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Jackie: Having spent most of the night in tangles with Leech, and an early bout of sex first thing in the morning, Tim isn't at all well rested enough to handle an hour long appointment with a doctor he's never met before, expected to talk about things he'd rather forget. Originally, the appointment was meant to last an hour, but the depth of Tim's issues and the extent of his background makes it last nearly twice as long. Leaving the poor boy to sit alone in the chaise, furiously rubbing at his neck, the psychiatrist quietly exits his office, closing the door behind him, and goes to the lobby where the caretaker is still waiting. Adjusting his glasses, he peers down at the file as he approaches Leech, but doesn't address him by name because surely 'Leech' isn't at all what the man is actually named. "You're Tim's orderly, correct?"

Jay: Without doubt, Leech was expecting a hellacious day, and even being made to wait twice as long as expected wasn't much of a surprise. There were plenty of trips outside to smoke and at the point when the doctor emerges, Leech is fighting his grogginess. So the way he looks at the man probably isn't very reassuring, either. "...guess that's one word for it." He looks at the door that Timothy disappeared through, so long ago, not entirely able to keep a suspicious glint from his eyes, but pulls himself to his feet.

Jackie: Eyes quickly scanning Leech's form, the doctor doesn't at all seem unfazed by the boy's appearance - surely, he has a few patients with tattoos and colored hair - and he quickly focuses on his eyes. Similarly, he isn't at all ruffled by that response and he nods his head to the direction he just came in. "We have a few things to discuss. This way." And then he's stepping away from that lobby and down the hallway, notably skipping the office he took Timothy to, and instead slipping into another one. This one is much smaller, but is stacked with book shelves and dark cabinets, black leather furniture and a large oak desk. He gestures for Leech to take a seat, and then settles himself across from him, behind that desk. "Mr. Armstrong's...situation...isn't one we come across very often here. Most times, seventeen year olds are running away from home, or are kicked out in only the physical sense. His parents decision to relinquish their rights as parents and guardians has obviously had a heavy impact on him. Would you agree?"

Jay: Leech does as he's told and follows the guy down the little hallway, though all the closed doorways make him feel distinctly uncomfortable. Or, more uncomfortable. Taking the offered seat, he eyes the small office distrustfully, but his attention snaps back to the doctor when the man starts speaking, giving him a flat look, because is that really even a question? "...yeh, I would."

Jackie: The doctor isn't watching Leech as he talks, and is instead scribbling on his clipboard, probably adding more detail to the notes he had taken when with Timothy. That short response doesn't get much of a reaction, but he does peer up from behind his glasses. He watches him silently for a moment or two, probably analyzing the boy across from him, and then goes back to his writing. "He has, or is attempting to have, the unique ability to repress all of it. Which may work for him now, but it is not a well oiled machine. Especially not for someone his age." A few more scribbles, and then he adds on: "Tim is a deeply depressed boy. I'm prescribing him zoloft, for him to take once a day. And xanax for his anxiety attacks. And he'll require weekly counseling with your on staff psychologist." And while it was probably evident to Leech that Tim's been depressed, and maybe a little anxious, he probably hasn't witnesses any of his (infrequent) late night anxiety attacks, yet.

Jay: Leech is (possibly obviously) wary of being analyzed, so he appreciates the doctor looking away from him, and tenses on the occasions when the man glances at him. He nods a couple times for those instructions; though the mention of anxiety attacks does catch him off guard, he doesn't show it. He waits a moment after the doctor ceases speaking before replying. "...okay." Really, what is he doing here? He can't even handle his own psychoses, much less someone else's.

Jackie: Finishing with his notes, the doctor unclips that paperwork and places it on his desk, and then begins work on another stack of papers that will eventually get filed back to the school. "I'll need to see him once a month, in addition to those weekly sessions, to check in and ensure that he's handling this entire ordeal in a healthy way. We'll coordinate this with the school and schedule these appointments out. I'll be submitting his prescriptions to the school nurse, but until then, you can supply him with these." Reaching into his drawer, he snags a few sampler packets of medicine, enough to last two days (enough time for the script to make its way through the red tape) and leans over the desk to hand them to Leech. "Zoloft once in the morning, xanax as needed. He's in the last door to the left, down the hall."

Jay: Leech once again nods, looking increasingly edgy the longer he spends time in this room, but he does make a mental note for the instructions. Taking the offered medicine samples, he stuffs them into a pocket of his leather jacket. "Arrite...I guess we'll see you in a month, then." When Timothy's location is given, Leech feels probably more relief than he should, given the sort of shape the boy's likely to be in. But he nods at the doctor once, then edges out into the hall.

Finding his way to the mentioned room, he knocks lightly on the door to announce his presence before pushing it open. He sticks his head around the door, trying to pinpoint Timothy before skulking uneasily into the room.

Jackie: The doctor makes some sort of agreeing noise for that, and jots some more on those papers, his desk littered with files from countless other patients. "Should anything happen, an episode of any sort, let me know immediately. We're more equipped to handle such things than the school psychologist." Pretty foreboding words, but the dude's a psychiatrist - it can't be helped. Before Leech exits, he lifts his head up, voice a little less mechanical. "And get him to eat more. He's too thin for his body shape."

Back in that other room, Tim remains curled up on the chaise lounge, his legs curled into his chest while both arms wrap around his shins. He hugs his legs to his chest and rests his chin on his knee, looking out the nearby window and out into the courtyard. The knocking doesn't register and nor does the door open, but eventually the younger boy feels someone else in the room and he lifts his head enough to look over at him. Rather than looking upset, or like he'd just spent an hour crying, Tim looks unbearably vacant, but he can't find anything to say. So instead of trying, and becoming more susceptible to breaking down, he looks back outside and tries to focus on the gentle snow falling.

Jay: Leech probably snorts for that parting shot, because it's near impossible to get Timothy to eat at all. He was half-expecting the kid to be a complete mess, so finding him still in one piece is a relief, but the way he looks away so quickly isn't exactly reassuring, either. Rather than delving into any questions now, Leech only hovers by the door watching for a moment before speaking. "Ya ready to get outta here?" This is accompanied by a motion of his head, gesturing to the door.

Jackie: Curling into himself even more, Tim moves his head so it's his temple resting on the top of a boney knee, and his arms tighten around his legs in order to gather himself in even more. Beyond the point of crying, or whining, or thinking, Tim continues to stare out the window in silence, only stirring away when Leech's words register. He doesn't feel ready to leave the room, but knows that it's what he should be doing, so he nods a little bit and slowly works himself back to a standing position, and then tugs his jacket back into place (having kept it on, not wanting to get comfortable here). He paces over to Leech with his hands stuffed into his jacket's pockets, and then they exit the room, following the long hallway back to the lobby, through the glass doors, and to the elevator lobby.

Jay: The continued silence doesn't make Leech feel any better about this, but he can hardly blame the kid for being quiet, so he just leads the way out of the building. He waits until they're outside - hunching his shoulders initially for the surprising chill - before touching Timothy at all, reaching over to rest a hand against the small of his back lightly. He remains silent nearly until they get to the car. "The guy gave me some drugs for you."

Jackie: Even throughout the elevator ride, Tim keeps his head ducked down, eyes focused on his feet. The only reason he doesn't crash into people, once they're outside, is because he follows behind Leech, makes sure to mirror the steps the other boy's boots are making. Once they make it back to the car, Tim slips down into it and immediately shuts the door, blocking off the cold wind that blusters past them. Finally, he looks over at Leech, and nods his head. "He said he was going to do that." His voice is flat and quiet, but he doesn't sound like he's rejecting the information - fighting against it would be pretty much impossible.

Jay: Leech is somewhat relieved when Timothy responds, even if he doesn't sound very enthusiastic - because who would, after that? Settling into the car, he eases to the edge of the parking lot then has to stop, waiting for a space to pull out in the barely-moving traffic. He takes the opportunity to light a cigarette, also offering the pack to Timothy. "Do ya wanna take them?" He manages to sound pretty neutral about it; the antidepressants might be a good idea, but he's never personally taken any, so he wouldn't know.

Jackie: Tim belatedly grabs at the pack of cigarettes, and pulls one out to stuff in his mouth and light once he fiddles the lighter into his fingers. His hand then drops to crack open his window, allowing the air to circulate, and he blows out smoke towards the glass instead of over at Leech. The question is a little confusing, mostly because Tim doesn't know the answer to it, so he shrugs a shoulder and looks back out towards the street. "I don't think it really matters if I do or don't want to." Which is true - even if Leech were willing to look past Tim taking the medicine, the school nurse certainly won't.

Jay: Narrowing his eyes slightly for that response, Leech isn't sure what to say. Surely there are ways to fake taking the pills, but maybe he shouldn't be encouraging that. So after a moment, he just nods equably, finally easing the car into the crawling traffic. "Anywhere else ya wanna go, while we're out?"

Jackie: Tim eyes the end of his cigarette as he thinks over his own words; he's never taken an anti-depressant before, and he isn't entirely sure if he would qualify his current state of being as 'depressed'. Regardless, he saw the way the psychiatrist was looking at him. He takes another drag off of his cigarette and lifts and drops a shoulder, not too keen on being around other people, but not wanting to go back to the school quite yet. "Are we heading back to the St. U's today?"

Jay: Continuing to inch towards their destination, Leech sighs inwardly for the slow pace, flicking his cigarette out the window. "Well, I was planning on it, but with this storm...and the way these idiots drive...the interstate will be a nightmare. Might wait until tomorrow; I think it's s'posed to clear up." Finally making it far enough down the street to turn onto the next one, he does so, though the traffic is only marginally more mobile here.

Jackie: Tim figures that he already knows the answer to his question; he expects Leech to huff and gruff and say yes, they need to head back, that they can't expect to get away with two nights away from that hell hole. So he's a bit surprised when that reply doesn't come, and he lifts his head to actually look at the boy, the tiniest bit of hope hidden in his eyes because the absolutely last thing he wants to do is return to St. U's. "Oh?" He takes another puff from his cigarette and ashes out of the window, speaking again when he watches the traffic outside. "I really don't wanna go back." Which could probably mean permanently, but for now, it can be assumed he means just right now.

Jay: Turning his head from where he's staring uselessly at the car ahead of him to look at Timothy, because that's the first time he's heard any inflection out of him since they left the psychiatrist, Leech nods slightly. "I don't ever wanna go back." But of course he has to, if only because Kellen's still there. "I'll call Jefe, if we ever get back to the apartment. Provided no one's done anything too unforgiveable, we can prolly stay here tonight."

Jackie: Tim's eyes flick over to meet Leech's, and he tips his head a little bit, agreeing with that statement. Leech could very well continue driving this car out of the city, out of Massachusetts -- they could wind up in the middle of nowhere, Canada, and Tim would probably be perfectly fine with it. But he knows that isn't possible, not with Kellen still back at the school. He lets out a little sigh for the details and curls himself into the corner where the car seat meets the window, resting his head against the cool glass as they creep towards Leech's apartment. Closing his eyes, Tim doesn't try to sleep, but he does try to block everything out and is quietly working on muting the psychiatrist's voice that is echoing in his mind.

Jay: Leech remains mainly focusing on the idiots driving, but he does notice the way Timothy curls into himself so dejectedly and reaches over (after his cigarette is thrown out the window) to rest a hand lightly on the boy's thigh and squeezes it reassuringly. After a while more (much longer than it should have been), he finally pulls into the parking garage under his building and turns the car off, sighing with gratitude at being off the streets and rolling his head around to crack his neck, before pushing the door open. He waits for Timothy to join him, then makes his way to the elevator, stepping in when it arrives.

Jackie: Tim keeps tucked away against the car door throughout the remainder of their car ride, but he does gently reach out a hand and grasp at a few of Leech's fingers when the older boy squeezes at his thigh. He keeps a few fingers hooked around Leech's even as the boy has to downshift and drive through the city streets, but the looseness those fingers have as they pull into the parking garage suggest that the boy has drifted off, somewhat. He only stirs when the car comes to a stop, and he sits up a little straighter and blinks around at their surroundings.

Both boys make it to the elevator in silence, but Tim at least stays close to the boy - although he isn't taking advantage of their alone time in the same manner as he normally would. They reach the apartment quickly, the elevator not needing to make many stops in the middle of the day, and as soon as they enter Leech's apartment, Cooper is bounding towards them with a wagging tail and little whining noises of greeting. Tim pats at the dog's head, but goes straight to Leech's bedroom, tugging off his jacket and tossing it on the couch on his way there.

Jay: Leech doesn't seem particularly inclined to conversation either, or at least isn't forcing it, only linking his arm around Timothy's waist when he gets close in the elevator. It's a relief to get back to the warm apartment, and Leech also pats the dog perfunctorily on the head before stripping off his jacket, dropping it on the couch. He watches Timothy wander off uncertainly, indisputably worried, but doesn't follow him just yet - instead, he takes time to call the headmaster and inform him of the delay in their return. As usual, Jefe is unconcerned and okays the extra day away. With that conversation done, he continues down the hall to his bedroom, glancing at Timothy briefly, but dropping onto the side of the bed and starting to unlace his boots without saying anything.

Jackie: In the bedroom, Tim strips from his dark blue jeans and changes into a comfy pair of sweatpants, and does the same thing with his upper half - he replaces his button up shirt with one of Leech's worn in band t-shirts, and crawls into bed. Cooper trails after Timothy after he receives his greeting from Leech, but quickly darts back to the bedroom to focus his attention on Timothy. By the time Leech returns to his bedroom, Lint is curled up on his side, facing away from the door, and Cooper is curled in next to him. Tim's scratching at the dog's ear slowly, still obviously awake, and the creature looks like he knows something is wrong, but can't figure out what. So Cooper's doggy instincts keep him sprawled out next to Tim, big ol' puppy eyes looking so helpless.

Tim doesn't directly address Leech's presence, but he does question quietly after a few moments of silence. "Jefe's okay with us staying another night?"

Jay: Though Leech is no less aware that something is wrong, he has no idea how to improve on Timothy's mood and for the time being remains silent. Finally getting the first boot off, he tosses it towards the wall, starting on the other as that question comes. "Yeh, he said it was fine. 'course, he prolly wouldn't notice if the building was on fire an' would say the same thing then..." The parasite rolls off a little shrug, used to the headmaster's wacky behavior by now, and certainly capable of using it to his advantage.

Tossing the second boot to join its fellow, and stripping off his socks as well, Leech flops back onto the mattress then rolls over to face Timothy's back. Reaching out, he rubs the boy's back lightly, nails scratching gently here and there when the hand changes direction.

Jackie: If Timothy wasn't in such a rotten state of depression, he'd probably find that assessment comical, or would at least respond as such. Instead, the amusement only barely registers in his head, but is quickly drowned out by whatever heaviness has overtaken his form. He knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that that was funny, but he can't seem to find it, right now.

Feeling Leech lower himself onto the bed, Tim shifts a little bit as the mattress shifts, but he doesn't flip over to face the older boy. Instead, he just sinks lower into himself and continues to pet at Cooper, who licks at his hand any time Tim momentarily stops his actions. The fingers at his back initially make him flinch, but then those muscles relax the tiniest amount, and Tim just needs the boy closer. "Will you come here, please?"

Jay: It's only funny because it's true. Leech makes an agreeable noise for that request, squirming closer until he's up against Timothy's back, curling his legs up to mimic the position of the boy's and winding his arm over his side to wrap around his chest. This is better than the previous uncomfortable silence, but Leech still feels the need to say something. Not wanting to bring up the medications (again), he leans forward to rest his chin on Timothy's shoulder, his voice dropping lower now that he's closer. "Dude told me you need to lose some weight, too; said you're dangerously obese."

Jackie: As soon as Timothy feels the warmth of that other body pressing against his own, the younger boy sinks a little further into the mattress, and the hand he has scritching at Cooper's ear momentarily stops. He takes a quiet but deep inhale and shifts his weight to welcome in that body some more, and once Leech is aligned comfortably, Tim presses his back into the older boy's chest and slides his hand from the dog's eat to rub up and down along the forearm Leech has curled around him. Cooper doesn't seem to mind too much, since it appears that his master is a little more comfortable, so the dog only rests his head between his paws and sighs.

Tim is maybe thinking (or hoping) that he can sleep this all away, and could probably drop out of consciousness in half a minute, now that he has Leech pressing against him. But that low, rough voice steers him away, and finally that amusement surfaces in the form of a snort - weaker than usual, but still somewhat there. He can't formulate a joke back, but he does squeeze Leech's forearm in tighter around himself and blindly grazes his lips against the tattooed skin exposed.
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Jay: Leech closes his eyes momentarily, shocked at the violence of his relief when he feels Timothy relaxing and especially when he gives that amused snort, no matter how weak. Sighing inaudibly, he tightens the arm around Tim for a moment, and since Timothy afterwards squeezes it, he doesn't bother loosening the limb. "Jus' to spite him, we oughta order a lot of food in, get really stoned, and stuff ourselves." This is a pretty transparent attempt to get the boy to eat, but it sounds pretty good to Leech, too.

Jackie: Once Tim's done squeezing Leech in closer, and the older boy takes up the action himself, the younger boy nuzzles his face down into the fluffed pillow beneath him, willing the world to disappear outside of this bedroom. He sees right through that attempt, but it doesn't bother Tim - it's not that he's against eating, so much as he has zero appetite, especially as of late. Despite knowing he needs to be the one to pull himself out of his gray cloud of slump, Tim doesn't have the energy for it, so he doesn't argue against Leech's suggestion. "Whatever you wanna do." Because like hell is Tim making a decision, right now.

Jay: Leech likely doesn't expect Timothy to perk up right away, and in any case he doesn't mind lying here lazily for the rest of the day anyway. The response doesn't surprise him; even in a decent mood, the boy is fairly incapable of making a decision. Giving a considering hum that lingers in his throat and chest, Leech shifts his head back to rest on the pillow, as well. "Pretty good Chinese down the road; might actually get here if I order delivery. But I'm not sure how many meatless options they have."

Jackie: As the two boys continue to shift and get comfortable, Cooper perks up a little bit and eyes them curiously; once he sees that the two forms have basically become one, the dog lazily gets to his feet and pads over towards the foot of the bed, where he has more room to sprawl out. Tim, taking advantage of the empty space in front of him, uses an arm to sprawl out and grab the other pillow, drawing it towards his chest so he has something to cling to. "I can always pick around it. Chinese sounds good." Which is half true; it does sound good, but Tim's stomach isn't growling to be filled. Chances are, he's mostly just agreeing because it's what Leech most likely wants, and that's enough to please Timothy.

Jay: Leech nods, making a noise of agreement - but not making any move to get up and retrieve the menu or call the place, yet. Instead he stays right where he is, too content to even hunt down any of the suggested weed. He tries to do his best to come up with a topic completely removed from today's events, but it takes him a while before he manages anything. "Finally got everything put together fer the trip next month, to the coast. It'll be around the first week of February. I fuckin' hope the weather improves by then." Boating in the snow doesn't sound thrilling.

Jackie: Tim's a little relieved when Leech doesn't immediately remove himself from the bed and call in an order of food; he'd rather cocoon into this bed and work on mentally blocking out the things that were discussed at his doctor visit. Luckily, Leech seems to be on the same train of thought, because the next time he talks, it's on a different subject. Shifting a little more to better press his back into Leech's chest, Tim nestles down into the pillow that he's clinging to. "How long is that trip going to be? And is it just some of us, or...all of us?" He can't imagine the entire school - or even the entire upper class - getting wrangled into this trip. Supervision is hard enough while contained at the school.

Jay: "Three days. Think it's a long weekend, so it'll prolly just be the boarding students, not sure otherwise. Jefe mentioned something about good behavior, but if that's the case, I don' know how we'd have any more than a handful'a kids coming along." Continuing to get comfortable and sink more into the mattress, Leech nuzzles his face against the pillow until it's half buried.

Jackie: "If it's good behavior, I don't think there's anyone left. Even Jesse got in trouble with the recent overnight stay in the chapel." Which is really saying something, because typically the young boy steers clear of trouble. Of course, that was the pre-Kellen days. Now that he's comfortable, Tim lifts a hand to grab Leech's wrist, the one that is draped over his form, and tucks it better around himself, clearly not content with that limb not being wrapped around him like a security blanket.

Jay: Leech snorts a bit at that reminder, amused. "Yeh, exactly. Even Kellen got in trouble fer that one. Think that shocked him." Tightening his arm around Timothy when his wrist is tugged, Leech wraps it more securely around the boy, dancing his fingertips along the side of his ribs. "We'd be left with like, Justin, an' that weird religious Barker kid..."

Jackie: When Tim lets out a snort of amusement for that Kellen comment, it sounds a little forced, but at least he's trying. His shoulders seem to relax a bit when Leech tightens in around him, and Timothy blindly finds that boney wrist and places a soft kiss there before speaking against it. "I don't even want to think about sharing a tent with them. Will we be split in groups, or...?"

Jay: Leech debates just lying here, maybe passing out, but the somewhat forced laugh reminds him of the boy's tension. So, without retracting his wrist, he pulls himself partially up and leans over Timothy, getting into the small drawer on the nightstand. It doesn't take long to find a couple joints stashed there, and he lights one up before returning, more or less, to his previous position, slightly more upright now. "Yeh, for sure. Doubt we'll be in tents though, too cold for it yet. Think there's a place near the lighthouse, a hotel or something..." He shrugs minutely, taking another quick hit before passing the joint off to Timothy.

Jackie: As Leech moves and stretches out towards the night stand, Tim shifts in his spot, trying to make it easier for the boy to reach whatever it is he's getting at. He doesn't realize what it is until Leech has lit up the joint, and the distinct smell of weed starts to waft in around them. It's becoming more and more that he connects the smell with Leech - with relaxation and bed cuddles - than with Kellen's lingering smoking sessions with their room mates. When the joint is offered, he plucks it with his available hand, and takes a small inhale. "Doesn't sound too bad. Better than that time we volunteered at that nursing home and had to camp out in the court yard." Clearly, that was Jefe's doing

Jay: Leech makes a muted noise of disgust in his throat for the reminder of that trip. "God, remember that old woman used to dance burlesque shows? She kept grabbin' my ass..." There's a slight shiver that follows his words, and he takes the joint back to hit it again to focus on something else.

Jackie: In contrast, Tim smiles the tiniest bit for that reminder and exhales the smoke, then moves to press his entire face into his pillow, because that entire trip was a mess from the moment they got off the bus. He tips his head away to be able to talk, and when he does, his continued amusement shows. "Can't say I blame her." Taking the joint again, Tim moves until his back is pressed to the mattress, now facing the ceiling. Leech is still half draped around him, but now the younger boy can see him. He blows the smoke towards the side, and then presses the joint to Leech's lips.

Jay: Still inhaling, Leech chokes for those deadpan words, but manages to swallow the smoke into his lungs before giving a quiet, coughing laugh. "Her hands were so fuckin' bony, though, it was like needles. An' those fuckin' fingernails." When Timothy relocates onto his back, Leech lifts his arm briefly to let him get settled, before returning it to its previous place. Half absently, his own bony fingers drift down a bit, tracing the raised scabs on Timothy's side through his shirt.

Jackie: Even if he's seen more and more of this side of Leech - the side that has laughing and smirks and even small smiles from time to time - Tim never feels used to them, and that little coughing laugh makes his insides warm. He turns his head to the side a bit to press his amusement into Leech's chest, and hums quietly when he feels those fingers tracing along his refreshed scar. It's still sore and a little achey, so the younger boy makes a small hissing noise, but doesn't retract his body. Instead, he glances down at that traveling hand and then talks lowly. "Have you ever been marked?"

Jay: Probably, it's not a good idea to get used to this side of Leech anyway, given how rarely it shows up. Rather than passing off the joint again, Leech just holds it to Timothy's lips with his free hand. His eyes narrow for the noise the boy makes, but he doesn't investigate quite yet. "Ahh...not really, not like this." After another quick hit, Leech leans over to put the joint out, because if he smokes much more he will go to sleep. "Scrap was really good with a whip; sometimes he'd use different ones to, designs, or whatever. We did that a lot fer demos, but it wasn' lasting."

Jackie: The more those fingers press against his scabs, the more Lint presses his face into Leech's chest, burrowing there and closing his eyes. He's coaxed away, momentarily, by that offered joint, and Tim only takes a small hit since he's not a regular user, and anything more will put him in a catatonic state. Which may not be all that bad, but probably wouldn't be all that good for him, either. He'd be lying if he said there wasn't a part of him the tiniest bit relieved for that answer, finally having something between himself and his Master that he can claim as entirely their own. But the idea of a whip is something new for him, and he makes a quiet noise for it. "Were your roles ever reversed with him?"

Jay: Getting a little spacey, thanks to the weed, Leech is .watching his own hand as he traces those scabs with the side of his thumb, the touch light. He makes a noise of consideration, but shakes his head. "Nah. He liked control too much to think of it, I guess, but I prolly wouldn't have known what to do anyway." The parasite inches down the mattress to a horizontal position, though still on his side and facing Timothy. "Thought you didn' like thinking about me with other people." This comment, too, is light, curious, but he doesn't sound like he minds the questions at all.

Jackie: Tim doesn't make much of a response for that reply, but that's mostly because he doesn't have an immediate reaction; from his understanding, he kind of already expected that answer, and he's slowly starting to see a few parallels between Leech and Scrap's relationship, and Leech and Timothy's. He pulls back a little bit as Leech gets resettled on the bed, but then he's quick to go right back to where he was, nose pressing into Leech's collarbone. "I don't." Which is still true, but it doesn't sound like enough of an answer. "But...I still like getting to know you."

Jay: There are undeniable parallels, but also - Leech hopes - undeniable differences, too. A corner of his mouth tucks back for that answer, and as he now has a hand free, he winds that arm around beneath Timothy's neck, pillow-like, to let his fingertips move lightly over his scalp. "Not a lotta reason to be jealous of Scrap, anyways. He was...good to me, an' I did care about him, but..." He trails off, squinting as he tries to come up with a way to word what he means, without sounding too harsh; apparently, he fails at that, because he stays silent.

Jackie: Briefly, Tim lifts his head to better fit it into that makeshift pillow, and then he tilts down to place a soft kiss to Leech's bicep in gratitude. The weed and his general demeanor probably makes it easier for him to talk about these things, and while there's undoubtedly some sort of warped jealousy towards Scrap, it's at least mellow enough right now that Tim doesn't disengage; oddly, he just presses in closer to Leech's form, shifting until he's putting more weight on one of his hips, body half resting on the mattress, but also half facing Leech's figure. "Do you want this to be more like that?"

Jay: Leech surely appreciates the lack of jealousy; after the appointment today, and the argument yesterday, he's had more than enough of tension for a while. The question is a little disorienting, given where his mind was wandering, and his squint turns momentarily to a scowl. "No. what?" As Timothy turns towards him, Leech tightens both arms on him without thought.

Jackie: Tim doesn't bother with lifting his head up, completely fine with burrowing and talking into that chest, his voice not needing to be loud in order for Leech to hear it. The one hand that isn't trapped beneath his body moves to lightly rub up and down Leech's ribs slowly, and he takes a few moments to find the wording, already able to tell that Leech probably wasn't too pleased with that question. "The...whipping, and the morning routines, and doing things for you because you want them done." He's tracing back to earlier conversations, when Leech detailed the rules Scrap set up, and because he's young, he thinks that those are the expectations that Leech has been living without since they first got together.

Jay: "Ahh..." That explanation allows the parasite to relax; he had had something entirely different in mind when the question was asked, but this makes more sense. He gives a small shrug, lightly scratching his nails over the side of Timothy's scalp. "It's kinda impractical...wouldn't work very well with our living situation. I don' think you could really get away with sneakin' downstairs every morning to make my coffee."

Jackie: Feeling Leech's body relax for the clarification, Tim snuggles in a little closer to him, lifting and tilting his head so it's now facing Leech's, but still resting on the older boy's chest. He's maybe a little crestfallen that their situation isn't really suitable for what they both want, but he knows bitching about it won't do anything to make it better. ", but I could when I am here, maybe."

Jay: Leech narrows his eyes thoughtfully, watching Timothy for an extended, perhaps unnervingly so, moment. "Do you want it to be more like that? I mean, I know yer not big on making decisions, but ya might still have an opinion." A corner of his mouth tucks back in amusement, the memory of Timothy's vehement recently-expressed opinions obviously coming back to him. "I can't say I'm as fond of control as Scrap was; I don't feel like I have to authorize and direct every single thing you do."

Jackie: Tim doesn't exactly wilt under that extended look, but he does look a little weaker, eyes a little more doe-like. He blinks a few times, considering, and before he shrugs his body, he clutches a little closer to Leech, pressing in against him harder. "I don't know. I just..." Looking away, Tim studies the tattoos strewn across Leech's chest and considers things for a few moments, eventually only able to come back to one simple answer. He doesn't look back at Leech, but he does start tracing a few fingers along the boy's collarbones. "Wanna do right by you. You know?"

Jay: Obligingly tightening his arms when Timothy moves closer, Leech shakes his head faintly for those words. "I'm arrite, little one." He doesn't add that he's more worried for Timothy, but it's certainly implied in his words. He brushes a light kiss over the side of the boy's scalp before returning to petting it. "Really, if you'd wanted me to be yer sub, or even if you wanted everything totally vanilla, I woulda been okay with that, too."

Jackie: Once Leech starts talking, Tim finally has the guts to look back up at him, but it takes him a little bit to actually look at his eyes, instead of focusing on his mouth. That answer causes the younger boy to relax against him, and he starts curling his fingertips along his skin to gently scratch at the protruding bones of those collarbones, a small smile slowly taking over his own mouth. When he talks, it's a little quieter than before, but it's light and laced with humor. "I'm more of a strawberry guy, anyways." And then he squirms up a bit to duck his face into Leech's neck and press a thankful kiss to his pulse point.

Jay: When Timothy finds Leech's eyes, they're fairly blank; he's feeling a little ridiculous after that statement, but thankfully Timothy doesn't mock him for it. He gives a quiet snort of amusement, scratching through the longer part of his hair. "Ahh, so that's what ya call it." He might be about to continue, but the sound of Bad Religion abruptly playing in the other room makes him twitch, then sigh, starting to extricate himself from Timothy's hold, muttering under his breath. "Well, that was inevitable..."

He disappears into the hallway but returns a moment later, phone to his ear and fresh cigarette in his mouth, listening to Kellen with a vaguely impatient expression. "...did ya happen to look outside, Kellen? Mebbe it's not as bad here, but the snow is vicious here." Crawling onto the bed, he reclaims his previous spot - though sitting up a bit more, now - and reaches over to offer Timothy the cigarette.

Jackie: Face hidden in the safety of Leech's neck, Tim smiles fully for that, mouth still against the other boy's skin, and surely Leech can feel that smile even if he can't see it. Tim nods as an answer and shifts to better adjust his body against the other, but then that ring tone starts bouncing in from the other room, and Leech is moving, and Tim knows better than to put up a hold. He simply rolls over onto his back and lets his Master go, probably a little secretly pleased that Leech at least appears annoyed for the interruption because he himself is, somewhat.

When Leech returns to the bedroom, Tim is a little more comfortably laid out on the bed, propped up by the pillows. He smiles a little for the one side of the conversation he can hear, and leans his body over to grab the cigarette with his mouth when it's offered. He keeps it with him, taking a few more drags from it, and talks lowly when he goes to hand it back. "And it looks like it's going to be vicious for another three days." Probably not true, but Tim wishes.

Jay: A corner of the parasite's mouth tucks back for Timothy's words, acknowledging the wishful tone. He takes the cigarette back, dragging on it as he leans back against the pillows, bending his knees up. Kellen's still talking on the other end, and Leech looks wary and somewhat irritated for the prolonged complaints, but abruptly his expression changes, becomes more alert. "What do you mean? Like, how bad?" Without really thinking about it, he's sitting up, one foot drifting off the bed towards the floor. "Where, exactly?...Did you take anything?" He's plainly wavering, indecisive about trying to get back to the school, but whatever Kellen says next seems to reassure him, as he sits back. "Well, yeh, jus' take it easy. Prolly beer and whisky won't help." He nods a little to himself, starting to return to his more relaxed position against the pillows. "Yeh, soon as I can. Call me if it gets worse, arrite? Yeh. You, too." Finally disconnecting from the call, Leech sets the phone aside, then passes the cigarette back to Timothy and staring at the opposite wall blankly, clearly focused on something else.

Jackie: Any time that very, very, very small smile creeps along Leech's mouth, Tim logs it in the back of his mind, probably in hopes that he's able to remind himself of it when he's feeling down. He eyes Leech's movements carefully, especially when it looks like he's getting ready to leave the bed again - and coupled with his words, Tim's instantly curious. But because Leech sounds concerned, and is very much engaged in the conversation, he doesn't interrupt. Rather, he just lays there with an arched eyebrow, waiting for the phone call to end before questioning: "What's up with Kellen?" Obviously, it can't be anything too bad - Leech is still on the bed, after all.

Jay: Blinking a couple of times, Leech comes back from whatever zone he was in and looks to Timothy, though it takes a moment to focus on the boy and the question. "Ahh...he's got a stomach ache. Sounded pretty bad." His eyes momentarily narrow. "If that fuckin' cafeteria gave him food poisoning..." He doesn't finish the threat, but the expression that flits over his face is sufficient. But he shakes his head to cast the matter away, taking the cigarette back and drawing on it.

Jackie: Moments like these remind Tim of how similar these brothers are; or at least, how similar their expressions are. If he maybe wasn't feeling so out of it from his earlier appointment, he'd smile a little more for it, make a comment about it. But instead he just shifts to his side, body facing Leech's, and hands over the cigarette when Leech reaches for it. "He's got Jesse to keep an eye on him, at least. Maybe they pigged out on Jesse's candy stash." Because the younger boy has such a fucking sweet tooth.

Jay: Leech makes a noise of amusement for that suggestion, plainly recovering from his concern. "Wouldn't be surprising with how much they smoke." Reaching out his free hand, Leech encircles Timothy once again, fingertips absently stroking through his hair. "Speakin' of which, are you hungry yet?"

Jackie: Tim snorts and rolls his eyes slightly, amused because any time he returns from studying, his two dorm mates are usually stoned and doing something ridiculous. If he wasn't able to keep an eye on Jesse so much, he'd maybe be concerned, but the weed isn't having any impact on the boy's studies. "True. Jesse accidentally ate the apple Kellen crafted into a bowl, a few days ago. Thought your brother was going to pass out from laughing so hard." Once he's encircled again, Tim slips in closer, craning his neck to encourage that stroking. "Yeah, a little bit. You? I can wait."

Jay: Leech gives a quiet laugh, then sighs in resignation. "Y'know, Nick sent him to live with me to keep him outta trouble..." Clearly, he's not doing a great job of that, but he doesn't seem to mind much. Snuffing his cigarette in the ashtray, Leech snatches up the pile of take-out menus he brought in from the kitchen. "Nah, food sounds good. See if there's anything you like, yeh? Yer the one with the discerning tastes." He passes the stack of menus over to Timothy.

Jackie: "You kind of are, though. I mean, relatively. Better to be causing trouble under your roof than somewhere else." Which is probably how Tim reasons Jesse's new loving relationship with weed as something that is okay. Taking those menus, he starts rifling through them slowly, but does give Leech a Look, half amused and half doubtful. "I don't have discerning tastes. Just...particular." He spots one menu, and holds it up a little bit. "Chinese?"

Jay: There's a minute shrug for Timothy's assertion. "Guess that's true. An' he doesn't really get in much trouble at the school..." Mostly because Leech is able to keep his misbehavior from being generally known. He gives another faint smirk, but doesn't argue with Tim's 'particular' tastes, only nodding. "Chinese is good, sure."

Jackie: When Leech doesn't negate Tim's correction, the younger boy nods, as if that's all settled, and goes back to looking at the menu. "Do you know what you want? I could really go for spicy noodles or something." He eyes the menu, scanning it for other options, but keeps it at a distance that Leech can look, too. "And can you call?"

Jay: Resting his head to the side, atop the crown of Timothy's, Leech eyes the menu debatingly. "Mmm...sure they got something like that. I usually get the General Tsao's chicken; that's pretty spicy...but has chicken." Rather than answer the following question, Leech just reaches for his phone and starts dialing the number, although he waits until Tim decides what to eat before actually sending the call. "They got really good spring rolls, too. Those are meatless."

Jackie: Eying the menu more, Tim's stomach starts to clench, showing its hunger despite itself. He nods a little bit and finds a simple vegetable noodle dish, and points to it for Leech to reference when he makes the phone call. "We could get a couple of those? That sounds good." As Leech makes the phone call, Tim moves to place the menus back on the nightstand, and then - of course - nuzzles into Leech's form, mouthing affectionately at his jawline while he talks into the receiver. After the items are ordered - noodles for Tim, chicken for Leech, and spring rolls for both of them - he talks against the skin. "Do they deliver? Or do we have to go out and grab it?"

Jay: Leech nods when Timothy points out his own order, and calls the restaurant, relaying their orders and giving his address before setting the phone aside. As he does, he turns his head to retaliate for the distracting mouthing by biting the boy's cheek at the end of his mouth. "Nah, they'll bring it here. Luckily the place isn't too far, so they shouldn' have much trouble getting here even in this weather." Relaxing into the mattress again, Leech utilizes the arm around Timothy to draw him down as well, running his fingers through the longer part of his hair. "Did ya know 'Mohawk' literally means 'man-eater' in one of the Indian languages?"

Jackie: Tim tries to duck away from Leech's gentle biting, but he's smiling and not really showing much effort to get away - is probably only dodging the biting because he can. "Good. Too cold out." It could probably be argued that it's always too cold out for Tim during any months that aren't the summer - despite being here a few years, he hasn't acclimated to the weather. As he's tugging and encased by those arms, Tim fits himself against the older boy's body, tilting his head for the touches to his scalp and eyes Leech for a moment, tone comically serious. "That explains a few things."

Jay: Coughing a quiet laugh, Leech very firmly pushes the inevitable thought of Timothy's roommate out of his head, tugging lightly on the boy's hair. "Doesn' it just? I imagine the Algonquians meant it in a more literal way...supposedly the Mohawks did eat bits of their captives. I wonder if they banished vegetarians from the tribe..."

Jackie: Silently, Tim thinks that this is nice - that this feels normal and okay and not a totally inappropriate relationship with his teacher. It helps to relax the bones in his back, and when he looks at Leech, his eyes show his amusement. "Maybe that's why the vegan community is so cult-like. Strength in numbers. Why do you know this?" Because he doesn't imagine Leech perched at a computer, Googling this information away.


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