgets - momentarily, of course - that Kellen and Leech are brothers; that Kellen has a stronger attachment to the boy than perhaps anyone, and to be kept out of the loop in regards to Tim's and Leech's relationship was probably unfair. But he keeps quiet on that and makes an agreeable noise. "Probably just...for the best, to not have a lot of people know. Don't want him getting in trouble again."

Jay: As Kellen snorts, a bit of smoke comes from his nostrils, so he exhales the rest through his mouth instead. "Well, yeh, I agree with that - but ya don' think Jesse would tell anyone." He doesn't bother making this a question, because it's such a given: Jesse wouldn't do anything to hurt Tim, or in a more long-distance way, Kellen himself.

Jackie: "No, he wouldn't." Tim knows this - of course he knows this - but he also knows that Jesse is a goofball, and doesn't always think about his surroundings. "Not intentionally, at least. But he could accidentally say something. You know how he is - hardly thinks before he speaks." He pauses to think again, then drops his voice a bit; he sounds a little guilty. "Probably better to be safe than sorry."

Jay: Kellen tilts his head to the side, conceding the point. Jesse does get quite loud when he's surprised. "Yeh. Prolly best to wait, at least, until you're somewhere...not here...before ya tell him. He'd be upset though, I bet, if you keep it from him and he finds out...some other way." He pauses to think that over, taking another drag from the cigarette, then thoughtlessly offering it to Tim; however, he holds it out, unlike Leech's usual method of force-feeding cigarettes to anyone in bed with him. "Definitely outta the question to tell Ness, too; guess you gotta just hope he never finds out."

Jackie: Tim's nose wrinkles for that thought, and he takes the offered cigarette without a thought - a good thing, since his wrist is starting to redden from his rubbing. He talks around the filter, only taking a hit once he gets his words out. "I'll tell him when the time is right." Which si fair enough; he still isn't entirely sure what it is he and Leech have going on, and it'd be difficult to try to explain anything to Jesse without having all the answers, mostly because the boy has questions for everything. Inhaling, Tim blows the smoke up towards the ceiling, and follows its trail with his eyes. "No real reason to tell Mike, anyways."

Jay: Not bothering to respond to the first comment, because the second so totally eclipses it, Kellen turns his head slowly to look at Tim's face, then pointedly drops his gaze to the other boy's stomach where those cuts are concealed, then returns it to his face. "Really. He might wanna know yer somebody else's slave." Backing off the staring, Kellen tilts his head curiously, his unstyled, fluffy hair flopping with the movement. "Though, come to that, if yer someone's slave, should you be sleeping with him anyway? I mean, are you allowed?" To be fair, Kellen doesn't precisely sound judgmental; if he keeps the fact that Leech's emotional wellfare is involved out of his mind, he can manage to be merely curious.

Jackie: As soon as Kellen gets those words out, Tim's eyes shoot up to his face. He absolutely notices the way those eyes flick down to his torso, and knows exactly what they're attempting to look at. He doesn't flinch, or cower into himself - which he maybe would normally do under such scrutiny, but now doesn't feel the need to - not when he's the one that has a better understanding of the situation. When he talks this time, he sounds a little more defensive. "Really. Leech and mine's...relationship...isn't that cut and dry. And not that it's anyone's business, but yes, I do have permission to be with Mike. Leech gave me rules, and I'm abiding by them."

Jay: Not surprisingly, Kellen immediately scowls at the idea that Leech's business isn't immediately also his. But the last sentence distracts him again, and he snorts, but not as if he's disagreeing with Tim. He shakes his head in disapproval, muttering under his breath, but just reaches over to take his cigarette back. "Still don't think that Ness would be pleased. He mebbe doesn't get jealous as a matter of course, but..." Trailing off yet again, Kellen goes back to smoking.

Jackie: When it's apparent that Kellen is reaching back for his cigarette, Tim returns it, and then raises that hand to rub over his scalp roughly; this situation is uncomfortable, and is making Tim's guilt rumble more in his gut. He doesn't exactly feel obligated to defend himself, but there's still a desire to - perhaps because he feels his feelings towards Michael aren't so bad, since Leech obviously has affections elsewhere, too. "But what?" He doesn't wait for an answer to continue. "I know Mike wouldn't be happy, but it's not like we're together. If it came to that...then...maybe, yeah, there'd be a conversation. But it's not like that."

Jay: Kellen narrows an eye, looking doubtful, absently reaching over to ash his cigarette. "Okay. So, if Ness was fucking, say, a priest - and semi-committed to that priest - and he didn't tell you, but ya found out, you wouldn' be mad at him at all? Wouldn' feel betrayed? Jus' cuz you aren't together." Plainly, Kellen doesn't buy that for a second; even if he hasn't seen much evidence of it, he does know how jealous Tim can get.

Jackie: Tim's eyes narrow as Kellen talks, and he looks a bit like a pissed off cat, although is actively trying to calm himself. Certainly, lashing out at Kellen wouldn't do much good; chances are, it'd upset Leech, which would then result in them talking about what caused Tim's lashing out - and really, he doesn't want to have to deal with that. So he gnaws on his cheek for a moment and then shakes his head. "No, that's not-- yeah, I would. I know I would. But things between Mike and I aren't--" Oh, he has no idea what they are. He tries again: "I'm not telling Mike right now. That doesn't mean I won't in the future."

Jay: Merely nodding for that, Kellen looks away, towards the ceiling. "Whatever you like. Sounds like yer making a big fuckin' mess for yourself, to me." Reaching over again, he stubs out his cigarette.

Jackie: Again, Tim's eyes narrow as he looks at Kellen, and once the boy redirects his own gaze towards the ceiling, Tim snorts and shakes his head. "Yeah? And what would you have me do?" It's doubtful that Tim would actually follow Kellen's suggestion, but he'd at least like to hear it - perhaps so he could explain his own actions further.

Jay: Kellen laughs quietly, a breathy sound through his nose, this time, to keep from jarring the wound in his stomach. He can tell from Tim's tone that the other boy is displeased, and probably won't take his answer to heart, but he answers honestly, anyway. "I'd have ya be faithful to my brother, of course. Even if he gave you permission to be with Ness, I'm sure he's not happy about it - but every guy he's been with has fucked around on him, so I guess he jus' gave up. Anyway, I bet you'd be less stressed out if you'd pick someone and stick to 'em, aside from the benefits to Leech."

Jackie: Tim has to brace himself for this response, because he already knows that it's going to deeply conflict with whatever thoughts and feelings he has about this current predicament. There are a few times that he opens his mouth to immediately respond, but he forces himself to stay quiet, and let the younger boy finish. Then, he takes a careful breath, and looks away to another part of the room. Talking about it is much more difficult than he would have figured. "I am faithful to your brother. I haven't done anything that he hasn't given me permission to do." At least, so far. Still, he knows that isn't good enough. "It's not as if his own affections aren't divided, Kellen."

Jay: "That wasn' my point." This is almost snapped out, and Kellen hisses in a breath to contain his own anger, continuing in a calmer tone. "I know he gave you permission, but yer still fucking around with someone else, that makes you unfaithful either way." He flicks a hand, dismissing the latter comment. "Ruckus has been MIA since fucking October, which I think is before you an' Leech came to this screwed-up self-destructive agreement. Even if Leech does love someone else, he's not being with anyone else, so that isn' much of a defense."

Jackie: Tim bites harshly on the inside of his cheek to stop from snapping back, because he doesn't have the desire to; in his mind, it's only unfaithful if he breaks the rules given to him, and it appears - so far - that Leech agrees. He hasn't voiced it to Tim that the agreement isn't to his liking, yet - and although it may be obvious, Tim hasn't been told differently. In hopes of not making this into a bickering match, he decides against arguing with the younger boy, up until the mention of Ruckus. Even hearing that name makes him tense up, and he shakes his head, maybe in hopes of shaking the idea of that boy out of his mind. "I have no need or desire to defend myself to you. I'm not doing anything wrong. Leech gave me permission, and I'm following his rules. Why the hell should I completely submit myself to him when he's still in love with another guy?"

Jay: Kellen grits his teeth together, also aware that Leech wouldn't approve of him interrogating his sort-of slave, and he doesn't particularly want to create any bad blood between himself and Tim, anyway. That the older boy knows his situation is screwed up, Kellen has no doubt; plainly if he isn't going to fix it himself, nothing Kellen says will convince him to, but he still can't help making a noise of frustration, throwing both his hands up. "So don't! Leave him completely, let him moon over Ruckus until he finds out the bastard's finally been killed, and go be with Ness! Jus don't-- yer just gonna hurt people, this way." The last line is totally lacking in energy, as Kellen knows it's hopeless, and he shakes his head.

Jackie: Tim's eyes eventually make their way back over to Kellen's face, and he studies the younger boy carefully. It's obvious that he's upset, but Tim isn't sure it's justified; were he actively hurting Leech, and if the older boy voiced it to him, then perhaps Kellen would have more clout. But for right now, the agreement they have seems to be working - or working as well as it could. "You don't give a fuck about Mike's feelings, you and I both know it. And what about me? You don't think I get upset, falling asleep next to your brother and knowing he has feelings for someone else? Why the hell do you think I get jealous in the first place?" That admission is a first for Timothy, but he doesn't dwell on it; probably doesn't want to think too much about how truthful that statement is. "I'm not giving myself to someone when they aren't willing to give themselves to me."

Jay: Kellen shakes his head again for this tirade, and turns partially - carefully - to dig out the weed in the top drawer of the nightstand and begin working on another joint. "I was including you in that, about hurting people. Yer obviously not happy with what you're doing, an' I know Leech gets upset, seein' you fall asleep next to someone else you got feelings for. I can guarantee he isn' gonna get over Ruckus until he's sure the asshole is dead, and maybe not even then, so ya might as well give him up now." This is all said in that same ennervated, almost blank tone, a noticeable contrast to Tim's vehemence.

Jackie: Tim remains still as Kellen talks, but his eyes are narrowed again, and he's staring at a particular part of the comforter, trying to sort things out in his mind. The finality of those last words set him off, and he snaps his head back up to glare at the other boy. He waits a moment and continues to shoot a dark glare, until he's had enough. He tosses the blanket off of his body and moves to get up off of the bed, one hand immediately moving to the back of his head, where it rubs at his scalp harshly. "If that's the case, then what I do shouldn't fucking matter. Then it's all physical. And goes back to the agreement Leech and I have."

Jay: Continuing to break up the weed in a comparatively calm way, Kellen nonetheless exhales harshly through his nose at that line of reasoning, even more ridiculous than the ones Tim tried before. Though he puts up a decent front, he doesn't entirely have his brother's trick of hiding what he's feeling, but luckily the anger that's bleached his face to white can be written off as continuing weakness from the surgery. After opening his mouth a few times, he eventually decides he just can't respond to that and keep his temper, so he says nothing.

Jackie: For a moment, Tim stays still, waiting for a response from his dorm mate. But one never comes - not directly, at least - and Tim is instantly reminded of Leech's shut off techniques; it's no surprise the two are closely related. So he also shakes his head, because he's not seeing a point to this discussion, and he moves to the other side of the room, where he can snag his hoodie and slip on his Snoopy slippers. Having no desire to stick around, especially if it means continuing this conversation, he moves out of the bedroom and into the main room, where he can go tend to Cooper and make sure he's fed before taking off.
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